• How to Apply for PhD in USA after Masters
    Check these 25+ helpful steps on How to Apply for PhD in the USA after Masters. If you follow these steps in a weeks time, you will get admission in the best university of USA after your masters. Decide to which university you will apply. Check for the PhD notification when to apply. Start applying for PhD in USA before 6 months. Be ready for Skype interview or face to face after successful application. Get ready with research proposal with a good area of interest. Select a supervisor from a list available. Try to convince your supervisor to take you. Fill out the PhD application form. Pay all the tuition fee to reserve your PhD seat. While applying to USA universities, Choose your area of interest First, of everything, you must look into what interests you to do research. Only then, you can apply for PhD in the USA. How to know your area of interest is very easy. Just remember while studying your graduation, you must have liked one chapter from a subject that interested you. Your teacher must have appreciated you for answering or solving some questions. You like that topic a lot. Now just sit and ponder over that topic. Take time to reflect and ponder over and over. Do not be hasty in choosing your area of interest.  Usually, some PhD candidates take up to 3 years just for choosing a topic. But it can also happen in one day. Just follow what I have just said in the above lines. There is surely one top-notch moment in your life. Just grab interest towards that. Ask some questions about that topic. Under some exceptions, if at all you did not really show interest for any topics in the past, its ok, you can now do it. Do it for your sake. Read books and chapters in which you are interested, this may take some more time. Start now if you are really curious about applying for PhD in the USA after your masters. GRE or Toefl are mandatory to apply for PhD in USA. Do you know that in order to study PhD in the USA, You must prove your language level? Yes, you should take a test on GRE or TOEFL. This will enable you to apply for PhD in the USA.  You have to secure a competent score. The score to outrank others is around 155-160 for GRE.  The score for TOEFL must be 78 as a minimum. Get as much score as you can. The scores will not put in US universities. It depends on how your colleague aspirants. That is why you need to clear one of these tests competitively. If somebody gets a better and big score, they will get admission PhD needs research students. PhD course does not demand poorly qualified students. Always prefer taking some coaching on TOEFL/GRE.  Choose online or offline. Coaching gives you a better understanding of the skills that you have to possess. Get such skills only through any coaching institute nearby.  Some do think that they can clear these exams without coaching. But you can’t get top rank. So it is always advisable to prepare thoroughly GRE and TOEFL. Practice a lot every day. If you do not do regular practice, you will fail. Once you fail in it, you are not eligible to apply any such prestigious universities of USA. Select the University to apply for PhD in USA at your comfort. This is the key point if you want to apply for a PhD in the USA.  University rankings are not the same. Harvard University is different in all respects.  So choose wisely the university that best suits you. It again depends on your percentage of marks. It depends on the quality of your research and knowledge. If you are an average student, try to choose average ranking USA University. You cannot apply to Harvard. You will regret not getting admission. There are many universities who can offer you admission. There are some universities who will reject you deliberately. Ph.D. in University of Michigan Ph.D. in Tufts University Ph.D. at Wake Forest University Ph.D. in New York University Ph.D. in Emory University the USA This speaks how qualified are you. Take some time to search for the universities in the USA.  Read some stuff on their website how Ph.D. life would be. If possible try to scan all the information on the website that is related to Ph.D. Once you land in the wrong university, you cannot come out. You must have already paid the tuition fee in huge amount. This is where you will feel sad in your life. You will suffer for the rest of the 3 years. Sometimes you must remain there for longer than usual years to complete your PhD. So first choose now itself the best university not according to the rankings but how good and best to you personally. Apply by dropping an email if you are staying far. To drop an email to the admission department is the first and small step. By doing this, you will start to process your admission into PhD. You need to catch the right email.  You will get it from the website itself the email id of the admission department. Sometimes you will end up in taking wrong email id. Then you will not get any response. You wait and wait and give up applying to the university. If you are not getting a reply to your email query, try to mail different person. Learn how to write a courteous email.  Your email writing must consist of useful and respectful phrases. Try to write an impressive email structure. Usually, in the USA they reply you in one or two days easily. Never send an email during Christmas holidays or Easter holidays or on summer vacation.  You will get an only automatic reply to your email. If in the admission department there are two or three people, then send a copy to them too.  In this way, either of them will respond. They may also discuss your situation.  They may recommend your email to move towards further processing.  Email speaks many things. Applying for PhD in USA means searching for a better supervisor who can accept you. Of all the admission process, this is the foundation. If the supervisor agrees to take you, no one from the university could stop. Your whole result depends on your supervisor. Now, who is your supervisor? How to know him? How to contact him? Just open the university website and try to find out the staff area. Here you will find who is what designation. Check the faculty with the area of expertise in your subject.  You can get their contact numbers or email. Well, again this is the time to contact those people. You may get one of them to act as your supervisor. Usually, the supervisor will not respond properly at the first point of contact. But try to send repeated emails regularly. What it means by “regular” is to contact once in a month. One day you will get a positive response from your supervisor. Try to convince your supervisor about your much interest in research. As a matter of fact, your supervisor may be testing you sometimes. He may check your patience for a while before leaving you a positive response. So try not to hesitate to find a supervisor from the official website of the university. You can also contact secondary supervisor if the first one not agreeing. Send Your Statement of Purpose as a part of your application. The next step is to start preparing your statement of purpose.  What do you mean by a statement of Purpose? The purpose of why do you want to do research in a particular area. You must give a clear detailed view about your purpose of the study. It must be rational. Sometimes PhD applicants struggle with writing their essays and dissertations. The following service https://www.customwritings.com can be a great solution for them. It should give logical and creative thought when supervisor reads your statement of purpose.  It has to kindle a light of strong thought and introspection. The statement could be unique and never copy or plagiarize. During Ph.D., it is very sensitive. So learn from the time your statement of Purpose takes hold of you. Your supervisor may ask you to rewrite the statement of purpose. So be ready to edit and resubmit the same. After all, you cannot win the impression of the supervisor without the statement of purpose. Try to write your statement neatly and use some references and good strong points. Connect everything in your statement to your research topic. Do not change the direction of writing and never miss the logical ideas and propositions. Once your document is good, automatically it will be recognized by others in the university. Now there are high chances to get admission in the USA. Regularly Check emails before deadline happens after sending your PhD application. Most of the PhD candidate aspirants show interest in the beginning. In the long run, they don’t even show enthusiasm for getting admission into USA University. This clearly indicates that you will never get admission. So do not lose enthusiasm in checking email regularly on daily basis. Sometimes a very important email from the university may land in the spam folder. So add your university mail to your contact list. Check your email often. Make sure your reply to your emails too. If you don’t reply, you will lose again the context and importance of the received email. Do not get into parties and friends and forget to see your inbox.  Wherever you are, you must check mail once every 5 hours. This is important when you communicate solely through the internet. Also be aware of fake offers from nonexisting universities. If someone asks you to pay money to get admission into the university, do not listen to them.  Cheaters do this as a technique to grab money from aspirants.  The email may look as if it is from the University itself. As long as you don’t pay money for services, you are safe with your emails. Do not stay till the last hour of the deadline. Finish your application and send fast. Fill the application form available This is the toughest part to do. Usually, USA University PhD applications are quite long and you will never feel easy to fill. You will sometimes give up in the middle. You may stop filling it. In the application, there are many areas that you cannot understand properly. Try to take suggestion and advice from those people around you. Fill all the columns without missing. Do fill even the less important one. Else your application will be rejected or you need to fill again and again. So while filling keep all the marks lists with you. Most of the time, you need to enter your percentage of marks. Better keep your educational documents ready with you. The best way to fill the application is to first scan all your educational documents and store in your computer. It is a suggestion to keep passport size photos too and your digital signature. Write your address and contact number correctly. Unless you give your phone number correctly, they will not call you.  So it is always wise to have some essential documents before filling the application. Store all of them in your laptop. If you follow this process, you can easily fill the application in a shorter time. Telephonic Interview will be conducted after accepting to do PhD in USA. This is the first time they are listening to your voice. You must talk good and sound well.  To get admission into USA Universities, you must be able to show your confidence levels. When your telephonic interview happens, the concerned officials will check at many qualities. Psychologically, physically and mentally, you must talk strongly. It is the time to impress them in…
  • How to Choose a PhD Research Topic in English Literature
    To pick a right topic for research in English Literature during PhD is something a huge task. There are many topics out there for a good research. Here are my tips on how to rightly choose a PhD research topic in English Literature Choose the right poet or author that interests your topic. Ask PhD. supervisor the relevance of the poet to research. Search for some areas of research taken in the past. Choose a new topic that was not researched in the past. Check if sufficient Primary Sources are available or not. Try to take help from professors around you. Buy some books that are relevant to English Literature. Read for some days about the research topic. Read more literary theories and apply them to your PhD topic. The proven way to choose a research topic in English Literature is to ask your professor on what they have researched upon while they had been doing their Ph.D. After this, you have to search for new trending topics at the present time. If someone has got an award or Nobel prize, Take that person and it is always best. Every year there are awards given to the authors who contributed well to English Literature. Choose a topic from them. First, choose the right author to research You’re about to choose an author to research for your Ph.D. in English literature.  This is important and so you should take your time doing.  You want to ensure the author is someone who is interesting and intriguing for everyone in the literary academic world.  The words of the author need to be words that will make you think, question and analyze. Start off broadly, looking at a number of authors.  Slowly narrow down your search. You need to connect to the author – how is his or her work significant, why does it appeal to you, will it appeal to academics, is there enough to write on, and is he or she relevant.  Look at how much work he or she has written and made quite sure you can get your hands on the books. Relevance is important. We live in a time where gender is a top priority, as is history, politics, art, feminism, sexism, the way stories are told and who tells them.  Your Ph.D. is going to be based on this author.  His or her words need to be relevant, perhaps controversial and significant.  This author needs to be engaging and someone whose work you can engage with. Learn more about the books of the author As an academic, reading and research are the two most important thing you are going to do.  You need to read as much as you possibly can, not just on the author of your choice, but all the books written by the author of your choice.  Reading is something that you learn from but also something that stimulates you and gives you your own writing style. The more you can learn about the author, the better you can come up with a research topic in English literature.  Read as many of his or books as possible, but also, read books or articles that have been written about the author.  After a while, you will start to feel like you know and understand the author.  This is what you want.  The more you read, the more knowledgeable you become, in every aspect. If you cannot find the books – some may be obscure – spend time in libraries.  Libraries are in fact very conducive to writing a Ph.D. – something about the bookshelves, space, the solitude and of course, the history.    Remember, you want to find angles or information on the author that is new.  Look online, look in libraries and don’t feel shy to ask your lecturers if they have books for you to borrow. Learn more about the author’s personal life You may already know that what an author writes about does not have to reflect his or her personal life.   Which means when you are researching an author, you do not only want to learn about his or her written words?  These words are important.  But so are their personal words.  Personal lives give you a good insight into the author too.  If he or she had children, did they work alone, how did they die? When we say personal words, we also mean personal life.  Because the written word is different to the ‘living word’, an author can have many personas.  Perhaps they write about sexuality in a very open way yet in real life, are deeply conservative.  This makes for an interesting Ph.D.  Knowing how the author lived out her personal life is very important. You are going to have to delve into realms of information to learn about an author’s personal life.  This is going to be interesting for you, and for your reader.  In today’s world of fake news, you also need to be very careful.  Double check your sources, always, to ensure you are getting and then choosing out the correct information.  Read, and then read some more. Read thoroughly all the novels for ten days This may seem extreme to you, but we have already said that a successful Ph.D in English Literature is about reading and research.  You’ve chosen your author and you’ve written out a list of his or her books.  Now, you are going to curl up in a corner somewhere, or at your desk, and read.  We’ve already said it but the more you read, the more you learn. Spend the next ten days reading. This way you are immersing yourself in the author’s words, subjects, feelings, emotions, history, religion, characters, sexuality, gender and more.  The more you read, the more you will start to understand your chosen author and to feel and think the way the author did or does. Remember, reading not only educates you, but it also inspires you. Make notes as you read.  Choose a pen or highlighter and highlight those passages that make you really think.  Cross-reference paragraphs, characters, emotions or metaphors.  Take note of anything you find important or astonishing or unusual or surprising.  Go back to your notes.  Your very Ph.D. may relate to your first few notes.  Keep all your reading material too; one day you are going to need it.  All Ph.D. students seem to buy new bookshelves! Write down the summaries on your own The best way to understand something, and to remember something, is to write.  The more you write, the easier things will stick in your head.  Read a book, or a few chapters, and then write your own summaries.  Chances are your time is limited, which is why summaries are good.  Also, when you write a summary, things start becoming clearer and you may have an epiphany. If the book you are reading has 15 chapters, perhaps summarize after every chapter.  This is a personal choice – and of course, it depends on the books – but more summaries are better than less.  Summarize in your own words and you will find that through summaries, you find your own style too.  Cross-reference your summaries to the books you are reading. When we say write, you may enjoy writing and you may enjoy typing.  This is personal.  Academics can generally be seen in front of their computers, hammering away at their keyboards.  Type if you like, but sometimes writing with a pen and paper can actually get your creative juices flowing in a different way.  Writing makes you think and gives you the ability to see things in a fresh way too.  Always write, as much as you can. Take a course on literary theories There are many online literary theory courses that you can choose and we would suggest you sign up for one.  The literary theory may seem academic and overwhelming but once you understand it, you’re on your way to writing a successful and highly revered Ph.D.  Take a look and see how many prestigious universities offer courses on literary theory.  That way you will see how important it is to do one. A literary theory course will change the way you think about language, literature, society, and identity.  A course will help you hone your critical reading skills and to understand theoretical terms such as postcolonialism, deconstruction, and Marxist criticism.  A literary theory course will arm you with all the skills that you will need to dissect, criticize, analyze and understand your author, subject or topic you are researching. There are many literary theory courses and you need to find one that will help you with your subject.  A literary theory course will help you understand how you should approach literature, criticism verse theory, structure, analysis, and psycho-analysis of the subject and the author.  You can choose to do one literary theory course and do it in your own time.  There are many online courses; do one for a successful Ph.D. Learn to relate those theories to each other You’re writing a Ph.D. which is a huge step.  You are going to bring in various literary theories which means not only do you need to understand the various literary theories, but you need to know how they all relate to one another.  For a Ph.D. to be successful, you need to discuss, analyze, criticize and be open for debate.  You also need to be open to criticism. Take a look at the various literary theories.  There are traditional literary theories and also formalism and new criticism. There are Marxism and critical theory and then there’s structuralism and post-structuralism.  You are likely comfortable with some theories, and others not so much.  Remember, fellow academics are going to question your theories and criticize you.  Criticism is not always bad.  It is academic criticism and it is there for a reason.  Your research needs to be complete. Again, a literary theory course can help you.  Depending on your subject and author of choice, depends on which theories you will need to bring in.  There are others – including new historicity and cultural materialism, ethnic studies and post-colonialism criticism.  You need to relate them to one another.  A course may help you to pick a good topic for PhD English literature. Now think about how the author followed theories in novels It’s important to note that in the academic world there are often many complex perspectives regarding literary theories.  You need to read about your chosen author and have a look at how he or she followed literary theories in their books.  Was there consistency?  Was there a specific literary theory that was followed? Sometimes the theories are simple and easy to follow.  Sometimes there is a single theory or theme in a book.  Sometimes theories are mixed, or many sides are given.  You need to be able to read, review, analyze and understand the theories your author chose to follow.  And your research needs to be so good, that fellow academics can analyze too and have brainwave moments from your writing. Reading needs to be engaging, no matter the kind of reading.  It also needs to make you think. Reading should stimulate.  Sometimes, more than one theory is applied so that there are conflicting views, ideas, debate, and discussion.    Take a look carefully at the author you are researching, their books, and the ideas that are put forward.  Do they follow the theories you have been learning about?  If so, which one or which ones.  Do you have any theories of your own? Choose one theory that pins your interest You may find some literary theories more exciting than others.  Perhaps post-colonialism is your thing, or Marxist criticism excites you. The trick is not to get too tied down to one theory, too soon.  Read, read again, make notes, summarize and review.  And look at various literary theories.  You are going to find that some theories absolutely fascinate you and others you find irrelevant.  Make notes and slowly you…
  • Easy Way to Get PhD in India and How to do it
    This is how you do get PhD in an easy way. An easy way to get PhD in India is by approaching a PhD consultant or by filling the PhD application form online. Alternatively, one can also buy an easy PhD in India that is the fastest and easiest of all. What I mean is that you can get PhD in India even by buying it offline or online. Though I don’t suggest doing it, this is the reality that is taking place with some Indian Universities. Only PhD consultants will know the universities that offer PhD for money. Here is my detailed analysis about how to get easy PhD admission in India. Approach a PhD consultant in India. Or Apply PhD online on university website. Pass PhD entrance test. Face PhD interview. Get PhD admission. Submit Research Proposal. Attend Pre-PhD course work. Start your PhD research for 3 to 4 years. Proven Right Process for an easy PhD in 2021-22 Join in a private university for an easier completion of PhD. Opt for full-time PhD in India to finish PhD easily in just 3-4 years. Publish papers in Scopus indexed journals while doing PhD in India. Publish papers in journals with high impact factor that makes again easy to do PhD in India Be on good terms with your Supervisor so that there’s no delay to get PhD in India. Start writing your dissertation faster which helps you do PhD in India easily. Pay money to Indian PhD consultant for thesis assistance in time. Buying PhD degree is also available for an easiest PhD in India ( I don’t suggest). How to do PhD in India easily as soon as the PhD notification comes is a big confusion for many aspirants. In order to do a PhD, fill in an online application from the university website and if the admission department satisfies the grades mentioned in the application form, you will be called for the PhD entrance test. After passing the entrance test, you should undergo PhD interview, and later on, you will get admission once cracking all those stages. Getting PhD in India under Government University is a long-term process. So the easy way to get PhD in India is to join a small private university that is recognized by UGC Indian laws. Private University PhD.’s are valid and you can finish in 4 years of time whether it is part-time PhD or full time. So join a private university. Here are some good private universities in India to get an easy PhD.  VFSTR ( Deemed to be University) ( PhD duration: 4 Years) Amity University VIT University (3 years) SRM University Lovely Professional University There are so many other private universities in India. You will not be able to do quality work. For example, KL University conducts coursework just for 1 week. This is too low quality. You will never improve and you will never be able to publish papers in reputed journals efficiently. There are many Universities in India that have some consultants who charge money for an easy PhD. You do not need to go to those universities but rather visit 2 or 3 times during the full duration of the PhD program. You will get awarded if you offer the consultant 250000 rupees. This is my direct experience with one consultant asking me. But I never joined such universities. You will never have value with such a degree. What happens when you join a Government University? Usually, Indian faculty in universities are greedy and jealous of PhD. scholars. They never want to award a PhD degree to a young scholar. Usually, it takes 7 to 10 years to complete a PhD. Part-time in many of the Government Universities in India. In India being a PhD. student, you need to do many other works. Like serving your supervisor in some areas like carrying chairs for meetings, bringing snacks, and serving, and if you allow them to use you, they may even ask you to give a massage and sweep their room. Indians have this culture of egoistic attitude in regards to low-status people. PhD scholar is one of that statuses. The easiest way to get a PhD. in India is to approach a PhD consultant. They will do all the job in getting your admission and if possible they will look at some of the formalities like attendance maintenance. The other easy way is to get a good supervisor who can support you throughout your PhD. course. The other way is to pay money to the university official and manage some of the things to get approved. For example: Writing your Thesis. These are my few more steps on how to get a PhD in India. How to apply for PhD in India in an easy way In order to pursue a PhD, you need to apply for PhD in India with the university either for the even semester in January or for an odd semester in the month of July. Both semesters will hold admission into PhD.’s in almost all the universities in India. The best way is to apply for PhD is during an even semester in India. Usually, the academic year starts in odd semesters throughout India. But still, you need to take admission in even semester for doing your PhD. fast. The reason is that if you take admission in the odd semester, most of the time you will have to wait to complete your coursework in an even semester along with newly joined PhD candidates. The application fee is 1000 rupees in most of the PhD universities in India. This application fee is non-refundable in case you do not get selected. So it is at your risk you pay. But it is easy to get admission if you have some recommendations. Check for PhD advertisements in newspapers for PhD admission notification around your city or state. Find out what is the deadline to apply for PhD in India. I mean in your state and with that university. Each university has its own deadline for the PhD application process. Once you miss this last date to apply for a PhD, you will have to wait for one more year. So, you must be aware clearly of the deadlines of PhD applications with different universities around. If possible, note them down in a rough book. This way of note-taking about PhD application deadlines will help to make things easy during the last moment. Many times, it so happens that you will feel to remember dates of application without noting them down. But in the end, you will surely forget the last date of PhD application date. To understand clearly, what should be the last date of applying PhD in the Indian university that you are applying to. If possible, call the phone number of the admission cell of that particular university and ask them clearly about the application process. Top universities offering easy PhD programs in India for 2021-22 This is the list of universities offering PhD courses in India in 2019. Andhra University Ignou Central Universities through out India List of State Universities in India 2019-20 List of Deemed Universities in India 2019-20 List of Private Universities offering PhD in 2019-20 Apply by regularly checking them. Usually, every university releases PhD notification in India twice a year. One time in January/February and one more in July/August. These notifications are called Even Semester and Odd Semester. You can go through clearly the notification and know exactly the syllabus. I made a popular video on youtube.  How to crack the PhD entrance exam. After watching my video, you will get full clarity about how to prepare for the syllabus given for you to appear for a PhD entrance exam. You can also check my article on PhD entrance. Once you have done with your entrance exam, usually you will have PhD interview. In private universities, they will conduct PhD interviews as soon as you finish the entrance exam but whereas if you appear for a government exam you have to wait for a merit list and at a later stage an interview for PhD admission.  But take everything as a challenge. No need of getting discouraged just because you did not get admission to one university. There are many out there who can offer you if you try a little hard than what you usually try for. Do not worry about which university to join. Nowadays many students are worried about this. PhD studies are meant to research. Nobody takes your university into consideration in the upcoming 10 years of time. In the coming days, your research paper publications will matter a lot. The more papers you write, the better your exposure will be. Top university types for PhD in India First Rank: NIT’s ( Best option for PhD in India) Second Rank: Government Universities Third Rank: Private Universities Fourth Ranks: Deemed Universities. Approaching PhD consultant If you want to have an easy PhD from Indian University, just approach consultancy. This is a clever idea. They have all the links with the PhD administrators of the universities. They can manage all PhD. related exams and publication even without you being present in college or university. Just talk to any PhD consultant and get PhD easily in India. How to get phd degree easily Here are my top 5 PhD consultants in India for the easiest PhD. Remember you must know beforehand how to get PhD degree easily rather than after joining it. This way you will be aware of how easy PhD should be with different universities. The below PhD consultant in India can help you with how to get PhD degree easily. PhD consultants in India Phd Consultant ( A to Z support is their slogan) PhD Admission Meta Consultancy Shodh India Chanakya Research Never give money to any of these consultants. In India, Consultants will brainwash you to pay the money beforehand. But they will never do work after paying money. So be careful to pay only when work is done from their side. It is difficult to bargain with them. Be confident and do not feel shy to reject giving money to PhD consultant. So be careful in every step you take. Many got cheated in India. The biggest problem with Indian PhD consultants is that they tend to give you a fake PhD certificate with lots of forgeries. Always go to the university in which you are registered and find out whether the certificate is valid or not. You have to contact the university directly or check your hall ticket number in the University website portal. In this way, you can avoid most of the scams done by PhD consultants in India. But I still recommend going with consultancy if you are a bit clever to manage them and get your work done originally PhD degree for sale in India. I heard from PhD consultants that they would be ready to manage PhD with some of the universities. This means you pay fees and PhD consultants will manage thesis and attendance. The consequence is that you will be ending up with a poor-quality PhD from those universities. I do not encourage to do PhD from the below-mentioned universities. PhD from Magadh University PhD from Nagpur University ( govt.) PhD from OJPS University(govt.) PhD from Shri Venkateswara University (govt.) You can easily buy PhD through consultants. Buying PhD degree in India, in the sense, you cannot do it directly but by managing here and there with the authorities, it is quite possible. But there is one condition that you need. Have some time gap of the degrees studies maybe after your masters. The best time gap after your master’s should be around 3 years so that the University may evaluate and award during this period of time. But you have to give a lot of money. But all must be done to the consultancy where is secret. But be aware of all the…
  • Top 29 Benefits and Advantages of doing PhD in Australia
    These are the top most benefits and advantages of doing Ph.D. in Australia. Do not require to publish papers. Good support to finish your Ph.D. thesis. Australian Universities are widely recognized for Ph.D.’s. Australian Ph.D. can easily fetch you a good job. Climate is conducive for anyone to pursue Ph.D. Permanent Residency option under skilled Ph.D. laborers. More exposure to international curriculum. Good library facilities compared to other countries. Safe and multi cultural PhD environment. No need of publishing papers during research work The major benefit of doing PhD in Australia is that you do not need to publish a paper during your PhD course. You can get your PhD in less number of years in Australia. There is a lot of demand for Australian PhD’s around the world. You will increase job opportunities once you finish your PhD in Australia. You can work in any European country and earn good salary with Australian PhD’s. The other benefit of studying PhD in Australia is you will get Permanent Resident Visa easily. It is a requirement for a doctorate student to complete their thesis on time for timely submission to the faculty. Although it is recommended for them to publish their work in many countries, Australia does not make it a requirement. Completing a PhD program has many challenges such as balancing studies and normal life. Many researchers fail to finish their thesis as scheduled simply because time is limited and publishing papers reduce the time even more. Therefore, when students are not forced to publish research papers, they have more time to focus on their thesis thus they can deliver papers rich in content within the standard duration of the program. Furthermore, it enables the student to cut back costs since low-level income is one of the challenges that Ph.D. students face. Get permanent residency The Australian government recognizes the significance of education, and while many countries like itself open their doors for international scholars, they are required to return to their mother countries upon completing their studies. On the contrary, this is not the case in Australia which gives students who complete their PhD. programs the opportunity to obtain permanent residency. Although it does not translate to citizenship, permanent residence enables the scholar to stay in the country for an indefinite period. When a student chooses to complete their doctorate program in Australia and completes their studies successfully, they can apply for permanent residency which means that they will not just be visitors in the country. Less Tuition Fee Compared to USA (1200 US Dollars per year) The major hurdle that makes it almost impossible for undergraduates to further their education and undertake postgraduate programs is lack of finances. The condition is worsened by the fact that scholars still need to incur daily expenses in their livelihood. In most cases, PhD. students have families that they are required to take care of, and therefore high fee charges discourage or eliminate most potential candidates. In most countries like the United States, scholars are required to pay a tuition fee of not less than US$1200 annually. Depending on the University and the doctorate program, the amount can even go up as high as US$1500 annually. In Australia, the tuition fee is much less some charged up to AUS$36,000 and therefore it is much more affordable to access quality education in the country compared to others. Also, there are programs such as Endeavor Scholarships which finance Ph.D. programs by offering up to AUS$275,500 for a duration not exceeding four years. More earn through part-time work in 4 years(40 hours per week) In an attempt to balance studies and regular life, scholars consider part-time jobs which enable them to make a living and therefore meet their daily expenditures. This is permitted in all countries but the number of hours available to the scholars differs from one state to another. One of the advantages of doing a PhD. in Australia is that part-time jobs are available that facilitate a schedule of 40 hours per week. As a result, scholars can acquire a decent level of income thus a decent standard of living. Opportunities increase because there is no requirement as to how many jobs one can apply. Scholars are at liberty to take as many as three jobs as long as they can manage work and studies. Most importantly, candidates not only make a living but they can also pay their tuition fee from earnings. Worldwide research recognition Apart from the friendly people that international students encounter in Australia, scholars have access to high-quality education in the country. Majority of Ph.D. programs in Australia are based on pure research, and this translates to working directly with faculty members. Therefore, when candidates are doing their thesis, they work closely with professionals who encourage critical thinking, innovation, and independence. The Australian education system is designed in a fashion that prepares the scholars for the real world; thus they are capable of solving real-life problems. Out of 39 Australian universities, 4 of them are among the best 100 universities in the world according to a report by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. They are University of Melbourne, Australian National University, the University of Sydney and the University of Queensland ranked 28th, 37th, 62nd, and 65th respectively. Visa Process made simple In many countries, visa application can be a headache whereby in some countries it may take up to a month to apply for a visa. However, this is not the case for a student who wishes to do their Ph.D. in Australia. The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) handles student visas. Student visas enable scholars to access benefits such as part-time work and also healthcare. For a candidate to be eligible for a student visa in Australia, it is a requirement that they present proof showing that they have been offered a letter of admission. Proof of enrollment may be in the form of electronic means or by letter. Therefore, once a student has applied for a doctorate program in Australia and accepted, application of a student visa becomes easier. Good scholarship opportunities As discussed earlier, tuition fees can be a challenge to candidates who wish to further their undergraduate degrees. The Australian community realizes this and therefore strive to make education cheaper by providing scholarships. These scholarships are extended by Australian universities as well as the Australian government. International students wanting to pursue doctorate programs in the country find these scholarship programs useful especially since there is quite a number of them. Some of the programs include: Flinders International Postgraduate Scholarships International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) University of Sydney International Research Scholarships Melbourne Research Scholarships Endeavor Postgraduate Scholarship Awards Adelaide Scholarships International Australia Awards Scholarships Macquarie University International Scholarships From these scholarship programs, PhD students can access high-quality education at affordable rates since they are required to pay less. Furthermore, some of the programs sponsor students for up to 4 years while many Australian doctorate programs take three years to complete. Get more points in skill assessment (20 points for PhD.) In Australia, like in many countries, there is a list of eligible skilled occupations that one is required to go through and identify the occupation that requires their expertise. This is necessary for the application of the Points Tested Skilled Migration Visa. It is also a requirement that applicants provide evidence to support their claim that they possess the skill(s). Possessing this type of visa is important because it makes securing part-time employment easier. The skilled assessment has points attached to it that indicate the level of expertise that one has in a particular profession. The higher the points, the higher the chances of securing high paying jobs. Apart from the points that one may score before a Ph.D. title, scholars who have completed their postgraduate programs access an additional 20 points. This means that studying for a PhD. in Australia increases job opportunities in the country. Beat the competition Traditionally, it was common that holder of a PhD automatically secured an academic-related occupation regardless in which country one completed their doctorate program. However, the increase in the number of postgraduates has led to stiff competition for jobs thus make it difficult for postgraduate degree holders to secure academic jobs. Studying in Australia gives leverage to scholars primarily because of the design of the Australian education system which prepares graduates for the real world. In Australia, there are strict policies that require that unless one is an Australian citizen or have a PR, they cannot be hired by companies. This makes it easier for Ph.D. holders to get jobs in the country than in others. For instance, the American economy is free, and therefore people from other countries can easily secure employment thus making the job market very competitive.  Furthermore, permanent residency secures one the right to live in the country. Avoid misconception about Ph.D. (overqualified) Earning a PhD. is not an easy task because it requires a lot of effort since it requires effort financially, mentally and also physically. It is mandatory that qualified candidates ensure that they choose doctorate programs wisely and also the country where they wish to pursue their studies. Choosing wisely ensures that scholars choose professions that they can secure employment without unnecessary hassle. Australian universities have a wide range of doctorate programs that students can choose from, and it takes approximately 4-6 years to complete studies. The Australian government and education institutions have many job opportunities for international students thus it is easier to secure a job in the relevant profession in the country than in other countries. Best career opportunities in Australia The Australian education system is designed in a way that it prepares students for teaching and researching. The universities offer a high-quality education that equips scholars with the necessary skills to solve real-life problems. Graduates have point assessment skills that increase their chances of getting employed. Besides, the government and universities have job opportunities for graduates which opens career opportunities for them. In Australia, there are many high-paying job opportunities such as managerial positions, work, health and safety occupations, transport, construction, mining, and ICT professions among others. As of 2018, the most job in demand in Australia is the Lead Teacher portfolio which has been on the rise in the last three years due to shortages. Technology professions are also in demand especially since technological inventions are occurring on a daily basis across the globe. Less pressure in a job area with Australia’s PhD Earning a PhD. in Australia proves that the candidate has the necessary skills since the quality of education is high. This means that those who earn their degree in the country have a competitive ability in the global job market thus they can easily secure employment in any country. The job opportunities in Australia make it easy for graduates to secure employment in their fields of specialization thus there is minimal pressure. Besides, there are many programs that scholars can choose from that are widely suited for the different job markets available. Earn a Respectable life in society It is normal for any given society to have a social structure whereby there are those who are regarded highly while there are the others on the other end. One of the main factors that makes one earn a reputation I the society is the level of education that they have managed to achieve. Usually, a Ph.D. holder is respected for their achievement since not many people make it to that status. Another factor that boosts one respectability is the level of income that they earn. The salary attached to a PhD. holder is generally high compared to other occupations which means that they are in a position to access good standards of living. Earn more money professionally after PhD Once the doctorate program has been completed, the holder has many opportunities that they are at discretion to pursue should they choose. A postgraduate can choose to work in the public…
  • PhD Dissertation/Thesis Writing Tips
    PhD Dissertation or PhD thesis is the final output of your hard spending hours in your PhD. Writing your PhD dissertation required huge writing skills. Here are top tips to write your PhD dissertation or thesis easily. Follow the sample format of seniors’ thesis. Decide the names of the 5 chapters of thesis. Write headings and sub heading under each chapter. Expand each heading with out ambiguity and repetition. Write each paragraph in no more than 300 words. Write thesis to a minumum of 70000 words. Use table and figures appropriately. Explain every figure and table in a good length. Finally, write Cover Page, Index Page, References, Table of Contents .Always follow the given thesis’ format Whether you want to write thesis, you must take the sample format that is available with your seniors. Never follow your own format to write thesis or do not take it from online. Usually every university has its own regular thesis format to write. Follow it strictly. This is the first step of writing a good thesis. Choose some nice location and serene place where your reflections flow straight from the mind to write a thesis for PhD. Whatever the small idea, make a point to write on your short note. This way you can collect some important points. .Choose which are the 5 chapters to write in a thesis Every thesis must consist of 5 chapters at least. So you must think of the name of chapters on which you will depend to write the whole thesis. Be clear about which chapter to start first and last. Your supervisor will help you here. Never take your own choices about the names of chapters. Always ask your supervisor and collaborate each other to bring out the names of chapters. To get some ideas, visit public library and seek some important sources those are relevant to your topic. This will allow you to get some points about your topic. Always maintain short notes for this. Or else you will be in trouble forgetting what you have read. Visiting library and spending some time over your topic is always a quality habit to bring success .Also decide the headings and sub headings in a thesis Do not start writing your thesis all the way chapter wise. First touch all the chapters and give headings and sub headings all the chapters that you have decided to write. Your class teacher is the near best source on whom you can rely on for every help. So make use of her or him to the fullest. They can guide you being your favorite teacher. So do not be lazy t approach your teachers around you. A thesis has a standard format that has headings which are useful because they guide the scholar on the type of content expected in different sections of the paper. The headings enable the researcher to divide the research paper into parts. Equally important are subheadings that fall under the broader headings and aid the student to identify relevant content that should be researched. They assist the researcher in ensuring that the paper is uniform and that all areas are covered adequately. Subheadings also make the paper have a structure, presentable and readable. Therefore it becomes more comfortable for the reader to understand how the research shifts from one point to another. .Expand in appropriate length of all headings Somehow try to expand all heading in a good paragraphs. Do everything according to the research that you have been doing for the last three to four years. Put together aptly and coinciding each other with out any problems. There should be a good readability while writing a thesis. Always have strong determination from the beginning to the end. Sometimes you are very excited to finish your dissertation but in the long run you will get rid of your past excitement and there is a possibility that you lose interest in your topic. Be ready to rectify mistakes: Whatever the work you do may sometimes put you in a situation to redo the work. Which means doing same work again and again? So have patience to rectify your mistakes. Your Guide: Meet your guide as often as possible. This will raise positive impression on you. Arrange your meeting with your guide to discuss things of interest about your topics and finally I can say that if you follow the 7 rules, your will successfully submit. .Write thesis in a short paragraphs through out Never include to big paragraphs or repetetive paragraphs. Every paragraph must be unique not exceeding 300 words. If it is necessary only, you must go beyong the limit of paragraph. How to write a PhD thesis depends on how you enjoy when writing a PhD. dissertation. Many scholars find the structure of a PhD thesis boring and therefore tend to develop a negative attitude thus they become less motivated. While writing doctoral dissertation, It is common knowledge that when a person does not find something enjoyable, they lack the incentive to work hard towards achieving the fruits of the same. To avoid such a situation, the scholar is advised to develop a positive attitude towards the thesis and follow tips for writing a PhD thesis and consider the process as a learning opportunity as well as an avenue that will enable them to achieve their long-term goals and objectives. It is recommended that scholars should adapt to their schedule designed by themselves so that they allocate reading and writing time as they deem fit. .Do not write too short or long thesis ( Follow your university norms to write PhD thesis) Normally most of the universities follow 70000 to 83000 words. You must maintain double space and probably around 250 words may fit in a single page of thesis writing. But anyhow the normal calculation about the length of the thesis is 83000 words. There are some universities which have less number. But it all depends upon the university norms and conditions. I suggest you ask your supervisor about this. But in no way, you can exceed the 83 number in any university. Any research scholar who is aspiring to get a doctoral degree writes a PhD thesis or dissertation. Here I am giving tips for writing dissertation. This PhD thesis advice will help you to get rid of all sorts of confusion in terms of how to start writing a dissertation. This advice is simply a help to write PhD thesis .Use good number of tables and figures ( Do not overuse) The one important thing that every PhD student misses is not explaining figures and tables at an appropriate length for which many thesis’ gets a review for the second time after submission. So be careful not to just insert figures and tables and foget them. Every figure and table must be explained perfectly and more in length.The reason why the scholar is advised to ensure that thesis write up is enjoyable is to prevent the candidate from getting bored and losing interest along the way.It is essential that the candidate should have an interest in the reading and learning process so that they can love what they are doing.The main reason why it is essential for the scholar to find the dissertation process enjoyable is to ensure that they understand the importance of writing a good research paper.Once the importance is established, the scholar is in a position to know how to write a PhD thesis paper that meets the requirement. A candidate that is bored with the thesis is guaranteed to produce a bad thesis. .Brush up writing your thesis with introduction, conclusion and references, bibliography etc; For Bibliography and References writing for your thesis. ZOTERO MENDELEY QIKKA For Note-Making to write PhD thesis. NOTABILITY EVERNOTE ZOT FILE For Storage and Back up to write PhD thesis. DROPBOX GOOGLE DRIVE ICLOUD .For Project Management to write a good PhD thesis. TRELLO SLACK BULLET JOURNAL .For Academic Writing to implement well in your PhD thesis. SCRIVENER Grammarly Many candidates find it difficult to complete the thesis paper in good time, and some of them are forced to request an extension which is not a good thing. In part, failing to complete the dissertation on time creates the impression that the scholar is irresponsible and incapable of organizing and planning their time efficiently. To prevent this from happening, it is highly recommended that the candidate avoids procrastination as much as possible and concentrate on how to write a good PhD dissertation. To avoid delaying the paper, the scholar should ensure that start working on the paper as soon as they are admitted and assigned a supervisor. Once the dissertation process is initiated, the candidate must be consistent all the way and try as much as possible to work on the thesis on a daily basis. .Do not set back if something goes wrong while writing thesis for PhD. Writing a thesis is not easy and cannot be compared to writing a ten-page essay, and therefore the scholar is bound to encounter challenges along the way. Such problems should be welcomed and viewed as opportunities to learn new things and also promote creativity and innovation in formulating new ideas. First one must know how to start writing a thesis. If things do not go as planned, the candidate is advised to avoid despairing and losing momentum. Instead, they should face the challenge and find ways of preventing the same problem from arising in future. They should understand that other researchers before them also encountered difficulties but did not give up. On the contrary, they should be more enthusiastic in ensuring that they present a good research paper that will impress the reviewers and accepted for publication by reputable journals. .Double save the copy all your PhD thesis writing Accidents happen, and there are cases where researchers lose their years of work because they kept their research on single storage. For instance, a scholar may be writing their research on their laptop and fail to have a backup copy. In case the laptop crashes get damaged or stolen, all the research work is lost. To avoid such an incident, the researcher is advised to double save their work preferably in external storage such as an external hard disk. Besides, technology has improved, and people can save their work on cloud storage which makes it easy to retrieve data. Some cloud-based storage has subscription charges, but others like Gmail are entirely free depending on the size of data. .Keep in mind the mind of your supervisor while writing PhD thesis writing. Writing a thesis is an independent process, and the scholar is required to write the same on their own, but they are advised to regard the supervisor’s advice. The supervisor’s role is to guide the candidate throughout the writing process. They have experience in writing a dissertation and therefore have valuable information that would ensure that the scholar writes a good research paper. The candidate should cooperate with the supervisor from the starting point which is choosing a research topic. Before making a decision that has a significant impact on the thesis, a candidate must ensure that they consult the supervisor and listen to their views. If the supervisor feels that the changes are necessary, they will give the candidate the, but if they think otherwise, they will advise against the same. .Writing a PhD thesis acknowledgment Here you have to make sure to congratulate and thank everyone who has helped to finish your Ph.D. dissertation. .Writing PhD Thesis Structure 200 pages thesis means write two pages of thesis for 100 days (set clear target)Depending on the number of page requirement, the scholar must be in a position to create a schedule that fits their program.It is essential because it enables proper allocation of time which is a scarce resource and is never enough. The scholar is advised to formulate a schedule so that the thesis is divided into tasks. Not only does this…
  • Part Time PhD or Full Time; Which is better?
