Top 50 Scopus Indexed Journals in English Literature(English Literary Theory)

Here is a full list of top 50 scopus indexed journals in English literature. The list is derived from with a lot of hardwork segregating each literature journal from literarary theory section and again putting them into Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 order.

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Now look at a list of Q1 Scopus indexed journals in English literature are of highest quality among many others. Q1 represents highest ranking. It takes more than 6 months to publish research papers in English literature.

Q2 Scopus indexed journals in English literature belong to a second rank in terms of its ranking with Scopus. Q2 journals are also considered as of highest quality when compared to other journals out there under Scopus. represents highest. It takes maximum 6 months to publish English literature papers in the below list of Scopus journals in English Literature.

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Easy to publish Q3 Scopus indexed journals of English literature belong to a third rank that have a quality publication. These Scopus journals will eventually become either Q1 or Q2 journals. The publication timings are faster. These journals usually finish processing all research papers in English literature within six months of paper communication.

scopus indexed journals in english literature

Q4 Scopus indexed journals of English literature will publish in a very short period of time. These journals will take 3 months to review and one month to publish. For faster publication with low cite scores or H-index, one can opt for the below list of Scopus indexed journals in English Literature.

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Conclusion: The given list of Scopus Indexed journals in English Literature are carefully handpicked and chosen from Scopus Data Base under the subject title Literature and Literary Theory. The amount of time to publish in any of the above journals is 4 months to 2 years depending upon the journal that you choose. Every journal has its main scope and aims of literature. If you fall into one of the mentioned aims and scope, then contact the editor of the journal and try to express your concern to publish with them. If the editor says to send your paper, you can send literature paper in English to the editor of the journal. Every paper will go through an initial review by the editor before submitting it to reviewers. Editor may reject the research paper if it does not fit or follow any guidelines given. Formatting rightly and entering details correctly will help you to pass the editor’s basic review.

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