8 Life-Saving Apps and Software Every Ph.D. Student Should Use

Eight important applications and software’s that every Ph.D. student needs to know about in order to have a comfortable life despite the many challenges that one experiences as they pursue their academic life.

With the advancement in technology, there is an application for almost everything. Therefore, most of the things students would spend so much time on are currently less complicated. Thanks to these Apps, the entire learning process is safer, cheaper, and more enjoyable. Whether you want an application to assist you with managing your time, taking notes, keeping fit, or waking up, there are many applications that would help learners achieve their academic objectives. Once in a while, you might be overwhelmed with a massive pile of assignments because of unavoidable reasons. On the same note, you might be under so much pressure to make so many accomplishments within a short duration. If you constantly find yourself in similar circumstances, you might consider to Buy Essay Online from reliable custom writing companies. Generally, completing academic papers means sparing sufficient time and dedicating a lot of hard work and effort to your studies. Undeniably, there are no shortcuts when it comes to the road to success. This article will discuss life-saving applications and software every Ph.D. student should utilize.

Plagiarism checker

In most cases, scholars spend too much time completing assignments and writing their academic papers. Sometimes, it can be challenging to write plagiarism-free work. Every student understands the negative impact of getting caught up with incidents of plagiarism. First and foremost, you may be penalized for submitting plagiarized content, and secondly, you might be expelled from the learning institution. The good thing with a plagiarism checker app, you will be able to ascertain that your assignments are plagiarism-free before submitting them to the lecturer for grading. It is also vital to note that plagiarised content may ruin a writer’s credibility and reputation.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar aids students in accessing the information on various topics effortlessly. All you ought to do is to type the topic that interests you or search using certain keywords, and you will get a wide range of research journals, research, and academic papers written by authors from different regions of the world. One of the fascinating things about Google Scholar is that students can access bibliographies in different formats. Therefore, rather than writing your bibliographies from scratch, all you need to do is copy the reference from the app and paste it into your academic paper.

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Whereas some students have less difficulty learning new languages, other scholars find it challenging to learn a new language. Similar to completing academic papers and writing research papers, it is essential to note that learning new languages is not a walk in the park. If you want to improve your language or writing skills, you might consider using the Duolingo application. One of the good things about the app is that there are two versions; one is free, and the other is a paid form. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, you might consider using the free version. With Duolingo, you will be able to learn and practice different languages. By learning different languages, you will be able to communicate freely with people from various parts of the world.


Most college students have difficulty concentrating on their studies because they are constantly distracted whenever they are studying. For instance, some students will try to use their smartphones or listen to music instead of concentrating on their studies. Generally, it is very easy for college students to be distracted when studying. However, using the Freedom application will stop them from accessing sites that may ruin their concentration.

The Polite App

As mentioned above, most college and university students are easily distracted, and hence, they have difficulty concentrating on their studies. When so many distractions surround you, the chances are high that you will have a challenging time attaining excellent academic grades. One of the fascinating things about this productivity application is that it silences your phone, and hence, you will not be distracted whenever you are in class. You will be able to concentrate during the lecture session without being abstracted. As a student, all you will need to do is enter your class schedule, and your phone will be silenced during the entire duration you will be in class.

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The Happify App

Once in a while, as a pupil, you might have difficulty attaining your academic objectives because you are under constant pressure to accomplish so much within a short duration. On the same note, at times, you might be so busy that you forget to care for yourself or spare sufficient time to relax. The good thing is that with the Happify App, individuals can access a simple quiz that will help them figure out their stress levels and how they perceive life. After responding to a couple of questions, the app selects mindfulness and meditation activities to help them concentrate on what they are doing.

The Google Drive App

This is one of the most used applications by students. If you are not familiar with the app, it is a cloud-storage solution that permits individuals to save their files and access them remotely. The good thing is that provided an individual has a laptop and secured internet connection, they will be able to use the app. On the same note, a Google Drive App can store photos, documents, songs, and other studying resources. Individuals can use their mobile devices and phones to upload files and thereafter edit them while online.

In conclusion, technological advancement has made students’ lives less complicated. Currently, students can accomplish so much within a short duration thanks to the various life-saving apps and software. Whether you want an application to assist you with managing your time, taking notes, keeping fit, or waking up, there are many applications that would help you achieve anything in life. These are just a few examples of the apps that every Ph.D. student should use. Students should always spare sufficient time to identify the apps and software that may work to their advantage. Otherwise, you will be wasting your productive time if you use these resources for the sake of pleasing your friends.

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