phd entrance exam syllabus botany

PhD entrance exam syllabus for botany in India

PhD entrance exam syllabus for botany will be different for each university. But most commonly, every university follows certain common syllabus patterns. Here is my detailed syllabus outlook to write entrance exam for PhD in Botany.

Download PhD entrance exam syllabus for botany

Botany is a stream of Biology subject in which knowledge is shared on the assessment of plants and the process through which they thrive and sustain. At the graduation and pg. level education the course curriculum is usually imparted through lectures, lab based sessions as well as field based research. Suitable and eligible aspiring candidates interested in pursuing the course should have completed master’s degree from any recognized university with a least score of % alongwith year teaching or administrative experience. The course fee is anywhere from INR 2000 -8 lakhs for a term of 3 yr. The average salary that a candidate acquires after completion of the course is anywhere from 15000-80000/-. The pay is variable in accordance to private and govt.sectors.

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PhD in Botany is a three year long programme with a doctorate degree. Here the students are allowed to go for independent research work. The curriculum covers the following concepts:

  • The basis of medicine
  • Research on Biomedical activities
  • Terminology
  • Biological preservation

Admission Process:

The candidate has to prove his or her eligibility by undertaking the following examinations

  • DBT- It is an entrance examination of national-level conducted for selecting candidates for research work in the discipline.
  • UGC NET- It is also a national-level examination for selecting eligible candidates for Ph.D. examination
  • CSIR NET- It is usually conducted twice a year. The successful candidates would be able to pursue Ph.D. upon successful completion of this examination.

What is thecourse description and syllabus to pursue Ph.D. in Botany?

Semester I Semester II
Methodology on Research Preservation &Biodiversity
Proposal on Research The latest trends and developments of Ecology
Freshdevelopments in Physiology of Plant Current Biotechnology Trends
Moderntrends in Plant Pathology

A Ph.D. in Botany- What it is all about?

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It is all about the scientific assessment and investigations of various types of plants and fungi. This scientific discipline comprises of the assessment of various types of plants and their aspects. The research scholar has to study a varied number of aspects like the growth, structure, reproduction of plants. The major areas of work for the candidates for research would involve nursery and seed companies. It is important for candidates to have clear, concise and verbal abilities so that they can pass the verbal interview round in a Ph.D. entrance examination in Botany.

The career prospects for Botanists

After successful completion of their degree, the doctorates would have a world of opportunities in front of them. One of the most noble and lucrative professions is to opt for lectureship. Moreover, the candidate can also apply in various reputed organizations for the post of plant explorers, ecologists, nursery managers, etc. Moreover, researching on molecular biology is also a great option for potential candidates. Candidates can also undertake research work in their respective institutes. It is also a viable career option for many.

Hence, it is evident that the profession of a botanist is quite prestigious. However, you need to work hard to pass the eligibility test.

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