PhD salary in India

PhD Salary In India

Doing PhD in India and getting a job is no easy task. In the same way, the salaries are of great demand for PhD holders. The average PhD salary in India is 50000 INR. It can go up to 100000+ INR with experienced professors who have a good number of publications. If you are wondering how much could be the salary in India, here is my detailed study.

PhD salary in India also depends on right negotiation skills in India. Salaries also fluctuate as GDP increases and economy develops. So I am giving the average PhD salary that usually universities in India pay to a faculty. You may also compare with the average PhD stipend payed to full-time PhD students with a scholarship.

PhD Salary in India with Private Universities

These are the universities which are approved by UGC which inspects these private universities once in 3 to 5 years. Usually private universities pay more when it comes to salary for PhD holders. They pay according to the publication history of a PhD holder. If one has a good number of publications, then that can bring amazing salary benefits with private universities. Should you research papers had been published in Scopus and SCA indexed journals, then you will have more salary benefits. So it is all about quality of your PhD rather than just to have a qualification of Doctor of Philosophy. So make sure to have a good publication style when you would like to get more salary in private universities.

PhD salary in India with Government Universities

Government universities in India pay very less as compared to that of private ones. So usually you are paid less salaries with government universities. But there are many unknown benefits if you get job with Indian government universities. For example, you will have less work load and there is less stress and pressure unlike private universities where you will face lot of stress each and every second. Another good thing working with less salary in government universities is that you are entitled to many schemes and offers from government. You can get easy bank loans and free DA and HRA etc. When compared this way, even government university salaries will compensates in par with private universities at the end.

What is the salary of PhD professor in India?

PhD professor salary in India range from 95000-150000 per month. But salary from NIT and IIT is very handsome for phd professors.They will be paid more that private and government universities. As far as my knowledge is concerned, in 2021 NIT and IIT pay around 2-3 lacs per month for a regular tenure track PhD professor. This is even for a fresher if he exhibits enough skills. So working for a kind of salary that is huge and handsome is great. That is why it is every Indian doctorate dream to become a PhD professor in IIT and NIT.

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PhD salary in India with coaching and tutorial centers

Tutorial centers in India pay on hourly basis. PhD salary in coaching centers is around 2000 rupees per hour with good amount of experience. Only reputed coaching institutes can pay this amount. Starters will pay very less even to a phd holder. So salary payment depends on many factors.

Salary after phd in India with different universities

Name of UniversityType of UniversityAvg Salary per month
Vignan UniversityDeemed to be60000 INR
KL UniversityDeemed to be50000 INR
Gitam UnversityDeemed to be54000 INR
Centurion UniversityPrivate45000 INR
Garden City UniversityPrivate72000 INR
SRM UniversityPrivate82000 INR
VIT UnivesityPrivate80000 INR
Sharda University Private78000 INR
Nirma University Private88000 INR
Karunya University Private55000 INR
Galgotias University Private44000 INR
Christ University Private35000 INR
Shiv Nadar University Private48000 INR
SASTRA University Private34000 INR
Invertis University Private66000 INR
Chitkara University Private67000 INR
Jaypee University Private45000 INR
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetm Private77000 INR
Chandigarh University Private89000 INR

Taking in to consideration with all the above mentioned private universities, salaries mostly depend on better and clever negotiation skills during your HR round. So make sure to tell confidently without shyness what is your expectation? Before moving for negotiation, you must also understand the situation in that university.

You must ask some faculty working there before hand about how the salaries are paid. So that you will get better idea on perfect negotiation. For PhD faculty, universities have some norms. According to the norms, you must go through situations.

I recommend to notice changes every year that Indian government is bringing in regards to payment of salaries to PhD holders. This will give you better idea about which salaries are existing today and this year.

PhD salaries are high when compared with non-phd holders. So go for high bargain. Never settle down with low type of working. You must know you are dignified doctorate. Unfortunately some people are giving competition by working for low salaries. This is not good. Doctor of philosophy is a worthy qualification through which you can simply get a high paying career. Grab it without miss. PhD salaries in India are growing day by day. Take note of every change.

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Many faculty working in different institutions are regretting now for not making a right bargain of salary during the interview. No one can help once your salary is decided by the administration. So do not fall in to this category of people who regret later for not asking salary as it should be in Indian universities.

PhD salaries in India also depends on the subject. For example,PhD in humanities have lesser salary than PhD in engineering subjects. So your subject decides your salary. A PhD holder in English may get 45k salary in Indian universities where as a PhD holder in Engineering gets up to 65k salary in India. So there is so much difference right? So why not think now to know what is the salary range for you.

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Top 10 ideas to increase PhD salary in India

  1. Publish a good paper in Scopus Journal or SCA to increase your PhD salary in India
  2. Make sure to have a good publication record up to the current year to get a better PhD salary in India.
  3. Do not feel shy while negotiation. Keep target about your PhD salary.
  4. Have a talk with other faculty members in the university that you are applying for. Know the range of the university.
  5. Give a good demo. This will help you get a handsome PhD salary in top Indian universities.
  6. Choose reputed universities to work with. You will paid higher.
  7. Do not try to manipulate documents. Show original value of what you are.
  8. Prepare well to say why do you deserve a high PhD salary than others.
  9. Experience matter. Get all experience certificate proofs. This will allow university recruiters to believe your credibility and offer you a good PhD salary in India.
  10. At last make sure you do PhD from reputed universities. Some PhD’s are not taken into consideration.


After saying all the above points on PhD salary in India, the one thing to conclude is to be more productive in your career and increase the knowledge in the subject of PhD. Then automatically everything follows you. You will be in a better stand than others. Many PhD holder are passing out every year now a days. So competition may hinder salary benefits. Take care to beat the competition that others are giving in your area. In this way you can get a good PhD salary in which ever university you go. After all who wants to lose the right candidate?

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