PhD duration in India

PhD is a degree that lasts long enough before even one realizes how far he/she went through. So there is no official declaration about how long PhD would take as it depends on the strength of research that one does in a stipulated amount of time.

PhD duration in India is 3-4 years for a full time PhD and 4-6 years for a part time PhD.Once someone crosses the 4 years of PhD program duration in India, a PhD student needs to register again But with the recommendation of doctoral panel, PhD duration may be prolonged upto some time as per the university norms. The maximum time is the one that is set by the university in which you are doing PhD.

PhD duration in IndiaMode of PhD
3-4 yearsFull-Time PhD
4-7 yearsPart-Time PhD
1-2 yearsDistance PhD
0-1 yearsOnline PhD
1-15 yearsHonorary PhD
0-6 monthsInstant PhD
4-5 yearsGovt University
3-4 YearsPrivate University
7-10 yearsIntegrated PhD

The above given duration of PhD in India is a tabular form that gives a general idea of duration in India. The duration of PhD also depends on how a PhD student works out well with his research topic. Depending upon the progress of a research scholar along with his or her supervisor, the duration of PhD changes and differs for each scholar.

For exceptional PhD students, the duration of PhD program will be shortened by the recommendation of the doctoral panel. Those students can finish in just two and a half years the whole PhD program.

Once you decide doing your phd, the first thing that comes up in your mind is ” phd how many years” This is the only thought that may run again and again. Your PhD may extend some more time depending upon many other factors such as – delaying your research or writing thesis late or for any negative report from the part of your PhD guide. These hurdles may delay the process of finishing your PhD in India. But over all it also depends upon whether have you opted for full-time PhD or part-time phd.

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If you want to do PhD in shorter time, you must think of influencing your phd guide. You must be very submissive and hold your impression. Otherwise things will not work for phd students. It does not matter how intellectual are you in studies, but how influential are you in the eyes of university. PhD means being submissive with your phd guide. This way you are ready to reduce the years of phd length.

When you take part time phd, be sure to do research work in your full time job. This is very much neglected by many phd scholars. So part time also delays this way. It all starts with you. The way you do phd must be in such a way you are very much in tune with the time usage. You must never waste time in any way. Try to use your time to research on your topic. So that you can win phd in less duration.

Before thinking how many years phd in India, think about how fast can you research. How good you must be in choosing right phd guide and how clever you should be when choosing university. How much good you must be in using time. Besides part time or full time phd, you must be very much careful in choosing things around. This way you can reduce PhD duration.

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Find out more about the Ph.D. programs available before landing on one. You may end up p[pursuing a wrong PhD. while leaving out a wonderful one.

You should not pursue a Ph.D. because you just want to continue with your academics. Your judge is research-based and not on the merit of your course.

You should at least rest after your undergraduate study before enrolling for the Ph.D. This will help you to relate academics to real-life situations.

You should choose a Ph.D. with open-minded research options.

Learn to be time conscious in your study.

10 mistakes that will delay PhD duration

How will you feel if you sacrifice all your resources to pursue a Ph.D. and end up failing? It is so painful indeed. You can overcome these challenges by avoiding some issues as the follows.

Segregating from others. By doing so, you lose big minds that can help you achieve your dream.

Evading from thinking appropriately. You have to take enough time to think else you will be perceived as lazy and avoided.

Avoiding to meet your supervisor to discuss about PhD

Be one person who creates a more excuses for not researching.

Waste most of your times speak well of irrelevant things.

Waiting until the last tick when you do PhD.

Ignoring your supervisors advice.

Ignoring to come up with creative writing.

Expertise in researching

Not able to manage time and its deadlines.

Being too unperceptive more so to your supervisor

Be unable to picture why you are at this point.

Your phd duration in India can be taken care in 3 years if done perfectly.

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