    I am throwing suggestions on opting for full time PhD or choosing part time PhD. The best way is to go for “Full-Time Ph.D.”  Full-time Ph.D. is better than part-time PhD because you can finish your PhD quickly. You can do PhD faster in just 3 years of time. You can double your salary very fast. Full-time PhD is always good just because it give lots for room to publish your papers in reputed journals. In the future, after 10 years Full Ph.D.’s will have much value due to some problems in awarding part-time PhDs with low quality. Full-time PhD is better Complete PhD in just 3 years. Faster increments in salary later on. More time to concentrate on research. A better understanding of PhD methodology. Ample amount of time to finish PhD thesis. Full-time PhD is credible and qualitative. Better communication with doctoral committee. Opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant. The scholar can easily access the scholarship program. A scholar doing a PhD. on a full-time basis stands a high chance of having more time to concentrate on their research work. This is so because they spend more time within the university and therefore the necessary resources are readily available. A scholar that is doing a full-time PhD. is in a position to adjust their schedule so that it goes in line with the institution where they are doing their course. For others such as part-time candidates, they are likely to allocate less time for their doctorate because their environment predisposes them to a lot of distractions. Such distractions are bound to consume a lot of time, and therefore such candidates may not complete their thesis on time. One of the most common advantages of a full-time PhD. is that a candidate can complete their course in a short time. Some doctorate programs take as less as three years to complete. It implies that the PhD. holder has more opportunities in the job market because they acquire the title much quicker than part-time PhD holders. The latter may be forced to take as long as seven years to complete the same doctorate. By this time, the former will have sought employment and already earning. Among the rewards of a PhD. are the title and good salary. Also, it enables one to work in their desired field, and all these benefits are available to a scholar who does a full-time PhD. in a short time. Get your salary doubled after three years It is important to note that a part-time and full-time PhD. and are similar in value, but the latter has some benefits that outweigh the former. For instance, two individuals may be able to land the same job portfolio, and the salary may even be similar. However, the candidate that has a full-time PhD. is more likely to be promoted than the other. Usually, a full-time PhD. holder has their salary increased after three years. It is not only increased but multiplied two times. The other candidate may have to remain in the same position for a long time before their salary is increased or they are promoted. The reason for this is that a full-time PhD. holder is considered to have more experience in research techniques. You can be in regular touch with your supervisor Although most universities require that the supervisor and the candidate must facilitate at least six meetings per year, it is not an ultimatum, and therefore the meetings may be more. The scholar has the advantage of being close to the supervisor, and consequently, the dissertation process becomes simplified. Proximity to the supervisor enables the candidate to approach the faculty member any time they feel that they have encountered a challenging situation. Areas that need changing or improvement in the thesis are easily identified, and therefore necessary actions can be taken in good time. Timely corrections are vital because they enable the scholar to finish the research paper as scheduled. Can accomplish your research targets in time In another article, we discussed that it is necessary to have a schedule so that the scholar can allocate the available time effectively. It is essential to do so because it determines whether the research paper will be completed on time according to the program duration. A full-time program enables the scholar to access necessary resources such as library databases easily and quickly with advice from the supervisor. Maximum concentration on the thesis ensures that the scholar does not spend too much time on other things. A full-time PhD. holder acquires research techniques easily since they are predisposed to supporting factors such as the research community which makes the dissertation process more comfortable. Able to spend time with your other hobbies One of the reasons why people opt to do a PhD. on a part-time basis is that they have other commitments that do not allow them to have enough time to concentrate on the doctorate entirely. This also implies that they are too committed and may not have adequate time to do what they like since they do not have much leisure time. On the contrary, a full-time PhD. candidate can design a schedule that makes time for them to reward themselves. Though most candidates are usually employed as assistant lecturers, there is always time to attend to personal interests mostly during the weekend. Make friends and colleagues from your area of research One of the advantages of a full-time PhD. is that the scholar has enough time to interact with the research community. It is facilitated by the fact that they spend most of their time within the university either working as assistants or working on their dissertation. Not only does this allow them to concentrate on the thesis efficiently, but there is also the social aspect of life. Such scholars can meet other researchers that are either in the same field as theirs or in other interdisciplinary areas. The implication is that the scholar can benefit both academically and socially. It should be noted that there is more to life than just working and therefore it is important to socialize. Get experience as Teaching Assistant Among the advantages of being a full-time Ph.D. scholar is that the university is more likely to consider the candidate for an assistant lecturer job. It enables the scholar to work and at the same time research for the thesis. Working as an assistant relieve the scholar off financial constraints, and therefore they can concentrate on the dissertation process without distractions. Another advantage is that working as a teaching assistant exposes the student to many opportunities for research and thus they gain significant as far as researching is concerned. It also increases their chances of being hired by the university as a lecturer upon completion of the PhD. course. Will know more about funding & Scholarships Pursuing a doctorate can be an expensive affair, and many potential scholars are forced to forego the idea because they lack the necessary funds to pay for the program. However, many institutions provide funding for PhD. courses. Some of the institutions include universities, NGOs and government institutions. One of the reasons why many scholars fail to utilize such opportunities is that they lack awareness of how they can access such benefits and from which organizations. A scholar that is partaking a PhD. on a full-time basis is in a better position to know which organization is offering scholarship and at what time of the year. This is so because the candidate is insufficient contact with the university and therefore it is easier for them to acquire such information. Furthermore, they spend a lot of time with lecturers and supervisor and consequently they are likely to get advice on how they can secure such funding. Can become a role model to others It has been stated in the article that full-time students have high chances of being employed as teaching assistants. This means that they come in contact with other scholars pursuing their undergraduate or master’s degrees. Such individuals have aspirations that they will further their education to the PhD. level, and therefore they require guidance. For most potential PhD. candidates, they find the teaching assistant more approachable than senior lecturers and consequently they tend to look for advice from the same. The scholar acts as a role model to those that may wish to pursue a doctorate in the way they conduct themselves. They are an example to the junior scholars because they represent that there is hope of pursuing one’s dreams. Furthermore, the scholar may choose to share their personal experiences with the juniors. You can become more philosophical & speculative The ability to grow more philosophical and speculative does not come overnight and requires years of dedication and commitment. This is only possible through acquiring advanced research techniques which is a skill accumulated over time. A full-time scholar has a lot of time to develop such skills given that they spend most of their time within the campus. They can easily access the universities library databases that contain numerous research publications. This allows them to develop research skills by conducting a lot of research and even publish many papers before they submit their dissertation. The ability to publish research papers in reputable journals means that they have mastered speculation and make arguments philosophically. No stress and pressure (because it is full time) When a candidate considers doing a doctorate program, they consider many factors to determine whether they are in a position to complete the course. One that chooses the full-time option has regarded as the short duration of the program and that they do not have other commitments that might get in the way of their research. Therefore when they get admitted, they have adequate time to work on their paper and therefore do not feel as much pressure compared to a part-time scholar. Furthermore, they can be hired as a teaching assistant; thus they do not have to be pressured by financial obligations while working on their research paper. Also, they get to interact with faculty members quickly, and therefore they get assistance easily in case of difficulties. Society values full-time PhD As noted earlier in the article, both full time and part time Ph.D.’s have the same value in the job market, but there is another aspect that differentiates the two in the real world. This aspect is society’s perception of the two programs. The impression that the society has on a scholar often dictate the ease that one gets opportunities. The traditional norm is that the community values a full-time PhD. more than the latter. It means that a full-time scholar considered more qualified because the doctorate decorates their personality and they are viewed as dedicated and committed individuals. Part-time PhD. is worst. Why? 12 hurdles The candidate is less focused because there are a lot of distractions that make it difficult to concentrate on the research paper. It is difficult to secure funding for the PhD. program due to insufficient information. Balancing academic, social and work life is difficult and could easily lead to burn out Scholars experience inadequacy of student social life because they lack opportunities to interact with peers The student takes a lot of time to complete their course; thus they are left behind by their peers Procrastination is a major stumbling block because most perceive that there is a time complete their research even if they delay It is easy to develop a negative perception that the task is difficult and that is why they have a lot of time to work on it Scholars are enumerated less salary compared to full-time PhD. holders It becomes difficult for the scholar to be promoted in the job market The scholar has less time with the supervisor compared to a full-time candidate The long course duration may appear a lot but in the real sense `there is less time for research due to other commitments The scholar experiences a disconnection with the…
  • 18 tips to Pass Viva presentation
    Viva Presentation of your PhD thesis requires you to prepare thoroughly. Viva Voce defense could be a failure if you don’t present properly. Learn tips on how to do PhD viva dissertation defense that makes you pass in doctoral viva. Face Viva exam confidently with an impressive opening speech. Keep some sample PhD viva questions and answers readily. Adjust voice as per the room size during the presentation of PhD viva. Clear Audibility is the first step for viva Voce success. Present Confidently viva thesis presentation. Do not stammer while defending PhD viva voce. Learn how to make an appropriate eye contact during PhD viva presentation. Keep ready some ready-made sample PhD viva answers. Know how to extend PhD viva validity. Never say you don’t know about any question Try to give your best from nothing during doctoral viva presentation. Here are my detailed advanced tips on how to pass viva voce during your PhD studies. These viva tips will help you remain confident throughout your presentation What is a Viva Voce? A PhD scholar does not consider completing the thesis paper an accomplishment because they are still required to go through the viva voce process. Although there are countries such as Australia that do not require one to do so, others like the United States necessitate the scholar to go through the process. A viva voce is an oral examination whereby the researcher is required to stand before a panel of examiners to defend their dissertation. This is why it is essential for the scholar to ensure that they have clearly mastered the field and the chosen topic by conducting the research on their own. During the viva voce, the evaluators are at liberty to ask whatever question they feel is related to the topic and the candidate has the obligation of answering the question satisfactorily. Simply put, a viva voce is an oral presentation that is aimed at proving that the researcher commands knowledge on the topic and has gained knowledge on the field of study. When is PhD Viva voce examination conducted during PhD A PhD viva voce examination is the last thing that comes in the PhD process whereby the researcher is required to present themselves before evaluators and answer any questions thrown at them regarding the thesis. That said, the viva voce comes after the candidate has submitted their thesis to the faculty. Upon receiving the research paper, the evaluators may require the scholar to present themselves in person and required to exhibit what they have learned during the Ph.D. process. Therefore, a viva voce comes after submission of the thesis and before the candidate earns the doctorate title. How long is the PhD Viva Voce Presentation with example Many Ph.D. candidates are concerned by the duration that a viva voce takes and we would like to point out that it all depends on how prepared one is for the same. Traditionally, a viva voce is supposed to take ninety minutes with no hassles. However, it boils down to the examiners’ decision and if they feel that the time is not enough, then they can extend the process up to three hours. The purpose of the process is to evaluate how much knowledge one has acquired during the Ph.D. and whether they are capable of answering questions related to their topic. Therefore, it is true to state that the length of the viva voce will depend on the examiners. If the candidate does not satisfy their expectations, they are bound to ask more questions thus the process I likely to take more time How many examiners will site in PhD Viva Examination Many scholars are concerned about with the viva voce since it makes almost all candidates nervous as is the case of any situation where one has to stand before viva examiners and defend their work. When one is deemed qualified to do a Ph.D., they are assigned a supervisor who ensures that the Ph.D. process is not marred by challenges through offering advice to the scholar. The examiners are mostly two all of which should come from the university’s faculty. To ensure that the evaluation process is effective, they are mostly chosen from the same field as the candidate. Although it is not a must, there are occasions where the examining body may also comprise of external members. This implies that the minimum number of examiners is two but they can be more according to the university’s decision. Viva Preparation Questions What is the new thing that one feels to read your PhD dissertation? How do you prove this experiment can change the way others think? Explain the validity of your proposition with some examples. Give one strong why should we accept your thesis to be authoritative. What influenced you to make your thesis stand out from others Why is PhD Viva Presentation conducted A thesis is nothing short of a research paper which means that the scholar is expected to have taken their time to conduct thorough research using advanced techniques. The main reason why a viva voce is conducted is to give the researcher an opportunity to defend their work before they are graded whether they meet qualifications or not. The first thing that the scholar should know is that they should be able to defend their thesis which means that they should be aware of everything that is in the research paper. The reason for this is because one can never know what the examiners will ask and from which section of the thesis they will derive their questions. It is essential that the scholar must ensure that they are prepared adequately by going through their thesis and ensure that they are able to answer any question arising from the same. There are candidates who may be tempted to have other people write their thesis and although it may be perfect, the viva voce reveals the truth depending on whether they can defend the thesis or not. Be what you are in your PhD Viva Exam According to many candidates, the viva voce is an impeachment whereby they feel like they are grilled, but in a real sense, it is designed to prove to themselves and others whether they are in a situation to defend their title as a doctor of philosophy in their field. It is therefore important for the candidate to ensure that they do not fall prey to brown nosing. They should not direct their efforts to sweet-talk the examiners by trying to impress them. Instead, the scholar is advised to play their role and prove to the evaluators that they are capable of defending what they have written in the thesis. It is recommended that the scholar should be calm, relaxed and confident in their thesis and have the courage to stand before the examiners and express themselves. The candidate should recognize the importance of the thesis and this is partly the reason why they have the responsibility of choosing their own topic and doing the research. Never give one-word answers during Viva Voce viva exam A viva voce must not be confused with a multiple choice questionnaire thus the researcher must appreciate that it is intended to diminish curiosity. This cannot be achieved by giving one-word answers because the scholar is required to explain themselves as reflected in the thesis. Important to note is that a person’s standing or view on a certain view cannot be explained in a short statement. The reason for this is because when one is asked a question during the viva voce, they are expected to state their position on the matter. The statement is not enough because it only triggers more questions. Therefore, it is necessary that the scholar must support their claim by giving explanations as to why they support their arguments. In fact, the primary purpose of the viva voce is to ensure that the scholar can defend what they advocate for thus they should be in a position to give explanations and proof of what they are saying. Be confident throughout the session (not over confident) during doctoral viva According to human nature, there are people that find it easy to stand before others and air their view but the viva voce does not recognize that. It is essential that the scholar must be in a position to present themselves and stand for what they have presented to the faculty and the world. At this level of learning, it is expected that the scholar must be confident enough to ensure that they can speak in front of a crowd leave alone two or three examiners. Confidence is a virtue that must be acquired by all scholars to ensure that they can stand before others and teach them or address key concerns that affect society. However, the candidate must take caution not to be overconfident and the main reason for this is that too much confidence is interpreted as arrogance. The bad thing about this is that the examiners are likely to get the wrong impression about the scholar. This is true because among the virtues that a Ph.D. teaches the candidate is patience and respect for others. Do not show that you are afraid of Viva Voce of dissertation The human mind is designed in such a manner that it controls the entire body and command activities that the individual will like and those that they will not. One of the reasons why most scholars fail the viva voce process is that they tend to develop a negative attitude towards the same even before they go through the process. It is essential that the scholar must be confident and not only outwardly but also inwardly. We recommend the scholar to ensure that they take all necessary measures to ensure that they do not exhibit fear in front of the examiners. It is understandable that anyone is capable of nervousness while in front of a panel of examiners. However, we recommend that the scholar must pay attention to two things to boost their confidence. The first element is that they should prepare adequately for the process. The second is that they should develop a positive attitude towards the viva voce. Adhering to these two advises is bound to increase the scholar’s confidence in themselves and their thesis. My top Viva advice is to practice before one month In the scholar’s life, before they take the Ph.D. course, it is true to say that they have gone through many examinations and passed. It is not automatic to pass an examination and it requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice. Although there are individuals that may be tempted to take a shortcut, there is only one recipe to passing. All examinations require a lot of preparation and a viva voce is not exceptional. This implies that the scholar must take their time to prepare for the viva voce beforehand. It is recommended that the candidate should take at least one month to prepare themselves. It may seem like a difficult thing to do but we remind the scholar that they have a supervisor who has knowledge about the viva voce and they can offer useful advice that can make the process easy for the candidate. Dress proper and be neat and formal during thesis viva preparation The short description of a viva voce is that it is an oral presentation and therefore it means that there must be physical appearance. Appearance has a powerful effect in that it creates a lasting impression on the examiners and therefore, the way that one presents themselves before the evaluators automatically make them judge the candidate’s character. The scholar wants the evaluators to be on their side and therefore the first thing that should pop in the scholar’s mind is creating a good impression. It is essential because it may affect the examiners’ judgment which implies that a good impression is likely to yield good results while a bad impression is likely to…
  • Is PhD Tough?
    Yes PhD is tough in many aspects. Here is a full list of difficulties while doing PhD. Lack of support from PhD supervisor. Mental stress while doing PhD. No time for personal life. Highly routine and monotonous life. Depression rules you for overthinking. Not able to participate in outdoor activities. Finding difficulty to read books. ( Technology driven generation) Lack of proper resources about your topic. Lack of friendships. How to handle tough PhD • Don’t make rash decisions First things first, as people might have already told you, embarking on a PhD is not a piece of cake. If you are dreaming of being a professor, ask yourself the following question- what would you do if that doesn’t work out? What other options do you have if not the professorship? Moreover, even before thinking about starting the PhD, ask yourself another question- are you mentally prepared for it? Working on a PhD takes a lot out of you and might push the boundaries of your mental health and stability. Asking such questions are not meant to discourage you from pursuing the degree, but you still need to prepare yourself for what you need to expect out of the degree. More than often you might have heard people talking about how extremely difficult it is to enroll in a PhD and actually complete it. We’ve all been around students and/or teachers ranting about the near-impossible task of being a PhD. That makes you wonder, is it really that hard? Is it really worth the hype or is it just a mere exaggeration of reality? No matter what people might tell you, a doctoral degree is like a luxury only a privileged few can afford. There are no real breaks, and at times you might find yourself dazed and confused. However, all you need to remember is your love for the work that you do and the endless strife to be the best that you can be. Some people might even say that if you’re not sacrificing your sleep or if you’re not skipping your meals, then you’re probably doing it wrong. There is a dark side of all Ph.D. horror stories that nobody really talks about. People not only lose physical strength but at times it might also cost you a greater loss- psychological stability. Let’s begin from the beginning and discuss the do’s and don’ts as we go. • Choose a relevant subject/topic Students and scholars decide to take a Ph.D. with unmatched enthusiasm and high spirits. However, more than often, they find themselves in a dilemma- what could possibly be their basis for the thesis? Choosing a topic or a subject as a basis for their PhD becomes a huge question in itself as completion of a PhD takes a lot of time, sometimes an entire decade of a person’s life, and 10 years is a long time to lose interest in a subject that they once took interest in. This is one of the primary reasons why the drop-out rate of PhD scholars is high. Often students realize that the topic they initially chose is weaker in scope and applicability than they initially believed it to be. Let’s talk facts. In the United States, only 57% of students were able to obtain their PhD after 10 years of their enrollment. In the UK, the drop-out rate of PhD students went to 40%. Moreover, choosing a topic is pertinent to whether it would strengthen their choice of career or not. An unsuitable topic for thesis might raise quite a lot of brows and tend to question a scholar’s commitment to their field of career. According to a study conducted by Bernard Casey, your topic of the thesis is a key component in deciding how much you get paid in the future. Pay value varies across individual disciplines. Topics concerned with social science, arts and language pay way less than other disciplines. The journal Science reported that the PhD in the subjects like mathematics, engineering, and sciences can earn as much as $20,000 more per year as compared to people without the degree. According to PayScale, an organization that analyses the pay of the American workforce, people with PhD earn more than their peers without doctorates and also have access to more jobs than them. In some cases, doctoral candidates start with $80,000 as the cut for their first job which only increases, unlike the case with people without the PhD. • Ask Questions Before you embark upon your journey towards your PhD, you need to ask around as much as possible. Consult your peers, professors, supervisors, and whoever else you can. You can also approach the internet regarding this and look at the experiences of other people. Only when you seek out information will you get to know the number of options that you actually have in different aspects of the thesis. Do not wait for your career counselors to chalk out a plan for you. Instead, stay informed, and if possible, stay in touch with your alumni in this regard, who might prove to be useful in familiarizing you with how it all works. • PhD is not a course Many students and scholars embark upon their PhD journeys with the consensus that PhD is a continuation of their graduation course. It’s not. It’s not about studying and passing exams anymore. It’s not about getting good grades anymore. It’s about becoming an expert in your field of interest. A PhD degree is all about knowing everything about something. You might have to take up a few courses if you haven’t finished your master’s degree yet, but those are just to give you a better and deeper understanding of what you need to know for your thesis. After you finish your thesis, you will not be ranked upon on the basis of your grades or how well you performed in your courses but solely on the content of your research. Avoid spending too much time on courses than on your research topic. • Take a Break While deciding on enrolling for a PhD, do not jump-start into the program. Many students, fueled with enthusiasm, decide to enroll in a PhD program even before the completion of their graduation. Starting on a PhD is a big decision. It decides the course of the next five-ten years of your life. Do not make a rash decision and throw that amount of time under the bus just because you are excited. Take a break after the completion of your graduation and actually enrolling on a PhD program. This period in between might be insightful and help you make decisions with a rational mind. Getting information outside of a graduate program might also help you decide in the type of career you want to pursue in the future; whether you would want a full-time research job or if you’d like to do something involving both scientific and non-scientific skills. • Transition is Important Your graduate courses might help you develop an interest or help you decide the topic of your thesis, but do not rely solely on the basis of how interested you were in these courses. A lot of scholars think that their topic of the thesis should be connected with what they’ve already studied in their graduate courses since they already know about their area of research. Do not make that mistake. Do not make it the base of your doctoral research simply because you already worked on it. There are a lot of degree holders who chose a thesis topic completely unrelated to their graduate courses and their transition went smoothly. Do not give weight-age to what you already know, rather rely more on what you’re actually interested in. • Keep your options open Although you might want to be completely committed to one field of particular research work, you might find that it wasn’t interesting enough to work on for the entire duration of your thesis. Like we already talked about, it is easy to lose interest in a particular topic which you were once interested in. PhD is a long journey and it is important to choose a topic which maintains and builds your interest in it, not diminish it. Therefore, in order to avoid falling prey to monotonous research, make sure your research institute has diverse research options. More than often you might find professors working on more than one research fields and not on the same narrow research area. Make sure that there are at least three professors working in a research area you imagine working yourself in. Moreover, make sure to explore as many research groups as possible, right from your first year. This will help you in enhancing the diversity in your thesis and not limiting it to one narrow area of focus. • Choose your research adviser(s) wisely This is a crucial part of your thesis, as your research advisor is the person who is going to be thoroughly involved as you sojourn on your quest for the degree. A research advisor has a lot of influence on how you go about your thesis. Many times students change their advisors more than often because they simply don’t like their advice methodology or something as trivial as the personality of their supervisors. This is not a mere exaggeration but an important aspect in your research as your research supervisor will influence in every stage of your thesis. If you are assigned an advisor who simply won’t listen to what you’re saying or keeps rebutting your arguments, you won’t get far in your thesis. That will simply lead to confusion and doubts and reduce your productivity. Moreover, if your supervisor is absent, or for that matter, superimposes himself on you, get rid of them. Overbearing supervisors are not good for your doctorate either. They might cause you to deviate off topic or give you more reasons to stress over stuff you needn’t stress about. A lot of times you might face an unusual situation where you have more than one supervisors- that they might not get along. Get rid of them too. You don’t need to get more confused than you already are. • What to Consider and what to Disregard While you might think that the location of the university you choose to join is not important you might be wrong. Many people make this mistake of thinking that as they are going to be spending most of their time inside the libraries and laboratories, the location is not important. However, this might not always be the case. A city with an unsuitable climate, or with an anti-social or overly-social atmosphere might affect you in ways you might not have foreseen. On the other hand, the reputation of the research institute or the university might seem integral, but in actuality, it isn’t. What actually counts is the rapport of the individual department you work in or the research group you join. That is the actual place where you develop personal and professional connections. In fact, when you go for a job after your research thesis is over, your area of research and the people you have worked with count more than the prestige of the university you finished your thesis at. Make sure that you interact well enough with your fellow researchers and also invite their inputs in your thesis. Apart from that, maintain contacts with graduate students and other researchers through networking, conferences and journal clubs. • Funding Issues A lot of PhD students rely on external funding for their research work. However, this might become stressful when the funding is reduced or cut short halfway through the research. Therefore, students should ideally not completely rely on external funding and have alternate sources of funds as well. They need to maintain personal funds just so that their research work doesn’t suffer a setback as a result of a lack of money. • Lack of Motivation Embarking on a Ph.D. is like riding…
  • Why is PhD not Dph| What does PhD stand for| Funny
    PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy. This term is very much important in doctoral studies as it is the highest qualification that any one can achieve in ones life time. The term is derived from Latin. If  you still want to know what does PhD stand for in Latin, then this is my answer. In Latin it is completely different spelling and pronunciation. Below are my reasons.  For instance it stands for Doctor of Philosophy but there are other versions of PhD and what does it stand for. Here is my analysts. This word is used by Plato and Aristotle from ancient generations. Even Plato was very much fascinated by this term PhD. During those time, this term was used very less as there were very few philosophers. It is like one in thousand people. These people did not know exactly the meaning of the word PhD and what could be its abbreviation. Usually it was pronounced in full. There was no abbreviation mode during Aristotle’s time. When some one was very highly educated, kings would call them Doctors. As they are the only people who can bring a real wisdom to the people around.  They are called doctors because they can heal the mind of people with their knowledge and wisdom. So doctor means the healer of mind. Taking someone from ignorance to wisdom.  This happens when a person studies well and at the end gains liberation through education and knowledge. As epistemology also tells about this that knowledge is the key for all wisdom. PhD is the means to achieve this key. Knowledge flows through a person who has pursued PhD in certain subject. He becomes expert in that area. He becomes the one person who can really give his knowledge to others and share his thoughts. The one and only thing that anyone can get through this study.  PhD Stands for Joke Now a days PhD has many other abbreviations that are made for fun or PhD jokes, we can call. These are the below funny standings of PhD. Doctor of Powerful Husband. Doctor of Painful Hitler. Doctor of Paid Husband. Doctor of Painful Hammer. Park Hat Dog. Pack Hot Dogs. Panic Hat trick Dig. Part time Haughty Doctor. Hand Patch Doctor. Pause Hard Doctor. They are only for fun. Other wise originally it is different. So if you want to make fun about PhD then you can just abbreviate this way. Previously it was very difficult to do PhD. But now it is so simple with the technology that we have through internet. We can search on that what we really need to get. So you can get through this to make certain conditions to do this work.  What ever may be the situation, you must make sure that any type of information could be highly useful if only you can provide them. You must know the history of the term PhD before you try to know what exactly it goes for. This is the only idea that can help you get known about the term PhD.  There must be certain differences here and there about this. But what ever may be the difference you must make sure to get certain things to understand what it could look like when it comes to understanding of principles of PhD.  The one thing that I tell about this word is that it is not appropriate to use it in English. As this is a Latin word, I personally feel it to be changed differently. What I mean is to change it as DPH. This abbreviation is much more suitable and it synchronizes our English Pronunciation. S o Oxford Dictionary and Cambridge Dictionary must see to this very carefully and change it according to the facts that I have been mentioning about the word PhD.  Why PhD is not DPH The strong reason Why PhD does not stand as Dph is that they both are different languages. One is Latin ( PhD) and the other is English(DPh).  The word “PhD” we write in Latin and but Pronounce in English. PhD is taken from Latin.  PhD in Latin spelled like Philosophiae Doctor.  Write the word “PhD” in Latin. Pronounce PhD” in English as Doctor of Philosophy. 2 sets of languages used in PhD In Latin there is no rule of order.  Dph is not widely used though it is correct. PhD is officially recognized by Oxford Dictionary PhD is a very age old word What does PhD stand for in Latin The term PhD stand for Philosophiae Doctor in Latin for the last few thousand years. Look here what wikipedia says about PhD We can pronounce in any way whether in Latin or English. Usually the word PhD is a very age old word that we have been using for generations with out any change. For this reason, we sometimes do not any development. Because some words are exclusively used by scholars through out generations. That is why they do not change. If some others who are not educated use this word, then there are chances that they may pronounce the word PhD wrongly and in the longer run, it takes another shape. What does PhD stand for joke It stands for Pee on hubby to become doctor. This is just for fun. Do not use this terms where ever you wish. It is not good to make extreme fun. If you can handle the term to a limit, that is good. Like for say, use it among best friends who cannot take it seriously when used or mocked in front of them. This is a best option if you want to get it done easily.
  • How to Write a Literature Review for PhD Thesis
    While writing a literature review for your PhD thesis or dissertation, you will have to dig past literature on your topic throughly. Simple steps to write a literature review for PhD thesis: Prepare upto 10 research questions. Keep ready with topic’s keywords. The length is a quarter of whole thesis. Gather Primary and Secondary Sources Take sources from all channels. Save every source weblink on your laptop. Never deviate from your topic of research. Prepare summaries for each source. Finally, derive conclusions. Advanced tips to write a literature review for PhD thesis Where to start You must first take it into consideration about the date bases that your professors are recommending you. A lot of people start the literature review by quickly searching google scholar with some keywords. The issue with this is that you got so many results. These bunch of results are not in a way going to help you and are not relevant either. Those results are not sometimes specific to the questions that you need to answer your review. You need to ask you tutors or supervisor or professor to search rightly and which portal you must use. Come up with central research questions. What this does is that these central research questions will refer strongly to the title of the review. By answering these questions you can basically say that you have answered basic questions. You must also talk to your classmates and colleagues when you are doing a literature review. There are chances that you may do your Ph.D. literature review in isolation. Do meet your friends and ask them whether they have come across your literature questions. You must also choose bibliography. For a lot of PhD, scholars bibliography is quite intimidating. You can use some software for the purpose of bibliography. How to search for resources? After choosing research questions, carefully use keyword terms in your PhD literature review.. There are chances that you may not use right key terms. So take care that you are using appropriate key terms or keywords that are relevant to the research questions. The best way to know that you used the wrong keyword in your PhD literature review  is that when you end up with lot many results. This says that your keyword is way too general. So you need to pull with a narrow keyword to get the right rich results. Sometimes you may not find even though you use right key terms. In such a case you must make sure to change the search portal that you are using. Do not rely on only one portal. Have lots of journals, magazines which your tutor or supervisors suggest. Also check the results carefully. Pick up the right result for your literature review. The best way to know the right result is that see that the article has lots of citations and the very latest one that is highly trending. And also make sure that the article is a peer-reviewed journal. To know this you can go to the about section of the article’s journal and check whether that is peer-reviewed or not. Peer review is nothing but it speaks the academic originality. It is not that you just read the title of the article but try to read the abstract and a few lines at the beginning of the article. See whether that article matches to your research questions and keywords so that it matches to your literature review piece. There are some sources that you can do this. They are with the help of Zotero and Mendeley.  Zotero is the add on the google chrome which will store all the bibliography of the articles you are coming across. You do not need to write them on an extra piece of paper or store them on your folders. It all gets stored in the cloud any amount of them. You can access at any point of time unlimited. Picking up right sources You must understand how many sources that you are going to quote in your PhD literature review. Also, it depends now on 20, 30 or 40. Ask you a lecturer or PhD supervisor about this. Use Zotero for this. Make sure you are picking up right sources that are written by established scholars with good citations. Try to pick up resources also from direct journals which are written directly about your topic. You can also take from authored books. Read actively and review literature thoroughly. Always read the articles analytically by keeping the keywords in mind. Try to compare different articles that you are reading to get a good literature review for your thesis. This will really help your PhD literature review. Try to constantly exercise your brain by thinking in an analytical way. Try to engage what is going on in the filed that you have chosen. Many scholars make mistake by just highlighting the text while they read but forget to take notes about why they have highlighted. Probably you may think that you can remember later why have you highlighted a particular text but after some days, when you look into the article you do not remember why it was worth highlighting. Again constantly thinking about the relevance and validity of what you are reading, try to talk to your PhD supervisor. Structure of the PhD literature review for thesis Use subheadings in your literature review clearly. This will help you to navigate properly. The essential central research questions can act as subheadings at the beginning. If your supervisor is telling you not to use subheading and asks you flow through a paragraph, you can do it at the end. But particularly while doing a PhD review it is good to have good subheadings. Use the technique of color coding in the literature review so that you know which color represents what. And also go with cross-referencing. Keep always connected how critics are bringing up the topic differently by comparing and contrasting in order to position yourself in the field of research. The other common mistake in literature review is keeping block quotations. Use only essential quotations. The problem with block quotation is that critic’s work is very difficult to understand just by reading block quotations. Always put block quotations in your own words.  You need to just slow down and read the chapter. Say to yourself a challenge, give yourself 4 sentences and understand the chapter what is going on.  If there are particularly important quotations, then you can include. Always make yourself comments while doing a literature review. You can delete them later. Use footnotes. This is useful to understand better though it is something outside the parameters. The next important thing is the bibliography and the works that are cited. Works cited are those specifically analyzed in the review. The bibliography is something a larger work if you want to come back and review and if you want to double check the source. Abstract It tells what the review is about. what points it addresses and what is the conclusion that you are going to give. It is not an introduction to what you are going to do but the abstract is much more complete than that and it is usually to 100 to 150 words in length followed by keywords. Introduction It is an overview of the literature review. You can also list some subheadings and describe briefly about each. Bonus helpful tips Take short notes always. Do not read everything line by line. Look for reviews and major journals. Set some deadlines. You may limit your review. For PhD length will vary. Avoid being remorse. Do not be too lengthy. Be focused. Why literature review? The main reason that you want to do literature review or submitting dissertation is to improve your understanding so that you can follow your work based on your understanding. During PhD, you are expected to be more knowledgeable more than your PhD supervisor. It is because you are going to be an expert in that particular field. Another important thing why you need to do a literature review is to demonstrate knowledge. This demonstration is useful when you want to depend on your thesis with your opponent. Also, you do this review to give the reader what is happening in the context of research in the field of professionalism. One of the major checks that you need to see when you start your literature review is that you need to collect good quality of resources. Quality means relevancy. Be narrow. Take the field of specialization rightly. There are different types of resources like dissertations, thesis, magazines, newspapers, recordings, online articles, conferences, peer-reviewed works, technical works and journals, and standards.  Make sure they are of good quality. When professors see your literature review, they see references. You must cite peer-reviewed journals. Use more resources. The source must not come from one domain. You must make sure that your resources are coming from different geographical backgrounds. This shows that your review is of quality from various resources. The bad resources are Wikipedia and lecturer notes etc. A literature review is trying to cover major concepts of the literature of your topic. Make sure that your review is up to date. This is all important to do. Extract and present well. Any literature review asks this question whether it gives a good understanding of topics. Once you did your review you must start with resources screening list. This is based on the idea to regroup all the sources. If you only depend on google scholar, you are not sure whether have you covered fully. You can look at Elsevier or government or google scholar and many other portals.  Keep on growing with the exploration of domains to have better coverage of review. Also, make sure you have to use keywords. This is also called a literature survey. Literature review must have at least 100 references and later on pick right ones. Also, make sure the quality of citations. Google scholar will list all the citations. It does not mean that a document with zero citations is not of quality. It can also help you more with more intelligence. So keep in mind citations are everything when comes to quality.
