PhD in India

Easy Way to Get PhD in India

Easy way to get PhD in India is to approach a good PhD consultant or just apply for PhD and do it directly on your own. Read full PhD process on how to do PhD in India and how to apply for PhD in India. You can also buy easy PhD in India that is fastest and easiest of all. What I mean is that you can get PhD in India even by buying it online. Though I don’t suggest to do it, this is the reality that is taking place with some fake Indian Universities. Here is my detailed analysis about how to get PhD admission in India.

  • Approach PhD consultant in India to get PhD easily
  • Or Apply PhD online on university website and wait for the call letter.
  • Pass PhD entrance test.
  • Face PhD interview.
  • Submit Research Proposal.
  • Get Conditional PhD admission.
  • Attend Pre-PhD course work.
  • Now Start Doing PhD in real time after successful completion of all the above said process.
  • Join in a private university for an easier completion of PhD.
  • Opt for full-time PhD in India to finish PhD easily in just 3 years.
  • Publish papers in Scopus indexed journals while doing PhD in India.
  • Publish papers in journals with high impact factor that makes again easy to do PhD in India
  • Be on good terms with your Supervisor so that there’s no delay to get PhD in India.
  • Start writing your dissertation faster which helps you do PhD in India easily.
  • Pay money to Indian PhD consultant for thesis assistance in time.
  • Buying PhD degree is also available for an easiest PhD in India ( I don’t suggest).

Proven Right Process.

How to do PhD in India easily as soon as the PhD notification comes is a big confusion for many aspirants. In order to do PhD, fill in an online application from the university website and if the admission department satisfies with the grades mentioned in the application form, you will be called for PhD entrance test. After passing the entrance test, you should undergo PhD interview and later on you will get admission once cracking all those stages. Getting PhD in India under Government University is a long-term process. So the easy way to get PhD in India is to join in a small private university which is recognized by UGC Indian laws.

Private University PhD.’s are valid and you can finish in 3 years of time whether it is part time PhD or full time. So join in a private university. Here are some good private universities in India to get easy PhD. 

  1. VFSTR ( Deemed to be University) ( 3 Years).ac
  2. Amity University
  3. VIT University ( 3 year Ph.D. Full or Part-time)
  4. SRM University
  5. Lovely Professional University

There are so many other private universities in India. You will not be able to do quality work. For example, KL University conducts coursework just for 1 week.

This is too low quality. You will never improve and you will never be able to publish papers in reputed journals efficiently.

There are many Universities in India which have some consultants who charge money for easy PhD. You do not need to go those universites but rather visit 2 or 3 times during the full duration of the PhD program.

You will get awarded if you offer the consultant 250000 rupees. This is my direct experience with one consultant asking me. But I never joined in such universities. You will never have value with such a degree.

What happens when you join in a Government University? Usually, Indian faculty in universities are greedy and jealous with PhD. scholars.

They never want to award a PhD. degree to a young scholar. Usually, it takes 7 to 10 years to complete PhD. Part time in many of the Government Universities in India.

In India being a PhD. student, you need to do many other works. Like serving your supervisor in some areas like, carrying chairs for meetings, bringing snacks and serving and if you allow them to use you, they may even ask you to give a massage and sweep their room.

Indians have this culture of egoistic attitude in regards to low-status people. PhD scholar is one of that status.

The easiest way to get PhD. in India is to approach a PhD consultant. They will do all the job in getting your admission and if possible they will look at some of the formalities like attendance maintenance.

The other easy way is to get a good supervisor who can support you throughout your PhD. course.

The other way is to pay money to the university official and manage some of the things to get approved. For example: Writing your Thesis.

These are my few more steps on how to get PhD. in India.

How to apply for PhD in India in an easy way

In order to pursue PhD, you need to apply for PhD in India with the university either for the even semester in January or for an odd semester in the month of July. Both semesters will hold admission into PhD.’s in almost all the universities in India.

The best way is to apply for PhD is during even semester in India. Usually, the academic year starts in odd semester throughout India. But still, you need to take admission in even semester for doing your PhD. fast.

