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    How to proofread your thesis

    Here is the step-by-step guide to proofread thesis Look for repetitive words or sentences. Proofread with Chrome add-ons. Passive voice not more than 30% of a thesis. Check for relevancy of titles and its text. Take a look at redundant words. Validate all the punctuation marks. Use the key terms properly. Check for Repetition of same words while proofreading It is a highly common mistake that you repeat most of the words while writing your thesis. It could be an adjective like “good.” Try to avoid such usage. Make a point to use different words instead of “good.”  Like for example, you can use “nice.” This way you will bring…

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    How to Write a Literature Review for Your Thesis

    While writing a literature review for your PhD thesis or dissertation, you will have to dig past literature on your topic throughly. Simple steps to write a literature review for PhD thesis: Prepare upto 10 research questions. Keep ready with topic’s keywords. The length is a quarter of whole thesis. Gather Primary and Secondary Sources Take sources from all channels. Save every source weblink on your laptop. Never deviate from your topic of research. Prepare summaries for each source. Finally, derive conclusions. Advanced tips to write a literature review for PhD thesis Where to start You must first take it into consideration about the date bases that your professors are…

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    PhD Dissertation/Thesis Writing Tips

    PhD Dissertation or PhD thesis is the final output of your hard spending hours in your PhD. Writing your PhD dissertation required huge writing skills. Here are top tips to write your PhD dissertation or thesis easily. Follow the sample format of seniors’ thesis. Decide the names of the 5 chapters of thesis. Write headings and sub heading under each chapter. Expand each heading with out ambiguity and repetition. Write each paragraph in no more than 300 words. Write thesis to a minumum of 70000 words. Use table and figures appropriately. Explain every figure and table in a good length. Finally, write Cover Page, Index Page, References, Table of Contents…