  • How to proofread thesis
    Here is the step-by-step guide to proofread thesis Look for repetitive words or sentences. Proofread with Chrome add-ons. Passive voice not more than 30% of a thesis. Check for relevancy of titles and its text. Take a look at redundant words. Validate all the punctuation marks. Use the key terms properly. Check for Repetition of same words while proofreading It is a highly common mistake that you repeat most of the words while writing your thesis. It could be an adjective like “good.” Try to avoid such usage. Make a point to use different words instead of “good.”  Like for example, you can use “nice.” This way you will bring uniqueness to your dissertation. Also, you must not use paragraphs that convey the same meaning but with different wording structure. This is also not a good thing to practice in your thesis. There may be some problems lying with the number of words to write. This must not tempt you to beat the thesis around the same bush with different words. This is the common mistake that many PhD scholars do make. They are indeed not able to write thesis patiently. Patience plays a key role while writing your dissertation. So charge yourself with an attitude to writing your thesis in a way that is conducive to read. While reading your thesis, one must feel the difference and uniqueness with good creative sentences. Only then your PhD thesis is quite acceptable. Use Google Chrome Browser add-on There are many add-on plugins that are available to add to your browser. For example “Grammarly.” This type of plugins will do all the work for you. They will analyze your words and mistakes as you type. Otherwise, we have Microsoft word which shows many mistakes by giving you a red mark if spelling errors are found. It can also correct the uncommon spaces in a sentence. So try to use this plugins and apps to benefits more and more while writing your thesis. There may be some difficulty in the beginning while trying to use those plugins but eventually, you will get into it with lots of ease. I suggest you use only popular plugins. Do not go with plugins which will not help you much.  Here are my best suggestions about which plugins to use as an add-on to your Chrome browser. Grammar and Spelling Checker by Ginger Grammarly for Chrome After the deadline add-on Spell Checker for Chrome Grammar Base-Web Grammar Checker Use Passive Voice limited While writing your thesis, we make a very readable mistake to use passive voice throughout. This way you damage the readability and user-friendly atmosphere to your thesis. Make a limit not to use passive voice about not more than 30% of your actual thesis. This does not mean that you have to use “I” and “We” in your paragraphs. This is not allowed in a thesis. Use the word “It” to convey a sentence and make it appropriate accordingly. It is all about readability and getting a smooth understanding while someone reads your thesis. Here are my recommendations to check passive voice problems in your thesis. Passive Voice Sentence Checker Style Writer Passive Voice Detector Give the best relevant information in paragraphs Check all the paragraphs whether are there any irrelevant information passing through. It is always a concern if you mislead the reader with irrelevancy. So make it a point to give more relevant information in the best way possible. Do not deviate from the topic sentence.  A topic sentence is a backbone for the paragraph. When you deviate from the main idea of the paragraph, it will affect readability. So make sure to write with the exact information for which that paragraph requires. Once you are able to do this with every paragraph then you can easily make your whole thesis a good and presentable one. Use visible and proper diagrams in the thesis I suggest you use proper diagrams just because they speak every part of the meaning. They are the representations of your paragraph ahead. The diagrams will give us an easy understanding of what is going on exactly in your thesis. If you do not know how to present and draw a diagram in your thesis, you are a failure. These are the common problems that I see in most of the thesis. Invisible diagrams. Small and Micro diagrams. Misinterpreting diagrams. Also, I suggest you not to show pointers wrongly in a diagram. You have to mention correctly what is what within a diagram. If you do not do it properly, you are conveying wrong information. And make them visible to the eyes. Nowadays most PhD examiner wear spectacles. They indeed need bigger and clear diagrams. You cannot impress them drawing micro one. Eliminate redundant words in the thesis A redundant word in a paragraph means that you use words that are not fit to the meaning and outside the topic. Check from here how to remove superfluous words and improve readability When you are done writing a paragraph, make sure to check it again to see if there are any words you are using are written twice or such words are unnecessary there. This way you can eliminate easily without any actual skills in English. Transition words are important Transition words are quite important in a thesis to bring certain interest and flow while someone reads your thesis. If you do not use transition words, you cannot bring a good structure to your thesis. These are some of the transitional words that you can use in your thesis. When you use transitional words, they bring a better outlook in your thesis. They will give all the good structure to your dissertation. Proofreading your dissertation means not just correcting grammar but also using some words that are highly professional. So use also variations in using these words. You cannot always use the same type of words in every paragraph. There are different transitional words which convey the same meaning. So I personally recommend you who are reading this to take utmost care about transitional words that will fetch a better thesis. Proofreading punctuation marks We think most of the time that when we write a thesis that the punctuation marks are well given. But the sad truth is that however you are careful with punctuation marks, you will have to make errors as a matter of human nature. And these will become the basic blunders if you do not have a check through. Mostly be careful to use “Comma.” This punctuation mark plays a vital role throughout your thesis or dissertation to convey meanings properly among the sentences. Not inserting comma means not conveying meaning properly. Another common mistake is the way you use your capital letters. Do you use caps for unnecessary words?  Reduce them and use them appropriately. There are many other proofreading techniques when it comes to correction punctuation.  You can correct punctuation errors even with some online sources like https://www.gingersoftware.com/punctuation-checker#.XAdSzYszbIU Proofread key-terms in your thesis There are some concepts in your selected area of research. These concepts and headings are called key terms. I have seen some PhD scholars writing key terms differently in each chapter. They are using abbreviations in some chapters and using the full word in some chapters. This is a wrong way of presenting a key term. Use them in the same way throughout all the chapters. If you use them in the same way, then the meaning is understood properly. Do not create confusion using the same words in different spelling. This proofreading technique does not require actual skills. Anybody can proofread with some common sense effort. Use online services at your own risk This is what happens when you depend entirely paying for someone to proofread your thesis. They will charge more money and moreover, your thesis is in their hands to manipulate your three years of hard work. So never give thesis to proofread by others. They can do anything. They can sell that thesis to others. They can copy some of the chapters for their own benefit. Later after 3 months when you are ready to submit your thesis to your PhD supervisor, you will be not able to justify with plagiarism. Your chapter is already published online. So I tell you to use online service with a good amount of care and credibility. Check for Plagiarism with the best proofreading software Do not rely only on one software to check your thesis for plagiarism. I noticed that there are differences how these applications catch plagiarized sentences in a thesis. Never go with one. Check your thesis on one or two. This will confirm that your thesis is unique and belongs only to you exclusively. Also be careful not to use free apps to check for plagiarism. Always buy it for your own usage. What happens when you use online free plagiarism software is that they may have back-end application to grab your paragraphs and store on their database. Use the right format as per university guidelines There are many formats of writing a PhD thesis. Ask your university about which style that you need to follow to write a thesis. If you do not know this, you cannot proofread whatsoever the effort that you put in to. So make sure you know this beforehand or else you will have to proofread from scratch to reformat the whole thesis. These are the commonly used styles while writing a thesis. You university will suggest one of these styles according to the subject that you have taken. MLA APA CHICAGO Always proofread your thesis on computer You need to proofread your thesis on your laptop rather than taking it as a printout. I suggest this method just because you cannot do proofreading without online help or without some apps that are available on the computer. You will delay it and waste a lot bunch of time doing manually. Avoid such unnecessary method to proofread your thesis. Do it online with the help of certain resources. This can make your proofreading faster and you can finish doing it in no time than you imagine to be doing manually with a printout. Make a list of Proofreading areas When you start proofreading, there are chances that you may forget to rectify some of the errors. So it is prudence to make a list of what concepts that you are trying to proofread. I have mentioned above in the beginning. You take a list and verify each area whether have you proofread or not. Make a list with all the possible areas that you are going to proofread. So that you will have no need to come back again and again for a forgotten area. Do once that hard work which takes your thesis to perfection forever. Take enough time to proofread your thesis I find that many types of research are quite hasty while doing this. Never makes such a mistake. Take an ample amount of time to do it perfectly. If not for one month, take two months of proofreading. When you are hasty enough to do this, you will miss many things in the middle. Take a break and relax After spending some amount of time doing proofreading, take some rest around. Go for a movie or watch some documentaries of your interest. This will refresh your mind for yet another session of proofreading. This type of proofreading technique is something very much related with mind. If it is not fresh, you will not be able to do proofreading effectively. Narrow down proofreading with a timetable Do not do proofreading here and there that you like most within your thesis. This is not a good practice. Make a time-table chapter wise or topic wise and completely narrow it down. Set time for each chapter and topic to proofreading. This set of clear time-table can enhance every possibility of finishing it in time without any confusion or to think about which one…
  • Humorous Stories | Read a Humorous Story in English
    Here is a collection of Humorous stories to read right now. These stories are both long and short stories of humor in English. Not all stories in English are filled with a humour but there are some funny stories in English that are humorous and most of the time, this depends on the way we narrate a story in English to others, the style we use in our tone, the nature of audience around us and overall one needs to have a knack to narrate humorously. List of 15 Long & Short Humorous Stories Funny Fish in the Sea The Return of Paradise The Open Window The Man With Scar Funny Plot of Husband The Funny Mesut The Hilarious Dream The Office Boss One Step Ahead The Ceiling Fan Buying A Land The Lunch Box The Crying Child Boys and Girls An Architect Funny fish in the sea There lived a funny fish in the sea. It is very clever. One day the other group of fish fixed a meeting to solve the problems of seafood. They are gathered together and the funny fish speaking to the group has told us that food is becoming a difficult task for all of us. It is because due to the climatic condition outside. Human beings are disturbing the climate and atmosphere and thus affecting seawater and consequently food. The other group members asked for suggestions about this. The funny fish told humorously ” Better we do not worry all about, but try to be satisfied with what we have and try to improve the resources to a good level. All laughed at funny fish for not giving the solution. Funny fish also told me that if this meeting is not ended now I will eat every one of you right now. I have a big fish friend. Shall I call them ” Funny fish said” All the group members fled everywhere? On the second day, again all fish discussed to confront the finny fish for not co-operating with the sea issues. Then the group members planned a plot They wanted to kick the fish out from the part of the sea and send it to the other part. Then they all made one group to drive the funny fish from the community. When they confronted funny fish, Funny fish brought lots of food and told everyone that she kept that food for them and wanted to share. This way everyone could make up their hungry levels. Now all ate that food and they regretted being made a plot to kick funny fish out of the community. The funny moral is that we must adjust to what we have and understand the affection and humanity of others. Sharing what we have is important. The limitlessness must be fought. Conclusion: This collection of humorous stories can be a part of education in school or can be told to kids at home. Here is a collection of other interesting humorous stories that are filled with humor and fun. Enjoy reading this amazing list of humorous stories. No matter where you are right now, these stories of humor will make you laugh. The Return of Paradise Lisa stayed and looked over the Caribbean Sea, feeling the faint breeze against her face, she was married to James 3 Years ago right here where she is standing. At that moment she was very happy when with James. But after 3 years she is here in the Caribbean Sea has taken divorce from James one year back. When she is standing nearby the sea there and looked at the See, she saw a strange man who looked at her. When he begins talking to her they talked about their lives. Finally, Lisa found a man who understood her but after a while, she discovered that the man who she is talking to is James himself. They decided to start a new future and to begin a new life. The twist in this short humorous story is that at the end the strange man is James and they cut off the divorce to start over life again. Here is a collection of other great humorous stories that are filled with humor and fun. Enjoy reading this amazing list of humorous stories. No matter where you are right now, these stories of humor will make you laugh. The Open Window Mr Nuttel visits some strangers who would help him with his nerve cure. A Young lady said, that her aunt will be down here very soon, Meanwhile, I would. The young lady asked him if he knew many people in the neighbourhood. When Mr Nuttel gave his answer, the niece knew that he didn’t know her aunt. The niece started to tell Mr Nuttle about her aunt’s tragedy. In the room that they were waiting in, a French window stood open. The niece told Mr. Nuttel that the window stood always wide open, even on October afternoon, because of her aunt’s tragedy. 3 years ago her husband and 2 brothers went off for the day’s shooting, but they never came back. Their bodies were never found. Poor aunt always thinks that they will come back someday, they and the little brown spaniel, and walk in at that window just as they used to. Then the aunt came in and apologized for being late. She said: I hope you don’t mind the open window, my husband and brothers will be home directly from shooting, and they always come in this way. When after a talk the husband and brothers came in, Frampton Nuttle grabbed his stick and hat and ran away. The men that just arrived asked Mrs Sappelton, the aunt, who the man was that ran away just when they arrived home. She said that it was a Mr Nuttle and that it looked like he had seen a ghost. I think It was the dog, he told me he was afraid of dogs, said the niece. Because he once was chased by dogs on a cemetery. The plot twist is the moment that Mr Nuttle ran away and the young girl tells another fake story. Frampton Nuttel might have known that the story the niece told him was probably untrue. Write down two questions the niece asked to test his knowledge of her family. ‘Do you know many of the people around here?’ ‘Then you know practically nothing about my aunt?’ ‘’Nuttel’’ is a telling name, that is, it tells you something about the bearer of that name. What does it suggest? Nuttel has nuts in it and nuts means crazy. So Mr. Nuttel is crazy / not well in his mind.   ‘’Vera’’ is also a telling name. Here, however, it is used ironically. Please explain. Vera is from VERITAS and that is Latin for the truth, this is used ironically because Vera is lying. What sentence or passage tells you it is not unusual for Vera to tell a tall story without preparation? When she tells about the dogs. ‘Romance at short notice was her speciality. The Man With Scar The man with the scar is a Deputy General by profession. He is in the Palace Hotel in Guatemala. He sells lottery tickets. He looks like a businessman and he came in a conversation with a companion. He told him that he was upset about the government. He was convicted by court-martial and was sentenced to death for the firing squad. Then they sat in a cell playing poker. The man with the scar had no luck. Then they were led to the patio. The prisoners could ask a question. The man with the scar asked if he could see his wife and he could smoke a cigarette. He got the cigarette and after a while came to his wife. Then he grabbed a knife out of his pocket and he slashes her throat. He killed her because he loved her. Then he was set free and he did not have to be executed. The plot twist is that he killed his wife and that he was set free. Now he must live life with the pain that he killed his wife. This is a so-called frame story, it is the story proper is put within another story. For both stories please give the settings and the names of the principal characters. The frame story takes place in the Palace Hotel in Guatemala City. The names of the principal characters in the frame story are the General (the man with the scar), the narrator (I-person) and the acquaintance of the narrator. The story takes place in jail (goal). The names of the principal characters in the story proper are the five prisoners, one of them is the general (the man with the scar), the wife of the general, the soldiers, the ADC, etc. How does the rebel general (the man with the scar) appear in the frame and how in the story proper? Mention outward appearance, occupation, habits. In the frame story is the rebel general (the man with the scar) a dirty, drunk, fat and tall man. And he has his scar. In the story, proper is the rebel general (the man with the scar) slim, not drunk and he does not have his scar. What, according to the rebel general, was the reason why he killed his wife? The reason, according to the rebel general, why he killed his wife was because he loved her and he did not want his wife to live without him. What was San Ignacio’s reaction? San Ignacio thought it was a noble gesture and he led him to the frontier, the rebel general (the man with the scar) was free. How would a Dutch general have reacted do you think? A Dutch general would have killed the rebel general (the man with the scar). Funny Plot of Husband A man hates his wife and he wants to “play” her dead, just to play the scrabble words ‘dead’ or ‘kill’. But he hasn’t got the right letters to play one of these words. So he wants to tease her by playing some other words. Like ‘quake’, ‘zaps’ and ‘cheating’. But that doesn’t matter to her. So when she has the correct words she kills him. Twist: The man wants to kill his wife with the words of scrabble but after all his wife kills him with the word of scrabble.I think that the two people are husband and wife because he calls her wife. I think they dislike each other because he says he hates her. I think the story takes place in the summer and that they are at home because it is a blistering hot Sunday afternoon and all he can think of to do with his life is to play Scrabble. I think they are playing the game because they are bored. The reason why I think so is that he says all he can think of to do with his life is to play Scrabble. Read the following statements and decide whether they are true (T) or false (F).It is a hot day and the husband is falling behind in the game. (True) He is in a bad mood because his wife prefers playing scrabble to going out. (True) The husband has the habit of chewing on the tiles while playing. (True) Why does the husband feel pleased when he plays the word ZAPS? His wife gets a static shock off the air conditioning unit. What is the eight-letter word the husband plays that enables him to come from behind and lead in the game? What does the word tell us about his action? The eight-letter word that his husband plays that enables him to come from behind and lead in the game is ‘cheating’. He stole a blank tile from the letter bag, he is cheating. Name the three words which make things happen and which lead the husband to think the game is controlled by…
  • How to apply for PhD in Germany
    Write a motivation letter before applying for a PhD in Germany. Get 3 recommendation letters in hand in order to apply for PhD in Germany. Hold on masters certificate and other certificates readily. Do either of IELTS, TOEFL, GRE or GMAT. Learn the German Language up to A1 Level. Drop an email to a Ph.D. supervisor from any German University. Choose a Research Topic and write a research proposal. Prepare a German C.V. and not a standard Curriculum Vitae. Attend to a Ph.D. Skype Interview from University. Get an Acceptance Letter into Ph.D. .What is a motivation letter while applying for PhD in Germany. This is a letter to mention what has motivated you to do research in Germany. This letter is the starting of all letters that will tell how deep are you motivated. Are you really confident about what is happening to you? .How to get recommendation letters that will help your German PhD application. These recommendation letters will include the opinion of some professors who know you very well. They know your interest and your background. They need to write a letter recommending you to admit into PhD. .Required Certificates to do PhD in Germany. You need to have some certificates in your hand. Masters degree is mandatory to do PhD in Germany. This is the minimum eligibility to pursue PhD in Germany. .IELTS and TOEFL or GRE is required to do PhD in Germany. These certifications are also mandatory with some universities in order to admit you to any German Universities. .German Language A1 Level is desirable to speed up your German PhD application process. This is not compulsory qualification to enter Germany. It is a strong suggestion. Learn German language at your best before embarking into Germany to do PhD. .email hunting is the prerequisite for a successful PhD application in Germany. This is the difficult part while applying to various universities. It may take around 3 to 6 months to get a positive response from some universities. So here you may probably drop around 500 emails to 1000 emails. If you are lucky, you may get positive response with only 10 emails. .Choosing a Research Topic ever before applying for PhD in Germany. You have to choose a research topic depending on the available research projects in Germany. Try to change the research topic as per the profile of the supervisor. But this does not mean that you do have interest and zeal over that topic. You must make sure that whatever topic you choose must be of your own interest first. .Send a German style CV to be acceptable to doPhD in Germany This is very important. Do not prepare your curriculum vitae according to an international standards. This is not acceptable in Germany. You need to prepare and send a German style CV that will impress German Universities. .Attend PhD Skype Interview after your application for PhD in Germany After all the verification done with all your document, the last stage is to attend either a telephonic round or a Skype Interview. .Get an acceptance letter saying your admission to do PhD in Germany Finally, you will get a conditional offer letter or an acceptance letter that will help you to get a valid visa. The first thing to do before thinking of doing a PhD in Germany is to prepare yourself perfectly. Arrange all thing before hand and then try to start applying for a PhD position in Germany. I have seen that most of the students are not so clever in doing or preparing themselves before really starting to apply for a PhD position in Germany. You need to do certain things before hand . As I have been telling you in my above points that you need to gather or write some important letters. They are motivation letter which may be around 100 to 200 words. This letter will tell you exactly what made you think of pursuing PhD in Germany and what is that strong point that prompts or inspires you to do PhD in Germany. So when you write your motivation letter, be very personal and not to take anybody’s help or copy from somewhere the ready made motivation letters. Another part is that of recommendation letters. These recommendation letters are written by some of the professors in your university. These people are very much acquainted with your lifestyle. They know how much interested are you and how much enthusiastic are you in do the upcoming research. They must write with the help of a university letter pad. They have to recommend you strongly to the university and also sign on the letter. It is not that only professors must write those recommendation but any famous personality in the field can recommend you. Regarding certificates, you need to collect them from the university. Do not wait till the last moment when all of a sudden you will have to show those masters degree transcript and other ones. So understand how important are the certificates to carry in your hand. I suggest you to take a quality scan of each certificate and along with all the marks list. This way if by any chance you want to drop an email to the German University, you can do it comfortably with those scanned certificates. In order to get into a PhD course in Germany, you have to show that you have language ability. The university may ask you to produce IELTS. So you have to take some coaching and finish with a good score. The score depends on each university’s requirement. So check properly from the German university website about how much score that you have to acquire to be eligible to apply for a PhD with that particular university. It is mandatory to complete one of these sorts of exams with many of the universities in Germany. The next difficult part to learn the German language. Usually, this language is easy to learn if you put a slight amount of hard work. There is no way that you will not be able to learn German. You can do it. If you want to do some part-time jobs secretly in Germany, you will have to speak German. So get A1 level at least to get a good job in Germany either while doing PhD or after finishing PhD. This is my strong recommendation to learn German. However, all these will not fetch you admission into PhD course in Germany. Now the real work starts. Once you are ready with all those documents that I have been mentioning over there, the application process starts. This is the process which is very hectic. You will almost get fed up with negative responses to your emails. But do not worry. Go ahead confidently dropping an email to every supervisor that you can find on your way. After dropping a few emails you may hear some good news. While dropping an email, make sure that you drop a professional email. Do not write your email just for the sake of writing. Do not use sir/madam titles. Use the original name of the supervisor and his or her designation. This will really change the way you apply individually to each supervisor. It is the time now finally to choose a research topic. This is quite challenging. You have to choose at least 5 research topics from your subject. This is because to satisfy the profile that we see with PhD supervisors. If you choose only one research topic, you will be not able to get right supervisor form German universities. You have to check clearly the supervisor’s profile and change your topic according. This will allow you to get PhD admission in Germany easily. And the supervisor will accept your proposal too which you will draft and send at a later stage when you feel that your topic is in tune with the profile of the supervisor. Finally, this is the time to drop a research proposal. You have to prepare an excellent research proposal that could impress your supervisor. This proposal will include the exact approach to the method of pursuing your research in the upcoming 3 years of time. Draft carefully as this research proposal will act as a backbone to all of your endeavors. Upon acceptance of your research proposal, you will have to send your CV to the authority with all those certificates which I have been mentioning in this article throughout. Here I have to tell you not to send an international standard CV. Send only German format CV. If you do not know how to do it, then see how German CV looks like from here If you want to get a part time job, you need to also prepare with the German style format. I knew one student who was struggling a lot to get a response for the recruiters. But no one was responding to his queries. In fact he did not understand what was the wrong. After a long time, somebody said to him to change the format of the CV. He changed it and to this surprise, he could get many calls from recruiters. This is real story that I want to share just to let you know the importance of German sample CV. If everything is going on well, now it is the time to face a final interview. This could either through a telephonic round or by Skype. You have to prove here how good are you to research and how passionate are you. You will have to show that you are ready and spirited to move by doing Ph.D. with the university. .How to get DAAD Scholarship of Germany during application. There is a process on how to get daad scholarship. Here are my step – by – guide. Apply online from website or visit near by branch. You can easily apply online from the website of daad. You can also visit alternatively daad branch. This organization has almost covered through out the world. So you have no problem to find daad in your own country. Here is the main website But there are websites other than this in your own country. Check for them. Research Proposal in PDF form You must submit the copy of the research proposal ( Pdf ) that which has been given consent by your supervisor. This is the first step of document submission to DAAD. Confirmation Letter from Supervisor You must also give DAAD the confirmation letter of acceptance given by your supervisor in order to draft an application for scholarship by DAAD. Submit to DAAD all Academic Certificates Keep ready all your academic credentials in hand. If any other certificate is improper or missing, you cannot be successful with scholarship to your PhD. So if you have already submitted your academic certificates, go and get them. Keep all scanned certificates too. Upload all documents on DAAD website The next step is to upload each document from research proposal, Supervisor confirmation letter to all the certificates. Upload your CV If asked You may be asked to upload your CV in German format. So get your CV written properly and submit duly on the DAAD website online. No need of attestation There is absolutely no need of your certificates getting attested. This is a relief. So just go on submitting your original certificates. Wait during the process of your application Once you have done with all the requirement online and if the application is successfully submitted, you are on verification process for sometime. Call for face to face Interview by DAAD If your application is successful, DAAD will call you for a face to face interview. This is a selection stage. So be original and answer to the questions clearly and genuinely. How many are there in the panel to interview you There will be almost 3 to 5 members out of which one professor will be probably for your own country and the other two are…
  • Eligibility to do PhD in India
    In India the eligibility to do PhD in India is a degree or post graduation. With a 3 year degree, you will have a chance to do integrated PhD or if you have masters, you will have to do regualar PhD. Eligibility criteria to do PhD in India Pass a Degree or Post Graduation. Get at least 55% of marks in your Post Graduation. There is no age limit as such. Option to Join a integrated PhD with just a degree. Crack PhD entrance exam. Pass a PhD interview. Prepare a Research Proposal. Complete pre course work. Allotment of PhD guide or Co guide Once you perform the above conditions, you may become eligible to do PhD in India and infact your real PhD research will start effectively. Any thing from the above points are very important for better research. Here is why my detailed explanation. Minimum Eligibility to do PhD In many universities, there is a condition to have minimum post graduation level to enter in to PhD course. This is mandatory. Unless you have PG in any subject, only then you are eligible to do PhD. You are not allowed to take a different subject other than the subjects you have studied in Post Graduation. You must study in PG that subject that which you are planning to take in PhD. So take care about your interest. If you have different subject but your interest is with other subject, then there is no way that you can perform well in PhD. You must also become expert in that subject are while you are studying MASTERS. The more knowledge you acquire in your Post graduation, the better the knowledge and scope in your PhD course. Percentage Eligibility There is a requirement to have a minimum of 55% marks in your post graduation. There is no other way here. Some private universities even ask for first class percentage. So 60% is also a mandatory thing with some of the reputed deemed to be private universities. If you get less marks, like 54%, you are out of getting admission in your PhD course. Unless you have some recommendation or prove yourself to your supervisor that you can do qualitative research, then you can come up with success in getting admission. So try to impress your supervisor before hand and convince that your percentage will not affect your research. So it all depends on this. But there are 5% chances to get admission in to PhD if your percentage in your Post Graduation is lesser than 55% or even 60-% with some of the good universities out there. Age Criteria and Limit There is no such condition that you must do PhD only at some point of time. You can do it even when you are 60s. There is no age limit to do PhD in INDIA. Once you fulfill the said conditions in this article, you are all the time eligible to do PhD. But there must be some health conditions to do PhD. If you have problems with your health, then it is difficult to do research. So think about this once. But these are all personal decisions that you have to make. There is no official age limit or medical report that you have to produce to do PhD. Be active and pro active. This is all any individual requires. Direct PhD and its eligibility There are some universities in India offering PhD in a direct mode once you finish you B Tech and BA. This is like the combination of both masters and PhD for six long years with a unique curriculum. So if you want to progress with an early career, you can choose this option that will take you to the other side of life. You can earn good handsome salaries once you have finished this. You can also earn respect at an younger age. You can also continue with Post Doc opportunities and beat the competition in your field. But this type of direct PhD’s are not offered in all subjects. So check clearly which subjects are being offered for direct PhD. Check IIT Ropar where you have this direct PhD. Appearing for a PhD entrance exam United Grants Commission has made it mandatory for every university to conduct entrance test to take someone in to PhD. So this is quite important. You are not eligible to do PhD with out clearing the entrance exam. Get to know the syllabus of the entrance exam and try to appear it by studying nicely. If you do not study the exact syllabus, then there are less chance to get admission. Facing a PhD interview You need to clear PhD interview. This is the main part of the admission process. The way you convince your interview panel is very crucial in deciding who you are exactly. Research proposal plays a great role here If you are able to defend positively in the panes, you will have or get the selection easily. A good Research Proposal You must have a strong research proposal to become eligible to join PhD. If you do not have this research proposal, you cannot really get through the admission. Strong and unique research proposal will make you stand out from others. So do have some convincing and defending and new topics in your proposal. Mention exactly about the topic and methods of research. Course Work is the required eligibility In order to really become eligible to join PhD with out any conditions, you need to clear and pass course work. Other wise your conditional admission in to PhD will be terminated all of a sudden. There are 4 subject that you must clear. Research Methodology. Technical Writing. Area of Research. Literary Theory. These subjects will teach you how to do research. They will give you the skills to continue your PhD course with out problems. So it has become mandatory to complete pre phd course in India. PhD supervisor’s Allotment There is no way that you can do PhD with out having one supervisor or guide. The supervisor will guide you effectively and recommend your admission to your PhD. Before trying to get admission, you must drop an email to a supervisor who is specialized in your subject. This email is very important. Then if the supervisor accepts you, thing will move smoothly till you get fully admitted unconditionally. Writing Skills in English In India, writing skills are very poor. Students struggle a lot to write in English. That is why many fake PhD holders are in India. These funny professors get help from abroad in writing by paying money. They are not eligible at all to do PhD or to become professors after buying the PhD. So my request to the world is not to recruit Indian PhD holders as they are shit. Conclusion: If you want to become eligible to do PhD in India, first you must attain some peculiar qualities to be sincere and active in knowing the present day to day conditions of universities and education. The society is somehow not in a position to accept certain things if you are lacking in some qualities. There is only one way to become eligible in my opinion. You must be at least having that passion and spark to do PhD. This passion about doing PhD makes you automatically eligible to do PhD in India. The skills comes automatically with the spark you have in your heart. The other thing that I want to mention is that PhD can be awarded in any way. Even to the extent of not studying PhD. Simply for example let us take honorary PhD. This is awarded even with out studying and just for the sake of dedication of a person towards something that is special in the eyes of the society. So if you want to be eligible to study PhD, my best suggestion is have some dedication and work for researching some important key terms that this society is really in need of. My other point is that when you want to do PhD in India, it is also important not to have too many aspirations. PhD is all about success and failure. There is no certain period when you will complete your PhD. It may take around 6 t 9 years of time to complete PhD or sometime even there are possibilities of quitting PhD. I know many have quit PhD after some 2 or 4 years because they are unable to bear the struggle. They are unable to adjust with the supervisor. They are not in good terms with the supervisor. It is very important that you must keep up a good relationship with your supervisor. He is the one who can save you in your entire life. He can bring success or failure. So always keep up in good and sound wordings with your PhD supervisor. This way you will make eligible to get some new inspiration and cooperation for him. Other personal eligibility conditions to do PhD in India Have good passion for research. Do not post pone your research. Be aware of fake universities offering PhD. Be aware not to buy any PhD related services.
  • How to Study PhD in Biotechnology in New Zealand
    New Zealand is a good study point for doing PhD in Biotechnology. I am giving some tips on PhD in New Zealand for Biotechnology course. You can do your PhD in Biotechnology by opting a famous university offering biotechnology PhD courses. PhD in Biotechnology in New Zealand three-four year full-time PhD program On passage to the PhD program in Biotechnology in New Zealand you will be enlisted temporarily. Before the finish of your first year, you should meet various objectives to be affirmed into the PhD program, including building up a full postulation proposition. After affirmation, you will keep on taking a shot at your exploration before presenting your proposition for examination following three years and inside four years of your begin date. The examination procedure incorporates an oral test. Universities in New Zealand for PhD in BioTechnology – Victoria University of Wellington University of Otago University of Canterbury The University of Auckland University of Waikato Scholarships to study PhD in Biotechnology from New Zealand Go Clean Scholarship – This offers an amount of Rs. 2,42,935 to the students who are dedicated and hardworking to do PhD in biotechnology in New Zealand. The amount of USD 3500 will be given one time, which covers only tuition fee and no other expenses like health, accommodation, travel, etc. The student profile is evaluated before releasing the scholarship. Global Study Award – This scholarship is released to only 2 students to encourage youth in order to explore new opportunities and adopt international language and culture. This amounts Rs. 9,02,400. Scholarship amount can be used for tuition fees and living expenses. Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship for SC etc. candidates – This scholarship is given yearly, and available for different courses. 100 students can get this scholarship whereas 90 of them should be SC. This scholarship amounts to Rs. 23,46,058 and covers almost all the expenses to do PhD in biotechnology in New Zealand BrokerFish International student scholarship – The amount received is one time for the students to help them while studying abroad during their academics. The scholarship includes only tuition fee expenses and amounted to Rs. 69,410. Employees of academic institutions or their family members are not eligible for this scholarship. As a component of your PhD. considers, you can partake in the doctoral abilities program, intended to enable you to make progress in your examination and create aptitudes for your future. Universities in New Zealand have a committed postgraduate vocations counsel, and library administration incorporates expert subject curators to help you in your exploration. PhD in biotechnology in New Zealand alludes to different systems and innovations utilized in the biomechanical generation or bio-hereditary controlled procedures including vegetal, creature or human living beings. Hereditary control is the most well-known type of utilizing living life forms and bimolecular procedures for the creation or alteration of the physical properties of different kinds of items. Case of biotech items or practices incorporate antimicrobials, biofuels, and hereditarily adjusted sustenances. Significant therapeutic utilization of biotechnology incorporates hereditary procedures that lead to organ recovery. Biotechnology adds to improvements in zones like agribusiness, nourishment creation and security, atmosphere control and prescription. Biotechnology can likewise help with comprehending the absolute most squeezing ecological issues, similar to oil slicks, pesticide reactions or dirtied water, adding to the soundness of the regular habitat. Experts in Biotechnology incorporate mixed educational program with a blend of addresses in science, science, and arithmetic, joined with lab work, PC applications and inquire about and even moral contextual investigations. Biotechnology degrees give strong establishing in organic chemistry, sub-atomic science, genomic, bioinformatics, tranquilize plan and advancement, nanotechnology or development the board, just as inside and out IT abilities. Biotechnology graduates create vocations in a wide scope of fields, for example, the synthetic, pharmaceutical, nourishment and natural businesses, in hereditary qualities and regenerative drug, in procedure control, or in innovative work. Precedent jobs incorporate bioinformatician, biophysicist, quality control examiner, biomedical designer, pharmaceutical deals agent, or investigative lab technician. Unique Work in PhD Biotechnology from New Zealand Since the skill of the Ph.D. is so very esteemed in biotechnology, Ph.D. holders may effectively change to non-inquire about jobs with their degrees. Organizations use Ph.D.s to lead their administrative issues to work, ensuring that all the organization’s items and procedures hold fast to government rules. Also, a few Ph.D.s chips away at the business end of biotech and cutting edge organizations, while others work in logical distributing. By and large, you should have a Ph.D. to accomplish an administrative position in a mechanical or government lab. The Ph.D. is likewise the course to a college residency, which requires a biotechnologist to create a unique research and acquire subsidizing to lead that exploration. While the way to the PhD. is long and thorough, there is proceeding and developing an interest for PhD.s in biotechnology-related fields. The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics predicts that interest for biomedical architects, organic chemists, and biophysicists to develop at a better than expected rate of 31 to 62 percent by 2020. In the interim, employment for bio technicians will become just 14 percent, about as quick as normal. What is a PhD in Biotechnology in New Zealand PhD in Biotechnology in New Zealand is a recognized postgraduate research degree which is accepted on a global level as it is the highest level degree one can earn. Students pursuing Ph.D. are very complicated, peculiar, thinkers and have the urge to learning new things. They tackle original research and do a deep study on the topic for at least 3 years. If the individual undertakes the research very seriously and wants to get more indulged in the research than the individual can expand it with a doctoral programme to leverage personal and professional skills. The candidates pursuing PhD in Biotechnology in New Zealand are supposed to present their work at different conferences at the national and international level to market their research and get the encouragement and the option of collaboration with various experts is also open in their respective field. P Ph.D. can be pursued in various fields, while Biotechnology is also one of them. People who want to get very much involved in biotechnology whose soul belongs to bio generally pursue Ph.D. in same. Biotechnology holds its importance in the national and international level. It consists of information about biochemical, molecular, ecological and evolutionary processes. Biotechnology tools can be used in various research programme which includes biodiversity and biosecurity throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. It is been predicted by OECD that by 2030, PhD in Biotechnology in New Zealand will play a major role in the economy on a global basis. Biotechnology is directed towards developing technology in both economic and environmental results. What is PhD in Biotechnology in New Zealand about? Biotechnology alludes to different methods and advancements utilized in the bio-modern generation or bio-hereditary controlled procedures including vegetable, creature or human living beings. Hereditary control is the most widely recognized type of utilizing living beings and bi molecular procedures for the creation or adjustment of the physical properties of different kinds of items. Case of biotech items or practices incorporates anti-infection agents, bio fuels and hereditary changed sustenance. Significant therapeutic utilization of biotechnology incorporates hereditary procedures that lead to organ recovery. Biotechnology adds to advancements in regions like agribusiness, nourishment generation, and security, atmosphere control, and medication. Biotechnology can likewise help with illuminating probably the most squeezing ecological issues, similar to oil slicks, pesticide reactions or dirtied water, adding to the wellbeing of the common habitat. Geniuses in Biotechnology incorporate mixed educational program with a blend of addresses in science, science, and arithmetic, joined with lab work, PC applications and examine and even moral contextual analyses. Biotechnology degrees give strong establishing in organic chemistry, sub-atomic science, genomic, bioinformatics, medicate structure and improvement, nanotechnology or development the board, just as inside and out IT abilities. Biotechnology graduates create vocations in a wide scope of fields, for example, the substance, pharmaceutical, nourishment, and natural businesses, in hereditary qualities and regenerative drug, in procedure control, or in innovative work. Model jobs incorporate bioinformatician, biophysicist, quality control investigator, biomedical designer, pharmaceutical deals agent, or investigative lab t Other Degrees Available in BioTechnology in New Zealand Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science – Molecular Biotechnology Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science – Plant Biotechnology Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Science – Plant Biotechnology Masters of Applied Science – Plant Biotechnology Masters of Applied Science – Molecular Biotechnology Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Science – Molecular Biotechnology While concentrating abroad, you may need to manage unexpected costs, for example, a compulsory course or even normal costs you may have neglected to spend plan for, so here are the details of the expenses you will occur while your academics. The fees vary from 5 lakh to 20 lakh in the different universities of New Zealand, while before going you are supposed to clear some eligibility criteria as not all the institute take admission to all the students. The students who want admission in the biotechnology course of New Zealand needs – TOEFL 60 IELTS passed with 6.5 PTE: Accepted This is basic, while some institutions demand more of TOEFL as well as IELTS exams. A great many people are searching for new companions when they consider abroad. Attempt to become more acquainted with individuals; it will satisfy and give you a superior comprehension of different societies. You may discover companions forever, meet your life partner, or locate a future colleague. In the event that you become more acquainted with a teacher, they may consent to be your reference when you apply for occupations or different colleges later on. Remember to refresh your CV with your investigations abroad and any occupations you may have had amid your time abroad. Contemplating abroad is an astounding chance to see the world and develop as an individual. You will no doubt glance back right now with bliss further down the road to take advantage of your time abroad and remember to have some good times!
  • PhD in Food Science in Canada
    PhD Doctorate program in food science in Canada is precisely created for the students who have done their graduation at food science level or BS degrees in the related subjects and want to take in-depth in the same and have urge for doing research and gain academic experiences in food science areas like food safety, functional foods, sensory science, food processing etc. There are various faculties who have been recognized nationally and internationally because of their research achievements with teaching accomplishments. PhD is supposed to get guidance with such honored faculties to get knowledge and publish journals to present at various conferences. This field of PhD in Food Science in Canada included the elements from various other disciplines consists of chemistry, biology, chemical engineering, biochemistry and microbiology. Various specializations are available in this field of food sciences and you can choose according to your interest areas like food packaging and preservation, food technology and food chemistry. Students get to learn about creating new food products, managing and improving existing food products and ways of making food much healthier. One of the unique ways in which the students of PhD in Food Science in Canada get benefited is their development in the respective skills. These skills open up all the career opportunities with high salary potential for the students. Student doing PhD in food sciences develop superb research abilities and develop understanding of chemistry, critical thinking and evaluation skills. The cost of enrolling in PhD in food science program in Canada varies which is based on the aspects. It totally depends on from which university of Canada you are pursuing your PhD. As food is the basic necessity for society it serves various career options for the students pursuing food sciences. Different positions are available in different fields and each comes with its own goals. Many students aspire to become food scientists, chemists or biologists to develop different aspects of food production and how it affects the human body. The best way to know more about the PhD course in Canada of food science is that you must know the eligibility criteria for pursuing this course. The necessities to think about doing PhD in Canada at doctorate level varies from colleges and courses. Eligibility Criteria to do PhD in Food Science in Canada A graduate degree in a related field, with solid evaluations and demonstrated research capacity and potential. Confirmation of language capacity, contingent upon whether you consider in English or French, if either language isn’t your first language or you haven’t recently examined in either language. (A few projects in French-speaking Quebec are directed in the two dialects). A solid score in an alumni confirmations test, for example,  the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). In some exceptions, you might almost certainly consider a PhD with “quickened confirmation” – that is, without a graduate degree. In this procedure, you’ll need exceptional evaluations over the most recent two years of your four year certification (a five star normal) and different shows of your high scholastic potential, for example, investigate productions. Most of the PhD courses take around four to six year to get completed. You can work part-time during PhD in Food Science in Canada Although it is not recommended to work during your studies as you need full focus and require a considerable amount of time in order to do the challenging work. But if we talk about allowance, you are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during university semesters and you can also do full time work during your semester breaks. Some PhD courses says that the student shouldn’t work for more than 10 hours a week especially if you are getting fun to study in Canada. You will be needing Social Insurance Number to work in Canada if you wish so. Various universities offer PhD programme in food sciences in Canada, which are as follows – The University of British Columbia University of Guelph University of Alberta Dalhousie University Conestoga College University of Manitoba University of Saskatchewan Niagara College Canada The University of British Columbia  McGill University Scholarships available for PhD in Food Science in Canada Following are some scholarships available for the students to achieve what they aspire and help them out with their expenses. Here everything you must know about scholarship programmes in Canada – Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Here are some other key focuses about this grant: You should initially be joined up with a PhD program at some Canadian college. The grant is esteemed at $51,000 every year for a long time amid doctoral investigations. So as to be qualified, there are three similarly weighted assessment criteria: scholastic perfection, look into potential, and initiative. Hopefuls must be assigned by the Canadian Institution at which they need to examine. Around 200 undergrads each year get this grant to learn at the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo, the University of Alberta, the University of British Columbia and almost 100 different organizations. 2. University of Calgary Graduate Awards – For understudies directing exploration in the region of Information, Nanotechnology, Genomics,Transcriptomics, Metabolomics or Proteomics. Grant value:$26,600 for master’s, as long as two years and $31,600 for doctoral, as long as four years. Open for universal undergraduates. 3. Trudeau Foundation Scholarships – Each year, up to fifteen grants are granted to Canadian and outside doctoral hopefuls. Undergrads, who are selected full-time and in their first or second year (or during the time spent enlisting) of a doctoral program in the Humanities and Social Sciences, can apply. Its yearly esteem is up to $61,000 per researcher for a limit of three years. Qualification: Full-time first or second year understudies selected (or during the time spent enlisting) in a doctoral program in the humanities and sociologies. Up to one researcher in four for every given year might be a non-Canadian (perpetual inhabitant or remote national) selected full-time in a doctoral program at a Canadian establishment. This applies specifically to understudies from rising countries. Fields of research in Humanities and Social Sciences for which this honor is  given: Human Rights and Dignity, Canada in the World, Responsible Citizenship and People 4. Ontario Graduate Scholarship It is esteemed at $16,000 every year. The base length the grant might be held for is two sequential terms. Be a worldwide understudy concentrating in Ontario with an understudy consider grant to be qualified for this honour. 5. Simon Fraser University Financial Aid and Awards have a base CGPA of 3.00 at SFU (postponed for understudies in their first term at SFU). be selected full-time in an affirmed program, except if generally stipulated. have a shown money related need (as evaluated by SFU). Choice depends on the following criteria: Academic Excellence, with a weight of 30-half and as shown by scholastic transcripts, rundown of aggressive grants, grants and praises Research Ability and Potential in Program Study, with a weight of 30-half and as exhibited by productions, gatherings, introductions and creativity Communication and Leadership Ability, with a weight of 0-20%, and as shown by a rundown of important volunteer, initiative and scholarly work involvement Cost of living during PhD in Food Science in Canada Canada gives you a high standard of living but with the high standard comes the expenses but Canada offers you living in modern cosmopolitan with great facilities in very low rates with comparison to Australia, USA and the UK. The students living in Canada are supposed to have at least CAD $10,000 every year for their visa with addition to it the total cost in country goes higher than the above mentioned amount. It depends on how you are expanding and how is your lifestyle, to an extent while living during your PhD. While following are the expenses which are compulsory – Tuition fees – They vary according to the university, duration and the programme. While the average cost of a good PhD programme is US $ 17,000/year. Living Cost – Which can be included rent, room and transportation can go on an average US $ 10,800/year. There will be some onetime expenses like while arriving Canada you need to buy the basic essentials for the programme like clothes, laptop etc. Don’t forget, these will affect your cost a lot. Highlights about PhD in Food Science in Canada Course level Doctorate Duration 3 years Examination Type Semester Eligibility You need to complete your master’s degree in food technology and B.Tech in 70% or above. Admission process Initially entrance exam is required after that GD will be conducted followed by personal interview. Job Positions Food Inspector, Product Development Scientist, Food Chemist, Quality Control & Assurance, Food Technologist. Age limit to do PhD in Food Science in Canada There is basically no age limit to pursue PhD or any further studies sometimes people do it after their retirement. Having said that, the question arises is why anybody would do PhD after retirement or such an old age. But sometimes, acquiring knowledge in particular subject is the only aim doing further studies. Whereas, if you are concern about making career after PhD, age will not be an obstacle for you.
  • What is the maximum Age limit for PhD in India.