The reason is that if you take admission in the odd semester, most of the times you will have to wait to complete your coursework in even semester along with newly joined PhD candidates.

The application fee is 1000 rupees in most of the PhD universities in India. This application fee is nonrefundable in case you do not get selected.So it is at your risk you pay. But it is easy to get admission if you have some recommendations.

Check for PhD advertisements in newspapers for PhD admission notification around your city or state. Find out what is the deadline to apply for PhD in India.

I mean in your state and with that university. Each university has its own dead line for PhD application process. Once you miss this last date to apply for PhD, you will have to wait for one more year.

So, you must be aware clearly about the deadlines of PhD applications with different universities around. If possible, note them down in a rough book. This way of note taking about PhD application deadlines will help to make things easy during the last moment. Many times, it so happens that you will feel to remember dates of application without noting them down. But at the end, you will surely forget the last date of PhD application date.

So understand clearly, what should be the last date of applying PhD in Indian university that you are applying. If possible, call to the phone number of the admission cell of that particular university and ask them clearly about the application process.

Top universities offering PhD programs in India

These are the list of universities offering PhD course in India in 2019.

  1. Andhra University
  2. Ignou
  3. Central Universities through out India
  4. List of State Universities in India 2019-20
  5. List of Deemed Universities in India 2019-20
  6. List of Private Universities offering PhD in 2019-20

Any of the above Indian universities will offer PhD in 2019-20. Apply by regularly checking them. Usually every university releases PhD notification in India twice in a year. One time in January/February and one more in July/August. This notifications are called Even Semester and Odd Semester. You can go through clearly the notification and know exactly the syllabus.

I made a popular video on you tube.  How to crack PhD entrance exam.

After watching my video, you will get full clarity about how to prepare for the syllabus given for you to appear for a PhD entrance exam. You can also check my article on PhD entrance.

Once you have done with your entrance exam, usually you will have PhD interview. In private universities, they will conduct PhD interview as soon as you finish entrance exam but where as if you appear for a government exam you have to wait for a merit list and at a later stage an interview for PhD admission. 

But take everything as a challenge. No need of getting discouraged just because you did not get admission in one university. There are many out there who can offer you if you try little hard than what you usually try for. Do not worry about which university to join.

Now a days many students are worried about this. PhD studies are meant to research. Nobody takes your university into consideration in the upcoming 10 years of time.

In the coming days your research paper publications will matter a lot. The more papers you write, the better your exposure will be.

Top university types for PhD in India

  • First Rank: NIT’s ( Best option for PhD in India)
  • Second Rank: Government Universities
  • Third Rank: Private Universities
  • Fourth Ranks: Deemed Universities.

Approaching PhD consultant

If you want to have an easy PhD from Indian Universities, just approach consultancy. This is a clever idea. They have all the links with the PhD administrators of the universities.

They can manage all PhD. related exams and publication even without you being present in college or university. Just talk to any PhD consultant and get PhD easily in India.

How to get phd degree easily

Here are my top 5 PhD consultants in India for easiest PhD. Remember you must know before hand how to get PhD degree easily rather than after joining into it. This way you will be aware how easy PhD should be with different universitites. The below PhD consultant in India can help you about how to get PhD degree easily.

PhD consultants in India

  1. Phd Consultant ( A to Z support is their slogan)
  2. PhD Admission
  3. Meta Consultancy
  4. Shodh India
  5. Chanakya Research

Never give money to any of these consultants. In India, Consultants will brainwash you to pay money beforehand. But they will never do work after paying money.

So be careful to pay only when work is done from their side. It is difficult to bargain with them. Be confident and do not feel shy to reject giving money to PhD consultant. So be careful in every step you take. Many got cheated in India.

The biggest problem with Indian PhD consultants is that they tend to give you a fake Ph.D. certificate with lots of forgeries. Always go to the university in which you are registered and find out whether the certificate is valid or not.

You have to contact the university directly or check your hall ticket number in the University website portal. In this way, you can avoid most of the scams done by PhD consultants in India.

