Eligibility to do PhD in India

In India the eligibility to do PhD in India is a degree or post graduation. With a 3 year degree, you will have a chance to do integrated PhD or if you have masters, you will have to do regualar PhD.

Eligibility criteria to do PhD in India

  1. Pass a Degree or Post Graduation.
  2. Get at least 55% of marks in your Post Graduation.
  3. There is no age limit as such.
  4. Option to Join a integrated PhD with just a degree.
  5. Crack PhD entrance exam.
  6. Pass a PhD interview.
  7. Prepare a Research Proposal.
  8. Complete pre course work.
  9. Allotment of PhD guide or Co guide

Once you perform the above conditions, you may become eligible to do PhD in India and infact your real PhD research will start effectively. Any thing from the above points are very important for better research. Here is why my detailed explanation.

Minimum Eligibility to do PhD

In many universities, there is a condition to have minimum post graduation level to enter in to PhD course. This is mandatory. Unless you have PG in any subject, only then you are eligible to do PhD. You are not allowed to take a different subject other than the subjects you have studied in Post Graduation. You must study in PG that subject that which you are planning to take in PhD. So take care about your interest. If you have different subject but your interest is with other subject, then there is no way that you can perform well in PhD. You must also become expert in that subject are while you are studying MASTERS. The more knowledge you acquire in your Post graduation, the better the knowledge and scope in your PhD course.

Percentage Eligibility

There is a requirement to have a minimum of 55% marks in your post graduation. There is no other way here. Some private universities even ask for first class percentage. So 60% is also a mandatory thing with some of the reputed deemed to be private universities. If you get less marks, like 54%, you are out of getting admission in your PhD course. Unless you have some recommendation or prove yourself to your supervisor that you can do qualitative research, then you can come up with success in getting admission. So try to impress your supervisor before hand and convince that your percentage will not affect your research. So it all depends on this. But there are 5% chances to get admission in to PhD if your percentage in your Post Graduation is lesser than 55% or even 60-% with some of the good universities out there.

Age Criteria and Limit

There is no such condition that you must do PhD only at some point of time. You can do it even when you are 60s. There is no age limit to do PhD in INDIA. Once you fulfill the said conditions in this article, you are all the time eligible to do PhD. But there must be some health conditions to do PhD. If you have problems with your health, then it is difficult to do research. So think about this once. But these are all personal decisions that you have to make. There is no official age limit or medical report that you have to produce to do PhD. Be active and pro active. This is all any individual requires.

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Direct PhD and its eligibility

There are some universities in India offering PhD in a direct mode once you finish you B Tech and BA. This is like the combination of both masters and PhD for six long years with a unique curriculum. So if you want to progress with an early career, you can choose this option that will take you to the other side of life. You can earn good handsome salaries once you have finished this. You can also earn respect at an younger age. You can also continue with Post Doc opportunities and beat the competition in your field. But this type of direct PhD’s are not offered in all subjects. So check clearly which subjects are being offered for direct PhD. Check IIT Ropar where you have this direct PhD.

Appearing for a PhD entrance exam

United Grants Commission has made it mandatory for every university to conduct entrance test to take someone in to PhD. So this is quite important. You are not eligible to do PhD with out clearing the entrance exam. Get to know the syllabus of the entrance exam and try to appear it by studying nicely. If you do not study the exact syllabus, then there are less chance to get admission.

Facing a PhD interview

You need to clear PhD interview. This is the main part of the admission process. The way you convince your interview panel is very crucial in deciding who you are exactly. Research proposal plays a great role here If you are able to defend positively in the panes, you will have or get the selection easily.

A good Research Proposal

You must have a strong research proposal to become eligible to join PhD. If you do not have this research proposal, you cannot really get through the admission. Strong and unique research proposal will make you stand out from others. So do have some convincing and defending and new topics in your proposal. Mention exactly about the topic and methods of research.

Course Work is the required eligibility

In order to really become eligible to join PhD with out any conditions, you need to clear and pass course work. Other wise your conditional admission in to PhD will be terminated all of a sudden. There are 4 subject that you must clear.

  1. Research Methodology.
  2. Technical Writing.
  3. Area of Research.
  4. Literary Theory.

These subjects will teach you how to do research. They will give you the skills to continue your PhD course with out problems. So it has become mandatory to complete pre phd course in India.

PhD supervisor’s Allotment

There is no way that you can do PhD with out having one supervisor or guide. The supervisor will guide you effectively and recommend your admission to your PhD. Before trying to get admission, you must drop an email to a supervisor who is specialized in your subject. This email is very important. Then if the supervisor accepts you, thing will move smoothly till you get fully admitted unconditionally.

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Writing Skills in English

In India, writing skills are very poor. Students struggle a lot to write in English. That is why many fake PhD holders are in India. These funny professors get help from abroad in writing by paying money. They are not eligible at all to do PhD or to become professors after buying the PhD. So my request to the world is not to recruit Indian PhD holders as they are shit.

Conclusion: If you want to become eligible to do PhD in India, first you must attain some peculiar qualities to be sincere and active in knowing the present day to day conditions of universities and education. The society is somehow not in a position to accept certain things if you are lacking in some qualities. There is only one way to become eligible in my opinion. You must be at least having that passion and spark to do PhD. This passion about doing PhD makes you automatically eligible to do PhD in India. The skills comes automatically with the spark you have in your heart.

The other thing that I want to mention is that PhD can be awarded in any way. Even to the extent of not studying PhD. Simply for example let us take honorary PhD. This is awarded even with out studying and just for the sake of dedication of a person towards something that is special in the eyes of the society. So if you want to be eligible to study PhD, my best suggestion is have some dedication and work for researching some important key terms that this society is really in need of.

My other point is that when you want to do PhD in India, it is also important not to have too many aspirations. PhD is all about success and failure. There is no certain period when you will complete your PhD. It may take around 6 t 9 years of time to complete PhD or sometime even there are possibilities of quitting PhD.

I know many have quit PhD after some 2 or 4 years because they are unable to bear the struggle. They are unable to adjust with the supervisor. They are not in good terms with the supervisor. It is very important that you must keep up a good relationship with your supervisor. He is the one who can save you in your entire life. He can bring success or failure. So always keep up in good and sound wordings with your PhD supervisor. This way you will make eligible to get some new inspiration and cooperation for him.

Other personal eligibility conditions to do PhD in India

Have good passion for research.

Do not post pone your research.

Be aware of fake universities offering PhD.

Be aware not to buy any PhD related services.

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