    The average age limit for PhD in India is 50 years. This is the perfect age that one pursues PhD comfortably. This way you can settle down easily in the future. There are many things that you may face if you do PhD at an old age. So take enough care about the age limit for PhD in India Indian universities give lots of room for a good career if you do PhD at an younger age than expected. Many do PhD during their 30’s. So if you are around this age plus 2 or minus 2, you are on right track. Now a days mostly students are realizing the importance of PhD. They are doing it early even at 20’s. If you are opting to join PhD at 30 years of age, you are completely normal. This is not a restriction to do your PhD. You have all the energy levels sufficient to do your PhD. So do not be inferior to do PhD during this age group. There are so many requirements for research that is of good and progressive quality. ng this age group. There are so many requirements for research that is of good and progressive quality. Try to do research in a qualitative way.   Read also age limit for PhD in New Zealand Yes, you can do PhD at the age of 50. There is so much sacrifice to make at this age of 50. It is not so easy to mingle with young people out there who are doing the same. You are so much matured and this will hurt to deal with immature youth who are into PhD course. So you must have lots of humility and meekness to do PhD at the age of 50.  This meekness and patience in collaboration with humility will help you to do PhD at the age of 50. So be ready to face the society that is difficult to handle. Your health is the main concern during your PhD. One cannot do qualitative research with any health. So make sure your health is in good condition to do PhD during your old age. I personally suggest taking care of your health by drinking more water. Keep y our brain active during your PhD. Old age may also bring laziness which is absolutely not acceptable in research area.  There is a lot of deep thinking involved in PhD research. To beat every hurdle, you must make a point to enjoy good health. This is a confusing question. It depends on your past experience in the field. Some may have very bad job experience or they might have wasted certain years in life. But there are also some who are in high positions already and they want to boost career with the highest qualification called PhD. So it is very common knowledge. It all depends on your past.  If you do PhD late during your 50’s or 60’s, do not expect much about a promising career. You will have to just settle down with a qualification rather than a career. Prepare beforehand only for this type of life. I suggest you not to join full time in India. Indians treat full-time PhD scholars like servants and sweepers. So I suggest you do PhD full time abroad during your 50’s.  If you are too much adamant in joining full-time PhD in India, you must be ready to do meanest works possible around. You must serve wholeheartedly. You must run here and there to complete certain tasks given to you by the Department at the university. If you do not fulfill these requirements of working hard, you are not successful in India in doing PhD.  Age may not cooperate you to do works. Part-time PhD is not good for old age aspirants. The reason is that it takes the whole bunch of years to complete. You will become much older by the time you finish your PhD. So doing PhD part-time is not a good option for old people. Remember if you do part time, there is a lot of time waste. It may take up to 6 to 9 years. This is not a good thoughtful plan. I suggest making a proper plan if you still want to do a part-time PhD. Make a word with your PhD supervisor about the length of your PhD. This will allow you to get a confirmation about your completion. The thing that bothers your PhD at the age of 40 is that you will undergo a lot of pressure and stress due to family and children around. Those responsibilities will not allow you to do PhD effectively during your PhD at the age of 40. But if at all you do at this age, try to do some meditation to beat PhD related stress at the age of 40.  Make some room to be mentally fit to do PhD. The minimum age limit for PhD in India is 23 years.  By 23, you can finish your masters in India.  This means that you can join into PhD during your 24th year and in full-time mode. This means you will finish PhD by 27 years.  If you follow this schedule and plan, you can enjoy a bright career of 30 years ahead with so many promotions and you can earn money and settle down in your life successfully.  But unfortunately many do not make a point to do PhD at the age of 24 and finish by 27 in full-time mode. Age becomes a barrier in every aspect during your PhD. The first thing is the disappointment that you are doing PhD lately and realizing it late. This though will pour a depression in your research. You will feel awkward sometime about why you had wasted a lot of time in the past not doing PhD. So you will feel affected by this thinking.  Age also affects in terms of forgetting. You will feel trouble with the way your memory plays around you. Forgetting what you have studied is the biggest problem in your research. Getting a doctorate after retirement is a matter of satisfaction for anybody in India. This will bring honor and respect around society. Your family members will appreciate this achievement at the age of retirement. Becoming a doctorate after retirement will be of no use in regards to private career. Nowadays it is very difficult to pursue a private job career with PhD.  You can do your PhD for time pass after your retirement. This is good thinking again. If you are bored sitting at home and if you have a passion to do research and contribute to society something, you can go ahead getting your PhD after the retirement in India. If your age is just 23, try to choose NIT or IIT universities in India. Do not join in Private Universities.  Even if you waste some time, try to get admission into reputed universities in India. If you are 30 years also I suggest going with reputed ones or else any government state university for PhD. This way you can boost your scope of the future. If you are old into 50’s or 60’s  I suggest you do PhD in full-time mode with some small private type of universities. Always make sure that your PhD supervisor is elder to yours. Do not choose a younger supervisor. There are some psychological issues if you choose a PhD supervisor who is elder to you. If you are doing PhD in your 50’s, choose who is elder to you or around 51 and 55 years of age. This way you can build a healthy relationship with your PhD guide during your span of PhD studies.  If you are not able to find a supervisor, you can wait until you get one who is elder to you If you are able to contribute to the society in the best of your knowledge with a quality research attitude, you can get admission irrespective of your age. There are many old people who are now PhD students in India and abroad. So you do not need to worry much about your age limit for your PhD course. Make sure you are in good health of mind and body to do research and attend some coursework activities before really starting your PhD. Once you are able to finish a certain amount of coursework learning all the technical writing and research methodology, then you can very well start going into deeper research methods. Not only that you must be proud to do PhD but also your experience will fetch you a good atmosphere to do good research. Being a scholar you may be old in front of the other young students, but you can do it. The one drawback is that you feel little shy to be with young students around you. If you can get rid of such a shy feeling for 3 to 4 years, then you will have great status with PhD. Usually, PhD. gains its respect with the age of the person. The older the person is the better their PhD gets the value. So never worry about your age limit, but take the instant choice to join somewhere in the best university that suits you. Popular posts that others are reading now:: Age Limit for PhD in IIT PhD age limit for Australia What is the Age Limit to Do Ph.D. in Canada Age Limit For PhD in the USA. Unknown Restriction for PhD, USA. Age limit for PhD in Germany Age Limit For PhD in New Zealand What must be the Age limit for PhD in Norway Age limit for PhD in Europe Age limit for PhD in China
  • PhD age limit for Australia
    The average age limit requirement to do PhD in Australia is 32 years. If you have finished your higher studies by 25 you can do job for some time and then join in PhD. There is no restriction of age to earn PhD in Australia. You an earn any time if you have a good percentage of marks in your masters. So When you wish to do PhD in Australia, do not think of age limit. Is there an age limit for PhD in Australia? In Australia, there is no age limit for doing PhD, for getting scholarships for PhD surely requires an age of 40. Learning should not be hampered in any way; some people even pursue their PhD after retirement or at the age of 80. There is no study that shows, Youngers can perform better in studies or older can’t perform. Every Australian University, welcomes the old aged people and there is no age for learning, there is anything wrong in contributing to society at any age. The only thing which is required to pursue a PhD is a master’s degree from a recognized university. What is the average age limit to start a PhD in Australia? Students who wish to pursue a PhD after their master’s generally started after 25 and before 30. Although there is no age limit for doing PhD in Australia people start their PhD even after the age of 50. But if we talk about the average age it is around 30 and the individual can also take some experience in the respective field after completing their PhD Some faculties together with their teaching complete PhD so that they don’t need to give extra time to it and gets their PhD completed parallel to their job. Finishing PhD at 30 in Australia? In Australia, as the pattern suggests the PhDs are old, which shows that people of old age give it an attempt to pursue PhD If you are planning to do a PhD at the age of 25-26, you can definitely complete it before 30. It can really help if you get success in doing so. Completing a PhD before 30 can open gate a lot more opportunities for you in your field. With the specialization in your subject, you achieve more of what you aspire for. In Australia, around 65% of the population is pursuing to complete their PhD between the age of 30 and 49. Can we do a PhD at the age of 50 in Australia? There is no age limit of doing PhD anywhere, and nor in Australia. Learning must not be hampered by any obstacles. Sometimes people aged 50 or above, feel awkward doing PhD course with the class full of youngsters. But it totally depends on the personality of the person, sometimes the person who is socially really active or has a personality trait of happy-go-lucky than the person gets involved with the people not of their age. There is no barrier to learning if you, yourself decide to give it a shot. Answer to the question is big Yes! You need to go for it. What happens if you join a PhD in Australia at an old age? Joining PhD course in Australia is no biggie, no matter what your age is, starting at any age will give you the knowledge and you will be able to contribute to the society with your achievements and researches. If you crave for knowing more and more about a specific subject and couldn’t make it in your early ages, it is totally fine. If you aim at getting most of what you want today, just go for it. There are many universities who offer PhD courses in Australia, what you may face is a feeling of non-belongingness, but with stronger will, these issues will not bother you. Will you have a good future if you do PhD Late Australia? Job opportunities are everywhere if you are ready to grab it. The minute you decide to get the best from your education, opportunities will come your way. What you need to do is don’t let your age be a barrier in your success. If you have done your PhD the way it should be done, then future possibilities can really amazing. In Australia, the maximum people doing PhD are aged between 30 and 49. After completion, they hunt for best of what they can get and make it possible to achieve the best of it. So future possibilities can really great, you just need to do what you crave for. Should you join PhD at 50 as full time in Australia? You can always opt for a full-time PhD at the age of 50 because when you are 50 or above it can be really difficult for you to manage two things at the same time. Joining full-time PhD can also distract you from your on-going work, but if you are not doing anything, try not to do anything parallel to PhD Full-time programme, focusing only on your PhD will be more beneficial. Whereas, it also depends on the calibre of the individual, if you are confident enough that you can do both the things perfectly without getting disturbed or stressed, always go for it. Why Part-time PhD is not good for old people in Australia? Old aged people, passionate enough for doing PhD a really an inspiration, but they must opt for part-time PhD, as if you are doing PhD do it with full concentration without any other disturbance, result of which can be really great as with getting focused on your project you will get the best course and will be able to grab the most of it. Rather than going for part-time, choose full-time, it will benefit you a lot and you will get the most of what you aspire for. We can’t say it is not good, that depends on person to person but it is never recommended to go for a part-time PhD in your late 50s. Stress during your PhD in Australia at the age of 40? The answer to this question can be both yes and no. It can be stressful in some aspects while not in some other. While pursuing PhD in Australia, what is stressful can be the ambiguity that if you are doing it well or not, or improper guidance can be the reason for your stress. While the standard of living also needs to be improved or at least maintained in order to be on the same page as other. While in PhD you yourself can take the decisions so how your thesis will go I totally your lookout, you are not supposed to take anybody’s order. These will matter the most, in determining your stress level. What is the minimum young age limit to join PhD in Australia? The minimum young age limit in order to join a PhD can be 25-27. It is compulsory to complete your master’s before you apply for PhD Generally people complete their master’s degree at the age of 23-25, and also require the experience of 2-3 years in order to get practical knowledge of their respective subjects. The person must always be ready mentally as well to start the Ph. D. programme as you must do it if you actually want to do it, not just for the sake of it. You should be prepared to face the challenges which will come in the way of your PhD. How age affects your research during PhD in Australia? In a recent study, it has been noted that people in Australia apply for their Ph. D. in their late 30s. Your age won’t bother while your PhD but it also depends on your personality if you make external factors affect your studies. I respect the limitations and barriers of age while pursuing a PhD but what I believe is if you genuinely want to do it and make it work, no obstacles will affect and if they are there you can eliminate them with your will to do it and make things possible as far as you are concerned to achieve it what you were aspiring for since ages. How to do a PhD in Australia after your retirement For taking admission in PhD after your retirement, you require following things for your admission – Certificates of previous qualifications. A proposal of research A personal statement. Professional references. How to choose the best university according to age? You are supposed to give interview after the completion of the admission process, which is generally via video conferencing, as no would expect you to go to Australia just for an interview. It’s only Australian university who ask for an interview, which is a good sign as the prospective supervisor find that you have potential. After successful completion of your interview, you are good to go with submitting the documents before deadlines. There are 43 universities in Australia, and all of them are accredited by the Australian Government. There are TAFE (Technical and Further Education) Institutions as well in Australia for successful completion of your PhD, All of these universities, offer PhD courses for the people of different ages, all of them feel that age is not a barrier in learning and so person of different ages are welcomed for the PhD course. As we have already discussed that most of the people in Australia opt for PhD in their late 30s, it is really common there and you can find it easy to pursue it. Following are some famous group of institutions – The Group of Eight (GO8) Innovative Research Universities Regional Universities Network Australian Technology Network Should your PhD supervisor elder in Australia You need to get a supervisor while completing your thesis, it is not compulsory that the mentor must be elder than you. Sometimes, the person younger than you can be of more knowledge. Person’s ability and knowledge can’t be measured by its age, the elder may have more experience, but the supervisor does have experience in that particular field, so the person can be a really good supervisor and guide you with the best of the knowledge he/she pertains. It’s a big no if you ask me about the age of the supervisor; your mentor has nothing to do with the age.
  • How much is PhD fees in India
    PhD fees in India is INR 25000 per semester. This fee in India for PhD varies depending upon the type of university you opt for. In a state university, the semester fees are far less than that you compare with the private universities. There is also a concession for some PhD students who get a scholarship based on the percentage of marks in academics How much is an average PhD fees in India? The average PhD fees in India are 10000 to 50000 INR per annum. This is the fee that you can pay to most of the universities in India.  There are 3 types of universities in India to do PhD and the fee vary from each university. For example: Private Universities Government Universities IIT’s and NIT’s PhD fees in Private Universities The fees in Indian private university are 50000 per annum. These fees must be paid in the account of the university’s bank.  This way you can avoid any penalty towards your late payment. As it is a truth that private universities in India collect extra money for late payment of your PhD fees. PhD fees in India with government universities Government University charges very less when compared to other ones out there. Government universities in India charge 8970 rupees per annum for PhD course. So it is quite cheap to pursue your PhD. PhD fees in India in IIT’s and NIT’s PhD fees in India Institute of technology are approximately 20000 to 25000 per semester. This also costs much.  The fees are costly to some extent because these universities are considered to be of the highest quality and reputed degrees in India. So the fees are different.  There are also hidden fees involved which you will know only when you enter the universities . PhD fees in India with concession You will get concession in PhD fees in India when you are the direct employee of that particular university or institution. You will pay half of the total PhD fees in India as a concession if you are working in that particular organization for a long time. Sometimes it may also happen that you are allowed not to pay fees at all. But you will get some works like taking tuitions in the evening to some graduates out there in the university. Doing some contribution, you can skip from paying your PhD tuition fees. PhD fess waive off in India There is no way that you can waive off your PhD fee. You have to pay regularly to run things smoothly. The cost of PhD is very less. So better you do not panic for the sake of fee. If the institution is yours, then you can waive off completely PhD tuition fee. When you are doing PhD in another institution, it is practical that you must pay some fee to them. There is no point that you think of not paying your PhD fee completely. This must be unethical in every way. PhD fees in India can be paid once in 6 months You don’t need to pay the total fee at once. Most of the Indian universities require you to pay once in a semester. So there is a freedom in payment of PhD fees. It is called a semester fee. There are chances that you may forget to pay PhD tuition fee by the end of the semester due to some busy schedule or for any reason. But do not worry. You college administration will remind you of paying your PhD tuition fee.  There is no room of forgetting. In my experience, I noticed that some PhD research scholars feel to cheat the university by not paying them since nobody has asked for it. But it is an illusion. At a later stage when you are jumping to yet another semester, you will be asked and you will be in a state where you must pay the PhD tuition of two continuous semesters. What happens if you do not pay PhD fees in India? If you do not pay PhD fees in India, you will be not allowed to submit your thesis at the end or sometimes there is a stringent action of terminating your PhD registration totally. Not paying fee means you are giving an indication to the college that you are not interested to proceed further in your PhD and you are giving a chance to terminate your PhD admission for not paying fees. What happens if you pay only half of the PhD Fees? This does not happen usually. If you have paid only half of the fees, you need to request your administration to consider your payment or ask for a debt from the university itself from the finance department.  No university rejects you for asking some money as a debt to pay the fee. There are also many bank loan options available within the college or from outside itself. So grab them and do the necessary things to make things work properly in regards to your PhD tuition fee payment. Can you pay fees after PhD? No, you cannot pay after PhD as there is no way to submit your PhD dissertation without paying fees. Paying fees after PhD in Indian Universities are not acceptable. Even throughout the world, it is quite impractical to think that way. So I suggest not having such desires to grab fees and save some money for you. After all, PhD is more valuable than fees.  Try to save money even before you take admission into PhD course. Always have a future prospect in your mind. This way you can become successful in paying the whole fees in time without any delay. How to pay PhD fees in India easily by working In India, you will be working as a teaching assistant and earning a good amount.  A small amount of saving every month would easily drop a balance to pay for the upcoming semester fee for PhD.  A teaching assistant in India gets around 15000 inr to 25000 inr and it depends upon the subject that he is teaching. This amount is called PhD stipend which can be easily saved to pay PhD fees in the future. So there is always the right path if you want to proceed. Is PhD fees different according to the subjects taken? For any subject PhD fees in India are the same. There is no way that you will pay more for some subjects. It is the same for all. Unless you have some concession, there is no change whatsoever. There is always room for better opportunities. Which university in India has the lowest PhD Fees? State universities have the lowest PhD fees. These universities are from the government directly. So you can finish PhD with almost very less fee. Which university in India has the highest PhD Fees? All Private Universities have the highest PhD fees. So if you have financial problems, skip these private deemed or autonomous universities.  These are some universities that charge higher. Amity University Lovely Professional University Garden City Univeristy PhD fees in India with Private Universities. (Amity University) 1. Registration Charges  10,000/- Inr 2. Initial Deposit for Security       10,000/- Inr  Fees for academics                       Noida PhD fees: INR  50,000/- Full time per semester INR. 33,500/- Part time per semester Jaipur, Gurgoan,Lucknow PhD fees: INR 40,000/- Full time per semester INR 25,000 part time per semester Mumbai and others INR 30,000/- per Full time per semester INR 20,000/- Part time per semester Why to pay PhD fee when you are a researcher? Yes, this is true. But as a researcher, you will receive a stipend of some amount. Besides this, PhD is a course like other ones. So you will take some amount out of this and pay as PhD fee which is very less when compared to the amount of stipend that you receive. . Popular posts that others are reading now:: What is the maximum Age limit for PhD in India. Age Limit for PhD in IIT Easy Way to Get PhD in India and How to do it PhD duration in India PhD Salary In India PhD stipend in India?
  • What is the Age Limit to Do Ph.D. in Canada
    The age limit requirement for PhD in Canada is 30 years. This is the ideal age limit that is unofficially recognized in many Canadian universities. This is the one thing that many PhD aspirants fall back in age. There is a kind of restriction with the age limit in many universities. But there is no specific rule that a PhD student must have a certain age to do research. Research is a life long process. Anyone under any age group could be a researcher. But in my point of view, it is better to join PhD in Canada around thirties. Is There Any Age Limit To Start Ph.D. in Canada? There is no limit of age to start a Ph.D. (Doctor of philosophy) in Canada. Inequality in Age is the breach of laws in Canada. The results of the research show that many people had completed their Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) at the age of 30s, many people completed Ph.D. at the age of 40s and some at 50s as well. If we give a general opinion there is need to mention your age for obtaining a scholarship in the Ph.D. program or getting admission in Ph.D. Also, some people have the opinion that mature/aged Ph.D. students like above 35 are experienced in life and have more exposure of life and they understand the most important thing which matters for finishing the course of Ph.D. requires only discipline and dedication which comes easier with the passage of timeline age. What is the Average Age Limit to Start PhD in Canada? According to researches, there is no exact lower age limit for Ph.D., but most people start their Ph.D. at 28 and since Ph.D. takes twice as long as a bachelor’s degree to complete people usually complete their Ph.D. at 33 since degree takes almost 8.2 years. But regarding upper age limit, there are different opinions and researches some people may complete their Ph.D. at age of 40, some at the 50s and some at 60s may be.  It is never too late to start Ph.D., as long as you have a clear idea about why and what you are going to do. Finishing Ph.D. at the Age of 30 IN Canada?  In Canada, you need to hold a master’s degree to gain admission to a standard CanadianPh.D. program. Canadian Ph.D. program is different from USA Ph.D. program in the aspect that direct entry for a Ph.D. after a bachelor’s degree is rare. The classical path is a bachelor, followed by two years of masters. then one can start Ph.D. Program of five to six years. so, if you calculate the age from bachelors to Ph.D., yes, one can complete a Ph.D. at 30. As, if you proceed well in your studies then at the age of 22 0r 23 you can complete your masters. Then M-Phil and then you can complete your Ph.D. before or at the age of 30. Can We Do PhD at the Age of 50 in Canada?  As long as the age of starting Ph.D. program is concerned, one can start it at any age, at the 20s, at 30s, at40s, and at 50s also. There is no age restriction to start this program rather age restriction in a violation of law in Canada. So yes, one can apply for Ph.D. in Canada at 50. The person who crosses the age limit of 50 cannot apply for the course of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). So, if anyone wants to get admission in the course of Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) then he/she should have to apply before the age of 50. What Happens if you Join PhD in Canada at an Old Age? In Canada, you can start the Ph.D. at any age, there is no age limit. Talking about the admission committee age of 35 is not a huge concern for admission as their concern is intellectual potential and capacity to produce discerned research. Moreover, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of starting it late depend upon someone’s aims and determination. It is never too late to advance your professional career unless if you understand the time, cost, and job prospects and secondly if someone wants to enter elite programs and advance the research frontier it gets tougher as you get older. Will You Have a Good Future if you Do PhD at a later age in Canada?  It depends upon the fact that acquiring education later in life has different reasons than when we are younger. These reasons are entirely one’s personal affair, but the importance of any investment is a function of your ingress to available capital and the size of the terminal reward. No one can do that for someone else for that one must be clear about objectives and expectations. So, getting a good future by doing a Ph.D. in your late age depends upon your goals, expectations, and dedication. Should you join PhD as full time at the age of 50 in Canada? It entirely depends upon one life demands and needs as most people at 50 have the responsibility of their families it is not possible for one to adopt the Ph.D. program as full time. but in case you have no such responsibility, it is not at all a bad option for you to join the Ph.D. program as a full-time job. Why Part-time PhD is not Good for Old Aged Students in Canada? As in the 50s, a person needs are entirely different from those when one is in 30s. At 50, people usually have a lot of responsibilities on them and duties to fulfill so it is near to impossible for them to take it as full time and quit their jobs. Also, in terms of confidence working along with Ph.D. helps a lot plus add in your experience as well. Another important aspect is that one does not need to take it as full time as it is not it’s a requirement. But it very hard working and the toughest part of the transition is the intellectual shock of returning to academic lifestyle. Stress During PhD in Canada at the age of 40 At 40 the degree of stress is different than someone younger because of various reasons which may include the fact that the goal is not to complete a set of courses as at undergraduate level but the aim is to significant and original research in your area of expertise. In the end, you are judged on your research work, not on your grades in your courses. Another factor is you need to study and share your study life with someone who is not of your age which may be adventurous but not easy. Plus, the stresses of job and families add on to this. What is the Minimum Young Age Limit to join PhD in Canada? As in Canada one of the significant requirements is a degree of masters so minimum possible age for one to get admission in the Ph.D. program is 27-28. How Age Affects Your Research During PhD in Canada? There are certain committees where experience and age actually has an advantage for your research work, for example, political sciences, economic applicants, finance, environmental sciences, etc. So, if you are more experienced then you can avail of this opportunity. As experience in a particular field /profession comes with the passage of time (age). How to Do a PhD in Canada After Your Retirement Age? ANS: As there is no age limit for Ph.D. it is not at all a problem to apply for a Ph.D. after retirement, but some issues must be under your consideration while going for it. First, you do your Ph.D. for some purpose either for research interest or for stable research or maybe for a teaching career. It is great to do a Ph.D. at this age but it’s too late for teaching plus recruitment is an expensive, time and energy consuming process and in such cases, it is a huge loss. But it is never too late for getting an education if you are enthusiastic enough, you need to follow the same procedure as all other candidates to apply but your previous progress in your field will be considered by the committee to give you admission. Choosing the Best University for PhD as per Age Criteria There are various choices for the Ph.D. program in Canada. Age has nothing to do with the choice of university. There is no limit of age for study. Some top universities which offer the program of Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) are: 1: University of Waterloo. 2: Western university. 3: University of Victoria. Etc. The above-mentioned universities are mentioned here as an example. There are also many other universities which offer the program of Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) Should PhD supervisor elder than your age? The supervisor is the mentor which helps you a lot during your course of Ph.D. Most of the students find very difficult in selecting their supervisor. The most common thing which makes them confuse is that to which age category should supervisor belong. Should they prefer the young supervisor or the Elder one? I personally have the opinion that a person who spent a lot of years of his life obviously have more experience and ultimately can guide and give confidence to the students well. Whereas the young supervisor is not as much confident and experienced as the Elder One. So, I would prefer the Elder Supervisor.
  • Age Limit For PhD in New Zealand
    The maximum age limit for opting to study PhD in New Zealand is 40 years. This is the right age limit for PhD in New Zealand. In fact, there is a lot of room to improve when one does doctoral studies at the right age. One can come up with good research when joins at an early age. Doing PhD in New Zealand lately is not an ideal thought as it may delay most of your research and career. So age restriction plays a pivotal role for your doctoral studies in New Zealand. Will there be any age limit for PhD in New Zealand? There is no age limit as such in any part of New Zealand to do Ph.D.  You can do at any point in time. There is no way that you must do at this age or at that age. It is not at all a barrier for Ph.D.  So ease yourself and do your Ph.D. in time and within your comfort. If there are some delays because of your hardship in the present life, you can postpone doing Ph.D. as well. There is no particular age that is mandatory from universities. Probable average age limit to start PhD in New Zealand? The normal age limit to do Ph.D. in New Zealand is around 28 to 34 years. This is the best time to pursue a Ph.D. in any university in New Zealand. But many fail to do a Ph.D. at this age just because they have lots of ambitions. Usually, If you finish your studies fast, you can easily search for jobs globally. You can go any part of the world to do the job. If you delay, it will be difficult to go abroad and settle down there. Read also: Age limit in Indian Universities Pursuing PhD at 30 in New Zealand? This is completely normal. There is always a room even when you are at 39. As there is a lot of energy to do a Ph.D. without any hassle, you can easily compete finishing it successfully in New Zealand. Doing PhD at the age of 30 in New Zeland means, you can finish it easily. The one strong reason that I say is that at this age you are very well grown with a good amount of knowledge in the topic of your interest. This is one positive thing which you don’t get if you do it at a younger age. You need to struggle a lot to research as you are still not with enough knowledge What happens with PhD at the age of 50 in New Zealand? Yes, there is the possibility that you can do a PhD at the age of  50. But there are some difficulties with your energy levels. Research needs lots of energy to perform.  If you are good at researching even at this age without forgetting, then it is a piece of good news to your Ph.D. even at the age of 50. I also suggest that if you have one more companion with you, then the things will go more smoothly than ever. Someone is with you who is of your age. So try this way along with a companion. Maybe your closest friend in life who has the same interest to pursue PhD in New Zealand. Effects of PhD in New Zealand at an old age? Doing a Ph.D. in New Zealand at old age has some adverse effects.  Around you, there are some young chaps enjoying and you are not able to make friends properly due to mature thinking. There is a lot of immature thinking among college students with whom you study. In this way, you will be in great trouble to get along with youth during your Ph.D. studies in New Zealand. So old age definitely affects. Opportunities by doing a PhD lately Yes doing Ph.D. in New Zealand at any age will fetch you a lot of opportunities. This is a country of global value and recognition. Ph.D. has its own unique and global recognition from any New Zealand university. Doing Ph.D. at any age will put in front of you many opportunities that are really awesome to think of. You will get a good status and respect in the group that you stay or live. As you know that Ph.D. is the highest qualification that anyone can achieve. This is the honorable qualification in New Zeland. Can you join PhD at 50 as full time in New Zealand? Yes, you must join the Ph.D. at 50 in New Zealand. Research needs knowledge. And at 50 years of age, anybody can have this knowledge and this will really boost one’s research career. Full-time is only for 3 years. You will easily finish them by the time you close your eye and open them. The third year is in front of you. So if you want to complete a Ph.D. in New Zealand fast at the age of 50, full-time Ph.D. is the best choice. Effects of Part time PhD in old age in New Zealand Part-time takes lots of time to complete a Ph.D. in New Zealand. That is why I personally suggest you do it in full time. It takes not more than 4 years. It is also a fact that part-time Ph.D. will take more than 7 years. And some times up to 10 years. So I never suggest doing part-time Ph.D. if you are joining a Ph.D. in the old age. Many quit at this point of doing part-time. So never opt even if your mind tells it is easy and full-time is difficult. I encourage you doing full-time Ph.D. during old age. Stress during your PhD in New Zealand at the age of 40? Yes, there is a lot of stress that you will have to undergo just because you have family problems. This is the peak time that your children may be growing. You need to look after them and besides pursue Ph.D. This takes lots of pressure around you. At the age of 40, you have also a strong desire to earn lots of money to see your children happy. This is the big trouble to do Ph.D. in New Zealand. So you need to have a good understanding and a full determination on how to take the right choice at this age. Lowest age limit to join PhD in New Zealand? The minimum age is 28 years to do Ph.D. in New Zealand. By this age, you will finish your masters and be ready. Though 28 is the best age to do Ph.D., many waste this type with many other works and fantasy to achieve something that is not possible. I suggest for all them not to over think until you complete your full studies. The main responsibility is to complete your Ph.D. studies on time and at the right age. How age affects your research during PhD in New Zealand? As you grow old, your brain forgets. This is the usual problem when you do research. As Ph.D. needs lots of memory to remember things, you need to struggle a lot if you are an old aged Ph.D. student. While doing Ph.D. in New Zealand, take care of your physical fitness and memory power. Do some puzzles every day to improve and take some subscription for a gym. This type of habits will help you to be fit and you can do better research. How to do PhD in New Zealand after your retirement The only way to do Ph.D. in New Zealand after your retirement is to take admission as soon as you can in any university nearby you. Never choose universities that are far from your living town. In this way, you are psychologically strong at that age to do Ph.D. in New Zealand. After retirement, this acts as a time pass habit. This will serve you as a health pusher. The reason that you are involved in lots of research is the only way to build up your mind power over all. The busy life will give this to you. Opting the best university to do PhD in New Zealand according to age? The best university is not a matter of joining in your old age. Just look nearby university and join. Here are some universities to join during your old age. The listed university is good but it also depends on the topic and subject that you choose to do Ph.D. Not every university offers Ph.D. course in every subject. Just go through the website programs and take a good choice. University of CanterburyMassey UniversityCarey Baptist CollegeManukau Institute of TechnologySouthern Institute of Technology There are many other colleges that you can easily take admission at any age. These are very friendly universities for aged people who want to pursue PhD during the old age. This way one can live a PhD student life confidently irrespective of other youthful students around. Should your PhD supervisor elder in New Zealand? This is not a requirement.  Even younger supervisor can guide you to do Ph.D. in New Zealand. So you can choose anybody as your Ph.D. supervisor irrespective of your age in New Zealand.I suggest you not to panic with the supervisor. Anybody who is good in heart will help you to do research effectively. They know that you are aged and they will trust you more than anybody around the university. This is one of the big advantages to you. There is no need of becoming so much obsessed about choosing your Ph.D. supervisor as per age criteria.
  • How To Write PhD? Is it ph d or phd
    How do you Write PhD correctly after a name? Is it ph d or phd? Here are the steps to write PhD correctly: Firstly, “P” must be in a capital case. Secondly, “h” is in small case with no space after “P” Thirdly, use period/full-stop after “h” Fourthly, Write “D” in capital case. Fifthly, keep Period after “D” Finally, the correct way to write is Ph.D. Or, It can be also written as PhD in a sentence. As per APA style, write Ph. D As per Chicago style, write PhD As per MLA style, write it as Ph. D. For example this is how to write PhD title after your name: Dr.John Mathew, Ph.D. You can write PhD after name on your business cards, resumes, CV’s or identity cards or on nameplates etc. Some have confusion with the use of comma and full stops while writing PhD title after name. Here is my indepth review how to write out properly PhD. Writing a PhD title after name Use capital “P” and “D” in the word Ph.D. You must write ‘P’ as capital and ‘D’ as capital letters. Though there is no strict rule on how to use capital and small letters, many of them do this way. Both letters which I have just mentioned must be written in Capital because those letters are the heart of the abbreviationPh.D. There is no other way of writing. Even if you search the whole world and ask many people and read many books, this is how PhD title is written.  Sometimes there are possibilities that both letters are written in small letters by mistake. You need to correct instantly if such is the case. Otherwise, it looks awkward when someone looks at it or reads it.  Usually, mistaken words are clearly observed than that of rightly written ones. Use small letter ‘h’ in the word Ph.D. The letter ‘h’ is what written small letter in this 3 letter word is.  We write it in a small letter after name because this letter ‘h’ is in the middle of the word Ph.D.  Here also don’t write mistake by using capital letters. This is the reason why many people write a PhD title after the name wrongly. They are confused about where to use capital letters and were not to use small letters. I suggest you practice all the letters in one or other way. Why do we write a PhD title after the name? We write a PhD title after the name to know that one has completed his doctoral studies and it is a sign of knowledge and status.  We write a Ph.D. even for other purposes. For example, if someone is working in a university, it is mandatory that his qualification must be known to all the students and as well as the staff. This is why we write the Ph.D. title after the name. Not only in the university but also to the competent authorities who come for an inspection to the university must know the status of the faculty profiles.  So the title Ph.D. is written after every faculty name as a title. Should we use bold letters I say a big no. You cannot write bold and fashioned way while writing PhD title after your name. As you write you must make it look similar along with the name without any difference. There is no way that you must write the Ph.D. title in bold fonts. This way, it looks very odd for those who look. Instead of reading your name, they will read Ph.D. firstly. So there is a chance of not remembering your name. So never use bold fonts while writing PhD title after your name. Should we use Italic Letters Again it is a big no. Do be too creative while writing a Ph.D. after your name. The use of italics is a big mistake. Do not use such writing in italics. Every time you use italic, again it looks very different from the original name adjacent to it. Is Ph.D. a title after your name? Do you think it is a PhD title or just a status?  It is both status and title.  Though in my personal opinion it is not a title, many call it as a title. But if you ask me I would tell it is a status word that is symbolically represented a matter of qualification. This is only my personal opinion about the title of Ph.D. So if at all you have some doubts about how this title arose as a part of history, you must read a vast number of history books about the Ph.D. title. It all requires for you to understand that a Ph.D. is not a title finally and just a resemblance of qualification. Is it good to put PhD after title in your identity cards? No, you must not use the title Ph.D. after your name in any type of identity card. These cards are existing irrespective of your qualification. This is meant to identify you as you are. There is no necessity what you have achieved. There is no need for knowing your qualifications. So in any type of identity card which is issued by the government like passport and voter card etc, you cannot use such title after your name. But there is one exception that the identity card at university or college or at job area must be given with Ph.D. title. If you ever need expert help with writing your Doctoral level papers, go to WriteMyPaperHub and send your request to write my PhD thesis for me. Should we use the subject name when using a Ph.D. with the name? This thought is quite awkward. But I must still mention this. There are some who use the subject name after the Ph.D. title along with the name. Like for example Dr. Luke, Ph.D. in Linguistics. Using this way is quite reasonable if there are some important debates or international meetups. Otherwise, I don’t suggest such type of writing after your name. What happens if you don’t use a Ph.D. after your name? If you do not use the Ph.D. title after your name, people around you won’t know that you are a doctoral research fellow. So it is very important to let them know it. You can only use this if at all there are some students around you or any known people. If there are unknown people around you, then there is no way that it is mandatory to use a Ph.D. after your name. Anyhow, I say that there is no danger of not using Ph.D. after your name. Should comma be addded before or after PhD Yes, a comma is a mandatory thing to be added after Ph.D. This is a rule. Otherwise, it is mixed combined with your original name. It will become part of your name. So comma is good after your name. I have already given the example above on how to put a comma after your name. But let me give here one more example as a matter of understanding.  Dr.Mohima, Ph.D. If you see the name, for example, there is a comma used after the name to separate Ph.D. from it. So try to put a comma. But never use another punctuation mark as such full stop or colon after your name. I have seen people using other punctuation marks like semicolon after name and then they write the title Ph.D. Some don’t use at all. All such things are mistakes. Use the only comma after your name always. Can we write Dr instead of Ph.D. after the name? Writing a doctor instead of a Ph.D. means a different thing. So you cannot use such way. As this is not the right format. ‘Dr’ is used at the beginning of the name as another title. But after the name, it must be a Ph.D. and not ‘Dr’ Should we write a Ph.D. at all after one’s name that is too long? Sometimes it so happens that your name is too long to write Ph.D. after it. During this trouble, you must cut out some part of the name and type PhD as a title after your name. There is no other way to do it.  Usually, longs name are common in some countries like Germany and India. But in the USA we have shorter names. Whatever may be the length, you must try to use the most used name and eliminate the rest of the name. This way you can use the title Ph.D. comfortable after your name. Always try to use the same name. Don’t change the name or cut your name in different ways on different days. These will again a problem to your recognition. Should we write phd or ph d on business card, welcome banners during functions? On welcome banners and business cards, it is very important to mention the title Ph.D. This will be more serious if you do not use the Ph.D. title after the name. There are many people watching that public banner. If you do not write the title after the name, you are disrespecting the guest totally. So be aware of using the title ofPh.D. whenever you have public functions or welcome banners or during some important meetings.  This is a sign that others should treat the guest better than the other out there. Should the font size of Ph.D. be the same as someone’s name? The name and the title Ph.D. must be in the same size. There must not be unusual differences. Font sizes matter a lot. Don’t use wrong font size or awkward fonts while using your title Ph.D. after your name. The best font could be like Ariel, Lato, Times New Roman, etc. These fonts will look better as a Ph.D. title after your name. Initially, there is some confusion about using the right font. But once you learn the size usage, you are comfortable using them rightly. Even when you write manually, you can easily write with similar size throughout. This requires a good amount of practice to write the Ph.D. title after your name with good font limitations. Popular posts that others are reading now:: Age Limit For PhD in the USA. Unknown Restriction for PhD, USA. How many words per page in apa format How to do PhD in Harvard University Number of phds per country Why is PhD not Dph| What does PhD stand for| Funny
  • Age Limit For PhD in the USA. Unknown Restriction for PhD, USA.
    The age limit for Ph.D. in the USA is around 35 years. This is the exact age that any university prefers to give admission as a full-time student. If you are more than the suggested age, you will lose chances. The reason is that any university wants a dynamic researcher who is also involved in academic works and departmental works. This way the university gets lots of benefits. So whenever you want to join a full-time Ph.D. in the USA, the age limit that you must consider is not more than 35 years. What then if you are crossing age limit for Ph.D. in the USA? The only way is not to join a full-time research scholar rather you must try to join as a Part-time Scholar. This is the only advice I can give as a mentor for many Ph.D. students in the USA. The best thing is that you can go for online Ph.D. too. Age is a type of restriction to do Ph.D. nowadays. The age will give you all types of unnecessary problems regarding your doctoral studies. So If you are wasting your time, do not do it. Try to use your time perfectly and get an idea about how to proceed in the future. The age restriction is never mentioned clearly anywhere in the university norms. The only thing that they mention is the requirement. This tells anyone that there is no mandatory rule regarding the age limit in the USA. The only rule is what is best for yours. This is a Ph.D. advice. If you do a Ph.D. at an early age, you will enjoy all the benefits what so ever. But there is one way that I can tell clearly where you can do a Ph.D. in a better way even at an older age after 35 years. It is to make up your mind with good confidence and try to keep aside your personal space and go ahead. If possible, try to leave your personal home town and spend 3 years in the campus hostel or accommodation nearby. This will work out surely and give enough room to think and research without wasting your time on personal matters. If you do this way, age cannot be a barrier to do a Ph.D. in the USA. There are many other aspects where you must look after your 3 years o Ph.D. effectively. You need to maintain social relationships with others. If you are more than 35 years old or If you are pursuing a Ph.D. at the age of 40 or 50, then there is a danger that you are not indulged in good social relationships. The ultimate motive of your stay in the campus during your Ph.D. is to mingle with others normally irrespective of your age whatsoever. In this way, you can really become successful in getting our doctoral degree whether you are 50 years old or 60 years old. Age becomes a problem for those who are less confident and who are more sensitive towards tackling problems. If you have this type of problem, you will not be able to do your Ph.D. in the USA when you cross your age limit. The age limit for Ph.D. in the USA is depending on many factors. What I mean is the health conditions and psychological conditions that you have. Do not ever think of age while doing a Ph.D. in the USA or before applying to it at all. Keep your goal toward completion of Ph.D. whether you are 40’s or 50’s or 60’s. Doing a Ph.D. at an older age in the USA is not a problem if you control certain types of feelings. For example, there are many people around who always wait to mock you just because you are doing a Ph.D. at an older age. You have to face all these problems positively and deal with them diligently at the same time. The age limit to do a Ph.D. in the USA also depends on your knowledge level. During the interview time, if you can show up that you have very good knowledge in a particular area of research, there is no restriction for age to offer you admission to the USA university. That is why knowledge in your research topic also balances your age. The positive impression that you make will act as a strong pillar in fetching you an admission. So make sure that your knowledge is equal to your age. It is not a problem if you have more knowledge than expected. But there must not be a situation that your knowledge level is very poor. Age becomes a barrier to do a Ph.D. in the USA only when professors or doctoral committee finds some weakness or problem in your approach. They may not tell freely with you those problems. They simply reject you for admission on the basis of age restriction to do Ph.D. in the USA. There are also some other points that I want to bring about the age limit for Ph.D. in the USA. The age criteria depend on your qualifications. The age limit for Ph.D. in the USA asks for more knowledge in your field Age restriction to do a Ph.D. in the USA is not compulsory. Anybody can do a Ph.D. in the USA at any age If one has the strength to face it. a Doing Ph.D. at the age of 60 in the USA is quite challenging. So what I mean by all these points are that you must possess some extra qualifications to get admission irrespective of your age. For example, if you have good percentage levels in your masters, then there is a good chance of getting admission even at an older age. Having more idea about your research topic fetches you an admission irrespective of your age. Though the age bar to do Ph.D. is not very compulsory, some universities take it into consideration. Once you join a Ph.D. in the USA, your age must not hinder your self-confidence. Especially when you will be doing a Ph.D. at the age of 60 is again a matter of a big challenge. There are many who cannot really think of doing a Ph.D. in the USA at this age due to physical issues and status issues. Whatever may be you must make sure not to catch up things too lately. The best youngest age to do a Ph.D. in the USA is around 29 years. This is the youngest age that you can pursue a Ph.D. in the USA. The oldest age to Pursue a Ph.D. in the USA is 75 years or more if you can do it with strong determination. The universities in the USA are of international recognition. You will never regret doing a Ph.D. in any university in the USA and at any age. Go ahead and do it confidently. Your age must not put a stick between your desire to do a Ph.D. in the USA and your status and confidence. The more your desire to do it, the better you will get confidence whether you are at 30 or 40 or 50 years of age to do Ph.D. in the USA. My other suggestion is to do Ph.D. nearby university to your hometown rather than moving to a farther place. This way you can manage some Ph.D. problems and survive locally. If you move far away to do Ph.D., you will miss support from your near and dear helpers. So you make a point to do your Ph.D. locally especially when you do it at an older age. And when you choose your supervisor, you can choose those who are elder to yours. For example, you are 45 years old and you want to do a Ph.D. in the USA, you must go with a 50-year-old supervisor. This way you will not face any ego problems. This will also boost your Ph.D. doing levels. So I suggest you go with a Ph.D. supervisor who is some 5 years elder in age. If you take care of all these things which I have been speaking to you till now, you will no doubt become successful doing Ph.D. at any age. There is no restriction written in a rule book of any university about the age limit to do Ph.D. in the USA. The only thing that you must learn is to mingle with everyone around the university as long as you are a scholar over there. Do not think you are a big Ph.D. guy in age and caliber. This will disturb your studies and makes you stand poor in the group of your research scholars. Speaking about the age limit for Ph.D. in the USA, you must ask the administration through email initially. If they are okay about your joining as full-time Ph.D. scholar and if they respond positively, that is well and good. If the university rejects you for a Ph.D. in the USA on the basis of age, go with another university. But I bet this will happen unless the university official has some crooked thoughts to use you for mean works like cleaning their tables and washing their clothes. Etc. But others never think of age limit for Ph.D. in the USA. Just start your journey to pursue a Ph.D. at any age.
  • 19 Simple steps to Write a Research Paper
    HOW TO WRITE A RESEARCH PAPER Write a Research Paper On Your Own. Download research papers on your topics. Watch Youtube videos on the topic. Read library books about your topic. Print out important material. Discuss with your PhD supervisor. Write short notes before hand. Collect Relevant symbols. Get ready with 10 headings. Expand each heading with 5 subheadings. Write each paragraph relevant to topic. Write minimum 3000 words in total. Finally, start writing abstract. Start writing Introduction. Write down conclusion Format research paper as per journal guidelines. Cite properly all in text citations and block quotes. Give at least 15 to 20 references/ bibliography. Proofread research paper. Do it yourself every time to make writing easy The easiest way to write a research paper in 12 steps is to go online, find one of the myriads of essay writing companies. And pay a lot of money. But if you get caught, you can be in a lot of trouble, be expelled or suspended and be branded a cheat. The easiest, best and safest way to write a research paper is to do it yourself. Not only do research papers get easier to do after the first one, but you may also find out that you had a lot of fun doing it. The important factor in doing your research writing yourself is that you can take pride in your accomplishment. You achieved something that a lot of other people fail to do properly. That makes writing worth the effort. Find the right tools to help you write research paper easily You do not have to do the research paper in the above mentioned 12 steps all alone. There are plenty of top tools to help you write and get your grammar and spelling perfect. Grammarly is one such tool and it will give you real-time correction and you can save proofreading time. If your teacher tells you to use a specific citation format, then you can turn to Purdue Owl to get all the instructions you need to make your citations meet your teacher’s requirements. These are just two of the tools you can find on the internet to help you get your research paper done. Getting help is not wrong and it will help make your research writing go a lot smoother and faster. Just one word of warning, spelling and grammar tools are not perfect. They do get certain words and language nuances wrong. You will still need to double check their assessment before deciding your paper is spelling and grammar perfect Don’t wait till the last minute and rush writing If you get a month as a deadline, do not wait till there are 6 hours left to go. If you wait, you will be stressed, tight, and probably won’t be able to think clearly as you are too worried about meeting the deadline. Delaying in writing your research paper more than the given 12 steps only makes writing a lot harder to do. What you want to do is start as early as possible after the paper has been assigned. This allows you to stay relaxed and keeps the stress away. Also, you do not have to write the whole paper at once. When you start early, you can do it in sections, making sure you do not miss out on anything important. In addition to those advantages, when you start early, you have time to go over your material to make sure there are no mistakes your professor will catch. You have the time to clean up your citations, work cited page and even correct spellings your grammar tool missed Then, when you start early, you can do better research and find great material that will support your point. Leaving things to the last minute will show in your paper as it will be filled with mistakes, bad quotes, and look rushed. Know your guidelines and steps of writing One of the key things you need to do that helps make research writing easier is to know your guidelines. This means you need to read and understand them before you get to work. You do not want to miss a guideline as that will influence the content of your paper and your results may be a lower grade. Make sure to read all the guidelines your teacher has placed in the assignment. If you do not understand some of them, then ask your teacher. You will not get hurt by asking your teacher for clarification. Clarifying their instructions to you is one part of your teacher’s duties. Once you know and understand the guidelines, then you know what to do. Knowing what to do makes any research paper or other tasks easier to do. It will also help you get a better grade, but that is dependent on your content as well. Think of good ideas that are easy and fast The better the idea the easier it is to write research paper in 12 steps. It is also easier to find top quality material to use in your essay. You can get both great and bad ideas through brainstorming. The best and easiest topics to write on are broad ones. This allows you to create the subsections and lets you write to your strengths. For example, if your topic is your favorite pet, you can write subheading like how he played with you and your family, how he woke you up in the morning to go outside, his personality and so on. The key to writing is to write what you know. That piece of advice should help you eliminate bad ideas from your brainstorming session. If you do not know it, pas son it for those you do know. This trick makes writing a lot easier to do as you already have the information in your head and you know where to look for more information to help strengthen your paper. Just do not get unrealistic, absurd or too comical when coming up with brainstorm ideas. Stick to your topic and your guidelines. Ask the right questions while writing Knowing what to ask helps you target key information and point you in the direction your paper should go. Asking the right questions leads you to good information. For example, if you are writing on a Paris vacation, some good questions would be: l What famous person has visited the city l Where did they go l What did they see l Where is the best restaurant to eat at l What type of food is served l How expensive is that food The questions you ask should be directing you to answer the main inquiry- what should you know about the topic. Once you answer that question, the others will fall into place and you may end up with more material than you need. When that happens you will have the difficult task of editing out the information that is not pertinent to the topic. Getting the right information is the key to writing a good research paper easily. One way to help you get to the right questions is to keep breaking down the topic till you can’t ask any more questions or they become irrelevant to your topic. Do your research work the systematic way Once you get your questions answered then it is time to do the actual research. The questions should lead you to the resources you need to find the content you can use to describe or investigate your topic. The trick here is to find credible sources. You can’t just use any source as the information you find in them may not be accurate, or competent. You want the best sources that deal with your topic and provides you with the information you need to make sure your content is sound. The sources you use should also make you look like you know what you are talking about. But you have to be careful when you turn to those resources. Your professor may give you a restriction on which ones to use. Those restrictions may limit you to using only those books or [periodicals that were written in the past 5 or 8 years. Or you may not use sources like Wikipedia or similar ones as their information is not always credible and changes. Your teacher may say for you to use scholarly peer review works only. This is why knowing your guidelines is so important. That is where you find these restrictions on your resource material. Write a good thesis statement to your Research Paper A thesis statement is telling your teacher the point you are trying to make with your content. It will also direct your research and keep you on track so you do not lose your way as you write. The thesis statement will also help you edit out content that is not pertinent to your topic. When you are in doubt about your content, just ask the simple question, does this help prove or support my point? If not, then remove the content. Remember the body of your research paper must support your thesis statement but do not get repetitive. Once you made your point move on to another one. Nothing is gained by saying the same thing over and over. Then your conclusion should talk about what you have already said. You do not need to put new information in the conclusion unless your topic requires it. You can just summarize what you have already said and that makes writing a research paper a little easier. Write a good outline To Your Research Paper Like a thesis statement, a good outline helps you focus your thoughts and gives you great direction. With an outline, you know already what content should go under the subheadings. This speeds up your writing process and helps you get the content you need. Plus, it is easier to write because you already know what you want to say. With a good outline, you also know where to put your research citations. Then once you place your-text citation or footnote, make an entry in your bibliography or works cited page. This only needs to be done once per source, even if you quote from that source more than once. This takes the task off your mind and allows you to concentrate on your content making writing a lot easier to do. You can always double check your citations after you finished writing your paper with your citation source to make sure you got the format correct. Proofread Your Research Paper Nothing is perfect in this world. That is why you need to proofread what you wrote. You will catch several mistakes each time you go over it. Also, use the spell and grammar check tools again to make sure you caught all your language errors. Proofreading may sound like a boring task to do but it is more of self-protection, You get to correct your errors before your teacher does and assigns you a lower grade than you should get. Or you can have someone else read it over and let them catch those mistakes you may have made. Another pair of eyes looking at your paper from a different perspective and asking yo key questions will help you improve what you have written. How to download research papers The best way to download research paper in your related topic is to go to Google Scholar. Here one can find many research papers. Just type in the search engine your topic. There would be many paper showing up. Just dowload them into your computer and read them at least 5 to 10 papers. This way you will get ideas to write research paper. Watch Youtube Videos These days watching youtube videos will be of great help to write a research paper. Many are turning out to youtube for uploading education content instead of writing on websites. It is becoming highly popular search engine now a days….