But I still recommend going with consultancy if you are a bit clever to manage them and get your work done originally

PhD degree for sale in India.

I heard from PhD consultants that they would ready to manage PhD with some of the universities. This means you pay fees and PhD consultants will manage thesis and attendance. The consequence is that you will be ending up with a poor quality PhD from those universities. I do not encourage to do PhD from the below mentioned universities.

PhD from Magadh University

PhD from Nagpur University ( govt.)

PhD from OJPS University(govt.)

PhD from Shri Venkateswara University (govt.)

Read  Eligibility to do PhD in India

You can easily buy PhD through consultants. Buying PhD degree in India, in the sense, you cannot do directly but by managing here and there with the authorities, it is quite possible.

Note: The information on buying PhD in India is based on my personal experience that I have faced while interacting with PhD consultants to get PhD admission. But unfortunately, I encountered fake PhD consultants. So. I want to bring awareness in the public. I am in no way encouraging the public to buy PhD. I myself never bought any PhD or encouraged others to buy.

But there is one condition that you need. Have some time gap of the degrees studies maybe after your masters. The best time gap after your masters should be around 3 years so that the University may evaluate and award during this period of time.But you have to give a lot of money. But all must be done to the consultancy where is secret.

But be aware of all the cheating within the employees. They may not give the original degree certificate. So you need to verify with the university website. Check your hall ticket number and find out whether you got original PhD degree or it is a fake certificate printed in a Machine.

Right now the rules have become little stricter. But you can really do things if you can approach the right person at the University.They may or may not have a kind of approach which is positive to you.

So always try to approach outside people like going through some consultancy.. All may not cooperative in this matter.

Keep at least 300000 rupees

To get an easy PhD in India, You need to carry at least some amount in your hand. The said amount is the minimum. It may go up to 500000 INR too. So to get an easy PhD in India, money plays a greater role in India without any second thought.

This is my direct experience. If you don’t want to pay money, you will have to go all the process for 3 years. This is how you get your PhD easily.

Get PhD degree with a recommendation

You can get PhD degree in India with one simple recommendation from a PhD supervisor or professor.There is a culture in India while getting admission into universities. PhD. admission is one of them. Usually, if you know some professor in the university that you are applying from, then the work gets easier.

You will get admission for sure. The recommendation has a strong role to play in the university. So the easy way to get a PhD. admission is a strong recommendation.

Simple steps to do PhD in India

  1. Check for PhD notification.
  2. Attend for PhD entrance.
  3. Appear for PhD interview.
  4. Get provisional admission.
  5. Finish Course Work.

Entrance exam to do PhD in India easily

Entrance exam into PhD is just formality to do. There is no such condition if you score well in your entrance examination will be eligible to get admission into PhD. In Government Universities, the entrance exam is quite strict to look outside. There happen high level of politics.

Your admission is based on not merit but by the reservation of caste which is a wrong method in India. You will get admission based on your religion and caste.

This is very odd in Indian Universities. The reason why this happens is that India is a multilingual and multicultural country. Political leaders frame many rules towards education for the sake of winning in elections and have power. So reservations to some students who do not study well are always there.

That is the reason we have all backward caste students in a good position and they are the professors in a major part of the universities.

Approach Consultancy for a second time to get assistance

Always keep in touch with consultancy once in a month or a week to see how your PhD. is going on. If you do not keep regular contact then it will be a great problem.

They do not bother about you. They have many clients like you and it is a great trouble to really get through. So always keep in mind that your PhD consultant remembers you and your given responsibility.

PhD Duration in India is 3 years

You must wait for 3 years to get your PhD. The more you wait for, the better the value of your PhD. If anyone tells you that you can finish your PhD in one year, do not trust them. The time to complete a PhD depends on various factors.

Your PhD. has no value in any way. So Always understand this and take enough care not to fall into the net of these consultants. You have to wait for 3 years after the completion of your masters to get your PhD. easily in India.

Your admission date in the records of the University is important. You’re finishing date of PhD also important. This is how you can bring validity to your PhD. for further stages.

Easiest PhD in India, if you feel tough doing it.

