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How to apply for PhD Vignan University| A Review on PhD Progam

How to apply and get admission into PhD program of Vignan’s University? It is a 4 year full time or part-time program. Here is a Step-by-Step Guide on how to do PhD in Vignan University. Also I will discuss on PhD admissions in Vignan University along with the time of PhD notification in Vignan University for the academic year 2021. Learn also about Vignan University Phd fee structure and Vignan University PhD online application. At last I will also tell about how PhD life looks like in Vignan. Read my complete guide about how to do PhD from Vignan University from Start to finish.

  1. Download Online application form.
  2. Fill the application form.
  3. Pay the PhD application form fee.
  4. Submit the application in the admission cell.
  5. Get a call from Vignan University.
  6. Appear for a written test.
  7. Appear for a PhD interview.
  8. Wait for the online results.
  9. If selected, go and join PhD.

You can apply for PhD year long. Your application will be automatically processed when Vignan University releases PhD notification. Usually, they give PhD notification 2 times a year.

Vignan university PhD notification will be in June/July/ and the second PhD notification will be in January/Feb. But you can apply beforehand to remove unnecessary last-minute tensions.

The PhD fee structure of Vignan University is 70000/- Rs per annum for both part-time and full-time Ph.D. But in the first year, you must pay extra 10000 as a part of the admission fee. There is no concession what so ever. You can pay fees every semester. There is no condition to pay for the whole annum at once. So this is a big relief. Vignan University PhD fee structure may be high but they pay at the same time a good Stipend.

Vignan university PhD syllabus is mostly taken from UGC NET and UGC SET. There is no particular syllabus mentioned anywhere in the university. When we inquired the administration, they replied to go through UGC prescribed syllabus.

The stipend for PhD in engineering branches is 25000/- Rs per month. This is a handsome stipend and Vignan stands out from other Private and Govt universities. For PhD in science and humanities, the stipend is 18000/-Rs per month.

Usually, Vignan pays stipend by 15th of every month. Each PhD student must apply for this. Once a PhD scholar finishes a month, he or she prepares 30 days’ research progress report. This report must be signed from PhD supervisor and Dean Research and HOD. The three signatures are mandatory with departmental stamps on it. This progress report must be again attached with one letter for requisition of stipend. Again this letter must be signed from al 3 departments that I have mentioned earlier. It may take around 3 days to complete the process. So now, for example, you submit your research report by 3rd of every month, you will receive your stipend of 25k or 18k at any point of time between 10 to 15 dates of the same month.

Full-time PhD from Vignan takes 3 years to complete under some conditions.

  1. You must complete at least 5 Doctoral Committee meetings.
  2. You must at least attend one National and International Conference.
  3. You must at least publish one paper in Scopus or SCA indexed journals.
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Once you fulfill the above criteria, you can submit a thesis as soon as your finish 3rd year.

Part-time PhD from Vignan Unversity takes 4 years. You must fulfill the conditions as said above for FT PhD.

  1. You must pass in First Class Masters.
  2. You must also have First Class in UG.
  3. You must pass PhD entrance test.
  4. You must pass PhD interview.
  5. You must submit a Research Proposal.

Once you fulfill the above criteria, you can get admission without any problem. Many PhD candidates in recent years made a mistake not bothering about their UG marks. But after all the process during the certificate verification time, they were caught and their conditional admission stood canceled. So make sure to fulfill all the about conditions to do PhD in Vignan University.

In such a case, you are exempted from PhD written test. But usually, the interview goes normally. This does not mean you will get admission. You must also do well in the PhD interview.

Your Publications will be an additional support to get admission

If you have the previous publication of research paper in good peer-reviewed journals, you can get easily PhD admission in Vignan.

A short review of PhD program in Vignan’s Foundaiton for Science, Technology and Research

Life of Ph.D. in Vignan University seems to be very busy the whole day. You have 3 main duties.

  • Doing Invigilations weekly and monthly invigilations for MID1, MID2, MID3, and finally Semester Examinations. This seems to be busy and sometimes irritating for any PhD scholar in Vignan.
  • Taking Regular Classes. The usual rule is to allow a minimum of 12 hours a week workload for Ph.D. scholars in Vignan. But it goes more depending on the situations.
  • Departmental Duties are another thing. There are many duties that are related to department like Correction of papers, evaluation, marks posting and duties during events and functions, etc.

I am yet to interview PhD students from Vignan. I will update information here shortly. Keep coming to read this post once in a while

Yes, there is free time but due to the workloads that are entrusted to you as a part of teaching assistantship will diminish your interest to do research during the free time. So usually scholars stay until night in the library after college. That is the time with less pressure.

The College starts at 8 am sharp for a Ph.D. student and ends at 5 pm. A 9-hour workload in a day is mandatory in which research is included. There is a thumb system in Vignan. You must give biometric thumb by 7-55 am in the morning and final thumb after 5-00 pm in the evening. You must maintain 9 hours presence in a day at Vignan. This all will be calculated at the end of every month.

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There is no simple process in Vignan University to claim salary for forgetting to give a biometric thumb impression. You must write a letter and print a proof of attendance on that day and get it signed from your PhD supervisor and from the Finance Officer and submit to the clerk. It will again be passed to Registrar of the university. Registrar rejects most of the time without understanding faculty situation. It is all a long process. Instead of this better lose that one day’s salary.

A big “no.” Usually, most of the clerks are headstrong in Vignan to reply to PhD scholars and faculty. There was a situation when PhD student resigned for some time for not treating him properly by Registrars PA. Anyhow it is all adjustment and control of emotion from your part. We cannot change them.

Usually, lunch is provided freely for all of Vignan’s University staff. This a good news to many working here. Accommodation is free to all Ph.D. students with one condition. It is to avail the facility of the canteen by paying 5000 Rs per month. Usually, you will get breakfast, lunch ( you can also have free lunch in the university) Snacks and Supper. You must compulsorily take food from the boy’s hostel’s canteen to get free accommodation.

Yes, each PhD student is given one separate cabin. They call them as research carrels in Vignan. These cabins are located within the library itself. So it is easy to take books and research. The library hours usually form 7-30am to 9-30 pm. and during Sundays from 10-00 am to 5-00 pm. There is a holiday on feast days.

Probably the university gates are closed. Once you enter at 7 -40, you are confined to stay in the campus up to 5. There is no possibility to move out casually and have tea. You need a permission letter from HOD to cross security main gate and you must give yet another thumb while moving out and coming forth. These rules are for the scholars and faculty and students.

The fees structure in Vignan University is 70000 per annum. During the first year, an extra 10000 has to be paid as a part of the admission fee.

Vignan University releases PhD notification twice a year. i.e. in the month of June and January.

The minimum duration to study full-time PhD is 3 years in Vignan University and Part-time takes 4 to 5 years.

Vignan University PhD online application is displayed on the website year long. You can fill the application form easily online or offline and submit to the administrative officer.

Vignan University collects 1000 INR for PhD application form.

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