  • What must be the Age limit for PhD in Norway
    The average age limit for PhD in Norway is 38 years. This is the exact age that anyone can do PhD in Norway. In Norway, PhD aspirants waste initial years and join PhD at a very later stage. This becomes an age problem to do doctoral studies in Norway. So if you cross thirty eight years in Norway, you are not eligible to do doctoral research qualitatively. Want to do PhD in Norway when you are at old age? My special suggestion is to do by the age of 39 years. This is the time when you really settle down in your life. Once you cross this age limit it will be very difficult to pursue PhD. So my special advice is this that never delay in doing PhD in Norway at a regular age. What happens when you do your PhD at a later stage of life? When you do your PhD at a later stage of life, you will be in a very difficult situation to complete it. So what do you do now? Go to University and apply for your PhD course so that you are not wasting your PhD life and your time. Usually it so happens, that we are not really bothered about doing PhD in time. This makes the goal very tough to go ahead because what I have observed personally is that when you waste your younger age not doing PhD, you are restricted to do other things in your life. You have so many family problems or you have many other business problems at a later stage of life. To avoid all those things you have to make sure that you pursue your PhD at right age. By the time finishing your PhD in Norway, you will be at 45 years of age.  It has been said that if you want to do your PhD, you have to look at the conditions in Norway. In many of the universities in Norway, there is a requirement to do as teaching assistant while doing your PhD full time. In such a way, it is not so easy to do such kind of hard work with the age that you have right now. So think of the problems existing while doing your PhD at an old age. There is no guarantee that you will be finishing your PhD in time during your old age. You may have some health problems and some of your personal problems will hinder your research. In Norway the climate is too cold if you are from any African country or if you are from any Asian country. However, with full determination if you can put some effort, you can very well be successful enjoying your PhD without any problems even at your old age in Norway. When you select your PhD supervisor at an older age in Norway, you must be very careful while doing this. The reason is that, in Norway, PhD supervisors are quiet strict in dealing with PhD students around them. This is something odd even with those persons who are elder to them. So you must take it as a challenge to sustain yourself in the university with those supervisors who really put you down all the time. While selecting for PhD supervisor you have to ask those students who were experienced under him or her and take advice from them in order to select a good PhD supervisor in Norway from a particular University. Check your PhD supervisors’ background and history, how they dealt with students who are elder to them or those candidates who want to do PhD at an older age. If everybody gives positive opinion about the PhD supervisor, you can go ahead by choosing them. Problem involved while doing your PhD at any university in Norway is that the PhD students around you are quiet younger to you. So make sure to adjust with those immature ones so that adjustment takes a prominent role in your 3 year PhD course in Norway. Do not limit yourself just by telling yourself that you can do PhD in Norway at an elder age rather try to take it as a challenge even before getting your admission in Norway University. By doing this you are psychologically prepared to face the upcoming tasks and challenges created by colleagues and other workers around you. The other problem if you do PhD at an old age is those professors and teachers around you who will use you up while doing PhD at an older age. Because you are too much experienced in the past, they may try to use you for many works of the administrative department or to do some extra teaching or conduct some extra workshops where in you will miss whole bunch of time in doing those things rather than concentrating on your PhD research in Norway. If you can overcome this problem with your timely thought then you can easily get rid of those and try to concentrate only on your research work. Doing PhD in Norway that is not acceptable is completely a daunting task to anyone of us. Try to read as many books as possible when you join your PhD at an old age that requires lots of effort to remember things in your research. Memory is a big problem again in your old age. Try to do as many puzzles as you can within the university limits so that your age is not causing you to bring a low quality research. Take into consideration my advise to you strongly as it is simple doing your PhD when you are young enough rather when you are old. Try to join PhD in Norway when you just finish your graduation or your post graduation. You must clearly think and take decision whether to do PhD or to go for a job. You must decide either of these but in case if you decide one and at a later stage you want to make a shift, you are bringing problems upon yourself and one of those problems is to make a shift from your original decision to doing your PhD in Norway when you are too old to do. There is no age restriction any where in Norway to do PhD. The all problem starts with our personal thinking and behavior.
  • What is the Eligibility for PhD in English
    The eligibility for PhD in English is Post Graduation in English Literature with a minimum of 55% marks. This eligibility is same globally any where in the world. There are some universities where in the eligibility differs with percentage levels. Some reputed universities ask for highest marks in your masters degree. Only then you are able to apply for PhD in English. If the university is normally reputed, then there are no demands in regards to eligibility. Your marks in your post graduation decides your eligibility for PhD English Literature or ELT. Eligibility for PhD in English in depth review Want to upgrade your talent in English language? Want to gain leadership role in the academic area? Then find course Doctor of philosophy(PhD) in English. About course: # PhD in English is a doctoral degree awarded for research      in English. # The course is designed to make students for publishing   as well as teaching in their career. Theory: # The course covers cultural studies as well as digital digital humanities. # The course mainly focus on critical theory and history. Practicals: # Practicals include computer learning and computer orientation workshops. # The course makes the students to gain leadership    role in the academic area. Eligibility: # A Masters degree/MPhil in English with not less than    55% marks approved by association of Indian    Universities or foreign universities. # No less than 6.0 in IELTS. # A detailed research proposal. # An undergraduate honors degree at 2:1 level or above. Fee structure: # Registration fee-one time # Course work fee-one time # Research fee-per annum(two time) # Thesis evaluation fee-one time Duration: # Full-time-4 years(3 years study + 1 year Thesis) # Part-time-8 years (6 years study + 2 years Thesis) Salary:  The average starting salary was £21,333 with the  highest being £22,000. Conclusion: # Find a supervisor       You may find it helpful to get in touch with a member of academic staff about your research proposal before      submitting an application in your area. Note:    Pleas note,for acceptance onto a PhD (Doctor of    Philosophy)you must also have a confirmed supervisor from within the school of English. There are always many other factors that come across while deciding your eligibility. For example, if you are not able to crack entrance exam and interview, then also you are not eligible for PhD in English. And more over after getting admission, you must also fulfill the course work suggested. Without the course work, you cannot start your research So when you think of eligibility, just do not think of only one area about getting good marks in your masters degree but more over you must think about your further challenges in getting real and true eligibility to do PhD in English. There are so many hurdles that you may come across when you want to think of which qualification exactly do you need in order to do PhD in English Literature or PhD in ELT. So when you want to do PhD in English, you must make sure to get things done according to the rules of the university. There are so many changes taking place within the universities regarding the criteria levels. These criteria always changes according to the demands of the current researchers levels. If there is more competition, there is always a problem with the eligibility. It changes every now and then. Right now this year is a thing of development and competition. We are living in a whole competition world. There are many aspirants who are waiting to do their PhD in English. This way you cannot really make sure whether the rule that has been kept for this year will be permanent or not. There is always a change in the eligibility for PhD in English. My best suggestion is to make a contact with the university authorities to know truly the perfect eligibility conditions existing over there. Once you finish this survey with different universities, you can understand what should be the ideal eligibility for PhD in English or PhD in English Literature. There are some unusual criteria with some universities in USA. For example, when you take Harvard university, the eligibility for PhD in English is to have 90% of marks in your post graduation or masters degree. If you take some NIT’s from India, you must have 60% percentage of marks in order to become eligible for PhD in English. So depending upon the reputation of a particular university, there comes a change. Let us think about the eligibility conditions that are existing with some private universities in the world. Some of those universities require you to get first class in not only the masters degree but also at bachelors degree level. This is quite competitive criteria for PhD in English. The one important thing that you must remember is not to go about thinking with the eligibility. The reason is that PhD degree is mostly related with the PhD guide, adviser or supervisor. If your PhD supervisor accepts for lack of eligibility for PhD in English, you can very well get through easily even with less marks in your masters degree. So it all depends again with your skills in convincing your PhD supervisor while sending your proposal. PhD ultimate requires passion for research in English literature rather that your eligibility. So if you are able to show up your strong dedication to do PhD in English, there are no one who can stop you irrespective of your low percentage marks. Also think about your marks in the PhD entrance test. The marks which you will be getting in the entrance also decides your eligibility for PhD in English. So practice well and prepare well in advance. Finally your PhD interview also puts you on hold if you do not do well. Make sure you do things rightly. This way you will be able to understand the conditions that are existing in various universities and countries about the eligibility and qualifications that you require to get in to your research in literature. So one you get to fulfill all these things that are require for doing research in PhD in English, you are on the right path to go into the deepest of research. So make sure to contact the admission department of the particular university that you are going to attend the exams of PhD. Take some syllabus materials from them and practice there what should be the things that you must be able to do in order to do to crack PhD in English Literature. In case if you lack any of the eligibility criteria, do not get disappointed about that. Retry your marks percentage by appearing again with the university and get more marks. Some time try to find bad ways to talk with the administration to give you more marks. You have to try hook or crook to make yourself eligible for PhD in English. Otherwise you will delay this way forever. You will always be wondering why you are not able to join in your PhD course. If you are now studying masters, take my suggestions here seriously to make up your percentage. This is the right time to improve your marks. Once you cross this stage, you will regret for losing many of the opportunities and challenges that you can perform. The reason is that you cannot study again your masters for the sake of PhD. Do things at the right time to gain the eligibility for PhD in English. Otherwise you will lose forever the greatest research in the history. That is to do PhD in English Literature. I have some videos on my Youtube channel. Kindly subscribe to the channel to more of the conditions on your journey with PhD. Also real my other blog posts and especially about my article on research topic in English and some indexed journals in English. The other things are intact with your normal way of life. There are many other factors that one can make sure when trying for PhD in English. The first thing is to choose a right university. This way you can simply become successful in fulfilling the eligibility. This first attempt in knowing the eligibility unofficially is to contact supervisor personally. Rules can be changed easily. There is no way that you are not suited for doing PhD. So think of doing it unofficially. This way you can get there safely with out any tension. There is always a room for exceptions within the university. You may be not knowing. Just do not go about what others tell about the eligibility for doing PhD in English. Go with your own intuition and do things rightly. Then you can easily win things happening around you. My other suggestion is not to wait for long years to join in your PhD. Just get into any university first. Do not think adamantly about your life. Just take it as a challenge and do a quality PhD. This is your personal thing. So go with it.
  • Academic English Learning tips for PhD Students
    There is always a situation when you are a technical student and feel difficult in Academic English. Here are few easiest tips to learn Academic English for all PhD students. This type of typical language can be useful to write your PhD thesis and some research papers or an essay. Watch English documentaries that improve Academic English. Watch healthy English movies for academic phrases. Listen to English News for drastic improvement in English. A PhD student must read English News Papers to learn academic writing. Read online articles of various genres that can improve vocabulary. Develop a habit of reading novels to learn a good English language flow. Learn how to research a topic and improve academic skills. Write English more often than your native language. Learn academic English with native speakers. Best Way for a PhD student to Learn academic English The best way to learn academic English language faster is through “LISTENING.” The above method will help PhD students learn basic academic English rather than attending classes and learning grammar and theory which will not be very useful for serving the purpose of learning English well. Do more listening to get academic English. This is the best way to learn English pretty faster than usual. Those PhD students who do listening tasks will learn any language faster. This will also help you to get easy admission into popular courses like PhD effortlessly . So make it a routine style to listen lots of audio tracks of English language. Also listen to documentaries and watch some English movies and listen to English news. The maximum duration to do all these is 2 years. It takes to 2 years to become an advanced speaker of English if you practice this. Methods of listening to academic English This is the first and foremost thing that you must implement in the process of learning academic English. Do not try any other method to learn English. If at all you want to learn academic English , listening takes its first priority. Here I would like to give you o e real example A baby who is born in a particular place and live in the same place for 3 to 5 years, the baby could speak the language of the place. Baby also understands when others speak. In the same way if you want to speak English you must take the example of a baby. Baby never goes to school or learn all of a sudden. They spend 5 years at home. They learn to speak a language with out going to school or any spoken language institutes. All must apply this example. If at all you want to speak any language be it English or any other language, You must do it initially through listening. While listening do mot bother whether are you understanding such Language or not. Go on doing this by watching English news and movies. I am sure hat after one year you will get through the words an the accent automatically. How to learn academic English easily at home Speak English as much as you can in real and fake atmosphere For this I suggest to have an English PhD friend..This means you choose PhD student with whom you are highly comfortable. Try to speak English whenever you meet him or her. You can also make a telephone call. Create opportunities to speak English. Do not feel shy to do this. The more you try to speak, the better you can speak spontaneously. In this way you do not need to translate your native language into English. Do this on regular basis. Do listening all the time.So listening and speaking are very important to Learn English rather than sitting and studying grammar books How to learn academic English with a friend The one thing that you have to do is to ask your friend to speak English with you. This is quite a good idea to learn English faster. I feel to give one real time example about how I met some time back two best friends who were speaking English. I met them in a mess or canteen during supper. As I sat there to order meals, these two students were already eating and chatting in English. I wondered how about they were not speaking in native local language. I observed them a lot. They continued up to 25 minutes till they had completed the supper. Speaking English in that way was unusual that time. After the supper I felt to meet them and ask them the reason why they were speaking English Language instead of local native language. Then I asked them the same after the supper. They replied me saying that they had decided to do so since they realized the importance of English Language.  They further told that in their university, no body bothers about speaking a language. It was a government university in India. So they felt odd they the university is not up to the mark to teach them English. They thought a little bit and had taken a choice that could change their life. “They said.” Based on the real story, It is true that If you want to learn English perfectly, you have to maintain an English friend who can support you. He will help you a lot. If both of you decide to speak the language then you can learn English much faster. I can say in six months, you can pick up from basic to intermediate or to advanced levels. So take your own choice now. Do you need grammar book to learn English faster? No. You do not need to study any book to learn academic English. All you must do is to listen to the language and speak and speak wrong English. By doing this process, you will automatically learn English without grammar books. There are many languages in the world where you do not require any script.  There is practically no script for many languages. How can a language be spoken without a script? It is just because language is a communicative tool and not a written tool some where to understand it. So if you have any ideas to buy some books of English grammar,stop now and start listening to English audio more. Spend most of the time listening audio rather than reading books. Our ears are directly connected to our consciousness. What ever you listen with your ear will directly go into your sub conscious mind. This will bring spontaneous speaking. You will realize that you are speaking English after six months of listening. This will surprise you. So be hopeful about your language learning method. Do not buy books or do anything but listening. Is it a good idea to join in an academic English Learning Institute? No. It is not at all a good idea to join in an English Learning centers. They take your money and do nothing there. They just go on teach grammar too. They may conduct some speaking sessions for an hour. But doing it for an hour will never allow you to speak English faster. English must become your life. This is how you can learn. So many students join in English coaching centers and do nothing or there is no outcome. They may learn some phrases of English but they cannot become spontaneous in any way. Can you use dictionary while learning academic English Never touch dictionary while learning English. It will confuse you. You will be learning unnecessary words which are strange and which we do not use in our communicative language. So I say you to use dictionary after becoming an advanced speaker of English language. Until you become an advanced speaker, never learn English through dictionary. Should you learn Tenses? Yes you must learn tenses if you want to develop academic English faster. I mean not just tenses but the uses of tenses are very important. If you just learn the structures of tenses, they will not help you. You must know where to use them and how to use them. How can you just learn structures and leave that way. Many students do this blunder mistake. They stop learning the uses of tenses. The usage of a tense structure is the crucial point and the strength to learn English.  So my suggestion is to learn how to use the tense rather learning just the tense structure. Should you speak your local language while learning English? My answer is “NO.” This is yet another mistake so many PhD students do while learning academic English. They simple speak local language along with English. This is not a good habit. Try to speak very less unless very urgent. Most of the times, try to avoid friends and wrong persons who prompt or influence you to speak local language. I say you to never speak local language as much as you can during the process of learning English language. What is the best place to learn academic English? I encourage you to go other states or countries where there will be no possibility to speak your local language. If you have some money, you can make an adventure going to far places where you have only one option to speak English somehow with the people over there. Yes this is the powerful way to learn English. We see around some people learn English automatically this way. How much time does it take to learn academic English It takes around 6 months to learn spoken English and 1 year to become an intermediate level speaker and writer and 2 years to become and advanced speaker of English. If you are little down with your intellect, it will take 3 to 4 years altogether. It depends on how many hours you spend listening English. Should I stop studies to learn English Yes, if you determine to learn English, stop your studies and go far for one complete year and spend time with native language people who speak English. This is the best practice. Your determination to learn is what plays a great role here. I say this because if you just learn English by being at home, there may not be real possibility to learn English. You are busy with your studies and your friends will never speak the language you want. There are many practical problems. How do watching movies can improve academic English When you watch a movie, try to listen to all the words spoken by the characters. Do not watch action movies where there are not words too many to listen. Choose a movie with lots of spoken words. After choosing a good movie to watch, you must follow a process of watching it. Firstly learn to pause the movie after a dialogue and try to repeat what hero has just said. So repeating the sentences spoken is one of the best ways to get language. I do not say to do it always but at least 10 minutes through out the movie. The rest of the movie you can watch as usual. How to listen to podcast to improve academic English There are lot many English Podcast available on internet. You can pick one and try to listen all the time. Do listen podcasts from Australia and USA and UK. They have the best English skills. Do not listen to local English. This is not at all a good practice. So when ever you listen to English, try watching only those countries movies where the native is English. Will Reading improve academic English No, Reading will never improve your spoken English. It may improve sentence construction. It may improve official written English. But it will not improve as such regular spoken language. If you read novels, then there is some room to improve your English. Otherwise, it is impossible just to develop by reading some text. I suggest you to read normal novels which had daily conversation in it. Will loud reading…
  • Short Drama Script with Moral in English
    Short Drama Script With Moral There are many scripts available like drama script in English, drama scripts for teenagers and funny drama script in English with moral and some humorous stories. But here you will get fully new and never used short skit on moral values with dialogues in English. This is a completely new “Drama Script” for high school students and college students. Note down freely short drama script with moral values in English. Learn by heart these drama dialogues for your upcoming cultural program. This playscript can help you to give a fantastic performance and kids love it. It is a funny script and is free with good roleplay around all characters. Here is the moral values skit+script. Learn also some jam related topics here. Characters in Drama Script in English with moral: 5 to 7 and more Sanjay – Money maker Friends: Marsh, Mitchel Mark – Chief Minister Villagers: Jane and Sita Police: Krish Media Journalist: Arnold SCENE -1 Drama Script Here is the short drama in English with characters allotted to each dialogue. Sanjay:  Hello friends today we are planning to do one crime work Friends: Oh we will do anything if it benefits Sanjay: Ok listen, we must now go to one secret place and do the work Friends: But we are excited to know the work. Can you let us know Sanjay: Oh sure why not? I will reveal my plan. But promise you do not tell anyone. Friends: Sure we promise not to tell what happens amidst us. Sanjay: Do you want to become rich overnight? Friends: Overnight! But how is it possible? It is almost impossible Sanjay: I make it possible. We are going to print black money of 500 notes Friends: Oh how much can we expect if we cooperate in this work? Sanjay: You can earn daily thousand dollars every day Friends: oh Awesome this is amazing, now we are ready to do this work. Sanjay: Done let us move to the damaged building and do so. Readers: Now we are entering into the second scene of the drama script SCENE 2  Drama Script Here is another scene as a part of short drama scripts with morals. Jane: Hi Sita how are you? Sita: Yes I am fine. I am going to sell my land this week and Sanjay is ready to buy this Jane: Sanjay! But he is not so rich to offer 50 thousand dollars for your land Sita: No, recently he moved to Dubai and got some worked and earned he says. Jane: Ok then I too have one land. Can he buy from me too? Sita: Why not or else I will enquire about this. Hope he may take Jane: Come let us go to Sanjay and meet and finalise the date of selling Sita: Oh Yes come we will move right now toward Sanjay’s house and confirm the same. Readers: Now we are moving into the third scene of drama script SCENE 3  Drama Script Here is the 3rd part of the drama script in English with moral for college students Sanjay: Oh Jane and Sita, Nice to see you after a long time. Hope you can become rich Jane: Yes Sanjay we have a great deal we want to sell both of our lands to you now Sita: I came to know that you worked in Dubai for some days and are capable of buying our land Sanjay: Thank you, Jane and Sita. This is a very great offer and I accept this offer. Jane: Ok now we will go to the registration office and get things done. Carry money. Sanjay: Yes today itself we will finish this transaction as tomorrow is a holiday. Sita: ok come on. Sanjay: oh now we are here in this office. I have talked with my friends and they are bringing money for you. You can sign the documents. Jane: Your friends? Why do they come to bring money? Anyhow, I have no problem now. Friends: Hello Sanjay how are you. We have bought the requested 500 notes now. Sanjay: This is our hard-earned money friends. Let us keep this with us to give to Jane and Sita. We are now getting registrations done. Jane and Sita: Can we start signing the documents? We are excited. Sanjay: Yes let me sign. Ok, Take this money of 50 thousand dollars. Jane and Sita: Thank you today is a great day for us. We will use this money for running our families. Sanjay: Thank you. Tomorrow I am leaving London. I may not come back. Best of Luck. Scene 4 Drama Script Readers: Now we are getting into the fourth scene of drama script Krish: I am Police I want to check your house for Black money Ms Jane Jane: Oh why is this surprising. I am not involved in any crime Krish: What is this Black money here. Jane: Black Black Black. This is just shocking Krish: We will come again for further investigating Jane: Hello Sita, I am calling from this mobile to give you a serious information Sita: Information? What is that? It is very rude. How we are into this situation. Jane: ok this way we are in very serious condition. Sita; We will go to Sanjay friends Marsh and give back this money Jane: Ok we will do so. Let us head-on fast. Friends: Who are you Ms Jane and Ms Sita Jane: Oh Don’t you know who are we? You are all cheaters! Sita: Let us go out and give a police complaint. Scene-5 Drama Script Readers: Now we are entering into the fifth scene of drama script. This is the hall mark for the whole drama. Now you have to seriously take all the character where your drama script will be successful. Mark Chief Minister: Today I am announcing that all 500 notes currency is banned by the government. And you cannot exchange or give police complaint for any kind of fake currency. Jane: Did you listen to the news today. Our honourable chief minister declared. All the fake currency and good currency of 500 notes are banned. Sita: Oh This is more disappointing . Our hard-earned 50 thousand dollars gone. Jane: What shall we do now? What reply can we give to our families! Sita: I do not understand what to do now. There is no way of proving our innocence. All 500 notes are banned. Jane: I am feeling to live this life. I am fully disappointed. Sita: I am feeling to die now. What do you think Jane about this? Jane: Oh I too am in terrible state. Let us now find way to die Sita: There is no other option. Jane: Come let us go out and bring poison and we will consume Sita: No I cannot face suffering we will take some sleeping tablets and this would be safe death. Jane: I do agree. Let us proceed. Sita: Now that we bought this tablets go and get water and it is time to leave this world Jane: Wait I will bring water Please wait. This is our last journey. Sita: Now I am consuming this poison and I will die along with you Jane and Sita: Oh we are dying! Oh we are dying! Sita: Good-Bye Jane now. This is end! Arnold: Oh This is frustrating who are these two girls died. These girls are enough rich with good lands. Why have they taken this decision to die. I have to investigate myself to decode the secrets here. Chief Minister: Arnold I order a probe regarding this as media made this matter hot public is very furious. Arnold meets friends Marsh Marsh: Oh yes Journalist how can I help you. Krish: Arnold and myself want to ask you some questions.. Marsh runs away. Note: From here the drama script is in running mode Arnold catches Marsh and takes him to the police station. Marsh tells about Mitchel and Arnold goes and catches Mitchel and enquires about the incident why these woman committed suicide. Marsh did not tell any thing but Mitchel told out of fear everything what had exactly taken place to Police Krish. And Arnold the journalist comes to know about all this matter. Chief Minister also overwhelmed about the pathetic death of Jane and Sita. Now that it is too much time to save. The only thing that is left is to punish Friends Marsh and Mitchel. But Sanjay fled somewhere. Police is in search of him. Drama Script Know that Police in search of him, Sanjay hides in one hotel. Police alerted all hotels secretly about Sanjay’s wanderings. The manager of the hotel doubts the person’s who has just checked in. They complained the police. As Sanjay is in the room. Police suddenly comes over there. But Sanjay manages to run away and very cleverly sets thorough the back door and runs very far into the forest. Nobody could catch him. Being in the forest Sanjay cannot come out. There is a strict invigilation around the forest. Sanjay now feels hungry and he is getting weakened due to low nutrition. It is 3 days since Sanjay starting spending in forest secretly. So to now he is fully wounded due to insects and ants. And at the end Sanjay trying to save his life, he decides to come out of the forest and slowly moves. He fights for his life. And this way he is out of the forest. Police catches him red-handed. Not that he is fully wounded rushed to the hospital near by. He struggles for his life a lot and at the end. Doctor now discharges him. Now all three are in the hospital namely Sanjay Mitchel Marsh. They are the 3 culprits who are responsible for the death of poor and innocent Jane and Sita.  See below drama script Chief Minister: Oh this is amazing work, Krish Krish: Thank sir. This is a great honor. Arnold: I am really responsible for this. So this way we need to arrange a press meet and tell the public about the innocence of Jane and Sita Chief Minister: Ok then we will arrange a press meet so that public will rejoice at the big incident happened. Chief Minister during the press meet. I take this opportunity to honour Journalist and Krish the Police. So this is how we can tell things to be more appreciating. Garlanding done and final message is delivered By Arnold the journalist. Arnold: So here I am now with you dear public, You must be aware that you must not cheat people and become a reason for their disappointment. Never cheat people for the sake of becoming rich in very short time. This will ruin you and those people around you who believe so. In this way. We can be more understand the moral from this true-life story of Jane and Sita and Sanjay and Marsh and Mitchel. Continue reading Drama Script Do not hold back your confidence in your poverty and disappointment. So there are many genuine ways to earn money. Now-a-days we have many opportunities around us. So make sure you work hard public. All are our brothers and sisters. So never bring yourself to danger. So be sincere to yourself and be accountable. Nothing more you desire. Buddha himself tells that Desire is the root cause of all evil. If you do not have desires then you can liberate yourself and live a life of happiness. Last but not cheap idea. Do not live with becoming rich. So this is my message dear public. Go ahead reading the drama script Jane and Sita suddenly appears walking now and they are among the public Jane and Sita are not dead. They were in the hospital in coma for sometime. It was misinterpreted to catch the culprit by the doctor that they were dead. Jane: We are now saved from this big incident and cannot hold back. We are not dead But…
  • Comedy Skit and Story
    Comedy skits and humor are quiet needed when we want really to smile and laugh. So laughing and smiling are very good if you want to improve your health so it is my advice for everyone to have a certain kind of good nature of smiling and knowing some important things about the comedy-related area. Here below I am giving one comedy skit with 5 to 6 characters and these drama characters are very crucial to make you laugh and finally and initially this seems to be a comedy skit. Comedy Skit 1 with 7 Characters 7 Characters: Ramya Jyothi Radhika Lucy Libby Aman Canteen man Ramya: I want to live a free life. Because this life of education and study is very disgusting Jyothi: Oh! Why is it so disgusting? Ramya: I am very sad that egg puff in the canteen us not up to the mark. I amwant to leave this institute now. Jyothi: Are you just leaving this institute just because you do not like egg puff in the canteen? Radhika: Oh Jyothi. Do not speak like this. Why cannot you understand the emotion of the friend Ramya! It is not puff that she is mostly worried but she is in love with the canteen puff owner. Lucy: This is awesome. Why is Ramya so fond of canteen man who sells egg puff? He is so poor and status is different. Ramya: Oh all of you just stop talking now. I do love the canteen man just to get one free puff every day. Libby: My goodness. Do you love for this reason that for getting free puff you are fond of canteen man? Aman is the canteen man. He listens to all the conversation and is deeply hurt the way he is understood. Aman: Ramya Now it us the time to love me because you created this rumor which will affect my reputation or else I will file a police case Ramya: oh. I will love your dog. Do you shut now. Ha ha ha. Ramya smiles. Libby: Speaking to canteen man ” Hello can You give me one free puff too. I can love you too. Radhika Lucy Libby smile and laugh a lot. Canteen man: Will you all be my lovers for the sake of puff? this must be a joke, this must be a comedy.But ha ha ha. Tomorrow onwards I will give you all of you egg puff double the price of normal. Ha ha ha. It is just 100 dollars. Girls: what! 100 dollars? The End. Scripts on Comedy In story it is very clear that in every bit we find some comedy angle and this is a very typical story and day comedy skit which you will not find anywhere in the world it is completely new and it is completely creative comedy skit you can use this skit in a school in the college and anywhere that you wish to create some comedy. Sometimes  SKETCH COMEDIES  are good also from Wikipedia sources. In this comedy skit the story is quite clear and relax-able. So this way these type of drama comedy is useful on stage performance. Whenever you want to watch or prepare for comedy movie script, you must make sure that characters are ready. What I mean is to have some people around for doing such funny movie scripts which are very comedy and funny.  I know that you will find comedy scripts online. Whenever you do or make some script you must make sure it is filled with humorous comedy otherwise audience may not like it and your ideas about comedy will not reach up to the mark.  So for this you must make best comedy scripts, sometimes they must be popular short comedy scripts. Here are the Best Sources  of comedy skits available. Sketch comedy comprise of a series of short comedy scenes with vignettes called “sketches”, Sketch comedians routinely separate their product from a skit.  A mini comic performance, especially one writes or improvised on a specific theme or subject is called a comedy sketch. Always prefer a new and fresh comedy skits. The below are some types of famous comedy skits available When you are preparing  some comedy drama script in English for school students you must always think of doing with short comedy skits in English with moral.  Usually we do these comedy skits in English for school students. which are of short comedy drama script in English for school students. When we see around children like comedy movie scripts and funny movie scripts. Videos/ Films.  Sitcoms and stage plays are also good to think of . These sitcom scripts stage play script TV. Pilot Scripts are also quite natural. Free scripts for not more 2 to 6 actors is preferable. Always think about ideas on comedy and these ideas on comedy must be short and popular. So doing these will truly benefit you in many ways possible. Moral stories  are not comedy skits. One more short comedy script below Characters: Sindhu, Biju, Powell, Denver, Amy Sindhu: Why do banana peel is a matter of care? Powell: It is because peel can allow us to fall down and get wounded. Denver: If it is so, then why do not you fall in your life time, I fall replied Denver with anguish. Sindhu: I have also fallen down many time on my way. So I am afraid of banana peel. It is really a menace among fruits. Amy: Let us make a protest to ban this kind stupid bananas in our life. Biju: Do you say PROTEST for the sake of banana peel. Do you think in true sense. Sindhu: Small things can harm us easily.  So things those give us trouble will be really a trouble for the society. Ban Ban banana peel will be our slogan. So this way we can really get through our struggle since our childhood. Powell: This is quite enthralling for us now to have this type of  protest and what do society think about us in the long run.  Can’t we be little careful, a better Idea rather than protest. Sindhu: oh you all fools this is just my dream in the night. I made it a reality ha ha ha. 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  • Age limit for PhD in Germany
    PhD is a doctorate level course in Germany. The age limit for PhD in Germany is 40 years. This is the age that one restricts himself from doing further studies. So studying in Germany requires you to get admission as early as possible. This restriction of age is important to pursue PhD in Germany with a collective effort. There are many youngsters around you. So there is no chance that there will a kind of adjustment after 40 years. So better you do your PhD in Germany within forty years of your age. Age problems with PhD in Germany Though the age limit for phd in Germany is very limited up to some years, there are hundreds of PhD aspirants who want to pursue doctorate studies in Germany after 50 years. There are lots of age related problems if you do PhD in Germany after 50 years. My suggestion is to go for part time phd after some years. This way you can better do your PhD in Germany with out much struggle. There are some universities in Germany who can bring a good atmosphere for pursuing your doctoral studies if you have some age related problems. Take care that you have a good approach and selection regarding your PhD supervisor. This is the only way that you can do things around very good even at your old age. If you join PhD late, then there is not much stress. The only reason is that your supervisor is always good to you irrespective of your age and locality. My suggestion is that if you are an international student and you have crossed some years, then better not to go Germany for PhD. Do it in your own country. But for those who belong to German citizenship can do at any age your PhD. This way you can pursue your PhD in Germany comfortably In Germany, mostly German is spoken in the universities and outside. Though they tell that the language is English, but it is not so. They use German as official language privately. So you must learn German language. You age is not enough to learn all these things and go the country for doing PhD. This may not be possible if you are 50 or 60 years of age. So think twice before doing your PhD in Germany if you are old guy. Think of the difficulties that will arise when you want to join PhD in Germany at an older age. It is quite poking. So my personal tip is not to think of studying in Germany if your age becomes a problem to you. Making friends also becomes difficult in Germany as the language is different. Even though you learn language, it is quite not okay to mingle with young chaps who are also studying along with you there. Moreover German universities are strict for PhD studies. You must be highly energetic to study there. If you are at 70’s and want to pursue PhD, it may not look practical. There are many proverbs saying that age is not a barrier for learning but still it is not practical in my view. Make a point to think in terms of your personal problems. You may be also required to your family at that age. So you cannot leave your family and just go to Germany to study PhD at an age where you have lots of responsibilities. This is very important thought that you must ponder over before embarking into your PhD studies. So it is not quite right for you to leave those family members who are dependent on you. You cannot leave them that way and just move your own way to some places that are not acceptable.
  • Age limit for PhD in Europe
    If you want to do PhD in Europe, then there would be an age restriction. The age limit for PhD in Europe is 36 years. This is time when most of the universities get their seats filled. Many PhD aspirants wait this much longer time due to one reason i.e. to make their dreams come true during younger days but unable to achieve. The reason why you will not be preferred for doing PhD after 36 is that you do not possess good energy levels. The energy levels are not quite good. Though there are many ways that you get admission into PhD course in Europe, there is always and unknown age limit in European Universities. There are several possible reasons for this. Energy levels are low after 36 years of age. Family responsibility is a barrier during 36 to 40 years of age. Lack of motivation from others for an elderly people. One cannot mingle with those young chaps who do PhD in Europe. Age becomes a barrier for doing PhD as an international student. Your health may not support to give best results after age limit. European universities are quite stricter with age restriction. Europe has a kind of courses where energy is required. PhD in Europe also demands language skills for all ages. Taking into consideration about all those limitations with European universities, I suggest you to try with some of them even if you crossed 36 years of age. If PhD supervisor is willing to take you, then there would be not issues with your age. European countries for doing PhD France Norway Spain Sweden Italy Finland Germany Poland Cyprus Russia Georgia Romania Austria Iceland United Kingdom Czech Republic Ireland Netherlands European Universities for PhD admission with age restriction University of Oxford University of Cambridge Sorbonne University Paris-Sud University LMU Munich Technical University of Munich Delft University of Technology Wageningen University & Research University of Bologna University of Padua
  • Age Limit for PhD in IIT
    IIT’s in India are reputed for PhD degree courses. The given age limit for PhD in iit is 23 years. This is the age that one could finish masters in India and can enter into IIT as full time scholar. There is a restriction for Part time PhD with IIT’s. But usually no one does PhD as soon as they complete masters in India. It happens rarely. The PhD aspirants who choose to enter IIT’s for PhD hail from 27 to 35 years of age. They do get some industry experience and then try for PhD in Indian Institute of Technology. But by the age of 23 any Indian could complete masters and he is eligible to take admission into PhD. This is the time when any Indian institute of technology can bring in some PhD admissions into full swing. In India many students aspire to get admission in iit for the way that these institutions are considered to be utmost reputed. Here one can really think of doing PhD during the age that prompts them. Usually the age is restricted in IIT’s based on category also. In this way, when someone takes admission he or she will be in a position to understand certain age criteria and process of applying according to age. Age Restriction is not a barrier among IIT’s If PhD supervisor has no problem with your performance during research proposal, he or she can recommend you to the doctoral panel and you can easily get admission at any age. There you need to have lots of adjustment and this way you really cannot help it out with mingling problems. There will arise a situation where you will be shown partiality when being around others. You need to possess lots of soft skills to cope up with the pressure and thus make sure to get into right things. IIT’s are somehow non co-operative If you get admission into IIT’s, you will not be treated properly when you are an elderly person. There reason is that the doctoral panel feels awkward to entrust some mean duties which they usually allot for young PhD scholars. What I mean by mean duty is that they may ask you to carry water bottles and arrange chairs for functions etc. In this way, lots of work will be given that could be easily given to the attenders in the college. Sometimes you will be used for personal works when someone thinks of using you. I tell about PhD co-coordinators around your department. They try to use you for unnecessary works irrespective of your age. So I recommend the elderly PhD aspirants to think of age limit for PhD for PhD in IIT List of IIT for PhD who keeps age limit Age Limit IIT’s for PhD Established IIT Tirupati 2015 IIT Palakkad 2015 IIT Patna 2008 IIT Gandhinagar 2008 IIT Hyderabad 2008 IIT Ropar 2008 IIT Mandi 2009 IIT Indore 2009 IIT Bhubaneswar 2008 IIT Jodhpur 2008 IIT Kanpur 1959 IIT (BHU) 2008 IIT Roorkee 2001 IIT Guwahati 1994 IIT Delhi 1963 IIT Bombay 1958 IIT Kharagpur 1951 You can join any of the IIT’s for PhD if your age is above 23. You are restricted to take admission if you fall under 23 years of age. For more information about IIT’s read wikipedia about IIT. As a part of advice, I recommend you not to waste time any more thinking about your age. Just jump into the field and boldly face your PhD. After all you will be a winner at the end of your PhD.
  • PhD Research Topics In Marketing
    New PhD aspirants are anxious about researching the best topics for their PhD program in Marketing. Here I am sharing with you Top 25 PhD Research Topics in Marketing. With one of the topics, you can confidently go ahead into your doctoral program in Marketing Thesis of Client Profitability in marketing. The Effectiveness of Distribution. Customer Retention and Retrieval in the Retail Sector. Modern Trends embracing marketing sector Fare Marketing analysis and Entry Strategy Organized Retailing and Demographic Effects. Reliance Services in view of telecom application. Cellular Companies and its Future Arena. Retail Marketing Analysis in terms of Consumer. Impact of Confectionary Products on Kids. Reliance Money Structure in Brokerage. Marketing Project of famous company Bisleri. Consumer Buying Behavioral levels of satisfaction. The Impact of  Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Loan Search Burdens in the present generation. Worldwide Marketing Implementation Strategies. E-Marketing Rules to improvise Marketing Economy. Marketing (Your Country) Worldwide. Publicizing Critical Problems in the current Economy Convenience Stores and Loyalty Programs. Channel Development through marketing. Nonconventional tactics of Distribution. Survey of Advertising Channel. Packaging drawbacks and effects on Consumer.  Effects of Branding and Quality on Consumer. After bachelors, you think of higher study and want to be at the professional level, a professor and a doctoral title. For this, you should apply for the Ph.D. This is a great challenge for every master’s level student. You must need to write a research paper. If you have excellent research skill and writing skill, then you can proceed with it. One of the most widely recognized issues when composing a Ph.D. research paper is picking the phd research topics in marketing. Luckily, there are Ph.D. pape- composing services and methodologies that will make point determination simpler on your part. To guarantee quality subjects, ensure that you characterize the reason for your paper; this will enable you to create Ph.D. look into topics in promoting that will induce your group of spectators and clarify the significance of your writing reagarding topics of research in marketing. Your preferred research topic ought not just to present a great extent of your field yet additionally give a chance to further research. For your business development and improvement, marketing is fundamental. Therefore marketing/advertising task compositions can help you in building up a dependable and powerful limited-time plan for your organization that can bolster your business objectives. Subsequently, an understudy must pick an intriguing research paper topic that can develop their advantage while doing the research paperwork and make your project look proficient and fantastic. To release all your pressure and surpass in your scholastic profession, you have to get help from a specialist writer and an informative site from where you can get an idea about phd research topics in marketing. What Makes Good phd research topic in marketing ? Commit an error toward the beginning of your doctoral research by picking the wrong Ph.D. to look into topics in marketing, and you could do a lot of diligent work and worry for yourself. You should invest enough energy and exertion to choose the correct research topics in marketing/advertising for Ph.D. papers with the goal that you can make sure you will almost certainly get your paper finished effectively. This implies you should completely comprehend what is average from your examination thoughts. They should be: Attainable: Searching for research topics is attainable. While you may have a couple of years to embrace your exploration in marketing, you should even now have the option to finish it on schedule and with the majority of different assets that you have accessible to you. One of a kind: for your Ph.D., you should most likely demonstrate that the task you have picked has not as of now been investigated entirely by another.  Significant: If the primary individual that will need to have a solution to your exploration questions is you, then you might not have chosen something that will bear some significance with your field. It must positively affect your region to be appropriate.  Fascinating: you likewise need to think about your enthusiasm for your exploration. If you are probably not going to have the option to keep up that plan, at that point you are going to battle to finish the work. Method for choosing Research Topics in Marketing? Finding those ideal research subjects in promoting for Ph.D. searches for some is a battle. Coming up next are a portion of the manners in which that you can locate the perfect topic for your exploration: Proceed with past research: various understudies will need to keep on taking a shot at something that they have begun to explore some research topics in marketing already in their scholarly profession. Peruse papers in the regions of promoting that intrigue you: most papers will feature zones for further research in marketing or even feature where research is powerless. These can be phenomenal wellsprings of motivation. Glance back at work involvement: are there specific issues that you experienced that would make for a decent venture? Think about your future profession: what would you like to be known for, and what would you like to have the option to do in your next job? What openings does this feature for research? Hope so; the above PhD topics in marketing will help you to take off your stress about your professional career. So read these topics and choose the best one suited you. Step by step instructions to write an Effective Marketing Ph.D. Research Paper The accompanying tips will assist you with ensuring that you compose a paper that will most likely submit proudly: Plan your Ph.D. arranging: a great arrangement that subtleties out the achievements that you should meet to finish your composition will assist you in keeping things on track. Guarantee that you leave time in your arrangement for making modifications and checking your work. Structure your paper: a straightforward layout with clear notes in each area of your paper concerning what ought to be composed will make your writing significantly simpler. It will likewise guarantee that you stay away from intemperate revising during the procedure. Have clear focuses on your composition: set yourself an objective for what number of words you will compose each day and stick to it. Try not to put an aim that will overstretch your capacities. Update and edit your composition with consideration: the norms expected of your Ph.D. paper in marketing are out and out flawlessness.
