How many words per page in apa format

How many words per page in apa format

The number of words per page in apa format are 250 words. This means if one wants to write a research paper in apa style format, it is recommended to write in 8 pages in times new roman font. This way one can begin to write a research paper effectively. The paper must include double spacing. Usually with double spacing, apa format takes 250 words per page. There are ready-made formats available for apa format style where you do not need to worry about the number of words per page. It automatically takes 250 words per page.

How to count words in apa style paper

In apa style paper, you must count words totally along with abstract title and every thing that you have written. Only this way you can really get the overview of how many words are present in the research paper.

Do not use too long sentence or too short sentences

While writing paper in APA style, do not use too complex sentences and very short ones. Usually this makes difficult to really follow through how many words you have in apa style.

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Can you use other fonts on APA style?

No one cannot use other fonts for APA style because APS recommends only times new roman. This is the major font that is very clear to read and there is also a letter friendly for human eyes.

Which edition is live now in apa format?

There is 7th edition ongoing now. But mostly researchers use only 6th edition even now due to the complexity of 7th edition.

Though apa style is used vastly, some also follow MLA style and chicago style. This depends on your publisher’s rules and regulation about which format that one must use while sending a research paper. The guidelines will be clearly given to writers and authors about apa style format and basic things are also mentioned there.

Here is the sample apa style paper

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