jam topics for cse

Top 10 Jam Topics for CSE Students

CSE is an important engineering branch where jam topics play an important role to improve the interview skills. Here are few jam topicss for cse to improve their interview skills and as well as soft skills.

  1. Are coding skills required for cse when Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly?
  2. Will jobs diminish with the arrival of robotic workers for cse students?
  3. Why cse is better than other engineering branches?
  4. Why other engineering branches are better in 2020 than opting for cse?
  5. Why cse has become a popular branch in an Engineering sector?
  6. Do studetns require to learn python now a days?
  7. cse students do not have minimum coding knowledge. Do you agree?
  8. Is it good to pay more fees for cse branch?
  9. Importance of egovernance in todays world.
  10. Why jam topics are to be conduted for cse students?

Having said the above jam topics for cse, it is very important to have a regular practise of all these technical topics. Once you are familiar to speak well on the given topics for one minute ( spontaneously) with out any prior preparation or learning by heart, then you are ready for a successful interview. During interview, jam topics testing will be conducted by many companies. For example here are some topics by google. This way first of all you must know which company are you going to attend the interview. Once you know it, you must check the previous jam topics that a particular company asks during the campus interview.

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So make sure to practise jam topics for cse in a special way. Do not get into learning wrong jam topics which are conduccted for other branches. No doubt cse branch is something special and typical. So they will ask critically. Usually jam topiccs for cse are competitive. There are many students got admitted fo rthis branch. So knowing before some of the topics and getting ready to face is a good choice to move forward.

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