You must pay to get your thesis done. If you want to get an easy PhD, you have to compulsorily do some search for online services in India. You have to understand that these services are more valuable.

These services would give you best of the thesis. If you prepare yourself, the thesis may be rejected if you do not have enough talent. Better you get rid of this and do more about buying your thesis.

In Delhi markets, people sell thesis for 10000 to 100000 rupees. You can buy in Delhi market the PhD thesis. This is the easy solution if you find difficult to write a thesis to yourself.

Dream Your PhD awarded in India

First of all, I warn everyone who is reading this. Do not go by my suggestion. This way of buying PhD thesis in Indian markets is something wrong and not good as PhD. students. Under some exceptional conditions, you can do buying your PhD thesis.

This must be your entire goal and method while doing your PhD. You must be awarded PhD degree very soon. This is the very best method. You have to be determined to get your PhD.

When you have this goal nobody is going to stop you in doing your PhD successfully. In order to award PhD you must be in a stable position, to go ahead and get yourself recognized.

Online PhD programs in India

Probably there are no universities that are offering online PhD degree in India. Even though if there are some, they are probably a fake degree. Better to do in part-time mode.

Be aware of Indian Consultants who assist to do PhD in India

Most of the PhD consultancies are not genuine. They may take the money and go away. They may not bother you. They will not entertain you further. They are not good for some reasons.

So take every step of you with good care when you approach them. PhD is a thing of care and attention to succeed PhD. If you lack any of these qualities, you will be in great trouble and feel PhD tough.

Do not pay whole money at once to get admission into PhD in India.

This we have been discussing in this post that we must never give money to anyone. Once you start giving money beforehand, you will be in great danger not to get back that money.

I am not saying to pay at all but pay by half the full amount. You can pay the amount only half to what has been accepted. So this is very important.

Do not commit yourself to pay whole money at once to your PhD consultant for just getting an easy PhD. Unless you realize this you don’t go to meet PhD consultant.

Check for development by directly contacting a university about your PhD.

If you want to get an easy PhD, you will meet somebody out there to help you out. But there were many instances when the consultants cheated PhD aspirants. Once your consultant tells you that you got admission in any university, he may show some proof of documents.

But sometimes those documents will be forged. So once you must visit your university with your admission number and confirm that you really got admission. This type of action will put you in a safe zone not to get cheated by any of the helpers of PhD.

When you want to do an easy PhD, you have to be for sure not to fall into a trap. This is an advice blog for your PhD. studies. So I have to tell you fairly and bluntly. It is up to your choice whether to be careful or not. Also ask for your PhD Viva process.

Pay to maintain all records to show UGC about your PhD Progress in India.

In fact, you need to pay for showing some documents to the UGC for inspections.  Many times your consultants will help you to get your doctoral committee meetings done.

They will submit your progress reports on your behalf. They will see that every record that you suppose to submit regarding the PhD. curse will be submitted by the PhD consultant.

In India, it is all management. You need to somehow manage PhD. related works with your money. There is a lot of corruption happening when you want to study PhD.

How much does it cost for maintaining your attendance records”? It is very less when you compare to other expenses. Maybe it may cost you around 50000 rupees. So get ready with some money.

Often contact with colleagues who do PhD in India along with you

If you want to get your PhD easily, you have to approach your friend.Always have contact with them and be in touch talking with them the progress of your PhD. goals.

This will help you to know what exactly is happening with you and with other colleagues in terms of your PhD subject. Your research will progress if you meet your PhD friends once in a while and talk to them how exactly are they performing and compare with them your research so that it will help you to move fast and get your PhD easily done during the stipulated time

if you don’t meet your friends and remain quiet alone, this may bring problems to you. If for example, the university may ask you to do something or it may conduct a meeting.

You may sometimes miss the email from the university. So I will recommend to all PhD students and candidates and PhD aspirants to make sure to contact your friends, what I mean so that you are always up to date in your research area.

I recommend that you create one Whats App group. You can post all the updates what is happening with all of you in that group. Every day you can get updates and you can really work out as a group through your mobile device.

