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Hello, My name is Syam, Professor of English and Mentor for Ph.D. students worldwide. I have worked years to give you these amazing tips to complete your Ph.D. successfully. Having put a lot of efforts means to make your Ph.D. journey easier. Thank you for visiting my Ph.D. blog.

PhD Admission 2021

Government Universities are public universities that are governed by state governments or the Union Government of India has released PhD admission 2021. Universities are a common choice for students because of the low cost of attendance and high quality of education. A significant number of candidates apply for PhD admission to these Government or Autonomous… Read More »

Scopus indexed journals in English language teaching

Here are the top list of Scopus indexed journals in English langauge teaching which can be called as ELT. You can verify these journals on scopus data base by typing ISSN number. Here is the link for checking the present status of these journals in scopus. English for specific purposes (( ISSN:0889 4906). Journal of… Read More »

How to write a research paper

Here are few tips on how to write a research paper Download Research Papers Watch Youtube videos Read Library Books Print important material Discuss with Supervisor Write short note Collect Relevant Pictures Expand heading and sub headings Write abstract Write Introduction Write Conclusion How to download research papers The best way to download research paper… Read More »

What is PhD in numerology

Here are some options to study numerology. There are some ebooks from where you can find some information. There are some videos out there on youtube. You can learn from them too. But most importantly there are universities that offer numerology based courses. Here you learn how to work with numerology calculator and predictions based… Read More »

Root Word Auto

Root word auto is defined as “self.” Some of the words for root word auto are autoplay, autosuggest,autogear,autopsy.The super simple method to get the words for the root word auto is “autonomous.” This word is used by many colleges. “Self” means it works by no other means rather by its own means. The word “auto”… Read More »

Top 10 Jam topics for cse

CSE is an important engineering branch where jam topics play an important role to improve the interview skills. Here are few jam topicss for cse to improve their interview skills and as well as soft skills. Are coding skills required for cse when Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly? Will jobs diminish with the arrival of… Read More »

Scopus Indexed Journals in Fluid Dynamics

International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow: The International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow focuses on high-impact work that focuses mainly on the interrelationship between fluid dynamic processes . Papers are welcomed to discuss the uses of these disciplines in designing and developing engineering. ISSN number of this journal is 0142-727X. Visit submit your paper… Read More »