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    PhD stipend in India?

    PhD stipend in India is not like PhD salary after doing PhD but stipend means a scholarship based money that is given monthly or anually to PhD pursuing students. Here is my detailed study about stipend for phd in India. The average PhD stipend in India is 15000-35000 INR per month. Only full-time PhD students are eligible to get a phd scholarship. All part-time PhD students will not get stipend because they have their own jobs and they don’t contribute to the univesity. Full-time PhD students are paid regulary every 30 days for the contribution and research they do in a particular university. In many universities, PhD students will submit…

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    PhD duration in India

    PhD is a degree that lasts long enough before even one realizes how far he/she went through. So there is no official declaration about how long PhD would take as it depends on the strength of research that one does in a stipulated amount of time. PhD duration in India is 3-4 years for a full time PhD and 4-6 years for a part time PhD.Once someone crosses the 4 years of PhD program duration in India, a PhD student needs to register again But with the recommendation of doctoral panel, PhD duration may be prolonged upto some time as per the university norms. The maximum time is the one…

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    Comedy Skit and Story

    Comedy skits and humor are quiet needed when we want really to smile and laugh. So laughing and smiling are very good if you want to improve your health so it is my advice for everyone to have a certain kind of good nature of smiling and knowing some important things about the comedy-related area. Here below I am giving one comedy skit with 5 to 6 characters and these drama characters are very crucial to make you laugh and finally and initially this seems to be a comedy skit. Comedy Skit 1 with 7 Characters 7 Characters: Ramya Jyothi Radhika Lucy Libby Aman Canteen man Ramya: I want to…

  • PhD fees in Indian University
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    How much is PhD fees in India

    PhD fees in India is INR 25000 per semester. This fee in India for PhD varies depending upon the type of university you opt for. In a state university, the semester fees are far less than that you compare with the private universities. There is also a concession for some PhD students who get a scholarship based on the percentage of marks in academics How much is an average PhD fees in India? The average PhD fees in India are 10000 to 50000 INR per annum. This is the fee that you can pay to most of the universities in India.  There are 3 types of universities in India to…

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    Is PhD Tough?

    Yes PhD is tough in many aspects. Here is a full list of difficulties while doing PhD. Lack of support from PhD supervisor. Mental stress while doing PhD. No time for personal life. Highly routine and monotonous life. Depression rules you for overthinking. Not able to participate in outdoor activities. Finding difficulty to read books. ( Technology driven generation) Lack of proper resources about your topic. Lack of friendships. How to handle tough PhD • Don’t make rash decisions First things first, as people might have already told you, embarking on a PhD is not a piece of cake. If you are dreaming of being a professor, ask yourself the…