  • Age limit for PhD in China
    Age limit for PhD in China is 41 years. This is the maximum age limit by which you can get admission. Once you cross this age limit you may not get admission into PhD in China. Though China has lots of competition in terms of education, PhD is always in demand. So age limit can condition the number of candidates aspiring for PhD. Not only this but doing PhD in China requires guts and courage, as is quite a tough task to do PhD in China. There are many rules and regulations around Chinese universities in terms of studying PhD. You must fulfil such conditions and must be able to cope up with the difficulties involved in doing PhD. If you are under 18 years of age, you are not allowed to do PhD. Any how after 18 you are allowed to take admission into PhD. But without masters. The one thing is that you must have masters usually to do PhD in china but even if you have degree also, you can easily do combined PhD which lasts few years. In other words it is an integrated PhD. If you are in 20 to 29 years and you want to pursue PhD, it is the right age for research. This is the right age to join PhD in my opinion just because you are mature enough to do research effectively. So if you ask me about which age is best to do PhD is: “I recommend to do in your 20’s. ” This way you can have ample time after your PhD to settle down with a good career and a handsome salary. What happens if you take admission in your 30’s. I mean from 30 years to 39 years of age. This age limit to do PhD in China is good. You can do a qualitative research. You will have enough experience to conduct research properly and with a good quality. But the problem is your career after 39 years or 35 years is really daunting and disappointing. As you have wasted some years in your life, it will be difficult to have a good careeer. Having said this PhD in China takes around 6 years. So doing in 30’s will not fetch you a good career. Think about this once. What if you are falling in the age limits of 40 to 49 to do PhD in China? Doing at this age is not practically possible in chinese universities. The age limit to do PhD in China is 41 years. I have already said this in my first paragraph. But remember there is always an exception with any university in China. So I don’t it is absolutely not possible to do PhD in China during 40’s age limits. You must talk to the Supervisor of the university of China that you are interested in doing PhD. If you are passionate enough to showcase your interest with a strong research proposal, then you are up to the mark to make a catch. So try to approach professors by finding their emails and send you research interest. They may accept your research proposal even at this age. Doing PhD in 50’s. This is the age from 50 to 59 that I am speaking with. By this age, your PhD is just for the sake of research and there is nothing that can happen besides this. You can do for the sake of time pass or even with passion. This way you can be a good researcher. There is no way you can bring things smooth. It is all about some contribution to th society before you originally retire. If your age is between 60 and 90 also you can try researching thing by taking PhD admission in China. Just do part time and go ahead. Age is not a restriction to get doctoral degree anywhere in China. There are always exceptions for happenings. These are the universities you can think at this point of age: PhD university in China Age Limit Branch HARBIN ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY  40 PhD in all Engineering DALIAN POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY 45 PhD in Light Industrial Technology DALIAN POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY 50 PhD in Food Science NANJING UNIVERSITY OF POSTS AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS 43 PhD in information and communication engineeering CHINA UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM 53 PhD in Geology or Oil and Gas etc. XIAMEN UNIVERSITY – WANG YANAN INSTITUTE FOR STUDIES IN ECONOMICS 54 PhD in Economics DALIAN POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY 41 PhD in Textile Science Peking University 40 PhD in all subjects University of Science and Technology China 42 PhD in all subjects If your age is too high, then take care that you must choose PhD supervisor who is elder to you. In this way, you both are in good terms in adjusting with ideas. Never opt young supervisors. This may not be good. Get here all PhD programs available in China that fit your age. These are some good universities in China to do PhD in China as per your age restrictions: PhD from Tsinghua University PhD from Peking University PhD from Zhejiang University (ZJU) PhD from Jiao Tong University PhD from Fudan University PhD from Nanjing University PhD from Sun Yat-sen University PhD from Wuhan University (WHU) PhD from HIT PhD from Hust Tongji University Xi’an Jiaotong University Shandong University Xiamen University Beijing Normal University Nankai University PhD age limit in china depends on many factors like how good is your proposal and how passionate are you in researching thing. If these things are there on the way then things would go well even if you are age barred for PhD in China.
  • How to apply for PhD Vignan University| A Review on PhD Progam
    How to apply and get admission into PhD program of Vignan’s University? It is a 4 year full time or part-time program. Here is a Step-by-Step Guide on how to do PhD in Vignan University. Also I will discuss on PhD admissions in Vignan University along with the time of PhD notification in Vignan University for the academic year 2021. Learn also about Vignan University Phd fee structure and Vignan University PhD online application. At last I will also tell about how PhD life looks like in Vignan. Read my complete guide about how to do PhD from Vignan University from Start to finish. Download Online application form. Fill the application form. Pay the PhD application form fee. Submit the application in the admission cell. Get a call from Vignan University. Appear for a written test. Appear for a PhD interview. Wait for the online results. If selected, go and join PhD. You can apply for PhD year long. Your application will be automatically processed when Vignan University releases PhD notification. Usually, they give PhD notification 2 times a year. Vignan university PhD notification will be in June/July/ and the second PhD notification will be in January/Feb. But you can apply beforehand to remove unnecessary last-minute tensions. The PhD fee structure of Vignan University is 70000/- Rs per annum for both part-time and full-time Ph.D. But in the first year, you must pay extra 10000 as a part of the admission fee. There is no concession what so ever. You can pay fees every semester. There is no condition to pay for the whole annum at once. So this is a big relief. Vignan University PhD fee structure may be high but they pay at the same time a good Stipend. Vignan university PhD syllabus is mostly taken from UGC NET and UGC SET. There is no particular syllabus mentioned anywhere in the university. When we inquired the administration, they replied to go through UGC prescribed syllabus. The stipend for PhD in engineering branches is 25000/- Rs per month. This is a handsome stipend and Vignan stands out from other Private and Govt universities. For PhD in science and humanities, the stipend is 18000/-Rs per month. Usually, Vignan pays stipend by 15th of every month. Each PhD student must apply for this. Once a PhD scholar finishes a month, he or she prepares 30 days’ research progress report. This report must be signed from PhD supervisor and Dean Research and HOD. The three signatures are mandatory with departmental stamps on it. This progress report must be again attached with one letter for requisition of stipend. Again this letter must be signed from al 3 departments that I have mentioned earlier. It may take around 3 days to complete the process. So now, for example, you submit your research report by 3rd of every month, you will receive your stipend of 25k or 18k at any point of time between 10 to 15 dates of the same month. Full-time PhD from Vignan takes 3 years to complete under some conditions. You must complete at least 5 Doctoral Committee meetings. You must at least attend one National and International Conference. You must at least publish one paper in Scopus or SCA indexed journals. Once you fulfill the above criteria, you can submit a thesis as soon as your finish 3rd year. Part-time PhD from Vignan Unversity takes 4 years. You must fulfill the conditions as said above for FT PhD. You must pass in First Class Masters. You must also have First Class in UG. You must pass PhD entrance test. You must pass PhD interview. You must submit a Research Proposal. Once you fulfill the above criteria, you can get admission without any problem. Many PhD candidates in recent years made a mistake not bothering about their UG marks. But after all the process during the certificate verification time, they were caught and their conditional admission stood canceled. So make sure to fulfill all the about conditions to do PhD in Vignan University. In such a case, you are exempted from PhD written test. But usually, the interview goes normally. This does not mean you will get admission. You must also do well in the PhD interview. Your Publications will be an additional support to get admission If you have the previous publication of research paper in good peer-reviewed journals, you can get easily PhD admission in Vignan. A short review of PhD program in Vignan’s Foundaiton for Science, Technology and Research Life of Ph.D. in Vignan University seems to be very busy the whole day. You have 3 main duties. Doing Invigilations weekly and monthly invigilations for MID1, MID2, MID3, and finally Semester Examinations. This seems to be busy and sometimes irritating for any PhD scholar in Vignan. Taking Regular Classes. The usual rule is to allow a minimum of 12 hours a week workload for Ph.D. scholars in Vignan. But it goes more depending on the situations. Departmental Duties are another thing. There are many duties that are related to department like Correction of papers, evaluation, marks posting and duties during events and functions, etc. I am yet to interview PhD students from Vignan. I will update information here shortly. Keep coming to read this post once in a while Yes, there is free time but due to the workloads that are entrusted to you as a part of teaching assistantship will diminish your interest to do research during the free time. So usually scholars stay until night in the library after college. That is the time with less pressure. The College starts at 8 am sharp for a Ph.D. student and ends at 5 pm. A 9-hour workload in a day is mandatory in which research is included. There is a thumb system in Vignan. You must give biometric thumb by 7-55 am in the morning and final thumb after 5-00 pm in the evening. You must maintain 9 hours presence in a day at Vignan. This all will be calculated at the end of every month. There is no simple process in Vignan University to claim salary for forgetting to give a biometric thumb impression. You must write a letter and print a proof of attendance on that day and get it signed from your PhD supervisor and from the Finance Officer and submit to the clerk. It will again be passed to Registrar of the university. Registrar rejects most of the time without understanding faculty situation. It is all a long process. Instead of this better lose that one day’s salary. A big “no.” Usually, most of the clerks are headstrong in Vignan to reply to PhD scholars and faculty. There was a situation when PhD student resigned for some time for not treating him properly by Registrars PA. Anyhow it is all adjustment and control of emotion from your part. We cannot change them. Usually, lunch is provided freely for all of Vignan’s University staff. This a good news to many working here. Accommodation is free to all Ph.D. students with one condition. It is to avail the facility of the canteen by paying 5000 Rs per month. Usually, you will get breakfast, lunch ( you can also have free lunch in the university) Snacks and Supper. You must compulsorily take food from the boy’s hostel’s canteen to get free accommodation. Yes, each PhD student is given one separate cabin. They call them as research carrels in Vignan. These cabins are located within the library itself. So it is easy to take books and research. The library hours usually form 7-30am to 9-30 pm. and during Sundays from 10-00 am to 5-00 pm. There is a holiday on feast days. Probably the university gates are closed. Once you enter at 7 -40, you are confined to stay in the campus up to 5. There is no possibility to move out casually and have tea. You need a permission letter from HOD to cross security main gate and you must give yet another thumb while moving out and coming forth. These rules are for the scholars and faculty and students. The fees structure in Vignan University is 70000 per annum. During the first year, an extra 10000 has to be paid as a part of the admission fee. Vignan University releases PhD notification twice a year. i.e. in the month of June and January. The minimum duration to study full-time PhD is 3 years in Vignan University and Part-time takes 4 to 5 years. Vignan University PhD online application is displayed on the website year long. You can fill the application form easily online or offline and submit to the administrative officer. Vignan University collects 1000 INR for PhD application form.
  • PhD Salary In India
    Doing PhD in India and getting a job is no easy task. In the same way, the salaries are of great demand for PhD holders. The average PhD salary in India is 50000 INR. It can go up to 100000+ INR with experienced professors who have a good number of publications. If you are wondering how much could be the salary in India, here is my detailed study. PhD salary in India also depends on right negotiation skills in India. Salaries also fluctuate as GDP increases and economy develops. So I am giving the average PhD salary that usually universities in India pay to a faculty. PhD Salary in India with Private Universities These are the universities which are approved by UGC which inspects these private universities once in 3 to 5 years. Usually private universities pay more when it comes to salary for PhD holders. They pay according to the publication history of a PhD holder. If one has a good number of publications, then that can bring amazing salary benefits with private universities. Should you research papers had been published in Scopus and SCA indexed journals, then you will have more salary benefits. So it is all about quality of your PhD rather than just to have a qualification of Doctor of Philosophy. So make sure to have a good publication style when you would like to get more salary in private universities. PhD salary in India with Government Universities Government universities in India pay very less as compared to that of private ones. So usually you are paid less salaries with government universities. But there are many unknown benefits if you get job with Indian government universities. For example, you will have less work load and there is less stress and pressure unlike private universities where you will face lot of stress each and every second. Another good thing working with less salary in government universities is that you are entitled to many schemes and offers from government. You can get easy bank loans and free DA and HRA etc. When compared this way, even government university salaries will compensates in par with private universities at the end. What is the salary of PhD professor in India? PhD professor salary in India range from 95000-150000 per month. But salary from NIT and IIT is very handsome for phd professors.They will be paid more that private and government universities. As far as my knowledge is concerned, in 2021 NIT and IIT pay around 2-3 lacs per month for a regular tenure track PhD professor. This is even for a fresher if he exhibits enough skills. So working for a kind of salary that is huge and handsome is great. That is why it is every Indian doctorate dream to become a PhD professor in IIT and NIT. PhD salary in India with coaching and tutorial centers Tutorial centers in India pay on hourly basis. PhD salary in coaching centers is around 2000 rupees per hour with good amount of experience. Only reputed coaching institutes can pay this amount. Starters will pay very less even to a phd holder. So salary payment depends on many factors. Salary after phd in India with different universities Name of University Type of University Avg Salary per month Vignan University Deemed to be 60000 INR KL University Deemed to be 50000 INR Gitam Unversity Deemed to be 54000 INR Centurion University Private 45000 INR Garden City University Private 72000 INR SRM University Private 82000 INR VIT Univesity Private 80000 INR Sharda University Private 78000 INR Nirma University Private 88000 INR Karunya University Private 55000 INR Galgotias University Private 44000 INR Christ University Private 35000 INR Shiv Nadar University Private 48000 INR SASTRA University Private 34000 INR Invertis University Private 66000 INR Chitkara University Private 67000 INR Jaypee University Private 45000 INR Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetm Private 77000 INR Chandigarh University Private 89000 INR Taking in to consideration with all the above mentioned private universities, salaries mostly depend on better and clever negotiation skills during your HR round. So make sure to tell confidently without shyness what is your expectation? Before moving for negotiation, you must also understand the situation in that university. You must ask some faculty working there before hand about how the salaries are paid. So that you will get better idea on perfect negotiation. For PhD faculty, universities have some norms. According to the norms, you must go through situations. I recommend to notice changes every year that Indian government is bringing in regards to payment of salaries to PhD holders. This will give you better idea about which salaries are existing today and this year. PhD salaries are high when compared with non-phd holders. So go for high bargain. Never settle down with low type of working. You must know you are dignified doctorate. Unfortunately some people are giving competition by working for low salaries. This is not good. Doctor of philosophy is a worthy qualification through which you can simply get a high paying career. Grab it without miss. PhD salaries in India are growing day by day. Take note of every change. Many faculty working in different institutions are regretting now for not making a right bargain of salary during the interview. No one can help once your salary is decided by the administration. So do not fall in to this category of people who regret later for not asking salary as it should be in Indian universities. PhD salaries in India also depends on the subject. For example,PhD in humanities have lesser salary than PhD in engineering subjects. So your subject decides your salary. A PhD holder in English may get 45k salary in Indian universities where as a PhD holder in Engineering gets up to 65k salary in India. So there is so much difference right? So why not think now to know what is the salary range for you. Read here PhD salaries as per subjects Top 10 ideas to increase PhD salary in India Publish a good paper in Scopus Journal or SCA to increase your PhD salary in India Make sure to have a good publication record up to the current year to get a better PhD salary in India. Do not feel shy while negotiation. Keep target about your PhD salary. Have a talk with other faculty members in the university that you are applying for. Know the range of the university. Give a good demo. This will help you get a handsome PhD salary in top Indian universities. Choose reputed universities to work with. You will paid higher. Do not try to manipulate documents. Show original value of what you are. Prepare well to say why do you deserve a high PhD salary than others. Experience matter. Get all experience certificate proofs. This will allow university recruiters to believe your credibility and offer you a good PhD salary in India. At last make sure you do PhD from reputed universities. Some PhD’s are not taken into consideration. Conclusion: After saying all the above points on PhD salary in India, the one thing to conclude is to be more productive in your career and increase the knowledge in the subject of PhD. Then automatically everything follows you. You will be in a better stand than others. Many PhD holder are passing out every year now a days. So competition may hinder salary benefits. Take care to beat the competition that others are giving in your area. In this way you can get a good PhD salary in which ever university you go. After all who wants to lose the right candidate? Popular posts that others are reading now:: Salary after PhD in Zoology in India Salary after PhD in Mathematics in India Salary after PhD in Biotechnology in India Salary after PhD in English in India Salary after PhD in Chemistry in India Salary after PhD in Microbiology in India Salary after PhD in Economics in India
  • Can PhD be done after PGDM?
    Can I Do PhD after PGDM? Yes you can do PhD after PGDM but the pgdm course must be accredited from NBA and at the same time having a certificate from AIU and an approval from AICTE. Once you have these 3 preconditions fulfilled, pgdm students can apply for PhD because your PGDM is equivalent to MBA. Then you can pursue PhD after PGDM. Unfortunately many colleges don’t reveal clearly to students about PGDM validity. This is why students must strictly ask their college about accreditation of PGDM course. But to get admission in PhD you need to get a good percentage of marks in your PGDM and are able to convince PhD supervisor about your level of knowledge in the particular subject. You can pursue PhD after PGDM only after clearing phd entrance exam followed by phd interview. The options are many. It all starts with which topic you want to take up for research. There are many topics in pgdm. You need to pick one of the topics of your interest and move ahead. You can also decide the topic with your PhD supervisor during or before the admission process. Are you worrying who suppose to be your supervisor. Just go to the university and meet HOD and request for subject experts in the topic you have chosen. They will guide you to the right person. You can opt him as your phd guide in the future. But it is unfortunate that some universities are adamant and look cheap about PGDM. Usually no one joins after PGDM into PhD. Because if that would be their idea, they would have taken MBA directly even before planning to do PGDM. Students opt for post graduate diploma only for one reason is to get a fast job. Is PGDM a criteria for pursuing PhD? No. Usually Masters is the criteria for pursuing PhD. But if your PGDM is recognized by AICTE and have an equivalent certificate, then it can become criteria. Can we pursue a PhD after completing a PGDM from Symbiosis? Yes you can pursue a phd after doing pgdm from Symbiosis. It is a reputed institute. So you can do it easily. It has all the recognition. Can PGDM passed candidate write NET? Yes PGDM passed candidate is fully eligible to write NET exam. Only the condition is that the course must be accredited by AIU. Can a student do PhD after PGDM from IIM? Yes anyone who do PGDM from IIM is eligible to do PhD from any university. IIM’s PGDM is equivalent to MBA. So there is not problem in pursuing phd with PGDM from IIM. Can someone pursue PhD in management after a distance PGDM? Usually most of the distance learning PGDM’s are not recognized to be equivalent to MBA. This one needs to be verified before embarking into distance pgdm courses. Otherwise you may not be eligible for getting admission into PhD. Is AICTE PGDM equivalent to an MBA degree? A big yes. Any PGDM which is from AICTE is automatically becomes equivalent qualification to MBA degree which can lead to PhD admission if applied.
  • PhD in Garden City University
    Information about PhD in Garden city university is crucial to join and take admission. Here is the detailed process about its fees and the available PhD programs in Garden City University Bangalore. Garden City University PhD fees is 50000 INR per semester except for PhD in Psychology which is 60000/-. per semester. Having said this the available phd programs in GCU are very limited. These are the PHD programs that are available in GCU. Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology Doctor of Philosophy in Journalism Doctor of Philosophy in Hotel Management and Tourism Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry Doctor of Philosophy in Management Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Sciences and Information Technology Doctor of Philosophy in PsychologyDoctor of Philosophy in Physiotherapy Doctor of Philosophy in Indian & Foreign Languages There is also hostel facility for PhD students. These are the costs for PhD students in Garden City University. Sharing Rainbow Venus A Venus B Single 130000 150000 160000 Single with ACFridge 175000 185000 Twin 90000 105000 115000 Triple 80000 n/a n/a Examination fees for PhD students besides regular fees as follows: Rs 5500 per semester. And there are other charges for sports and vice versa which will go up to 35000/-
  • Number of phds per country
    When coming to PhD, it is not that every country could produce easily. Here is the percentage levels of each country’s PhD doctorates. Usually this census and survey is conducted by PhDstudytips in the month of october 2019. Here are the results of the number of phds per country. Country Number of PhDs United States 92459 Germany 53157 South Africa 5032 Russia 5223 Indonesia 6599 India 49300 Japan 27059 France 23037 Turkey 7516 Canada 12099 Australia 15300 Korea 22751 Spain 21434 Italy 27555 The number of PhD holders are growing day by day due to competition in the education field. In the past PhD was a special degree but now it is no more an advanced degree. The reasons are too many. One strongest reason that PhD is mandatory in some countries to get jobs. With out PhD you cannot be a professor in some of the big universities. So what If some one has a desire to become a professor or lecturer? He suppose to get a PhD. So the number of Phds are growing day by with a huge percentage. There is a lot of variation in the number of PhDs when compared to the 2014 survey conducted by Forbes. PhD is no more a qualification of great scientists but it is a normal course that anybody can get into when they are young enough. Though many regret why they had not done PhD, the truth is otherwise. Many students are not stopping their studies just with masters but continuing with great zeal till they do away with PhD. Women are getting more phds according to the survey conducted by statista here are the results. When we check the above data, women are too much enticed in doing PhD than men. As university job is secure and relaxing for women than any other jobs out there. Here, I am giving the exact details why some countries are lacking in delivering right PhD candidates. Research in some countries are not as per good standards. Poor ways of innovation. Plagiarism of research. Lack of encouragement for a good research. These reasons do make some countries fall short back to produce number of phds worldwide. If someone could take care of this pitfalls then things would be far more better than before. Only united states and germany scholars produce quality research. Whilst other countries have phds great in number but the quality of innovation is poor compared to most European countries. One of such low quality research comes from countries like India and Turkey. If you want to pursue PhD where the number is high and quality as well, these are the top ranked universities in the world. Name of University Rank University of Oxford 1 California Institute of Technology 2 University of Cambridge 3 Stanford 4 Doing PhD in the above university means, you have got a great admiration in the future. You PhD will gain enormous value forever. The scope of getting into these universities depends upon your intelligence and percentage levels through out your academic outputs. If you are good at these things, you can just get into those great innovators of life experiments.
  • PhD entrance exam syllabus for botany in India
    PhD entrance exam syllabus for botany will be different for each university. But most commonly, every university follows certain common syllabus patterns. Here is my detailed syllabus outlook to write entrance exam for PhD in Botany. Download PhD entrance exam syllabus for botany Botany is a stream of Biology subject in which knowledge is shared on the assessment of plants and the process through which they thrive and sustain. At the graduation and pg. level education the course curriculum is usually imparted through lectures, lab based sessions as well as field based research. Suitable and eligible aspiring candidates interested in pursuing the course should have completed master’s degree from any recognized university with a least score of % alongwith year teaching or administrative experience. The course fee is anywhere from INR 2000 -8 lakhs for a term of 3 yr. The average salary that a candidate acquires after completion of the course is anywhere from 15000-80000/-. The pay is variable in accordance to private and govt.sectors. PhD in Botany is a three year long programme with a doctorate degree. Here the students are allowed to go for independent research work. The curriculum covers the following concepts: The basis of medicine Research on Biomedical activities Terminology Biological preservation Admission Process: The candidate has to prove his or her eligibility by undertaking the following examinations DBT- It is an entrance examination of national-level conducted for selecting candidates for research work in the discipline. UGC NET- It is also a national-level examination for selecting eligible candidates for Ph.D. examination CSIR NET- It is usually conducted twice a year. The successful candidates would be able to pursue Ph.D. upon successful completion of this examination. What is thecourse description and syllabus to pursue Ph.D. in Botany? Semester I Semester II Methodology on Research Preservation &Biodiversity Proposal on Research The latest trends and developments of Ecology Freshdevelopments in Physiology of Plant Current Biotechnology Trends Moderntrends in Plant Pathology – A Ph.D. in Botany- What it is all about? It is all about the scientific assessment and investigations of various types of plants and fungi. This scientific discipline comprises of the assessment of various types of plants and their aspects. The research scholar has to study a varied number of aspects like the growth, structure, reproduction of plants. The major areas of work for the candidates for research would involve nursery and seed companies. It is important for candidates to have clear, concise and verbal abilities so that they can pass the verbal interview round in a Ph.D. entrance examination in Botany. The career prospects for Botanists After successful completion of their degree, the doctorates would have a world of opportunities in front of them. One of the most noble and lucrative professions is to opt for lectureship. Moreover, the candidate can also apply in various reputed organizations for the post of plant explorers, ecologists, nursery managers, etc. Moreover, researching on molecular biology is also a great option for potential candidates. Candidates can also undertake research work in their respective institutes. It is also a viable career option for many. Hence, it is evident that the profession of a botanist is quite prestigious. However, you need to work hard to pass the eligibility test.
  • How many words per page in apa format
    The number of words per page in apa format are 250 words. This means if one wants to write a research paper in apa style format, it is recommended to write in 8 pages in times new roman font. This way one can begin to write a research paper effectively. The paper must include double spacing. Usually with double spacing, apa format takes 250 words per page. There are ready-made formats available for apa format style where you do not need to worry about the number of words per page. It automatically takes 250 words per page. How to count words in apa style paper In apa style paper, you must count words totally along with abstract title and every thing that you have written. Only this way you can really get the overview of how many words are present in the research paper. Do not use too long sentence or too short sentences While writing paper in APA style, do not use too complex sentences and very short ones. Usually this makes difficult to really follow through how many words you have in apa style. Can you use other fonts on APA style? No one cannot use other fonts for APA style because APS recommends only times new roman. This is the major font that is very clear to read and there is also a letter friendly for human eyes. Which edition is live now in apa format? There is 7th edition ongoing now. But mostly researchers use only 6th edition even now due to the complexity of 7th edition. Though apa style is used vastly, some also follow MLA style and chicago style. This depends on your publisher’s rules and regulation about which format that one must use while sending a research paper. The guidelines will be clearly given to writers and authors about apa style format and basic things are also mentioned there. Here is the sample apa style paper
  • Top 15 Scopus Indexed Journals In Economics
    We have curated a detailed and researched list of the Top 15 Scopus Indexed Journals in Economics for all the Economics enthusiasts. Quarterly Journal of Economics Entrepreneurship Theory and Practise Journal of Economic Perspectives Journal of Human Resources Journal of Supply Chain Management Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science Journal of International Business Studies Journal of Finance Journal of Financial Economics Journal of Economic Growth International Journal of Production Economics Resources, Conservation, and Recycling Journal of Political Economy Journal of Accounting Research American Economic Journal: Applied Economics For beginners who do not know what Scopus is- we will be helping you out with that as well. Scopus is well-known as one of the largest databases of source-neutral abstracts and citations which has been curated by the experts on the subject matters. Scopus is believed to have indexed content from around 24,000+ active titles and more than five thousand publishers, which has been vetted and rigorously selected by a bench of an independent board of reviewers. It uses a vibrant metadata infrastructure to connect people, ideas, and institutions. Scopus helps in bringing together superior quality data, advanced technology, and sophisticated analytics in one place, which fights against predatory publishing and thus helps in better decision making. It also helps give credit to actual researchers for your work. These are the top list of scopus indexed journals in Economics. .Scopus Indexed Journals in Economics of Quarterly Journal of Economics The Quarterly Journal of Economics was first started in the year 1886 and is a peer-review journal that is published by the Oxford University Press. It is believed to be one of the oldest chronicles of Economics in the English language. The recent editors in chief are from the Harvard University: Robert J. Barro, Pol Antràs, Lawrence F. Katz, Andrei Shleifer. As the name suggests, it is published every quarter and has one of the best impact scores among most other Economics Journals. Also take a short view on my other article on Scopus indexed journals in Civil Engineering for engineering students. .Scopus Indexed Journals in Economics in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practise Entrepreneurship Theory and Practise is another peer-reviewed journal in Economics and entrepreneurship studies. This particular journal was first published in 1976 and had Johan Wiklund as its Editor in chief. SAGE Publications publish this journal on behalf of Baylor University. This particular journal is also considered as one of the official journals of the United States Association for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship. .Scopus Indexed Journals in Economics for Journal of Economic Perspectives The Journal of Economics Perspectives was first published in the year 1987 by the American Economic Association and is edited by Enrico Moretti while Timothy Taylor is the Managing Director. This journal has got a varied sense of purposes- right from providing insights for students in a classroom setting to giving economic analysis for public policy issues. .Scopus Indexed Journals in Economics at Journal of Human Resources The Journal of Human Resources is a publication of the University of Wisconsin Press and was first published in the year 1965. This is another quarterly peer-reviewed journal that covers empirical microeconomics. David N Figilo of the Northwestern University is the editor in chief. Get here my other article on scopus list of journals in English. .Scopus Indexed Journal in Economics for a topic Journal of Supply Chain Management The Journal of Supply Chain Management is another quarterly research journal that was first published in 1965 by the publishers Wiley-Blackwell. .Another Scopus journal list for Economics is Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science Another such peer-review journal which is published quarterly to twice a month in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. The Reports of Journal Citation have reported an impact factor 5.888 for 2016. The current editor in chief for the Journal is John Hulland from the Terry Business College. .Scopus indexed journals in Economics of Journal of International Business Studies This particular journal is published by Palgrave Macmillan and has papers concerning International Business. This is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal that was first set into publication in the year 1970. The Editor in chief for the journal is Alain Verbeke from the University of Calgary. .A Scopus related journal in Economics of Journal of Finance The Journal of Finance, another journal published by Wiley-Blackwell, with Stefan Negal as it’s editor in chief on behalf of the American Finance Association. This is considered one of the premier finance journals. The Journal Citation Reports ranks this particular journal 4th out of the 345 in the Economics category. The Financial Times uses this esteemed journal to compile its business school research ranks, and it has also been used by Bloomberg’s Businessweek’s top 20 Journals. Other are reading the Scopus journals of Mathematics .Scopus indexed Journal of Financial Economics The Journal of Financial Economics is a peer-reviewed educational journal covering the field of finance. The journal was first established in the year 1974. One of the premier journals to be referred by the Financial Times. The editor-in-chief currently is G. William Schwert from the Simon Business School. The journal effects two annual prizes for economics research, the  Jensen Prize and the Fama DFA Prize. .Scopus indexed Journal of Economic Growth The Journal of Economic Growth is another peer-review of the journal which covers the research on the basis of the economic growth and the part of macroeconomics as well. The journal is being established in the management for 1996, it is based on the basis of the Springer Science and even the Business Media. The journey is based onto the theorics and even the basics of the neoclassical as well as the endogenous growth models along with income distribution with the help of the human capital and overlapping system of management on the basis of the fluctuations. The Journal based on the growth of the Economic world has been ranked among all the journals and fourth of it’s place. It is the Journal Citation report which has been ranked and has been placed in the 11th out of all the 209 journals which are recorded on the basis of the Brown Hebrew University. .Scopus indexed International Journal of Production Economics The International Journal of Production Economics stresses on topics relating to engineering as well as management. The general aspects of the subject about manufacturing as well as process industries, also production, in the general nature, are covered. This journal is considered to be interdisciplinary, taking into consideration the whole cycle of activities, like the life cycle of a product – from research, designing, development stage, test and launch to disposal – as well as the flow cycle of material – i.e. supply, production, and distribution. .Scopus indexed journals of Economics in Resources, Conservation, and Recycling The journal has an open access mirror journal with the same name and shares the same editorial team, aim, scope, and the submission system. Since they have the same editorial team, the peer review is also quite rigorous. The Editor welcomes any contribution from research, that are a part of the sustainable management studies and also on the resources conservation. This journal stresses and focuses on the transformational processes involved in the transition towards a healthy and competitive, sustainable production as well as consumption system. The emphasis of the journal is upon institutional, economic, technological, and policy aspect of the specific resource management practice, like conservation, recycling, as well as resource substitution. .Scopus indexed in Journal of Political Economy This journal is published monthly and was first established in the year 1892 by James Lauren Laughlin. Another peer-reviewed weekly by the University of Chicago Press and covered the scope of both empirical and theoretical economics. The Journal has its editor in chief from the University of Chicago, Harald Uhlig. The journal in the past has changed its frequency from quarterly to twice a month to monthly. .Scopus Ecnomics Journal of Accounting Research This one is one of the leading peer-review journals of the Chicago University. Edited by a group of senior editors like Philip G. Berger, Christian Leuz, Douglas J. Skinner, Luzi Hail, Haresh Sapra, Regina Wittenberg Moerman, and Rodrigo Verdi – was first established in the year 1963. Wiley-Blackwell also publishes this particular journal at the Chicago Booth School of Business University of on the behalf of Accounting Research Center, which is formerly known as the Institute of Professional Accounting. This journal is published once every five years. The Financial Times lists it as one of those 45 journals which are used to compile the research ranks at business schools. The Journal of Citation Reports ranks it 3rd among the 103 journals belonging to the Business and Finance category. .Scopus indexed journals of American Economic Journal: Applied Economics The Journal of American Economics: Applied Economics had its first edition in 2009 and was published by the Journal of American Economics – a group of 4 peer-review academic journals – Applied Economics, Economic Policy, Macroeconomics, and Microeconomics. We hope this exhaustive list of all the relevant journals in the Economics category helps you in your research studies.
  • Scopus Indexed Journals in Civil Engineering 2021 List
    Indexed Journals by Scopus gives authority and credibility to civil engineering doctoral researchers. These are the top Scopus indexed journal in civil engineering 2021. All given journals are q4 and easy to publish papers. Check also the status of journal whether it got discontinued or not before sending paper. Here is the full list of scopus indexed civil engineering journals: Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering Archives of Hydroengineering and Environmental Mechanics International Journal of Supply and Operations Management WSEAS Transactions on Applied and Theoretical Mechanics Civil and Environmental Engineering International Journal of Aviation, Aeronautics, and Aerospace Journal of Water Management Modeling Modern Tunnelling Technology Tecnologia y Ciencias del Agua Chinese Journal of Engineering Design Geotechnical Engineering Revista Ingenieria de Construccion Dams and Reservoirs Fatigue of Aircraft Structures International Journal of Sustainable Construction Engineering and Technology Journal of Structural Engineering (Madras) Journal of the Korea Concrete Institute Magazine of civil engineering provides an incredible platform where you can publish an original research paper. This platform has both an online and printed version of the civil engineering original research papers. The texts and metadata are usually transferred to the National Digital Library and the digital library of Polytechnic University. This allows for the researchers in the engineers and managers in the constructions to search for the information online. The journals are written with strict guidelines that focus more on the economic efficiency in all the technical solutions that they provide. The journals in the magazine of civil engineering d cover various aspects of civil engineering such as; hydraulics and processes and its technologies. Structural engineering and structural mechanics is also one area that the journals do cover. If you are carrying out research on Construction and the various building materials then w also have journals that do address that. http://engstroy.spbstu.ru/eng/about.html Advance in Civil Engineering is a platform of its own kind that invites several publications of electrical journals. The common fields of research articles that are commonly published in this journal include the ones related to civil engineering. The journals that you wish to publish can either be theoretical or practical. The LOCKSS initiative interacted with this journal platform allows access to its published journals by the public i.e researchers civil engineers and even construction managers. Having a Citescore of 1.16 from the 2017 Citescore metrics makes this the best platform for published article research and publishing your own researches. https://www.hindawi.com/journals/ace/ Archives of civil engineering invite the publication of origials research papers carried on various modes of research such as experimental, practical research papers and theoretical research papers. The platform has got incredible features such as the Pliagarim s check system that checks similarity of content, simple and accessible layout for the authors, and systematic guidelines for the authors who would like to public their publications. Archives for civil engineering invites Civils engineering publications from various fields such as soils mechanics, engineering foundations on metals, concrete and timber and lastly on structural mechanics. https://content.sciendo.com/view/journals/ace/ace-overview.xml International journal of civil engineering is a forum that allows you to access theoretical and practical research that was published. The original research papers on civil engineering cover the following subtopics; structures, earthquakes, water resources transportation etc. this is a civil engineering international forum community that combines a broad spectrum of the theoretical and practical research field. Having an incredible platform with a simple navigation system that allows one to publish his researches. For those who are looking for research materials then this is a portal that is always open for research purposes. Other are aslo looking at Scopus indexed journals in Economics. https://www.springer.com/engineering/civil+engineering/journal/40999 Iranian journal of science and technology-Transactions of Civil Engineering focuses on all the aspects of civil engineering which includes, earthquake engineering, Concrete engineering  steel  structures , Structural engineering etc. the ultimate aim of the journal is to ensure that there is improved growth on the various scientific research that is being carried day in day out by the Iranians Egninneres. Most of the Iranians researchers have published various scientific and technological researches on Civil Engineering at large. The Iranian journal of science and technology-Transactions of Civil Engineering portal is open to all the researchers who would like to look for major publications from the Iranians scientists in the Civil Engineering disciplinary. https://link.springer.com/journal/40996 Journal of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering is the place for civil engineers who would like to carry out research or wh would like to publish their research. The online institutions aim at becoming the leading learned learning society in the international standards and thus it usually invites for research publications in all the aspects f civil engineering. Currently, it’s the leading online journal publication site in South-Africa. It has got systematic guidelines on how to publish journals on its platform whose criteria is internationally accepted. Thanks to the editorial board and strict conditions that the authors do have to comply for their publications to be published. When looking when carrying out a research-related Materials in Civil  Engineering then going through the Journals posted on our platform will provide you with a side scope of knowledge. For you to gain this access to a knowledge pool of research then you have to observe some security protocols. You will go through a tutorial video that will surely guide you n making the right application of your username and password. This is so to protect all the information that has been previously researched. Like any other platform, you are also allowed to publish the various journals that you had researched previously. If you wish to look at my other article on Scopus list of journals for Maths, Please take a look on it. https://www.editorialmanager.com/jrnmteng/default.aspx The Korean Society of Civil Engineers (KSCE)IS THE ONE RESOSNIGLWE IN PUBLISHING OF THIS JOURNAL. The journal is responsible for publishing a wide range of civil engineering works. The research is usually theoretical or practical oriented which is not limited case studies. I8n order to improve the science and technological levels in civil in engineering journals in the following categories are usually invited for publishing; Tunnel Engineering, Geospatial engineering, Nuclear Engineering not leaving out Structural engineering. In addition to that, it also picks journals from the following categories, water engineering, and transportation engineering. https://www.terkko.helsinki.fi/feednavigator/?j=182519&c=Engineering The Proceedings of the institution of civil engineers-civil engineering journals have a wide scope on the practicability and the theoretics of the journal. It comes civil engineering topics that ranged from management, geospatial engineering, materials science, structural mechanics etc. the platform also welcomes authors to come and p[ublish their journals. After which the authors are usually provided with electronic articles in which they can share on their profile. Submitting your paper t those journal is absolutely free of charge. https://www.icevirtuallibrary.com/toc/jcien/current The Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering is an official journal for the Canadian civil engineers whose publishments is dated back in 1974.  When looking for a journal the features we engineering developments in the civil engineering field then this is the journal that you can consider. The journal has got various types of articles ranging from structural mechanics, mechanics, engineering material; an etc. the contributors in this journals are the great researchers and practitioners. The journal also invites new researchers in the civil engineering mechanics to come out an give out their contribution. For the researchers who would like to access the content that has previously researched, they are welcomed to download the electronic research articles from the journal.
