Can PhD be done after PGDM. Is it equivalent to MBA

Can PhD be done after PGDM?

Can I Do PhD after PGDM? Yes you can do PhD after PGDM but the pgdm course must be accredited from NBA and at the same time having a certificate from AIU and an approval from AICTE. Once you have these 3 preconditions fulfilled, pgdm students can apply for PhD because your PGDM is equivalent to MBA. Then you can pursue PhD after PGDM. Unfortunately many colleges don’t reveal clearly to students about PGDM validity. This is why students must strictly ask their college about accreditation of PGDM course.

But to get admission in PhD you need to get a good percentage of marks in your PGDM and are able to convince PhD supervisor about your level of knowledge in the particular subject. You can pursue PhD after PGDM only after clearing phd entrance exam followed by phd interview.

The options are many. It all starts with which topic you want to take up for research. There are many topics in pgdm. You need to pick one of the topics of your interest and move ahead.

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You can also decide the topic with your PhD supervisor during or before the admission process. Are you worrying who suppose to be your supervisor. Just go to the university and meet HOD and request for subject experts in the topic you have chosen. They will guide you to the right person. You can opt him as your phd guide in the future.

But it is unfortunate that some universities are adamant and look cheap about PGDM. Usually no one joins after PGDM into PhD. Because if that would be their idea, they would have taken MBA directly even before planning to do PGDM. Students opt for post graduate diploma only for one reason is to get a fast job.

Is PGDM a criteria for pursuing PhD?

No. Usually Masters is the criteria for pursuing PhD. But if your PGDM is recognized by AICTE and have an equivalent certificate, then it can become criteria.

Can we pursue a PhD after completing a PGDM from Symbiosis?

Yes you can pursue a phd after doing pgdm from Symbiosis. It is a reputed institute. So you can do it easily. It has all the recognition.

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Can PGDM passed candidate write NET?

Yes PGDM passed candidate is fully eligible to write NET exam. Only the condition is that the course must be accredited by AIU.

Can a student do PhD after PGDM from IIM?

Yes anyone who do PGDM from IIM is eligible to do PhD from any university. IIM’s PGDM is equivalent to MBA. So there is not problem in pursuing phd with PGDM from IIM.

Can someone pursue PhD in management after a distance PGDM?

Usually most of the distance learning PGDM’s are not recognized to be equivalent to MBA. This one needs to be verified before embarking into distance pgdm courses. Otherwise you may not be eligible for getting admission into PhD.

Is AICTE PGDM equivalent to an MBA degree?

A big yes. Any PGDM which is from AICTE is automatically becomes equivalent qualification to MBA degree which can lead to PhD admission if applied.

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