Easy way to get PhD in India from start to end in detail.

In 2019, there are many Indian universities which are offering different notifications to take you into their PhD course. I recommend you to check for phd notification.

Once you check for the latest notification, try applying with out any delay. Many students make a mistake of postponing after looking at the advertisement. After sometime they forget to apply.

Read  How to Prepare for just a minute competition?

By then the deadline comes up. So never delay in applying. Also remember to check online websites to see for any notifications.  

Be aware about fake PhD universities. You can check the list of fake universities given by Indian Express news paper.

Once you have filtered those universities, you must be now courageous to tell others about the university that you are studying. This way you can do your PhD happily.

The other problem while applying to any university is choosing supervisor or PhD guide.  If you meet them personally before the entrance exam or even before the notification, it will be very good for you.  I say this because most of the selections come from the recommendations of PhD guides or supervisors. 

So try to be in touch with one or two professor in the university that you apply. If you do not know personally, at least get recommendation from one of your friends who know them. 

If there is no such possibility from your friends side, then do not worry. I recommend you to take email id and drop a personal email to the PhD guide from that university and establish slowly a relationship by mentioning your area of interest and that you want to pursue your PhD under his or her guidance. Once you have done this, then the best time is to make an appointment to meet PhD guide personally.

All these things must happen even before the notification taking place. There will be no time once the notification comes out. 

So get in complete touch with a professor out there in the university. Only then you can easily get admission in India. In the country like India, recommendations work like any thing. 

If you have some one strongly recommending you who is powerful in status, it is very easy to get any type of admission. You must cast this Indian culture to get admission in 2019-20 for your PhD studies. 

There are many hurdles till you will finish your PhD course work after admission. If you do not clear Pre-Phd, you are not allowed to mover forward. So to get admission is one thing and to complete course work is yet another challenging thing in India. 

Do it with all the resources and knowledge. This is the only way to survive  your PhD course. 

Top 10 mistakes while applying for PhD in India.

  1. Delay in applying to PhD
  2. Waiting so many years unnecessarily
  3. You want to join only in a particular university
  4. You do not want to study hard
  5. You want to earn money from your current job
  6. You do not want to spend money
  7. You do not want to leave your village or city
  8. You do not wish to study PhD too far.
  9. You are lazy to crack PhD entrance
  10. You are demotivated to do PhD. 

The above 10 mistakes will always haunt you while wanting to do PhD in India in the year 2019-20. Think now where are you exactly and what you are thinking right now. Once you know some problem is putting you behind in applying for PhD, just try to change and say to yourself that you can study PhD

The way you take choices will matter most of the time. Should you think too much, you will lose most of the time. There is no way to get it back. There is not way to do PhD after becoming too old. 

My best suggestion for easiest PhD in India is to act promptly now and today. 

Apply with all the efforts in any university. No worries about the type of university. 

Some students that I knew were not interested with a full-time PhD. They wait long years and waste time to do PhD in part-time. This is not a good idea. Just whichever opportunity falls in front of you, take it and move. It is OK whether it is full or part time PhD. At the end, when you finish it, who cares about how you did PhD. 

It is important whether you have completed or not. 

How to convince Indian professor to get an easy PhD admission in India

  1. Submit a Research Proposal
  2. Drop emails regularly
  3. Ask for advice time and again.
  4. Get some study materials from the professor.
  5. Give some gifts during festivals.
  6. Ask for outing and dining on some festive days.
  7. Take control of him with pleasing nature.
  8. Try to visit his house.
  9. Ask for any new updates.
  10. Ask him to recommend during the selection process. 

If you do all this even before getting admission, you are on the go. You can easily get admission even if you get fewer marks in one or the other examinations. You can simply put yourself top by competing other students out there for the same seat. 

How to apply for 5 universities at a time in India easily?

Firstly know the date of entrance exam when a notification comes from the universities. Once you know the dates, try to apply all of them and continuously attend the exams and interviews.  In this way, you may get admission at least in one of the universities. 

Keep enough money. For PhD application, you need to pay up to 1000 rupees. So you have to carry some 5000 rupees without spending them for other purposes. Never think you are wasting money. Education is always a good thing. 

