Scopus Indexed Journals in Economics

Top 15 Scopus Indexed Journals In Economics

We have curated a detailed and researched list of the Top 15 Scopus Indexed Journals in Economics for all the Economics enthusiasts.

  • Quarterly Journal of Economics
  • Entrepreneurship Theory and Practise
  • Journal of Economic Perspectives
  • Journal of Human Resources
  • Journal of Supply Chain Management
  • Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
  • Journal of International Business Studies
  • Journal of Finance
  • Journal of Financial Economics
  • Journal of Economic Growth
  • International Journal of Production Economics
  • Resources, Conservation, and Recycling
  • Journal of Political Economy
  • Journal of Accounting Research
  • American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

For beginners who do not know what Scopus is- we will be helping you out with that as well. Scopus is well-known as one of the largest databases of source-neutral abstracts and citations which has been curated by the experts on the subject matters. Scopus is believed to have indexed content from around 24,000+ active titles and more than five thousand publishers, which has been vetted and rigorously selected by a bench of an independent board of reviewers. It uses a vibrant metadata infrastructure to connect people, ideas, and institutions. Scopus helps in bringing together superior quality data, advanced technology, and sophisticated analytics in one place, which fights against predatory publishing and thus helps in better decision making. It also helps give credit to actual researchers for your work. These are the top list of scopus indexed journals in Economics.

.Scopus Indexed Journals in Economics of Quarterly Journal of Economics

The Quarterly Journal of Economics was first started in the year 1886 and is a peer-review journal that is published by the Oxford University Press. It is believed to be one of the oldest chronicles of Economics in the English language. The recent editors in chief are from the Harvard University: Robert J. Barro, Pol Antràs, Lawrence F. Katz, Andrei Shleifer. As the name suggests, it is published every quarter and has one of the best impact scores among most other Economics Journals.

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.Scopus Indexed Journals in Economics in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practise

Entrepreneurship Theory and Practise is another peer-reviewed journal in Economics and entrepreneurship studies. This particular journal was first published in 1976 and had Johan Wiklund as its Editor in chief. SAGE Publications publish this journal on behalf of Baylor University. This particular journal is also considered as one of the official journals of the United States Association for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship.

.Scopus Indexed Journals in Economics for Journal of Economic Perspectives

The Journal of Economics Perspectives was first published in the year 1987 by the American Economic Association and is edited by Enrico Moretti while Timothy Taylor is the Managing Director. This journal has got a varied sense of purposes- right from providing insights for students in a classroom setting to giving economic analysis for public policy issues.

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.Scopus Indexed Journals in Economics at Journal of Human Resources

The Journal of Human Resources is a publication of the University of Wisconsin Press and was first published in the year 1965. This is another quarterly peer-reviewed journal that covers empirical microeconomics. David N Figilo of the Northwestern University is the editor in chief. Get here my other article on scopus list of journals in English.

.Scopus Indexed Journal in Economics for a topic Journal of Supply Chain Management

The Journal of Supply Chain Management is another quarterly research journal that was first published in 1965 by the publishers Wiley-Blackwell.

.Another Scopus journal list for Economics is Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Another such peer-review journal which is published quarterly to twice a month in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. The Reports of Journal Citation have reported an impact factor 5.888 for 2016. The current editor in chief for the Journal is John Hulland from the Terry Business College.

.Scopus indexed journals in Economics of Journal of International Business Studies

This particular journal is published by Palgrave Macmillan and has papers concerning International Business. This is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal that was first set into publication in the year 1970. The Editor in chief for the journal is Alain Verbeke from the University of Calgary.

.A Scopus related journal in Economics of Journal of Finance

The Journal of Finance, another journal published by Wiley-Blackwell, with Stefan Negal as it’s editor in chief on behalf of the American Finance Association. This is considered one of the premier finance journals. The Journal Citation Reports ranks this particular journal 4th out of the 345 in the Economics category. The Financial Times uses this esteemed journal to compile its business school research ranks, and it has also been used by Bloomberg’s Businessweek’s top 20 Journals. Other are reading the Scopus journals of Mathematics

.Scopus indexed Journal of Financial Economics

The Journal of Financial Economics is a peer-reviewed educational journal covering the field of finance. The journal was first established in the year 1974. One of the premier journals to be referred by the Financial Times. The editor-in-chief currently is G. William Schwert from the Simon Business School. The journal effects two annual prizes for economics research, the  Jensen Prize and the Fama DFA Prize.

.Scopus indexed Journal of Economic Growth

The Journal of Economic Growth is another peer-review of the journal which covers the research on the basis of the economic growth and the part of macroeconomics as well. The journal is being established in the management for 1996, it is based on the basis of the Springer Science and even the Business Media. The journey is based onto the theorics and even the basics of the neoclassical as well as the endogenous growth models along with income distribution with the help of the human capital and overlapping system of management on the basis of the fluctuations.

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The Journal based on the growth of the Economic world has been ranked among all the journals and fourth of it’s place. It is the Journal Citation report which has been ranked and has been placed in the 11th out of all the 209 journals which are recorded on the basis of the Brown Hebrew University.

.Scopus indexed International Journal of Production Economics

The International Journal of Production Economics stresses on topics relating to engineering as well as management. The general aspects of the subject about manufacturing as well as process industries, also production, in the general nature, are covered. This journal is considered to be interdisciplinary, taking into consideration the whole cycle of activities, like the life cycle of a product – from research, designing, development stage, test and launch to disposal – as well as the flow cycle of material – i.e. supply, production, and distribution.

.Scopus indexed journals of Economics in Resources, Conservation, and Recycling

The journal has an open access mirror journal with the same name and shares the same editorial team, aim, scope, and the submission system. Since they have the same editorial team, the peer review is also quite rigorous.

The Editor welcomes any contribution from research, that are a part of the sustainable management studies and also on the resources conservation. This journal stresses and focuses on the transformational processes involved in the transition towards a healthy and competitive, sustainable production as well as consumption system. The emphasis of the journal is upon institutional, economic, technological, and policy aspect of the specific resource management practice, like conservation, recycling, as well as resource substitution.

.Scopus indexed in Journal of Political Economy

This journal is published monthly and was first established in the year 1892 by James Lauren Laughlin. Another peer-reviewed weekly by the University of Chicago Press and covered the scope of both empirical and theoretical economics. The Journal has its editor in chief from the University of Chicago, Harald Uhlig. The journal in the past has changed its frequency from quarterly to twice a month to monthly.

.Scopus Ecnomics Journal of Accounting Research

This one is one of the leading peer-review journals of the Chicago University. Edited by a group of senior editors like Philip G. Berger, Christian Leuz, Douglas J. Skinner, Luzi Hail, Haresh Sapra, Regina Wittenberg Moerman, and Rodrigo Verdi – was first established in the year 1963. Wiley-Blackwell also publishes this particular journal at the Chicago Booth School of Business University of on the behalf of Accounting Research Center, which is formerly known as the Institute of Professional Accounting. This journal is published once every five years.

The Financial Times lists it as one of those 45 journals which are used to compile the research ranks at business schools. The Journal of Citation Reports ranks it 3rd among the 103 journals belonging to the Business and Finance category.

.Scopus indexed journals of American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

The Journal of American Economics: Applied Economics had its first edition in 2009 and was published by the Journal of American Economics – a group of 4 peer-review academic journals – Applied Economics, Economic Policy, Macroeconomics, and Microeconomics.

We hope this exhaustive list of all the relevant journals in the Economics category helps you in your research studies.

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