Age limit for PhD in Europe

If you want to do PhD in Europe, then there would be an age restriction. The age limit for PhD in Europe is 36 years. This is time when most of the universities get their seats filled. Many PhD aspirants wait this much longer time due to one reason i.e. to make their dreams come true during younger days but unable to achieve.

The reason why you will not be preferred for doing PhD after 36 is that you do not possess good energy levels. The energy levels are not quite good. Though there are many ways that you get admission into PhD course in Europe, there is always and unknown age limit in European Universities. There are several possible reasons for this.

  1. Energy levels are low after 36 years of age.
  2. Family responsibility is a barrier during 36 to 40 years of age.
  3. Lack of motivation from others for an elderly people.
  4. One cannot mingle with those young chaps who do PhD in Europe.
  5. Age becomes a barrier for doing PhD as an international student.
  6. Your health may not support to give best results after age limit.
  7. European universities are quite stricter with age restriction.
  8. Europe has a kind of courses where energy is required.
  9. PhD in Europe also demands language skills for all ages.

Taking into consideration about all those limitations with European universities, I suggest you to try with some of them even if you crossed 36 years of age. If PhD supervisor is willing to take you, then there would be not issues with your age.

European countries for doing PhD

France Norway
Spain Sweden
Italy Finland
Germany Poland
Cyprus Russia
Georgia Romania
Austria Iceland
United Kingdom Czech Republic
Ireland Netherlands

European Universities for PhD admission with age restriction

University of OxfordUniversity of Cambridge
Sorbonne UniversityParis-Sud University
LMU MunichTechnical University of Munich
Delft University of TechnologyWageningen University & Research
University of BolognaUniversity of Padua

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