age limit for phd in germany

Age limit for PhD in Germany

PhD is a doctorate level course in Germany. The age limit for PhD in Germany is 40 years. This is the age that one restricts himself from doing further studies. So studying in Germany requires you to get admission as early as possible.

This restriction of age is important to pursue PhD in Germany with a collective effort. There are many youngsters around you. So there is no chance that there will a kind of adjustment after 40 years. So better you do your PhD in Germany within forty years of your age.

Age problems with PhD in Germany

Though the age limit for phd in Germany is very limited up to some years, there are hundreds of PhD aspirants who want to pursue doctorate studies in Germany after 50 years. There are lots of age related problems if you do PhD in Germany after 50 years.

My suggestion is to go for part time phd after some years. This way you can better do your PhD in Germany with out much struggle. There are some universities in Germany who can bring a good atmosphere for pursuing your doctoral studies if you have some age related problems.

Take care that you have a good approach and selection regarding your PhD supervisor. This is the only way that you can do things around very good even at your old age. If you join PhD late, then there is not much stress. The only reason is that your supervisor is always good to you irrespective of your age and locality.

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My suggestion is that if you are an international student and you have crossed some years, then better not to go Germany for PhD. Do it in your own country. But for those who belong to German citizenship can do at any age your PhD. This way you can pursue your PhD in Germany comfortably

In Germany, mostly German is spoken in the universities and outside. Though they tell that the language is English, but it is not so. They use German as official language privately. So you must learn German language. You age is not enough to learn all these things and go the country for doing PhD. This may not be possible if you are 50 or 60 years of age. So think twice before doing your PhD in Germany if you are old guy.

Think of the difficulties that will arise when you want to join PhD in Germany at an older age. It is quite poking. So my personal tip is not to think of studying in Germany if your age becomes a problem to you.

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Making friends also becomes difficult in Germany as the language is different. Even though you learn language, it is quite not okay to mingle with young chaps who are also studying along with you there.

Moreover German universities are strict for PhD studies. You must be highly energetic to study there. If you are at 70’s and want to pursue PhD, it may not look practical. There are many proverbs saying that age is not a barrier for learning but still it is not practical in my view. Make a point to think in terms of your personal problems. You may be also required to your family at that age.

So you cannot leave your family and just go to Germany to study PhD at an age where you have lots of responsibilities. This is very important thought that you must ponder over before embarking into your PhD studies. So it is not quite right for you to leave those family members who are dependent on you. You cannot leave them that way and just move your own way to some places that are not acceptable.

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