  • Scopus Indexed Journals in Mathematics 2021 (New Update)
    If you are searching for a list of famous journals of Mathematics that are indexed in Scopus, I have made some efforts to gather some important scopus indexed journals in Mathematics 2021. This list of scopus indexed journals in mathematics 2021 is based on recent research done by us in India. These are fast publishing scopus journals in mathematics and some of them are Indian journals in mathematics. There are also paid sci indexed journals in mathematics. Send an email to the editor of the journal to confirm the list of scopus indexed journals in mathematics 2021. Journal of International Mathematics Research Notices. Israel Journal of  Mathematics. Izvestia mathematics journal. Japanese Journal of .Mathematics. Japan Journal of Industrial and applied mathematics. Journal of Mathematics and Music. Journal of Numerical Mathematics. Journal of the institute of Mathematics of Jussieu. Journal of computational and applied mathematics. Scopus indexed journals in Mathematics of International Mathematics Research Notices The International Mathematics Research Notices is a high profiled Scopus Indexed Mathematics journal that is known for publishing research articles on current issues in mathematical areas. Having over 100 databases which include the likes of CSA Civil Engineering Abstracts, journal citation reports/science edition mathematical review etc. Reviewing the research articles posted in here makes this journal a formidable research tool in the researches of mathematics. The journal also invites research contribution from the top mathematicians who have worked on an original paper. We have a team of highly recognized mathematicians who are willingly ready to assist you in the publication of your original paper. Scopus indexed journals in Mathematics of Israel Journal of Mathematics The year 1963 is the first year in which the Israel Journal of Mathematics appeared with a record of publishing over 4000 pages of research article each year and stood as Scopus Indexed Journal. This is a home of theoretical researches on computer science and research papers on mathematics. We have a team of internationally recognized mathematicians on our editorial board who do give instructions to authors who would like to publish their work on our journal. This is to ensure that the work that you do publish is an original research paper. The published work posted on this journal can be accessed through the indices that we do have. Also take a look on list of 2021 scopus indexed journals in Civil Engineering Scopus indexed journals in Mathematics of Japanese Journal of Mathematics Scopus Indexed Japanese Journal of Mathematics eminent in housing the major mathematical research papers from Japan all the way from the year 1924. The mathematical research papers that are being housed in here focuses on providing an imminent progressive in mathematical techniques. When submitting your research then you have to ensure that it fulfills the research criteria which includes; the research article should have covered the topic of interest with a broad perspective, the research paper needs to have reviewed the major development within the area of study. This is a journal that has got a high number of visits not only in Japan but internationally. Its publications’ can be accessed online or can be printed for future review. Scopus Journal of Mathematics and Music The Journal of Mathematics and Music focuses in encompasses computational analysis and mathematical models n the theory for music. Its research papers focus on performing mathematical investigations into the musical theory. It’s the best Scopus Indexed journal for those who have a wider knowledge of sound engineering, including auditory perception and not leaving out linguistics and acoustics. The journal invites publication works for scholar and researchers who would like their research work on music c theory and the mathematics integration on the music theories to be published. The platform has the authors guideline which you can follow when you need your original work to be published. Scopus Journal of Numerical Mathematics If you are pioneering to carry out a research on any Numerical Mathematics then the Scopus Indexed Journal of Numerical Mathematics has the best research knowledge that can be helpful throughout your research. The high-quality research papers that features a kit of contemporary research in numerical analysis topics such as innovative methods, implementation techniques etc., is what makes this journal to be rated among the top in terms of research. If you have mathematical papers that are mathematically oriented on the application perspective. The common topics covered include optimal control and optimization, the numerical linear algebra, numerical mathematics, Fluid dynamics computations etc. The journal accepts English publications that you have followed the instructions for the author in your publications. Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu When looking for a Scopus Indexed journal that addresses all the domain covered in pure mathematics for research purposes then the Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu is highly recommended. The journal addresses all of the Areas in pure mathematics which includes; operator algebra theories at large. The journal also covers areas such as Calculus and mathematic physics. The internationally recognized team of editorial bard brings a lot of expertise to help those who would like to submit their research paper in the journal. Have a short look on also Scopus indexed journals in Economics subject The journal accepts is submission and it has a set of the authors’ guidelines that are required to be followed when submitting your original paper for publication. Journal of computational and applied mathematics The Scopus Indexed Journal of computational and applied mathematics has got high-quality research content that is categorized into; latest issue, special issues, an article in press and all issues. This journal has a high reputation for publishing research article of a high scientific value. This is attributed to the high time of international editors that form its editorial board. The major areas of study that is covered include; the applied mathematics subjects and a computational analysis subject. When writing a publication to be submitted on this platform you have to ensure that the research article uses computational techniques in the analysis so as to provide a solution to engineering and other science-related problems. Kyoto Journal of Mathematics Kyoto Journal of Mathematics is a Scopus Indexed journal that accepts research papers on mathematics research works written only in the following 3 languages; French, English, and German. You must note that when you are submitting your journal you need to keep into consideration the originality of your work. Apart from the originality of your work you also have to go through the author’s instructions and submit your paper basing on that. The publications in the journal are categorized into; advance publication, current issues, and all issues. This has been made simple for the scholars who would like to carry out their own research in reference to the published work that we have done. Scopus indexed journals in Mathematics of Kyushu Journal of Mathematics Kyushu Journal of Mathematics is tipped to be the oldest journal in mathematics whose publishing began all the way from 1941. With a single issue having about 20 article of 400 pages provides enough academic resources for various scholars would like to carry out research on pure and applied mathematics. Having an incredible editorial team of internationally recognized mathematicians makes this journal the best of publishing purposes. Its major abstracts can be seen on the various large scientific database such as MathSciNet, ISI, Zentralblatt etc. thus for those who are carrying out research on pure and applied mathematics then this is a journal platform that is recommended for publications. LMS Journal of computation and mathematics LMS Journal of computation and mathematics has earned a huge reputation due to the high-quality research papers that it has published on computational analysis and applied mathematics. Its editorial board is fully represented on the various subjects regarding computation and mathematics. Their publishes are available online for the scholar to down and use free of charge. The journal also invites publications from various scholars and researchers to publish their publications. Once your research paper has been published it will be subjected to the publish rights and policies for archiving the research that can be read on the website. There are several databases that have indexed this journal which includes the likes of Science Citation Index, MathSciNet etc.
  • Top 15 Scopus indexed journals in Mechanical Engineering
    Following is a list of 15 Scopus indexed journals in Mechanical Engineering: Materials Today It is a Netherlands based scopus indexed journal in mechanical engineering and is published by Elsevier BV. It deals with areas like Physics, Astronomy, Mechanical engineering, Mechanics of materials, Materials science and Condensed Matter Physics. It is considered to be one of the most successful journals of the Materials Today family as it sets to cover the most unique and cutting edge work of broad interest to the Materials Science community.  It seeks to publish only the works which are significant with respect to the world of science as of now. It also publishes articles and short communications reporting about breakthrough discoveries and important technical achievements. Materials and Design It is a scopus indexed journal in mechanical engineering, published by Elsevier BV. It deals with product development and makes sure that they receive proper and detailed papers according to their needs and requirements. It deals with areas of mechanics of materials and material science. Friction It is a Chinese based scopus indexed journal in mechanical engineering and is published by Tsinghua University Press. It deals with the aspects of material science surfaces, coatings and films. It is a pure peer-reviewed international journal which is meant for the publication of theoretical and experimental research works related to the terms, friction, lubrication and wear. Preference is mostly given to high quality research papers on aspects of Tribology. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering(English Edition) It is again a Chinese based mechanical engineering journal and is published by China Machine Press. It deals with aspects of industrial and manufacturing engineering, mechanism and robotics. It is peer-reviewed journal governed by China Association for Science and Technology or CAST and is sponsored by the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society or CMES. Scientific Drilling It is a German based journal and is published by Copernicus GmbH. It deals with areas of energy, energy engineering and power technology in both engineering and mechanical engineering. It has been going on since the year 2006, and it seeks to publish all the high quality journals and research papers on topics related to energy and power. Journal of Low Frequency Noise Vibration and Active Control It is based out of the United Kingdom or the UK and is published by SAGE publications. It deals with the aspects of building and construction, Civil and Structural Engineering, Mechanics of materials and also subjects like Physics, Astronomy, Acoustics and Ultrasonics. It is a peer-reviewed open access journal which deals with the aspects of building and construction, civil and structural engineering and mechanics of materials. Engineering Science and Technology, an International journal It is a Netherlands based journal and is published by Elsevier BV. It deals with the aspects of, Fluid flow, Transfer process in Chemical Engineering; computer networks and Communications hardware and Architecture in Computer Science; biomaterials, electronic, optical and magnetic materials, metals and alloys in Materials Science. Chinese Journal of Aeronautics It is a Chinese based journal and is published by Press of Acta Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica. It deals with aspects of Aerospace engineering and Mechanical engineering. It is a peer-reviewed journal which accepts only high quality content and publishes the scientific and technological achievements in Aerospace engineering. Theoretical and Applied Mechanical Letters It is a Netherlands based journal and is published by Elsevier BV. It deals with the aspects of Aerospace engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Civil and structural engineering, Computational Mechanics, Mechanics of materials, Ocean engineering, Environmental Science and Environmental engineering. It aims to publish the novel, cutting edge research in theoretical, computational and experimental mechanics in the field of mechanics. Vodohospodarsk Casopis/ Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics It is a German based journal which is published by De Gruyter Open Ltd. It deals with the areas of fluid flow and Transfer process, Environmental science, water science and Technology. It is purely dedicated to the basic disciplines of water sciences. The journal is published by the Institute of Hydrology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Hydrodynamics of the academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. It presents original research results, reviews and short communications on hydrology and hydromechanics, including hydrodynamics of porous media and non – Newtonian fluids. Lubricants It is a journal based out of Switzerland and is published by MDPI AG. It deals with the areas of Materials Science of  Surfaces, Coatings & Films. It is solely dedicated in the fields of the Tribology and other closely related mechanical engineering disciplines. The journal might include fundamental topics like: Lubrication, comprising of hydrodynamics, hydrostatics, elastohydrodynamics, boundary and mixed lubrication regimes, i.e. Friction, comprising of viscous shear, non- Newtonian and Newtonian traction and boundary friction – Wearing, which includes abrasion, adhesion, scuffing, tribo-corrosion & scoring – Cavitation as well as erosion – fatigue spalling, subsurface stressing, micro-pitting, pitting – the Contact Mechanics: elastoplasticity, elasticity, viscoelasticity, adhesion, coatings and solid lubricants, poroelasticity, layered unbonded and bonded solids – Surface Science: tribofilm formation, topography, surface texturing, lubricant surface combination,  microelastohydrodynamics, microhydrodynamics – Rheology: non-Newtonian, Newtonian fluids, pseudoplastics, thixotropy, dilatants, shear-thinning – the Physical lubricant chemistry, adsorption, boundary active species, bonding. International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering It is a Malaysian based journal and is published by the University of Malaysia. It deals with areas of Materials Science and Mechanics of materials. It has been ongoing since the year of 2007 and is one of the most well-recognized journals of Malaysia for the research papers based on the topics of Material Science and Mechanics of materials. European Transport Research Review It is a German based journal which is published by the Springer Verlag. It deals with the aspects of Automotive Engineering and Mechanical engineering and also Social Sciences and Transportation. It has been ongoing since the year 2009 and is known to accept quality research work on the areas of Automobile Engineering and other related topics as well. Journal of the Advanced Transportation It is an Egyptian based journal and is published by the Hindawi Limited. It deals with core areas of Business Management & Accounting, Strategy & management, Computer Science application, Economics, Econometrics & Finance, Economics & Econometrics, Automotive Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. It is a major peer-reviewed journal in research areas on transportation relating to road traffic, transport networks, public transit, & air transport. The journal usually is known for publishing theoretical & innovative papers on design, analysis, operations, optimization & planning of multimodal transport networks, also transit and traffic systems, transport technology & traffic safety. Micromachines It is a journal based out of Switzerland which is published by the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute or MDPI. It deals with the aspects of control and systems engineering, electrical and electronic engineering and mechanical engineering. It has been ongoing since the year of 2010 and is also known to accept research papers with quality work on mechanical and electrical engineering.   
  • How to do PhD in Harvard University
    These are the best ways to do PhD in Harvard University Have a good academic record through out. Must have published research papers in a reputed journals. Drop an email about your interest to Professors of Harvard. Check the admission requirement for PhD in Harvard. Get ready with transcripts. Get some recommendation letters. Get Skype Interview call or phone call. Get an admission into PhD in Harvard University. Practically every state in the United States of America offers top charging for Ph.D. Universities, except for the province of Cambridge. Depending on whether you might want to remain in the state, or travel out-of-state to seek after your doctorate certificate is completely up to you. The expense, anyway as a rule characterizes if an individual can go to the out-of-state college they had always wanted, or on the off chance that they are compelled to make do with the projects the colleges of their states give. Fortunately, by doing an inquiry on the web you can look into the top Ph.D. programs accessible in Harvard University You will locate the best Ph.D. programs are offered at Harvard University. If you are keen on seeking after your Ph.D. in Animal Studies, Harvard University offers an amazing Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Harvard University offers an incredible Ph.D. program in the field of Ministry and Theology just as a magnificent Psychology program concentrating on Christian conduct sciences, social work and life expectancy advancement. Harvard is one of those spots that individuals regularly talk about with profound respect however once in a while as a yearning, In any case, thousands have moved on from Harvard over its long and renowned history, and those individuals are genuine individuals. They just had two qualities that made them qualified competitors, and the rest was up to possibility! Those qualities were: (an) a noteworthy portfolio (counting high evaluations and differed and submitted encounters, including positions of authority, and so forth.) and (b) certainty that they could without a doubt be acknowledged. This last component is maybe the characterizing highlight of understudies acknowledged to Harvard—the conviction that they would ever get in! Harvard University in Cambridge is probably the best college to get your Ph.D. in today offering one of the most seasoned and biggest Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Programs accessible today. This program is outfitted to help undergrads who wish to seek after training in the medicinal field yet have not arrived at the necessary center science courses to be acknowledged into restorative school. Regardless of what sort of doctorate you are intending to reach, there is no doubt that you will have the option to discover the absolute best Ph.D. colleges in the United States of America. Picking which one will be the best fit for you might be harder than finishing your real doctoral certificate! Harvard’s business Ph.D. program has no particular degree of necessity for confirmations, other than having a four-year certification from an authorized foundation. Having an MBA or other Master’s certificate isn’t required however will be thought about if the approaching understudy has one. Numerous understudies in the doctoral program come into it legitimately from undergrad study. Some proceed to work in the business field for some time before returning for the Ph.D. Is it accurate to say that you are one of those that are perpetually discontent with your instruction? You have your Master’s qualification, presently what do you do? For some, the subsequent stage is to seek a Ph.D. degree. This begins with a survey of the distinctive Ph.D. Universities accessible to you. There are numerous Ph.D. Universities and Ph.D. Programs so you should take as much time as necessary and locate the best fit for you. You would initially finish your MBA degree. During your subsequent year, you would visit with the organization of the doctoral program, and talk about your advantage. If they feel you are a decent up-and-comer, they will give you a lot of data and help with applying. Here are a few more stages on the best way to do Ph.D. at Harvard University 1.        Be from a world-class student. This is significant as your letters would be a mess more grounded than a candidate from a state school. 2.        Do enormous measures of research. Graduate school is about research capacity, not unreasonably much about evaluations and test scores. 3.        Regardless, get passing marks in troublesome coursework and nail the GRE. 4.        Most critically, get great letters from regarded teachers who know you. 5.        Be clear about your exploration objectives in your mission statement. Try also your extra-curricular because they don’t make a difference. 6.        Lastly, apply to numerous schools. No one can mention to you without a doubt the stuff to get into Harvard. The majority of us are similarly as amazed that we got in the same number of are for being dismissed. There are a lot of good divisions in the U.S and the affirmations procedure is particular. Divisions search for fit and in case you’re not a solid match at Harvard, it doesn’t mean you’re sufficiently bad, it just methods the office is centered around an option that is other than your inclinations. Go to another division all things considered. There are loads of various Ph.D. programs at Harvard, all with various desires. Be that as it may, there are so significant contrasts overall off them versus the undergrad and expert projects. First of all, a Ph.D. is altogether about capacity. Since you have a guide and you must be able to work in their lab, you won’t need to rival individuals of “elective” methods for affirmation. Simply being an inheritance or having an unsettled give a large number of dollars won’t get you in naturally. For an individual of normal monetary methods and a less special foundation, a Ph.D. at Harvard is ostensibly progressively feasible then students for confirmation. So what are they searching for? The up-and-comers with the best research potential AND that they can appreciate conversing with for a long time. That is it. There are no certain fire GRE scores that will get you in. No definite fire GPA. It is normally all-encompassing. State administered Testing Requirements As per the Harvard Business School, there are no base GRE or GMAT score necessities for affirmation. Nonetheless, the program’s site says, the majority of the conceded candidates score between the 80th and 90th percentile, which demonstrates that the scores are a significant piece of a candidate’s record. Since there is a substantial accentuation on logical abilities in the Ph.D. program, and state-administered tests measure this aptitude, high scores are fundamental. Candidates are encouraged to get ready well for the state-administered test and retake it before applying if the scores are not inside the 80th to 90th percentile. Reapplying On the off chance that you are not conceded into Harvard’s business Ph.D. program on the primary attempt, candidates can reapply again the next year or later, up to multiple times absolute, the program’s site says. The Harvard Business School site additionally says that reapplying applicants must present another application within any event one new letter of a suggestion by somebody who had not supported the competitor in an earlier application to the program. Another application expense and transcripts of any coursework finished since the last application should likewise be submitted. Harvard will take gander at all old applications alongside the new applications while considering a candidate who is applying once more.
  • Google Jam topics
    Here is a collection of Google jam topics for getting a placement. How Child Labour a Prominent issue. Is Women empowerment an advantage? Social network is a matter of pride or disgust! Corruption is becoming the backbone. Precious and unforgettable moments in your life. Who is your favourite leader now a days? Which colour entices you most? Social isuues that bother you always. What is that you like about yourself? Can you choose any topic and speak? Do not be too much worrying about Google jam topics in interview. They will ask very simple and general classics of topics. You can easily speak with general common sense. What is most important quality is your confidence and audibility of tone. These two soft skill play a good role in google jam topics. Google loves to hear and learn your streangths and weaknesses by conduction jam. So it is not only a language test but also a personality test. In other words, it is better to prepare a bit before going to attend google jam topics. Here is a list of jam topics that you go little more deeply and understand which topics could google ask during a typical jam session. After learning some jam topics, now the second step is to know the tips of how to present in front of the Google recruiter. These jam session tips could help you. Prepare well with the tips mentioned in the linked article and keep them always in your mind to crack jam session. Finally, it is very important to know that your success in google jam topics lies in the first 30 seconds. If you can impress with in the time frame of 30 seconds, the job is yours. Learn from my other article how to introduce in jam sessions. This way you can build up that impression which we call ‘First impression.’
  • Benefits & Importance of Jam Session
    There are many benefits of jam session for learning speaking skills. The importance of jam sessions is that it helps to crack interviews, learn spoken English, improve your confidence levels during publich speech or speaking. The importance of jam session lies in the way it is designed for to speak just a minute. This is the main and unique feature of jam session. Jam sessions are less stressful when compared to other English speaking activities. Jam sessions are very useful to bulid up over all personality. These are the few benefits of jam session. Jam session improves Spoken English. Jam sessions boost confidence levels. Jam sessions help to crack interviews. Jam sessions help to overcome stage fear. Jam sessions helps in time management skills. Jam sessions help in buliding up good eye contact. Jam session helps audibility of your speech. Jam session helps to improve spontaneity. Jam sessions helps to build leadership qualities. Having said the importance and benefits of conduction jam sessions, now it is the time to know the one most important use is that these jam rounds fetches you competetive skills. Now a days it is very difficult to get a job just by qualification that you have. So Just a minute sessions will add up different skills and later these skills will help you to beat job and interview competitions. So students must realize the importance and move ahead to incorportate these type of speaking rounds for a minute in the daily life. ( make a routine) Do it until you are efficient in English speaking and as well as other skills that we have been reading in the earlier paragraphs of this article. Get here latest jam topics. I have also got some good tips to crack jam rounds. Learn also how to introduce yourself, when you start your jam session and especially the first 30 seconds speech.
  • How to Introduce Myself in Jam Session
    This is how you must introduce yourself in jam session. Hello everyone, My name is Sam. I am 21. I hail from Chennai. I have done schooling from ( mention your school name) and I am graduated from ( mention your college name). I thank you for having given this opportunity to speak a few words about the topic ( mention your topic). These are some suggestions while you introduce yourself in jam session. First maintain your total body language in the best way possible. Do not show that you are tensed or worried. If you have a shivering problem, do not carry any objects in your hand ( holding mic etc). Just speak your topic with out mic. Your eye contact plays a great role some times to unleash aside all your worries and get through well. Your introduction is the foundation for your jam topic. If you do it with confidence, then you will gain that postive impression asap. So maintain confidence in the initial few seconds. I.e. during introducing yourself in a jam session. Do everything normally and look as if you knew something about the topic. Never show the people around that you are unable to speak about the jam topic. Always practice with few jam topics before even appearing for jam session. In this way, you will gain that confidence. Do not be taken away by crowd or interviewer or teacher around you. They are indeed good people. Do everything as if you have done this jam session many time previously. Smile on your face while introducing yourself in jam session plays a vital role in getting through successfully. Maintain a short smile. Do not only look at your friends sitting beside you or gaze at inappropriate place. See at the person with whom you suppose to talk and deliver your just a minute session.
  • How to Prepare for just a minute competition?
    One can prepare for just a minute competition by gathering various jam topics that are relevant to the upcoming competition. Here are 10 pro tips to prepare before hand for just a minute competition. Gather some 100+ jam topics from internet. Have a vague idea on each jam topic. Prepare your speech for just a minute only. Do not exceed time limit given. Get some nice tailored vocabulary in hands. Practise in simple sentences to speak just a minute. Well dressed and body language skill is essential. Do some rehearsals even before the just a minute competition. Look confident until you finish just a minute competition. Always make sure that you gather some relevant jam topics before hand instead of practising few on the competition day. Remember, practising just on the day of competition will not be helpful unless you do before hand. I suggest to prepare for just a minute competition 2 weeks before it will happen. This way you are fully prepared and done to speak and beat the just a minute competiton. Have a good and general idea on each topic is another way of preparation for just a minute competitions. Do not just leave any topic out there because you are not interested. Who knows? You will be asked the same jam topic which you had thought irrelevant. So have a general idea on jam topics to speak at least a few things about it. Learn to prepare according to the time given to you. i.e. just a minute. The purpose of just a minute competition is to speak in a minute what you knew. So this is no doubt a judging criteria to get a prize or to win just a mintue competition. Using good and fine vocabulary during your jam session will make you stand unique among others and you can easily outperform with good amount of vocabualary. Let this vocabulary be a mix of strange and uncommon and easy words. Do not speak totally with strange vocabulary. Remember in English language, context plays a great part. You will find in the dictionary some examples on how to use a particular word. This way you can fine tune. Some form of vocabulary which are general is nature can be spoken for every jam topic. For example: Brilliant, Outstanding, extraordinary etc. Learn such type of vocabulary to outperform other competitors in just a minute competition. Prepare on how to use simple sentences in the just a minute competition. Do not go for long and complex sentences that gives wrong impression and audience will feel lethargic to listen to your just a minute speech. Well, rehearsal is the heart of every just a mintue competition. Feel that someone is there around you and do some mock preparation. Go to the terrace and find yourself or imagine you are among audience and practice in real time. This way you will be very confident in real competition.. Finally, confidence makes everything complete. If you follow the above suggestions, you can easily win just a minute competition.
  • PhD in Data Science India eligibility
    The eligibility to do PhD in Data Science in India is to have masters in computer science,health science and social sciene. This eligibility of masters is taken into regard by many universities. There is no other alternative for this. If you wan to do PhD in data scienc in India, masters qualification plays a greater role. If you do not have this qualification, you are not allowed to get admission into PhD in Data Science. You must pass with good percentage. Though percentage is not so important, my suggestion is that there is lot of demand for this course. There is so much fear that competition may bring down during the time of PhD interview. Also see my PhD interview tips for cracking PhD admission. So in interview they may look into the percentage of you score that you have acquired in your masters in computer science or masters in data science. Having said this, I suggest to not only concentrate on your PhD entrance but also if right now you are by any chance doing your masters, first concentrate to get good marks and attain handsome score. This way your eligibility will become more powerful to study phd in data science in India. In India academic scores play a greater role rather than just getting score in interviews or say so phd entrance. I always prefer telling this to many phd aspirants to concentrate. Having said that the eligibility to do phd in data science in India is masters with good score, the other aspect of eligibility is that you must also do data science in your degree level. Though it is not mandatory but it enforces your eligibility to do Phd in India data science. There are many things when someone wants to know which are the conditions to do PhD in data science in India. You have manage all round. Here are few steps to get eligibility to do phd in data science in India. Masters in data science or related. Better to have studied same subject in degree level. Crack PhD entrance test for data science. Crack PhD interview. Keep all original transcripts in hand. Having UGC NET or SET will boost further. If you fulfil the said above 6 conditions, you will get full eligibility to do PhD in data science from Indian unversitites; be it government university or private university or to the extent NIT or IIT.
  • Scopus Indexed Journals in Fluid Dynamics
    International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow: The International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow focuses on high-impact work that focuses mainly on the interrelationship between fluid dynamic processes . Papers are welcomed to discuss the uses of these disciplines in designing and developing engineering. ISSN number of this journal is 0142-727X. Visit submit your paper for submission of your papers. For further information, visit guidelines for authors and support center  if you have any further queries. International Journal of Thermal Sciences: This journal is committed to the publication of new research papers concerned with fundamental research on heat transfer process physics and their interaction with mass transfer and/or fluid flow. In particular, the journal requests papers aimed at deeper understanding of the coupling of the local processes and their interactions in larger systems. Whether experimental observations, mathematical models, or model discussions may be included in papers and a significant scientific contribution is needed. ISSN number of this journal is 1290-0729 and this journal was established in 1962. Visit submit your paper for submission of your papers. For further information, visit guidelines for authors. Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics, An International Journal: In an ever-increasing range of industrial applications, CFD is now considered an essential research / design tool. Practical flow problems are often so complex as these require a high level of imagination. Thus, creative CFD technologies are also promoted, in addition to the development work in CFD. The ultimate goal of PCFD is to provide model / software developers and users with a common platform through balanced international / interdisciplinary contributions, disseminating information related to the development / refinement of mathematical and numerical models, software tools and their creative applications in CFD.  This journal has an impact factor of 0.534 and ISSN-online is 1741-5233 whereas ISSN-offline is 1468-4349. For submission, visit submit here. ACS Sensors: ACS Sensors is a peer-reviewed research journal dedicated to disseminating original and new knowledge about all areas of sensor science which specifically senses biological and chemical species or mechanisms. The submitted articles should cover all the important concepts of chemical engineering, bioengineering, fluid flow and transfer processes etc. American chemical society is the publisher of this journal and ISSN number of  ACS sensors is 23793694. This journal is established in 2016. Visit the homepage of this journal for further information. For information relating to publishing, visit how to publish in ACS Sensors. Contact ACS Sensors for further queries, if you have any. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science: Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science provides a research platform for showcasing scientific work that strengthens basic knowledge of heat transfer, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, and their applications. Established in 1988, this journal accepts technical and research work i.e. review papers, invited papers, discussions on previously published papers etc. related to fluid flow and transfer processes, and chemical engineering topics. ISSN number of this journal is 08941777 and publisher of this journal is Elsevier BV.
  • Top 10 Jam Topics for CSE Students
    CSE is an important engineering branch where jam topics play an important role to improve the interview skills. Here are few jam topicss for cse to improve their interview skills and as well as soft skills. Are coding skills required for cse when Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly? Will jobs diminish with the arrival of robotic workers for cse students? Why cse is better than other engineering branches? Why other engineering branches are better in 2020 than opting for cse? Why cse has become a popular branch in an Engineering sector? Do studetns require to learn python now a days? cse students do not have minimum coding knowledge. Do you agree? Is it good to pay more fees for cse branch? Importance of egovernance in todays world. Why jam topics are to be conduted for cse students? Having said the above jam topics for cse, it is very important to have a regular practise of all these technical topics. Once you are familiar to speak well on the given topics for one minute ( spontaneously) with out any prior preparation or learning by heart, then you are ready for a successful interview. During interview, jam topics testing will be conducted by many companies. For example here are some topics by google. This way first of all you must know which company are you going to attend the interview. Once you know it, you must check the previous jam topics that a particular company asks during the campus interview. So make sure to practise jam topics for cse in a special way. Do not get into learning wrong jam topics which are conduccted for other branches. No doubt cse branch is something special and typical. So they will ask critically. Usually jam topiccs for cse are competitive. There are many students got admitted fo rthis branch. So knowing before some of the topics and getting ready to face is a good choice to move forward.
  • ‘Auto’ prefix root words| root word ‘auto’| With Examples|
    Root word auto is defined as “self.” Some of the words for root word auto are autoplay, autosuggest,autogear,autopsy.The super simple method to get the words for the root word auto is “autonomous.” This word is used by many colleges. “Self” means it works by no other means rather by its own means. The word “auto” is derived from Greek word. The beginnings of the word comes during 300 BC when a philosopher called Heraclitus uses a term called “This world is in a state of flux.” Heraclitus then termed it as “auto.” Later on Aristotle and Plato, Socrates have been using this world until it became very popular during the time of Karlmarx when said about corponican revolution. He uses the word “auto” when telling that this earth revolves on its own. It was called by him “AUTO-EARTH.” list of auto prefix root words Though auto is derived from Greek word, it occupied greater place in the language of English. It formed many other words that we use in our day today modern life. Here are some of the Root words for auto. Popular auto words Though the above words are used rapidly under different postitions. The one important word that comes everywhere from this root word auto is “autobiography.” This particular word has been used several times by many authors and noble prize winners. Every celebration and functions uses the root word auto in one or other way. “Auto” has become now a fully fledged prefix in English language. Another popular word which is very vastly used with this prefix is “autograph.” I hope no one can deny if I say that every human being in this world might have atleast used once the word autograph. Another popular word is automobile. People in this world indeed love to move and travel here and there. Automobile can display auto motion i.e. it can move all by its own power. We use another word in the assembly line. i.e. automation. If for example in a factory, robots use automation to manufacture products. This way everything happens fast. What 100 people can do is done just by one robot with automation technique. Have you ever heard autopilot while flying airplane. Yes exactly this word is highly popular among Airways. Once you put in autopilot, the plane manages on its own with good altitude and flying. Automatic washing machine is another example. Autofocus in another example. Meanings for root word auto Examples of a root word auto The machince runs automatically. Would you please give me your autograph. I would like to write my autobiography. Root words need to be understood differently. The word “auto” has got a lot of history through out ages. The basic concept behind it is self explanatory. Many times the word is not understood in its own way. Teachers must take this word and explain to students how the history shaped the root words in English. That being said it is clear that every one use words as they should be used. Every root word has in one or other way some type of past. There are may other words linked to root words.
  • Top 100 Jam topics in an Interview Session
    Jam topics: If you have got an upcoming “just a minute” presentation about a topic in an interview or in a school or college, the below-given jam topics will help you to crack the jam session. These latest topics will give an idea to final year engineering students, to clear jam interview rounds. Before speaking out you must learn to introduce yourself in a jam session. Also find the importance of jam session that is helpful for freshers, for placements and for professionals. Top&Best List of Jam topics Online vs Offline classes. Online vs Offline shopping. A Memorable moment. My favorite subject/topic. Bad experience. College Life. School Days. My Best friend Procrastination.. Corruption. Pollution. Mobile usage. Men vs women. Unemployment. Tell about your village. Marriage life. Bachelors Life. Robots or Humans ? Education or Character? Is dowry good or evil ? Early marraige or late marraige. How far television helps school students. How do jam topics improve communication skills? Should college students study 9 hours per day or 1 hour per day ? Should one give shake hand or hug each other How do you respond if some one is in need ? Should coffee or tea be consumed everyday. What is your take? Will human beings live on Mars in the future. Should education be made free to all citizens of the country ? School life or college life. Which is better ? The best part of my life is….. The friend whom I feel missed is…. and why? Apartment or Own House…. Which is better and why? The one holiday destination I ever dream of…. The incident that fetched me lots of pain is…. Sunday is a day that I mostly spend my time in…… Should bikes be given to college students ? My unforgettable moment that gave me lot of happiness is…. Government job or Private job – Which one is promising…. Government schooling or private schooling – Your take… Should you become a prime minister, what changes do you bring Should one get a treatment in private hospitals Eating junk food in bakeries and parties are bad because……. Should eating meat be banned or promoted……. War between countries is good or evil…… Are watching movies erupt psychotic behavior in youth… Do Video Games enhance our skills or disgrace the life…. Is self affliction a solution for escaping adversities… Borrowing money is a good practice or a bad practice… Caging animals and birds in a zoo without freedom…….. Which season do you prefer rainy cold or summer? Why? Is there a way to stop bribery…. Justify. Should one do job abroad or ones own country… Can artificial intelligence make human vulnerable and lazy….. Do you prefer to live in a town or village or a city…. Pollution causes serious consequences in the future…Justify…. If you were given a chance to land on moon……….. If your teacher scolds you badly…..What is your experience.. The moment when teacher slapped you and why….. The moment you thought of quitting school or college…… Earning money from internet; fake or real…. CCTV camera is a threat to privacy of an individual… Online learning or Classroom learning; support your thought… Should teachers allow smart phones to colleges and schools…. If I want to share a dream to all of you…… Online shopping or showroom shopping which is better….. Will there be a cure ever for human not dying …. The best gadget that I prefer to have always is… Formals dress in schools and colleges are taking freedom away…. Public toilet or private toilet.. the menace…. The festival that brings in me goose bumps….. The moment when I lost a precious thing or object…. Is ragging still a menace in a developed world….. Getting an engineering degree or arts degree? The 3 colors that I prefer to have on my shirt… Why… Is there a fate or karma for human being….. Gems and Rings give luck….do you agree….. When 2 people are fighting; what will you do to stop…. If there is a fire burning out around; how do you respond ? If I were to become an IAS what would I do……. Are devils existing; Is it a superstition or real…… Should street dogs be taken away or keep them….. Children should not watch Television because… My goal in life is to become ….. Youth nowadays are taking to junk food… I consider my mother/father as my role model because… I think sharing things with others is good because I like eating out at restaurants now and then because…… I admire my brother/sister as…… I like/don’t like getting up early because…. These days many people are growing their own food because… I like summer /winter/rainy season because…. For Swacch Bharat to be successful, we should all …. I enjoy travelling to my university by bus because… On my first day in the university I felt somewhat/very/quite….. Discipline is not a dirty word…. Colour affects the way people feel… Team sports are good because … After completing my studies I want to…. Global warming/Environment pollution is my biggest concern because… Technology can enable us to do a lot of things like…. Social media wastes a lot of …. We cannot believe everything we read in the media because…. I lie sometimes to my friends/parents because…. The person who has been most influential in my life is…. It’s good to keep pets because…. Bad behaviour /manners in children should not be encouraged because…. Many people don’t like the idea of wearing a uniform because…. I don’t like/hate crowded places because…. I like to be around people who are happy and smiling because… My favourite food is…… The historical buildings in our town/city should be maintained because…. I prefer street markets to supermarkets because… I like travelling to new places because…. The things I do for maintaining physical fitness are…. I can’t understand why people throw rubbish in public places… I feel senior citizens should be provided with special facilities for …. The turning phase in my life came when I met/read/saw/learned ….. Diwali/Sankranti/Holi/Christmas/Ramzan is my favourite festival because…. The one place I would love to go as a tourist to is …. I think reading/gardening/listening to music is a good hobby because…. I like to groom myself and dress smartly/fashionably because….. A party I went to and enjoyed immensely was…… I like watching the night sky because…… My favourite movie star is…../I am a huge fan of ……because I love to play /watch cricket because….. I usually spend my weekends…….. Bike or Car or Train or Flight…Which journey is safest…… Should soft drinks be banned or kept……… The best teacher from whom I acquired a lot of knowledge is… Whatsapp and Tiktok should be allowed only for elders… Are using mobile apps good or bad…. If you are given 1 million; how do you spend…. Buying lotteries should be restricted and banned…. Get a free lunch or get a free travel… Why… Should you put alone in an Island.. how would you live… If God comes to you and ask for a wish, What would you wish… What did experience teach you over all in your life…. If you are an author of a book. What would be a book name…. Usage of plastic and alluminium shoule be banned…. Cutting trees and damaging environment is a future menace…. Three things that I never want to do in my life….. 5 things that I wanted to do in my life….. Should poor remain poorer and rich remain richer ? Same family members entering into politics – good or bad… Same family members getting movie chances – Right or wrong… My desired sport and game is ……. Are ambulances coming in time to save victims…. What annoys you mostly about the present politics and government… When did you get wet in rain the last time….. When did you feel to fight with someone the last time… Will technology do harm in the form of global warming……. Spoken English in necessary to get a job because… Vocabulary plays an important role to learn English because…. Should every student speak English on campus Mother tongue influence cannot be removed because…. Englsh is a global language because….. Future of android technology. Benefits of 5G services. Robots will replace computers. Coding is king and not content. Are engineers undergoing stress. Jam topics with answers in simple English Here is a short collection of jam topics with answers in simple English that every one could understand and speak. I have given these answers for jam topics to make it easy for you during just a minute sessions. You do not need to prepare much if you have a ready-made answer for at least some trending topics that you will be asked in your upcoming jam session rounds. The thing that I always remember in my life is: There are certain moments that every one should have undergone that remained a memory for the rest of one’s life. I have also got to share a memorable moment with you all. One day when I got up early in the morning, I happened to see the day was very gloomy and I had thought it was not a day of luck. I went and sat in the chair to look upon the then live news. It was to my surprise my photo was displayed on the television. I was very happy. That was not because a moment of achievement but some one week back a tv broadcasting channel came to our campus and conducted some games. During that period, the video was taken. And luckily among many hundreds of students, my video was played on television. I got lot of appreciation from my principal and colleagues. So it was an unforgettable moment in my life. Social media is an advantage of disadvantage: In my view, Social media is an advantage. It brings in all the people under one umbrella where each one can share his or her views. There is always a sense of consciousness in human beings. we are are somebody who do things with out thinking. Some people do bad works with social media. It does not mean the social networks are bad. Even with no existence of a social network, the same people commit such types of heinous acts. One cannot stop somebody who want to create problem to the society. Anyhow they do with or without social media. So nowadays with social media, communication has become damn easy. There is no delays unlike olden days where one need to wait 5 to 7 days to send a message to someone who was at distant places. Now, with the arrival of social media and networks, thing have changed drastically that all can be done with a single click of a button on the mobile or computer. What if I am chosen to be a CEO of Google If I become a CEO of Google, I bring a revolution in the way search engine works. I compete with Microsoft and Baidu. I bring down those and dominate them in terms of windows. Google never thought of beating the windows operating system. Microsoft is still on the upper hand. So if I become CEO of Google, I will discover one operating system to beat windows. I make sure that whatever is on the internet must be started from Google. Even in China I bring down Baidu search engine and develop Google and make it number one. I also develop artificial intelligence so that Google can maintain all of its assets intelligently. My super favourite destination is: My super favourite destination is to visit Falkland Islands. These Islands are beautifully landscaped in South America. There are penguins out there and the place is quite silent and windy. One can find serene atmosphere and can live life happily. There are many old people living there entirely after retirement. The Falkland Islands has got many churches which are attractive to see. There are few places…
  • What is PhD in numerology
    Here are some options to study numerology. There are some ebooks from where you can find some information. There are some videos out there on youtube. You can learn from them too. But most importantly there are universities that offer numerology based courses. Here you learn how to work with numerology calculators and predictions based on numerology and birth numbers. Among many, the powerful tool to learn numerology is to have experience in numerology predictions and numerology name correction. With experience, you can learn better than studying many conventional books about numerology. There are many websites offering free predictions and numerology name change services. You can just learn from there thoroughly.
  • Top 20 Scopus Indexed Journals in ELT 2021 List (English Language Teaching)
    Here are the top list of Scopus indexed journals in English langauge teaching/ELT. You can verify these journals on scopus data base by typing ISSN number. Here is the link for checking the present status of these journals in scopus. If you are looking for the Scopus indexed journals in English literature. Get here top 50 List of Scopus indexed Journals in English Literature. English for specific purposes (( ISSN:0889 4906). Journal of English for Academic Purposes (issn:1475 1585). Research in the Teaching of English ( ( ISSN:0034 527X). College English ( ISSN:0010 0994). Journal of English as a Lingua Franca ( ISSN:2191 9216). Journal of English Linguistics (ISSN:0075 4242). Teaching English With Technology ( ISSN:1642 1027). English in Education (ISSN: 0425 0494). English Text Construction ( ISSN: 1874 8767). English World-Wide ( ISSN: 0172 8865). English Language and Linguistics ( ISSN: 1360 6743). English Today ( ISSN: 0266 0784). English Historical Review ( ISSN: 0013 8266). English Teaching-Practice and Critique ( ISSN: 1175 8708). English in Australia ( ISSN: 0046 208X). Changing English ( ISSN: 1358 684X). Intenational Journal of English Stidies ( ISSN: 1578 7044). Europeon Journal of English Studies ( ISSN: 1382 5577). English Teaching and Learning ( ISSN: 1023 7267). Journal of English as an International Language ( ISSN: 2200 2014). Language and Literature ( ISSN:0963-9470E-ISSN:1461-7293). Journal of the Social Sciences ( ISSN:0253-1097). The above list of scopus indexed journals in ELT is based upon the source available on Scopus Date Base at the time of writing this article. Reader’s observation is requested.
  • PhD duration in India
    PhD is a degree that lasts long enough before even one realizes how far he/she went through. So there is no official declaration about how long PhD would take as it depends on the strength of research that one does in a stipulated amount of time. PhD duration in India is 3-4 years for a full time PhD and 4-6 years for a part time PhD.Once someone crosses the 4 years of PhD program duration in India, a PhD student needs to register again But with the recommendation of doctoral panel, PhD duration may be prolonged upto some time as per the university norms. The maximum time is the one that is set by the university in which you are doing PhD. PhD duration in India Mode of PhD 3-4 years Full-Time PhD 4-7 years Part-Time PhD 1-2 years Distance PhD 0-1 years Online PhD 1-15 years Honorary PhD 0-6 months Instant PhD 4-5 years Govt University 3-4 Years Private University 7-10 years Integrated PhD PHD DURATION INDIA The above given duration of PhD in India is a tabular form that gives a general idea of duration in India. The duration of PhD also depends on how a PhD student works out well with his research topic. Depending upon the progress of a research scholar along with his or her supervisor, the duration of PhD changes and differs for each scholar. For exceptional PhD students, the duration of PhD program will be shortened by the recommendation of the doctoral panel. Those students can finish in just two and a half years the whole PhD program. Once you decide doing your phd, the first thing that comes up in your mind is ” phd how many years” This is the only thought that may run again and again. Your PhD may extend some more time depending upon many other factors such as – delaying your research or writing thesis late or for any negative report from the part of your PhD guide. These hurdles may delay the process of finishing your PhD in India. But over all it also depends upon whether have you opted for full-time PhD or part-time phd. If you want to do PhD in shorter time, you must think of influencing your phd guide. You must be very submissive and hold your impression. Otherwise things will not work for phd students. It does not matter how intellectual are you in studies, but how influential are you in the eyes of university. PhD means being submissive with your phd guide. This way you are ready to reduce the years of phd length. When you take part time phd, be sure to do research work in your full time job. This is very much neglected by many phd scholars. So part time also delays this way. It all starts with you. The way you do phd must be in such a way you are very much in tune with the time usage. You must never waste time in any way. Try to use your time to research on your topic. So that you can win phd in less duration. Before thinking how many years phd in India, think about how fast can you research. How good you must be in choosing right phd guide and how clever you should be when choosing university. How much good you must be in using time. Besides part time or full time phd, you must be very much careful in choosing things around. This way you can reduce PhD duration. Find out more about the Ph.D. programs available before landing on one. You may end up p[pursuing a wrong PhD. while leaving out a wonderful one. You should not pursue a Ph.D. because you just want to continue with your academics. Your judge is research-based and not on the merit of your course. You should at least rest after your undergraduate study before enrolling for the Ph.D. This will help you to relate academics to real-life situations. You should choose a Ph.D. with open-minded research options. Learn to be time conscious in your study. 10 mistakes that will delay PhD duration How will you feel if you sacrifice all your resources to pursue a Ph.D. and end up failing? It is so painful indeed. You can overcome these challenges by avoiding some issues as the follows. Segregating from others. By doing so, you lose big minds that can help you achieve your dream. Evading from thinking appropriately. You have to take enough time to think else you will be perceived as lazy and avoided. Avoiding to meet your supervisor to discuss about PhD Be one person who creates a more excuses for not researching. Waste most of your times speak well of irrelevant things. Waiting until the last tick when you do PhD. Ignoring your supervisors advice. Ignoring to come up with creative writing. Expertise in researching Not able to manage time and its deadlines. Being too unperceptive more so to your supervisor Be unable to picture why you are at this point. Your phd duration in India can be taken care in 3 years if done perfectly.