Spend more money to buy books. This will help you to crack entrance exams and interview. 

Watch my video on how to face PhD interview.

Now that you have watched the video, you must have know exactly how to give PhD interview and answer all the questions. The PhD interview is a crucial step in getting PhD admission. Always remember to prepare a good topic or area of interest. Have a through understanding about your research topic.

Your interview is all about your research area. If you convince the doctoral members over there in the PhD panel, you can easily get PhD admission in India. 

It is always good that you take enough time to prepare your topics. Do some mock interviews beforehand. Even other students are appearing for the same seat. You have to show some difference that you are quite special. 

If doctoral members are impressed with your performance, then you can easily get through your admission process. You name will be in the merit list out on the university website. 

PhD without course work in India

Is there any PhD in India that does not require course work? Absolutely no. The course is mandatory. It is the rule given by United Grants Commission. 

But there are possibilities with some private and government universities to manage your course work by offering some money. Many of the do this way. So it is unofficial. But officially speaking you must complete course work. 

PhD courses in India

There are many PhD courses that are available in India. PhD courses in India are:

  • PhD in Engineering ( All branches available)
  • PhD in Humanities
  • PhD in Education etc.

Easiest subject for PhD in India

PhD in political science is the easiest subject for PhD in India. Indians are good at political knowledge by birth. Anybody can do PhD in the frame of politics easily. So the easiest subject is Politics for PhD in India.

And there are many other PhD courses for which you can take advantage of getting admission.

Benefits of PhD in India

The main benefit of PhD in India is that you will finish PhD easily in as short as possible. There is no requrement to do lots of research and hardwork to finish PhD. Even low quality thesis’ are quite acceptable in many of the universities. There are many other benefits of PhD in India like:

  • Easy availablility of PhD guide
  • Simple application process
  • Easy flow chart of the program
  • Good career prospect in another benefit of PhD in India
  • Salary increments after PhD in India
  • So try to do PhD with all my above suggestions. 

My Bonus tips for International students to do PhD in India easily

Doing PhD in India involves a lot of struggles in terms of partiality. Here in India PhD supervisors show a lot of partiality with research scholars around them.

Usually, Indians are this way from birth as a culture. So it is all the way difficult nowadays to do PhD. in India unless you master some tactics how to impress your administrative officials.

Sometimes this may or may not take place out of many of your efforts. So while applying for PhD in India as an international student is a waste of money and your precious time.

I never recommend this at all for International students.  This is just my strong opinion after living many years in India researching how educational institutes act upon.

So never try for a PhD in India as international students. But under some exceptions, if you really want to experience the culture of India, well and good you can join in a good university in India.

There are some eligibility limitations and problems with India for international students. They are like once you begin your PhD studies in India; you will have to undergo certain things like match up with the climatic conditions and the culture of India. That is it you can just win your PhD.

I personally feel that the climatic conditions in India are terrible for international students. Especially if you are from Canada and want to do your PhD in India (though it may never happen) you cannot cope up with the climate. So that is it the situation.

Once you are able to do the right things, you can study your PhD properly and perfectly. In India, you will have to face a lot of pressure with your money.

All the way Indians want to grab money from international students. They like a foreigner because they have lots of money with them.

So if someone makes friendship with during your PhD studies in India, it is very difficult to find the genuineness of your good wishes. This may just to grab some money from you at a later point. They betray you most of the times and they will be waiting for your downfall at a later stage.

Never makes too close friendships as an international PhD student in India.

The way you need to develop a personality is just to go calm and do your work. Spend your 3 years of time in good silence and of course research.

In this way, you will finish PhD without any struggles and problems. Get yourself tough in heart and be strong in mind until you finish your PhD. in India. Never join in PhD with government universities in India.

They will upset you with the services. When you finish your PhD and go to your own country, government universities will not bother you. They will not support you for any urgent paperwork via email or post.

So for an international student, I recommend joining in a private university for your PhD. They will really do the support and paperwork whenever you want it from your own country.