PhD in Garden City University

Information about PhD in Garden city university is crucial to join and take admission. Here is the detailed process about its fees and the available PhD programs in Garden City University Bangalore. Garden City University PhD fees is 50000 INR per semester except for PhD in Psychology which is 60000/-. per semester. Having said this the available phd programs in GCU are very limited. These are the PHD programs that are available in GCU.

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology
  2. Doctor of Philosophy in Journalism
  3. Doctor of Philosophy in Hotel Management and Tourism
  4. Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry
  5. Doctor of Philosophy in Management
  6. Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Sciences and Information Technology
  7. Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology
    Doctor of Philosophy in Physiotherapy
  8. Doctor of Philosophy in Indian & Foreign Languages

There is also hostel facility for PhD students. These are the costs for PhD students in Garden City University.

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Examination fees for PhD students besides regular fees as follows:

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Rs 5500 per semester. And there are other charges for sports and vice versa which will go up to 35000/-

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