  • Salary after PhD in Mathematics in India
    The average salary after PhD in Mathematics in India is 45000-60000 per month. After finishing PhD in Maths, one can apply for universities around India to get a handsome salary. After PhD in Mathematics, it is easy to apply for a job and get it. PhD is the highest ever academic qualification in humanities. The reason is that there are not many of PhD scholars in Mathematics. So if you are one of those ones, you can get a good job with highest pay. Salary depends upon various factors again. Factors determine salary after PhD in Maths Experience before PhD If you have more years of experience by the time of completion of PhD, you will get a good salary package. If not, you will be treated as a fresher in the field which results in low salary offers. Publications history If you have good publication history during or after PhD in Mathematics, salaries will be very good irrespective of experience that what I have mentioned above. Good publications include publishing in SCI, ESCI, Scopus etc. The paper published along these platforms have highest regard to fetch a handsome salary package. Patent history If you have at least 2 patent in the subject of Mathematics, you will have a great salary after PhD. Nobody will lose PhD holders in Mathematics who have patent recognitions. Types of institutions one applies Salary after PhD in Mathematics also depends on the type of institutes that you apply for. For instance if you apply for colleges and schools or academies, the salaries are very low where as if you opt university level institutes like IIT, IIIT, NIT’s etc, the salaries are very good in par with academic standards. Never apply for a job in engineering colleges if they are not autonomous. You will face troubles even to get regular salaries after PhD in Mathematics. PhD from top ranking institutes Salary also depends upon the institutes where one completes PhD. If you complete PhD from private univesities in India, salaries are low because such PhD awards are treated low. If a PhD is from NIT’s or IIT’s or Government universities, the PhD holder will have high chance of getting a good salary. So conclusively, it is the institute where PhD is acquired that matters for a high salary package. Full-time vs Part-time Salary also depends on whether your PhD is done through full time mode or part time mode. Usually full timers are given preference while deciding salaries for PhD holders in Mathematics. But this many not not be true with some universities. It is just my opinion based on experience. Competition affects PhD salary The number of PhD applicants apply for a job also affects salary if the university that is recruting wants to save some money. So those who ask for more salary may not be given a position rather those who go by norms of the institute will be given a job position. So usually salary is bit lower. Recommendation matters Salary after PhD in mathematics also depends upon the recommendation letter that one gets to get a job position. If any higher authority recommends a particular candidate even before the job interview, salary will never be a constraint for such PhD holders in Mathematics. So remember recommendation letter matters in India even in this 21st century.
  • Salary after PhD in Biotechnology in India
    Salary after PhD in Biotechnology in India is 65000 to 90000 per month. After finishing PhD in Biotechnology, one can apply for universities around India to get a handsome salary. After PhD in Biotechnology, it is easy to apply for a job and get it. PhD is the highest ever academic qualification in Sciences. The reason is that there are not many of PhD scholars in Biotechnology. So if you are one of those ones, you can get a good job with highest pay. Salary depends upon various factors again. Here are the factors that affect salary after PhD in Biotechnology in India: Experience before PhD If you have more years of experience by the time of completion of PhD, you will get a good salary package. If not, you will be treated as a fresher in the field which results in low salary offers. Publications history If you have good publication history during or after PhD inBiotechnology, salaries will be very good irrespective of experience that what I have mentioned above. Good publications include publishing in SCI, ESCI, Scopus etc. The paper published along these platforms have highest regard to fetch a handsome salary package. Patent history If you have at least 2 patent in the subject of Biotechnology, you will have a great salary after PhD. Nobody will lose PhD holders in Biotechnology who have patent recognitions. Types of institutions one applies Salary after PhD in Biotechnology also depends on the type of institutes that you apply for. For instance if you apply for colleges and schools or academies, the salaries are very low where as if you opt university level institutes like IIT, IIIT, NIT’s etc, the salaries are very good in par with academic standards. Never apply for a job in engineering colleges if they are not autonomous. You will face troubles even to get regular salaries after PhD in Biotechnology. PhD from top ranking institutes Salary also depends upon the institutes where one completes PhD. If you complete PhD from private univesities in India, salaries are low because such PhD awards are treated low. If a PhD is from NIT’s or IIT’s or Government universities, the PhD holder will have high chance of getting a good salary. So conclusively, it is the institute where PhD is acquired that matters for a high salary package. Full-time vs Part-time Salary also depends on whether your PhD is done through full time mode or part time mode. Usually full timers are given preference while deciding salaries for PhD holders in Biotechnology. But this many not not be true with some universities. It is just my opinion based on experience. Competition affects PhD salary The number of PhD applicants apply for a job also affects salary if the university that is recruting wants to save some money. So those who ask for more salary may not be given a position rather those who go by norms of the institute will be given a job position. So usually salary is bit lower. Recommendation matters Salary after PhD in Biotechnology also depends upon the recommendation letter that one gets to get a job position. If any higher authority recommends a particular candidate even before the job interview, salary will never be a constraint for such PhD holders in Biotechnology. So remember recommendation letter matters in India even in this 21st century.
  • How to Prepare for PhD Entrance Exam and Crack it | PET Preparation Tips |
    Here are the excellent tips on how to prepare for Ph.D. entrance exam in your subject and crack Ph.D. entrance exam. For PET entrance preparation, Firstly, Know your syllabus and read more books. PhD entrance exam preparation and practice must be done with the help of previous PhD test question papers. Follow these 12 rocking tips to crack your upcoming PhD entrance exam Apply for PhD National Eligibility Test Prepare the prescribed PhD entrance exam syllabus. Find the study material for PhD entrance exam. Select carefully best PhD entrance books for preparation. Get a perfect time-table to crack PhD entrance. Appear for PhD entrance mock tests online. Prepare PET previous question papers. Discuss your subject with friends. Follow skim and scan technique. Write a short summary of each chapter. Do a second and third revision. Revise PhD entrance exam syllabus until the exam day. My 120 days schedule to Prepare for Ph.D. Entrance Exam Do at least 3 revisions if you want to crack any type of PhD entrance examination. So here my calculation of studying for Ph.D. is 15+60+30+15=120 Days schedule. First 15 days you will read summaries of all the chapters. Second 60 days you will do the first revision. The other 30 days you will do the second revision and the last 15 days will be your final revision just when during the 16th day you will appear for PhD entrance exam. Do you ever ask great people about their secret in getting good marks or the secret behind receiving that gold medal? Most of them tell that revision is the secret of the good marks that they get. The more they revised the better they became. So taking their example, I want to tell you that you must revise all your 60-day timetable again for the second revision. This may not be too difficult to do. It may not be for another 60 days but half of that for 30 days. So here we must know that 2nd revision will become easier. So I am giving you 30 days for it. In a similar way, you must go for 3rd revision too. This will be for 15 days again. This is the exact schedule that you must follow to crack Ph.D. entrance exam without any single problem of losing your PhD admission.Revision of a subject is over all the secret and best study tip to crack any examination be it either PhD or any sort of other examinations. So be serious with revision schedules Revision of a subject is over all the secret and best study tip to crack any examination be it either PhD or any sort of other examinations. So be serious with revision schedules Here is my explanation for each point to get success in your preparation for Ph.D. entrance exam in English Literature. PhD Entrance Syllabus point of view Whenever you prepare for a PhD entrance test, the most important part that we neglect is not to follow the syllabus. This is because each university has its own framed syllabus. You cannot study the same syllabus for every university. So it is very important to get not of the exact syllabus that is pertaining to the university that you have applied or if you are going to apply. This is where you will start seeing success. If you start your beginning wrongly, then everything will go wrong. So the beginning is very important when it comes to any PhD entrance exam. Once you are very well versed in the exact syllabus of the university. You are ready to set go on practicing some methodology that could be effective to crack the PhD entrance exam. Many times we overlook the syllabus that we really want to prepare. We think that if we buy any book which is popular and studies, it is quite enough. It is not so. When you think that way you will be in a bad situation. You will never realize how important the syllabus learning is. The whole secret on how to crack your PhD entrance exam lies in the way you learn it. You cannot simply make it differently to undertake the exam with your own preparation. This will really put you off.  There is no shortcut unless you study according to the syllabus and get your PhD admission. This is the only suggested thought from my side. So do not waste your thinking about studying some private syllabus. This happens when you join in any coaching center. They will prepare some special syllabus and give you. Many time coaching institutes do them wrong. They frame it according to the old syllabus and sometimes they may not update. They may just think that the printing costs would become waste as there are old books still need to be sold to the students when they join the institute.  So take care not to follow the institute’s syllabus. You must learn by heart the chapters The next very important step while preparing for a PhD entrance exam is to learn and by heart the names of the chapters. This is very beneficial just because you must know them to reflect when you are free without a book. So I suggest you have at least some time to learn them by heart first. Do not learn any other stuff unless you learn all the names of the chapters clearly and strongly. This makes a huge sense to know exactly what you are studying in the future. Why learning by heart is so important is that it has to go into your long-term memory to again ponder over when you are without any book or when you get some free time. This way you will really foresee all that is coming in the chapter. I mean by the minute details. The other benefit of learning by heart all the chapters is that when you get some question in the exam related to the chapter, you can simply remember exactly where the question has come from. This is the major advantage of learning all the names of your subject’s chapters. If you cannot learn then it will become a problem in the future when you appear for the Ph.D. entrance exam. Learning all the names may not at all happen all at once in a day or two. Take as many days as you can but not more than a week. You cannot waste your time more than a week. Just go ahead at least sit calmly and learn all the headings of the chapters and if possible learn also all the subheadings and their meanings. Learning subheadings is something advanced technique of how you use. So make sure you do not really stress up yourself while learning by heart all the names of the chapter. It may be difficult for a few hours, but as you move, by the way, you will feel easier than previous to learn by heart. Write a short summary of each chapter A short summary is the best way o understand any chapter easily. If you can really understand the importance of short summary you can clearly come to the point what exactly that chapter wants to convey to you. Once you write your summary, it is up to you to read the summary a number of times. Till your exam date, you must go on revising the summary. This is the best practice to crack PhD entrance exam. When you want to write the exam, summarize is one of the key concepts for anybody to get through. There are different types of summaries. Do not make so large summary. Make it a simple one and make an interesting one to read. Many time I see students do not know how to make a good summary. Do not panic with summarizing. As you write more summaries, you will automatically tune to the things. My other best suggestion is to read other’s summaries how they exactly look like. Once you read, you will know the method to write any summary. So make it one for you. Each chapter must be summarized with elements and point that has been discussed. I have just told that it must be short on each chapter. Short in the sense, you must not skip the main points of the chapter at all. You must never skip the main gist of the chapter. While doing a summary of a chapter you must take care of how practical are you doing it. This must be understood. Set separate hours for studying each chapter Do not read all the chapters at a time. You have to read them clearly one by one. Set some days to read one chapter and then follow the timetable. Once you set some timetable for studying one each chapter in depth, do that without forgetting or getting lazy. If you do not feel interested to study that particular chapter, wait till you cultivate interest. Try to get interested. But never jump to other chapters just because you are not interested in reading the designed chapter. If you do this way, you cannot really study well. You will miss out some chapters at the end or you will just not learn about some chapters thoroughly. And there are possibilities that you may forget that too. There are certain ways to study chapters separately. Now that already you know summaries very well, It becomes very easy to read all the chapters separately in detail. While reading your chapters separately, you must write some questions coming across the chapters, Underline some important points which will help you for further study. If you do not understand any vocabulary, you must try to check a dictionary without postponing then and there itself. Never read chapters without understanding or become lazy to know the meanings of difficult words. This is the best practice and you can crack your PhD entrance exam easily If you have enough depth of knowledge about the concepts of each chapter read in different days. Your timetable must be effective. Plan the timetable for a number of days Plan your timetable for 60 days and stick to those days without giving any room for procrastination. In the beginning, it may be difficult to follow the timetable that you have prepared. But later on, you will get accustomed to doing it. Once you are in the well, you will have no problem what so ever in following the timetable. So make sure you get to note these points. I myself have made this type of timetable and I was really confident after some days about my Ph.D. entrance exam. Your success lies in how good you have formulated your timetable rather than how much you studied. If you do not cover all the chapters in the number of days that your timetable has been designed, then what is the use of studying so much hard. You may get questions for other chapters too in the Ph.D. entrance exam. That is why I tell you to take more interest in framing the timetable clearly. This will take you towards the road of cracking your Ph.D. entrance examination. While preparing your timetable you must make sure to relax in some days. Like, for example, make Sunday free from the timetable or any other day that you feel comfortable to relax your mind. All other days you can study hard according to the given schedule. This way of doing will refresh your mind and you can easily remember what you study on all the other weekdays. Take Ph.D. mock entrance tests If you have some money to pay online for mock exams conducted by some experts, then you can go for it. But do it 10 before your Ph.D. entrance test. I say it is not required for the entrance exam. But it is all an option from your end. This will only extend our 120-hour plan to somewhat more hours. If you do not have money…
  • How to Finish PhD Quickly and Early | Tips to finish PhD fast |
    Follow these top notch tips to finish PhD early, fast and quickly. Join PhD in full time with a private university. Choose the latest topic of research. Get a supportive PhD supervisor. Write at least 5 SCI Journal papers. Write a perfect thesis in 2 years of time. Show the qualitative work to PhD panel. Apply for a shorter periodic submission of the thesis. Tell the administration about your works frankly. Fulfill all the formalities with the Ph.D. university. In order to finish your PhD quickly, act like a hero in your PhD. Do whatever your university asks you to do.  Keep your supervisor in your grip. Serve all the other faculty and cooperate with them and assist them in some of the works. Prepare your thesis from the start of the first year of your PhD. Do publish some papers within 2 years of time. Do not postpone the reading and writing activities. Finish your Coursework successfully. The very important thing is to know how long phd takes in your university. Some times PhD duration depends as per university norms Join in Private University and Small University (Not Oxford) Now know about how to join in any university to finish your PhD quickly. When you wish to join in any university, just make sure that you join a small University. Usually, small University will help you to finish your PhD quickly. If you opt for any big University, you are troubling yourself. But at the same time, you make sure that the university is recognized and eligible. This is very important to make your PhD valuable in the future to get any job. Your career is very important nowadays. For this reason, you are willing to do your PhD. So check for many universities online and come to conclusion at the end. This is the only way to get your PhD to finish quickly. Be aware of fake universities because nowadays you see many fake universities around. They are trying to cheat you very badly in regards to your PhD. They are ready to offer free PhD and even without going to college. If you do hard work and publish papers fast, you can easily win PhD quickly. This is the only way to show your talent and capability to your supervisor. What happens when you join in part-time PhD course? When you join PhD course from a big University, what happens is that the University may put many conditions where you cannot really complete your PhD. This is how many times happen. Never prefer doing your PhD in a big and reputed University. The reason is very simple. You will never complete it as fast as you think. This, in turn, will lead you to a situation you where you cannot complete your PhD in a limited number of times. Small reputed University requires PhD students a lot. They need to produce more PhD as the time goes on. They want to bring more reputation with producing more PhD awards. So what you can do is a just search for a good University which is very good and has a good name in the public. Another benefit of joining a small University is that you can get all your certificates in time. And also when you want to do your job abroad, it is very easy to get your certificates without any delay. This you must realize and try to join in a small University, this way you can get settled down very fast and finish your PhD course legibly. Always prefer a full-time Ph.D. (Part-time sucks) When you do a full-time course the benefits are amazing. The first advantage is that you can finish your PhD early and fast.  With lots of experience, I am saying this. When you do part-time, the worst thing is that you will never do this perfectly and with interest. You may have to lose your PhD in the end. There are many examples of PhD candidates joining in the course and just gave up after some time. They never paid heed of what they are exactly doing and how they suppose to do. This is always the problem with part-time PhD course. Another problem is that you are already doing some full-time job. At the same time, you are also doing a full-time job. This may cause a great disturbance to your part-time PhD. You cannot do justice to your full-time job.  If you wish to do part-time, then do not do any other job except research. But this is a rare condition.  So see once for all to finish your PhD in time with only PhD full time. This is a good idea if at all you want to achieve success with your PhD.  Always have a clear understanding of how PhD part time and full time differs.  They are a great lot of difference between them. These days full-time Ph.D. has a lot of value than a part-time one. So never intend to do Ph.D. in part-time that will suck if you are little bit disinterestedness.. Choose a Latest topic in your area of research (gain credibility) Latest topics will give more chance to accept your research thesis. Even when you publish some papers, if you choose a good topic you can finish it published fast. If your thesis and research papers are of old topics, and a beaten track by all, it will have less chance to accept. Your thesis also will ask for more depth analysis.  I have taken in my Ph.D. a very latest topic. This is very fresh and my supervisor gives me all free hands to research.  This is not a beaten bush topic. The advantage is that you will get fewer questions to ask on this topic. No one is so expert in the latest topic. So you can defend easily in your thesis presentation or Viva Voce. How to get your latest topic is very simple. Just go to Google trends and there you will find what topics are highly relevant in your area right now. Pick up the relevant topic and a very popular one. I mean by popularity is that is very recently popular. So when you take this topic, you are in safe hands. Your research area can bring you in trouble. So if your area is good, then all is good. If your research area is a very old one, you will have to be more careful with good analysis. Your supervisor knows well about old topics. Opt for a supporting supervisor/guide(not egoistic) Many Ph.D. students are suffering right now just because of his or her bad supervisor. There are 3 problems with any supervisor. The first one is he may be very egoistic by nature. Even his family members might have left him or her. So what about you? You can never impress your ego natured supervisor; however good are you in your dealing with him. So choose who can be humble. Never opt for a supervisor who is too sensitive and introvert. The reason is that he is too much concerned with anything. If someone scolds him, he cannot withstand with that humiliation. This is called the sensitive person. So when it comes to you, if you do not complete some tasks given by him, he will never be happy with you. Because he is very sensitive, he will complain about you to administration. The third reason is that your supervisor is too aggressive and hot. These people take instant decisions. This will ruin your PhD life in a short time. There may arise some circumstances that all of a sudden, some choice has been taken, and they want to terminate you. You will never understand what is exactly taking place in the mind of the supervisor. In fact, nothing happens it is just a hasty decision. Be regular to the university/college (do not skip) If you join in a full-time PhD, you will have to come to college regularly. Otherwise, how can you finish your PhD quickly? You can never do it. Be regular to college. This is the only option to finish your PhD study fast. If you have an appointment outside, try to postpone them. You will get accustomed as the days by. Once you start coming to college, you will feel to come regularly. While studying your PhD course, Get rid of some enjoyments. For example, if watching movies your passion, there are the high change that you bunk your college life. If you have the addiction to drinking, that may also ruin your attendance in the college. So when you have full attendance means you are doing something in the college regarding your Ph.D. course. Naturally, you will finish your Ph.D. quickly. One more block to come to college regularly is when you fall in love with someone. Love is common. But never move beyond the limit. Your mind is basically occupied with many reasons not to mention here. So check with your mind and how much interested are you with your PhD course. Are you so much so passionate about doing and finishing your PhD quickly? Go ahead now with zeal. Get a good impression from your supervisor Your supervisor may be very good. But if you are not good, what happens? It is all waste of time to join in a prestigious course like PhD. So think once before you leap into PhD. Take some choices that you will be behaving well. If not the behavior of your supervisor may not give you so much success. No one likes the bad person. Your supervisor too does not like you. He may not like your bad actions. Another way to get a good impression is to be humble and simple. Do work more. I mean not your PhD but other works like helping out your supervisor in classes, and outside. Try to give some personal help doing little things that a normal person does. This is the first point of an impression to any supervisor. Who cares if you study well and has nothing at the end.  Getting impression is all. Another way to get a good impression is to publish more papers than expected. Who is not happy if someone appreciates his scholar for his success?  So try to impress your supervisor doing things beforehand. It is a very basic principle to finish your PhD very quickly.  The last very important bonus idea is to ‘Never Speak badly about your supervisor anywhere in the college or outside’ Meet your supervisor a few times a week (build a relation) Always be in touch with your supervisor. If you are not in touch, he may think that you do like him. So never give such impression. Never think that you are disturbing your supervisor if you meet him often. This is not a good idea. Nobody thinks in the way you think. Put yourself in the position. If your student comes up to meet you, how do you feel? You feel delighted. So do not give negative thought to meet your supervisor as much time as you can in a week. Meeting means not for any person. Your every meeting must be related to your subject.  Ask as many questions as you can and get your doubts clarified. This is the only meeting that I am speaking about. So what I suggest is to frame some 5 questions in a week to ask your supervisor. Be ready with those five questions. Ask one question in a day. That is it. It is very simple.  So just do it. When you meet your supervisor, you must remember two things: The first is your mouth odor. Smell good in front of your supervisor.  When you ask a question with a bad odor, your supervisor will feel bad in the heart. Dress good and never ask questions at the end of the day. Because you get a lot of sweat and this will also…
  • Scopus Indexed Journals in English Literature
    Scopus indexed journals in English literature. Get here scopus journals in ELT 3L: Language, Linguistics, Literature Narrative Inquiry Narrative The Journal of Commonwealth Literature Journal of World Literature Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry International Journal of English Language and Literature Studies Bellaterra Journal of Teaching & Learning Languages & Literature ELH-English Literary History Journal of Postcolonial Writing Methis Novel: A Forum of Fiction Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction Literator Narrative Culture Contemporary Literature Shakespeare Quarterly ISLE Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment Journal of Literary Studies Literatura y Linguistica Journal of Literature and Linguistics Acta Literaria Analisi Linguistica e Letteraria Castilla Estudios de Literatura Canadian Review of Comparative Literature CLCWeb – Comparative Literature and Culture Extrapolation-Liverpool English Text and Studies Helios Ilha do Desterro JNT-Journal of Narrative Theory Journal of Modern Literature LIT Literature Interpretation Theory Papers on Language and Literature Revista de Literatura Tulsa Studies in Womens Literature Anglica Brumal CEA Critic Comparative Critical Studies Crticism Interdisciplinary Literary Studies Interdisciplinary Studies of Literature Logos: Revista de Linguistica, Filosofia y Literatura World Literature Studies World Literature Today Clio 452F Anafora CLA Journal English Literature Folia Linguistica et Litteraria IAFOR Journal of Literature and Librarianship James Joyce Quarterly Michigan Quarterly Review Svet Literatury Voprosy Literatury
  • PhD stipend in India?
    PhD stipend in India is not like PhD salary after doing PhD but stipend means a scholarship based money that is given monthly or anually to PhD pursuing students. Here is my detailed study about stipend for phd in India. The average PhD stipend in India is 15000-35000 INR per month. Only full-time PhD students are eligible to get a phd scholarship. All part-time PhD students will not get stipend because they have their own jobs and they don’t contribute to the univesity. Full-time PhD students are paid regulary every 30 days for the contribution and research they do in a particular university. In many universities, PhD students will submit a monthly research report that needs to get approved for getting a PhD stipend. Another interesting thing is that the allocation of stipend depends on the branch and subject. Those students who study PhD in humanities will get lower stipend when compared to the stipend for PhD in engineering subjects. Stipend also depends on which university one studies his/her PhD. For instance, If a PhD student is from NIT or IIT, they get a good and handsome stipend. But it is not with any PhD from private universities. There is no universal rule from UGC or AICTE about stipend giving and allocation. PhD stipend in India is given as per the norms of the university for different branches. There will be also a PhD stipend hike for senior PhD scholars ( who finishes at least 2 years of PhD). Having given the information about PhD stipend, I have asked some PhD students about their stipend in different universities. Here are my findings: How much stipend for PhD? Type of Universities PhD stipend in India ( First 2 years) PhD stipend in India ( After 2 years) Central University 32000 INR 38000 INR Government University 28000 INR 35000 INR Private University 25000 INR 35000 INR NIT’s 32000 INR 42000 INR IISERs 32000 INR 42000 INR NISERs 32000 INR 42000 INR IIT’s 28000 INR 35000 INR Stipend table for PhD in India The given stipend list above is taken from different PhD students studying in 2021-22. But for more updates of the current stipend, regularly visit for the table updates. PhD stipends can be modified at any time without any priority. So it is always better to check with the university about the current stipend limits for different subjects. Here are the different PhD students giving their opinions: Usually after getting stipend, PhD students never use it for satisfying their wants. They spend it within no time in India. Usually in India, Stipend is very less for a PhD student to run his family. It is very difficult for a married person to study PhD full time mode. Especially, I want to bring to notice about students belonging to humanities background. They get very less PhD stipend. It is just 18k per month. Most of this sitpend again undergoes some cuts like for taking leave or for not giving thumb or for some donations within the universities. The best thing that a PhD student can do with very lower stipend is to do a part-time job as online educator or freelancing his skills. This is the best way to cover for unexpected expenses that one may incur during PhD. Another opportunity is to avail bank loan besides regular sitpend. Usually banks provide educational loan or personal loan upto 2 lacs. Just pay in in installment for the rest of PhD. This loan will help you a lot to cover many expenses that belong to PHD itself. For example, during the final year of PhD, you have to pay thesis submission fee of upto 50000 INR. Some expenses for binding of PhD thesis will also take place. So your PhD stipend will not cover these high expenses. Unfortunately PhD sitpend in Indiac covers only living expenses to minimum.
  • Salary after PhD in English in India
    Salaries for English PhD holders are looked cheaply becuase there is enough competetion. There are PhD teachers of English who are willing to work for lower salaries. So the salary after PhD in English in India is 30000 to 43000 per month in India. After finishing PhD in English, one can apply for universities around India to get a handsome salary. After PhD in English, it is easy to apply for a job and get it. PhD is the highest ever academic qualification in English literature/linguistics/literary theory/English language teaching. The reason is that there are not many of PhD scholars in English. So if you are one of those ones, you can get a good job with highest pay. Salary depends upon various factors again. Also check salary after phd in biotechnology, management, zoology, economics, microbiology, chemistry, and salary after phd in mathematics Here are the factors that affect salary after PhD in English in India: Experience before PhD If you have more years of experience by the time of completion of PhD, you will get a good salary package. If not, you will be treated as a fresher in the field which results in low salary offers. Publications history If you have good publication history during or after PhD in English, salaries will be very good irrespective of experience that what I have mentioned above. Good publications include publishing in SCI, ESCI, Scopus etc. The paper published along these platforms have highest regard to fetch a handsome salary package. Patent history If you have at least 2 patent in the subject of English, you will have a great salary after PhD. Nobody will lose PhD holders in English who have patent recognitions. Types of institutions one applies Salary after PhD in English also depends on the type of institutes that you apply for. For instance if you apply for colleges and schools or academies, the salaries are very low where as if you opt university level institutes like IIT, IIIT, NIT’s etc, the salaries are very good in par with academic standards. Never apply for a job in engineering colleges if they are not autonomous. You will face troubles even to get regular salaries after PhD in English. PhD from top ranking institutes Salary also depends upon the institutes where one completes PhD. If you complete PhD from private univesities in India, salaries are low because such PhD awards are treated low. If a PhD is from NIT’s or IIT’s or Government universities, the PhD holder will have high chance of getting a good salary. So conclusively, it is the institute where PhD is acquired that matters for a high salary package. Full-time vs Part-time Salary also depends on whether your PhD is done through full time mode or part time mode. Usually full timers are given preference while deciding salaries for PhD holders in English. But this many not not be true with some universities. It is just my opinion based on experience. Competition affects PhD salary The number of PhD applicants apply for a job also affects salary if the university that is recruting wants to save some money. So those who ask for more salary may not be given a position rather those who go by norms of the institute will be given a job position. So usually salary is bit lower. Recommendation matters Salary after PhD in English also depends upon the recommendation letter that one gets to get a job position. If any higher authority recommends a particular candidate even before the job interview, salary will never be a constraint for such PhD holders in English. So remember recommendation letter matters in India even in this 21st century. Popular posts that others are reading now:: PhD duration in India Is PhD Tough? How To Write PhD? Is it ph d or phd PhD Salary In India
  • Salary after PhD in Zoology in India
    Salary after PhD in Zoology in India is 75000 to 100000 per month. After finishing PhD in Zoology, one can apply for universities around India to get a handsome salary. After PhD in Zoology, it is easy to apply for a job and get it. PhD is the highest ever academic qualification in zoological Sciences. The reason is that there are not many of PhD scholars in Zoology. So if you are one of those ones, you can get a good job with highest pay. Salary depends upon various factors again. Also check salary after phd in biotechnology, management, economics, english, microbiology, chemistry, and salary after phd in mathematics Here are the factors that affect salary after PhD in Zoology in India: Experience before PhD If you have more years of experience by the time of completion of PhD, you will get a good salary package. If not, you will be treated as a fresher in the field which results in low salary offers. Publications history If you have good publication history during or after PhD in Zoology, salaries will be very good irrespective of experience that what I have mentioned above. Good publications include publishing in SCI, ESCI, Scopus etc. The paper published along these platforms have highest regard to fetch a handsome salary package. Patent history If you have at least 2 patent in the subject of Zoology, you will have a great salary after PhD. Nobody will lose PhD holders in Zoology who have patent recognitions. Types of institutions one applies Salary after PhD in Zoology also depends on the type of institutes that you apply for. For instance if you apply for colleges and schools or academies, the salaries are very low where as if you opt university level institutes like IIT, IIIT, NIT’s etc, the salaries are very good in par with academic standards. Never apply for a job in engineering colleges if they are not autonomous. You will face troubles even to get regular salaries after PhD in Zoology. PhD from top ranking institutes Salary also depends upon the institutes where one completes PhD. If you complete PhD from private univesities in India, salaries are low because such PhD awards are treated low. If a PhD is from NIT’s or IIT’s or Government universities, the PhD holder will have high chance of getting a good salary. So conclusively, it is the institute where PhD is acquired that matters for a high salary package. Full-time vs Part-time Salary also depends on whether your PhD is done through full time mode or part time mode. Usually full timers are given preference while deciding salaries for PhD holders in Zoology. But this many not not be true with some universities. It is just my opinion based on experience. Competition affects PhD salary The number of PhD applicants apply for a job also affects salary if the university that is recruting wants to save some money. So those who ask for more salary may not be given a position rather those who go by norms of the institute will be given a job position. So usually salary is bit lower. Recommendation matters Salary after PhD in Zoology also depends upon the recommendation letter that one gets to get a job position. If any higher authority recommends a particular candidate even before the job interview, salary will never be a constraint for such PhD holders in Zoology. So remember recommendation letter matters in India even in this 21st century. Popular posts that others are reading now:: How To Write PhD? Is it ph d or phd PhD duration in India Is PhD Tough? PhD Salary In India
  • Salary after PhD in Chemistry in India
    Salary after PhD in Chemistry in India is 35000 to 45000 per month. After finishing PhD in Chemistry, one can apply for universities around India to get a handsome salary. After PhD in Chemistry, it is easy to apply for a job and get it. PhD is the highest ever academic qualification in Chemical Sciences. The reason is that there are not many of PhD scholars in Chemistry. So if you are one of those ones, you can get a good job with highest pay. Salary depends upon various factors again. Also check salary after phd in biotechnology, management, zoology, english, microbiology, chemistry and salary after phd in mathematics Here are the factors that affect salary after PhD in Chemistry in India: Experience before PhD If you have more years of experience by the time of completion of PhD, you will get a good salary package. If not, you will be treated as a fresher in the field which results in low salary offers. Publications history If you have good publication history during or after PhD in Chemistry, salaries will be very good irrespective of experience that what I have mentioned above. Good publications include publishing in SCI, ESCI, Scopus etc. The paper published along these platforms have highest regard to fetch a handsome salary package. Patent history If you have at least 2 patent in the subject of Chemistry, you will have a great salary after PhD. Nobody will lose PhD holders in Chemistry who have patent recognitions. Types of institutions one applies Salary after PhD in Chemistry also depends on the type of institutes that you apply for. For instance if you apply for colleges and schools or academies, the salaries are very low where as if you opt university level institutes like IIT, IIIT, NIT’s etc, the salaries are very good in par with academic standards. Never apply for a job in engineering colleges if they are not autonomous. You will face troubles even to get regular salaries after PhD in Chemistry. PhD from top ranking institutes Salary also depends upon the institutes where one completes PhD. If you complete PhD from private univesities in India, salaries are low because such PhD awards are treated low. If a PhD is from NIT’s or IIT’s or Government universities, the PhD holder will have high chance of getting a good salary. So conclusively, it is the institute where PhD is acquired that matters for a high salary package. Full-time vs Part-time Salary also depends on whether your PhD is done through full time mode or part time mode. Usually full timers are given preference while deciding salaries for PhD holders in Chemistry. But this many not not be true with some universities. It is just my opinion based on experience. Competition affects PhD salary The number of PhD applicants apply for a job also affects salary if the university that is recruting wants to save some money. So those who ask for more salary may not be given a position rather those who go by norms of the institute will be given a job position. So usually salary is bit lower. Recommendation matters Salary after PhD in Chemistry also depends upon the recommendation letter that one gets to get a job position. If any higher authority recommends a particular candidate even before the job interview, salary will never be a constraint for such PhD holders in Chemistry. So remember recommendation letter matters in India even in this 21st century. Popular posts that others are reading now:: How To Write PhD? Is it ph d or phd PhD duration in India Is PhD Tough? PhD Salary In India
  • Salary after PhD in Management in India
    Salary after PhD in Management in India is 40000 to 50000 per month. After finishing PhD in Management, one can apply for universities around India to get a handsome salary. After PhD in Management, it is easy to apply for a job and get it. PhD is the highest ever academic qualification in business management. The reason is that there are not many of PhD scholars in Management. So if you are one of those ones, you can get a good job with highest pay. Salary depends upon various factors again. Also check salary after phd in biotechnology, microbiology, zoology, english, economics, chemistry, and salary after phd in mathematics Here are the factors that affect salary after PhD in Management in India: Experience before PhD If you have more years of experience by the time of completion of PhD, you will get a good salary package. If not, you will be treated as a fresher in the field which results in low salary offers. Publications history If you have good publication history during or after PhD in Management, salaries will be very good irrespective of experience that what I have mentioned above. Good publications include publishing in SCI, ESCI, Scopus etc. The paper published along these platforms have highest regard to fetch a handsome salary package. Patent history If you have at least 2 patent in the subject of Management, you will have a great salary after PhD. Nobody will lose PhD holders in Management who have patent recognitions. Types of institutions one applies Salary after PhD in Management also depends on the type of institutes that you apply for. For instance if you apply for colleges and schools or academies, the salaries are very low where as if you opt university level institutes like IIT, IIIT, NIT’s etc, the salaries are very good in par with academic standards. Never apply for a job in engineering colleges if they are not autonomous. You will face troubles even to get regular salaries after PhD in Management. PhD from top ranking institutes Salary also depends upon the institutes where one completes PhD. If you complete PhD from private univesities in India, salaries are low because such PhD awards are treated low. If a PhD is from NIT’s or IIT’s or Government universities, the PhD holder will have high chance of getting a good salary. So conclusively, it is the institute where PhD is acquired that matters for a high salary package. Full-time vs Part-time Salary also depends on whether your PhD is done through full time mode or part time mode. Usually full timers are given preference while deciding salaries for PhD holders in Management. But this many not not be true with some universities. It is just my opinion based on experience. Competition affects PhD salary The number of PhD applicants apply for a job also affects salary if the university that is recruting wants to save some money. So those who ask for more salary may not be given a position rather those who go by norms of the institute will be given a job position. So usually salary is bit lower. Recommendation matters Salary after PhD in Management also depends upon the recommendation letter that one gets to get a job position. If any higher authority recommends a particular candidate even before the job interview, salary will never be a constraint for such PhD holders in Management. So remember recommendation letter matters in India even in this 21st century. Popular posts that others are reading now:: PhD Salary In India How To Write PhD? Is it ph d or phd Is PhD Tough? PhD duration in India
  • Salary after PhD in Microbiology in India
    Salary after PhD in Microbiology in India is 75000 to 95000 per month. After finishing PhD in Microbiology, one can apply for universities around India to get a handsome salary. After PhD in Microbiology, it is easy to apply for a job and get it. PhD is the highest ever academic qualification in microbilogical Sciences. The reason is that there are not many of PhD scholars in Microbiology. So if you are one of those ones, you can get a good job with highest pay. Salary depends upon various factors again. Also check salary after phd in biotechnology, management, zoology, english, economics, chemistry, and salary after phd in mathematics Here are the factors that affect salary after PhD in Microbiology in India: Experience before PhD If you have more years of experience by the time of completion of PhD, you will get a good salary package. If not, you will be treated as a fresher in the field which results in low salary offers. Publications history If you have good publication history during or after PhD in Microbiology, salaries will be very good irrespective of experience that what I have mentioned above. Good publications include publishing in SCI, ESCI, Scopus etc. The paper published along these platforms have highest regard to fetch a handsome salary package. Patent history If you have at least 2 patent in the subject of Microbiology, you will have a great salary after PhD. Nobody will lose PhD holders in Biotechnology who have patent recognitions. Types of institutions one applies Salary after PhD in Microbiology also depends on the type of institutes that you apply for. For instance if you apply for colleges and schools or academies, the salaries are very low where as if you opt university level institutes like IIT, IIIT, NIT’s etc, the salaries are very good in par with academic standards. Never apply for a job in engineering colleges if they are not autonomous. You will face troubles even to get regular salaries after PhD in Microbiology. PhD from top ranking institutes Salary also depends upon the institutes where one completes PhD. If you complete PhD from private univesities in India, salaries are low because such PhD awards are treated low. If a PhD is from NIT’s or IIT’s or Government universities, the PhD holder will have high chance of getting a good salary. So conclusively, it is the institute where PhD is acquired that matters for a high salary package. Full-time vs Part-time Salary also depends on whether your PhD is done through full time mode or part time mode. Usually full timers are given preference while deciding salaries for PhD holders in Microbiology. But this many not not be true with some universities. It is just my opinion based on experience. Competition affects PhD salary The number of PhD applicants apply for a job also affects salary if the university that is recruting wants to save some money. So those who ask for more salary may not be given a position rather those who go by norms of the institute will be given a job position. So usually salary is bit lower. Recommendation matters Salary after PhD in Microbiology also depends upon the recommendation letter that one gets to get a job position. If any higher authority recommends a particular candidate even before the job interview, salary will never be a constraint for such PhD holders in Microbiology. So remember recommendation letter matters in India even in this 21st century. Popular posts that others are reading now:: How To Write PhD? Is it ph d or phd PhD duration in India Is PhD Tough? PhD Salary In India
  • Salary after PhD in Economics in India
    Salary after PhD in Economics in India is 38000 to 44000 per month. After finishing PhD in Economics, one can apply for universities around India to get a handsome salary. After PhD in Economics, it is easy to apply for a job and get it. PhD is the highest ever academic qualification in economics of supply and demand. The reason is that there are not many of PhD scholars in Economics. So if you are one of those ones, you can get a good job with highest pay. Salary depends upon various factors again. Also check salary after phd in biotechnology, management, zoology, english, microbiology, chemistry, and salary after phd in mathematics Here are the factors that affect salary after PhD in Economics in India: Experience before PhD If you have more years of experience by the time of completion of PhD, you will get a good salary package. If not, you will be treated as a fresher in the field which results in low salary offers. Publications history If you have good publication history during or after PhD in Economics, salaries will be very good irrespective of experience that what I have mentioned above. Good publications include publishing in SCI, ESCI, Scopus etc. The paper published along these platforms have highest regard to fetch a handsome salary package. Patent history If you have at least 2 patent in the subject ofEconomics, you will have a great salary after PhD. Nobody will lose PhD holders in Economics who have patent recognitions. Types of institutions one applies Salary after PhD in Economics also depends on the type of institutes that you apply for. For instance if you apply for colleges and schools or academies, the salaries are very low where as if you opt university level institutes like IIT, IIIT, NIT’s etc, the salaries are very good in par with academic standards. Never apply for a job in engineering colleges if they are not autonomous. You will face troubles even to get regular salaries after PhD in Economics. PhD from top ranking institutes Salary also depends upon the institutes where one completes PhD. If you complete PhD from private univesities in India, salaries are low because such PhD awards are treated low. If a PhD is from NIT’s or IIT’s or Government universities, the PhD holder will have high chance of getting a good salary. So conclusively, it is the institute where PhD is acquired that matters for a high salary package. Full-time vs Part-time Salary also depends on whether your PhD is done through full time mode or part time mode. Usually full timers are given preference while deciding salaries for PhD holders in Economics. But this many not not be true with some universities. It is just my opinion based on experience. Competition affects PhD salary The number of PhD applicants apply for a job also affects salary if the university that is recruting wants to save some money. So those who ask for more salary may not be given a position rather those who go by norms of the institute will be given a job position. So usually salary is bit lower. Recommendation matters Salary after PhD in Economics also depends upon the recommendation letter that one gets to get a job position. If any higher authority recommends a particular candidate even before the job interview, salary will never be a constraint for such PhD holders in Economics. So remember recommendation letter matters in India even in this 21st century. Popular posts that others are reading now:: PhD Salary In India Number of phds per country PhD duration in India Is PhD Tough?
  • Latest PhD admission notifications with last dates
    Here is a latest list of PhD admission 2021 with last dates. PhD admissions Last Date EFLU Hyderabad September 18, 2021 Dayalbagh University September 1, 2021 Central University of Kashmir Aug 18, 2021 MGCGV Chitrakoot 30 Aug 2021 Kurukshetra University Aug 27, 2021 NIT Durgapur Aug 28th, 2021 Presidency University Aug 20th 2021 IIT Bombay September 15, 2021 Mangalore University Aug 16, 2021 IIT Sricity 09/08/2021 IIIT Vadodara 10/08/2021 Central University of Rajasthan 02/08/2021 Tezpur University 10/08/2021 Pondicherry University 14/08/2021 Delhi University 21/08/2021 University of Madras 05/08/2021 Periyar University 09/08/2021 JC Bose university of Sci&Tech 16/08/2021 Mandsaur University 02/08/2021 DAV University 06/08/2021 Uttaranchal University 07/08/2021 Adesh University 16/08/2021 Reva University 21/08/2021 Garden City University 30/08/2021 ICFAI 16/12/2021 University of Hyderabad 03/08/2021 Bharathiyar University 21/11/2021 Dayanada Sagar University 12/09/2021 Himachal Pradesh University 09/08/2021 NIT Jalandhar 08/08/2021 CSJMU 09/08/2021 AISECT University 30/07/2021 Guru Kashi University 30/07/2021 NIT Goa 09/08/2021