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    How to Finish PhD Quickly

    Follow these top notch tips to finish PhD quickly. Join PhD in full time with a private university. Choose the latest topic of research. Get a supportive PhD supervisor to finish PhD quickly Write at least 5 SCI Journal papers for a quick PhD. Write a perfect thesis in 2 years of time. Show the qualitative work to PhD panel to finish PhD quickly. Apply for a shorter periodic submission of the thesis. Tell the administration about your works frankly. Fulfill all the formalities with the Ph.D. university. In order to finish your PhD quickly, act as a hero in your PhD. Do whatever your university asks you to do. …

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    How to Prepare for just a minute competition?

    One can prepare for just a minute competition by gathering various jam topics that are relevant to the upcoming competition. Here are 10 pro tips to prepare before hand for just a minute competition. Gather some 100+ jam topics from internet. Have a vague idea on each jam topic. Prepare your speech for just a minute only. Do not exceed time limit given. Get some nice tailored vocabulary in hands. Practise in simple sentences to speak just a minute. Well dressed and body language skill is essential. Do some rehearsals even before the just a minute competition. Look confident until you finish just a minute competition. Always make sure that…

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    Number of phds per country

    When coming to PhD, it is not that every country could produce easily. Here is the percentage levels of each country’s PhD doctorates. Usually this census and survey is conducted by PhDstudytips in the month of october 2019. Here are the results of the number of phds per country. Country Number of PhDs United States 92459 Germany 53157 South Africa 5032 Russia 5223 Indonesia 6599 India 49300 Japan 27059 France 23037 Turkey 7516 Canada 12099 Australia 15300 Korea 22751 Spain 21434 Italy 27555 The number of PhD holders are growing day by day due to competition in the education field. In the past PhD was a special degree but now…