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What does the root word auto mean with examples, words, prefixes:

Root word auto is defined as “self.” Some of the words for root word auto are autoplay, autosuggest, auto gear, autopsy. The super-simple method to get the words for the root word auto is “autonomous.” This word is used by many colleges. “Self” means it works by no other means rather by its own means.

The word “auto” is derived from the Greek word. The beginning of the word comes during 300 BC when a philosopher called Heraclitus uses a term called “This world is in a state of flux.” Heraclitus then termed it as “auto.” Later on Aristotle and Plato, Socrates have been using this world until it became very popular during the time of Karl Marx when said about the Copernican revolution. He uses the word “auto” when telling that this earth revolves on its own. It was called by him “AUTO-EARTH.”

List of auto prefix root words

Though auto is derived from a Greek word, it occupied a greater place in the language of English. It formed many other words that we use in our day to day modern life. Here are some of the Root words for auto.

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Popular auto words

Though the above words are used rapidly under different positions. The one important word that comes everywhere from this root word auto is “autobiography.” This particular word has been used several times by many authors and noble prize winners.

Every celebration and function uses the root word auto in one or another way.

“Auto” has become now a fully-fledged prefix in the English language. Another popular word that is very vastly used with this prefix is “autograph.” I hope no one can deny if I say that every human being in this world might have at least used once the word autograph.

Another popular word is the automobile. People in this world indeed love to move and travel here and there. An automobile can display auto motion i.e. it can move all by its own power.

We use another word in the assembly line. i.e. automation. If for example in a factory, robots use automation to manufacture products. This way everything happens fast. What 100 people can do is done just by one robot with an automation technique.

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Have you ever heard autopilot while flying an aeroplane? Yes, exactly this word is highly popular among Airways. Once you put in autopilot, the plane manages on its own with good altitude and flying.

An automatic washing machine is another example. Autofocus is another example.

Meanings for root word auto

Root word auto 1

Examples of a root word auto

The machine runs automatically.

Would you please give me your autograph?

I would like to write my autobiography.

sentence example for a root word auto
See here how the word auto has been used in a sentence.

Root words need to be understood differently. The word “auto” has got a lot of history throughout ages. The basic concept behind it is self-explanatory.

Many times the word is not understood in its own way. Teachers must take this word and explain to students how history shaped the root words in English.

That being said it is clear that everyone uses words as they should be used. Every root word has in one or another way some type of past. There are many other words linked to root words.

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