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    How to proofread your thesis

    Here is the step-by-step guide to proofread thesis Look for repetitive words or sentences. Proofread with Chrome add-ons. Passive voice not more than 30% of a thesis. Check for relevancy of titles and its text. Take a look at redundant words. Validate all the punctuation marks. Use the key terms properly. Check for Repetition of same words while proofreading It is a highly common mistake that you repeat most of the words while writing your thesis. It could be an adjective like “good.” Try to avoid such usage. Make a point to use different words instead of “good.”  Like for example, you can use “nice.” This way you will bring…

  • is PhD tough
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    Is PhD Tough?

    Yes PhD is tough in many aspects. Here is a full list of difficulties while doing PhD. Lack of support from PhD supervisor. Mental stress while doing PhD. No time for personal life. Highly routine and monotonous life. Depression rules you for overthinking. Not able to participate in outdoor activities. Finding difficulty to read books. ( Technology driven generation) Lack of proper resources about your topic. Lack of friendships. How to handle tough PhD • Don’t make rash decisions First things first, as people might have already told you, embarking on a PhD is not a piece of cake. If you are dreaming of being a professor, ask yourself the…