Scopus Indexed Journals in Mathematics

Scopus Indexed Journals in Mathematics 2021 (New Update)

If you are searching for a list of famous journals of Mathematics that are indexed in Scopus, I have made some efforts to gather some important scopus indexed journals in Mathematics 2021. This list of scopus indexed journals in mathematics 2021 is based on recent research done by us in India. These are fast publishing scopus journals in mathematics and some of them are Indian journals in mathematics. There are also paid sci indexed journals in mathematics. Send an email to the editor of the journal to confirm the list of scopus indexed journals in mathematics 2021.

  • Journal of International Mathematics Research Notices.
  • Israel Journal of  Mathematics.
  • Izvestia mathematics journal.
  • Japanese Journal of .Mathematics.
  • Japan Journal of Industrial and applied mathematics.
  • Journal of Mathematics and Music.
  • Journal of Numerical Mathematics.
  • Journal of the institute of Mathematics of Jussieu.
  • Journal of computational and applied mathematics.

Scopus indexed journals in Mathematics of International Mathematics Research Notices

The International Mathematics Research Notices is a high profiled Scopus Indexed Mathematics journal that is known for publishing research articles on current issues in mathematical areas. Having over 100 databases which include the likes of CSA Civil Engineering Abstracts, journal citation reports/science edition mathematical review etc.

Reviewing the research articles posted in here makes this journal a formidable research tool in the researches of mathematics. The journal also invites research contribution from the top mathematicians who have worked on an original paper.

We have a team of highly recognized mathematicians who are willingly ready to assist you in the publication of your original paper.

Scopus indexed journals in Mathematics of Israel Journal of Mathematics

The year 1963 is the first year in which the Israel Journal of Mathematics appeared with a record of publishing over 4000 pages of research article each year and stood as Scopus Indexed Journal.

This is a home of theoretical researches on computer science and research papers on mathematics. We have a team of internationally recognized mathematicians on our editorial board who do give instructions to authors who would like to publish their work on our journal.

This is to ensure that the work that you do publish is an original research paper. The published work posted on this journal can be accessed through the indices that we do have. Also take a look on list of 2021 scopus indexed journals in Civil Engineering

Scopus indexed journals in Mathematics of Japanese Journal of Mathematics

Scopus Indexed Japanese Journal of Mathematics eminent in housing the major mathematical research papers from Japan all the way from the year 1924. The mathematical research papers that are being housed in here focuses on providing an imminent progressive in mathematical techniques.

When submitting your research then you have to ensure that it fulfills the research criteria which includes; the research article should have covered the topic of interest with a broad perspective, the research paper needs to have reviewed the major development within the area of study.

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This is a journal that has got a high number of visits not only in Japan but internationally. Its publications’ can be accessed online or can be printed for future review.

Scopus Journal of Mathematics and Music

The Journal of Mathematics and Music focuses in encompasses computational analysis and mathematical models n the theory for music. Its research papers focus on performing mathematical investigations into the musical theory.

It’s the best Scopus Indexed journal for those who have a wider knowledge of sound engineering, including auditory perception and not leaving out linguistics and acoustics.

The journal invites publication works for scholar and researchers who would like their research work on music c theory and the mathematics integration on the music theories to be published.

The platform has the authors guideline which you can follow when you need your original work to be published.

Scopus Journal of Numerical Mathematics

If you are pioneering to carry out a research on any Numerical Mathematics then the Scopus Indexed Journal of Numerical Mathematics has the best research knowledge that can be helpful throughout your research.

The high-quality research papers that features a kit of contemporary research in numerical analysis topics such as innovative methods, implementation techniques etc., is what makes this journal to be rated among the top in terms of research. If you have mathematical papers that are mathematically oriented on the application perspective.

The common topics covered include optimal control and optimization, the numerical linear algebra, numerical mathematics, Fluid dynamics computations etc.

The journal accepts English publications that you have followed the instructions for the author in your publications.

Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu

When looking for a Scopus Indexed journal that addresses all the domain covered in pure mathematics for research purposes then the Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu is highly recommended.

The journal addresses all of the Areas in pure mathematics which includes; operator algebra theories at large. The journal also covers areas such as Calculus and mathematic physics.

The internationally recognized team of editorial bard brings a lot of expertise to help those who would like to submit their research paper in the journal. Have a short look on also Scopus indexed journals in Economics subject

The journal accepts is submission and it has a set of the authors’ guidelines that are required to be followed when submitting your original paper for publication.

Journal of computational and applied mathematics

The Scopus Indexed Journal of computational and applied mathematics has got high-quality research content that is categorized into; latest issue, special issues, an article in press and all issues.

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This journal has a high reputation for publishing research article of a high scientific value. This is attributed to the high time of international editors that form its editorial board.

The major areas of study that is covered include; the applied mathematics subjects and a computational analysis subject.

When writing a publication to be submitted on this platform you have to ensure that the research article uses computational techniques in the analysis so as to provide a solution to engineering and other science-related problems.

Kyoto Journal of Mathematics

Kyoto Journal of Mathematics is a Scopus Indexed journal that accepts research papers on mathematics research works written only in the following 3 languages; French, English, and German.

You must note that when you are submitting your journal you need to keep into consideration the originality of your work. Apart from the originality of your work you also have to go through the author’s instructions and submit your paper basing on that.

The publications in the journal are categorized into; advance publication, current issues, and all issues.

This has been made simple for the scholars who would like to carry out their own research in reference to the published work that we have done.

Scopus indexed journals in Mathematics of Kyushu Journal of Mathematics

Kyushu Journal of Mathematics is tipped to be the oldest journal in mathematics whose publishing began all the way from 1941.

With a single issue having about 20 article of 400 pages provides enough academic resources for various scholars would like to carry out research on pure and applied mathematics.

Having an incredible editorial team of internationally recognized mathematicians makes this journal the best of publishing purposes. Its major abstracts can be seen on the various large scientific database such as MathSciNet, ISI, Zentralblatt etc. thus for those who are carrying out research on pure and applied mathematics then this is a journal platform that is recommended for publications.

LMS Journal of computation and mathematics

LMS Journal of computation and mathematics has earned a huge reputation due to the high-quality research papers that it has published on computational analysis and applied mathematics. Its editorial board is fully represented on the various subjects regarding computation and mathematics.

Their publishes are available online for the scholar to down and use free of charge. The journal also invites publications from various scholars and researchers to publish their publications.

Once your research paper has been published it will be subjected to the publish rights and policies for archiving the research that can be read on the website.

There are several databases that have indexed this journal which includes the likes of Science Citation Index, MathSciNet etc.

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