jam topics

Jam topics

Here is the list of jam topics.

  1. Should Robots replace humans in the next 5 years ?
  2. How do jam topics improve communication skills?
  3. How do you respond if some one meets with an accident on road ?
  4. Mobiles affect family relationships because…
  5. What if an alien from other planet comes to earth…
  6. Should education be made free to all citizens of the country ?
  7. Co education schools are best. Do you agree or disagree ?
  8. Will education give a good character and discipline ?
  9. Dowry is still existing. Do you uphold or downhold the statement ?
  10. Marriages at 20’s or Marriages at 30’s. Which are better ?
  11. How far television helps a student. Is it bad or good ?
  12. Procrastination is the evil. Can you expand the statement ?
  13. Should college students study 9 hours per day or 1 hour per day ?
  14. Is Corruption increasing or decreasing in today’s world ? Prove.
  15. Should one give shake hand or hug each other
  16. Are women superior to men or men superior to women ?
  17. Should coffee or tea be consumed everyday. What is your take?
  18. Will human beings live on Mars in the future. Your thoughts.
  19. Love marriage is a menace. How far you project the idea.
  20. Arranged marriage is a virtue. How far do you push the idea ?
  21. School life or college life. Which is better ?
  22. The best part of my life is…..
  23. The friend whom I feel missed is…. and why?
  24. Apartment or Own House…. Which is better and why?
  25. The one holiday destination I ever dream of….
  26. The incident that fetched me lots of pain is….
  27. Sunday is a day that I mostly spend my time in……
  28. Should bikes be given to college students ?
  29. My unforgettable moment that gave me lot of happiness is….
  30. Government job or Private job – Which one is promising….
  31. Government schooling or private schooling – Your take…
  32. Should you become a prime minister, what changes do you bring
  33. Should one get a treatment in private hospitals
  34. Eating junk food in bakeries and parties are bad because…….
  35. Should eating meat be banned or promoted…….
  36. War between countries is good or evil……
  37. Are watching movies erupt psychotic behavior in youth…
  38. Do Video Games enhance our skills or disgrace the life….
  39. Is self affliction a solution for escaping adversities…
  40. Borrowing money is a good practice or a bad practice…
  41. Caging animals and birds in a zoo without freedom……..
  42. Which season do you prefer rainy cold or summer? Why?
  43. Is there a way to stop bribery…. Justify.
  44. Should one do job abroad or ones own country…
  45. Can artificial intelligence make human vulnerable and lazy…..
  46. Do you prefer to live in a town or village or a city….
  47. Pollution causes serious consequences in the future…Justify….
  48. If you were given a chance to land on moon………..
  49. If your teacher scolds you badly…..What is your experience..
  50. The moment when teacher slapped you and why…..
  51. The moment you thought of quitting school or college……
  52. Earning money from internet; fake or real….
  53. CCTV camera is a threat to privacy of an individual…
  54. Online learning or Classroom learning; support your thought…
  55. Should teachers allow smart phones to colleges and schools….
  56. If I want to share a dream to all of you……
  57. Online shopping or showroom shopping which is better…..
  58. Will there be a cure ever for human not dying ….
  59. The best gadget that I prefer to have always is…
  60. Formals dress in schools and colleges are taking freedom away….
  61. Public toilet or private toilet.. the menace….
  62. The festival that brings in me goose bumps…..
  63. The moment when I lost a precious thing or object….
  64. Is ragging still a menace in a developed world…..
  65. Getting an engineering degree or arts degree?
  66. The 3 colors that I prefer to have on my shirt… Why…
  67. Is there a fate or karma for human being…..
  68. Gems and Rings give luck….do you agree…..
  69. When 2 people are fighting; what will you do to stop….
  70. If there is a fire burning out around; how do you respond ?
  71. If I were to become an IAS what would I do…….
  72. Are devils existing; Is it a superstition or real……
  73. Should street dogs be taken away or keep them…..
  74. Children should not watch Television because…
  75. My goal in life is to become …..
  76. Youth nowadays are taking to junk food…
  77. I consider my mother/father as my role model because…
  78. I think sharing things with others is good because
  79. I like eating out at restaurants now and then because……
  80. I admire my brother/sister as……
  81. I like/don’t like getting up early because….
  82. These days many people are growing their own food because…
  83. I like summer /winter/rainy season because….
  84. For Swacch Bharat to be successful, we should all ….
  85. I enjoy travelling to my university by bus because…
  86. On my first day in the university I felt somewhat/very/quite…..
  87. Discipline is not a dirty word….
  88. Colour affects the way people feel…
  89. Team sports are good because …
  90. After completing my studies I want to….
  91. Global warming/Environment pollution is my biggest concern because…
  92. Technology can enable us to do a lot of things like….
  93. Social media wastes a lot of ….
  94. We cannot believe everything we read in the media because….
  95. I lie sometimes to my friends/parents because….
  96. The person who has been most influential in my life is….
  97. It’s good to keep pets because….
  98. Bad behaviour /manners in children should not be encouraged because….
  99. Many people don’t like the idea of wearing a uniform because….
  100. I don’t like/hate crowded places because….
  101. I like to be around people who are happy and smiling because…
  102. My favourite food is……
  103. The historical buildings in our town/city should be maintained because….
  104. I prefer street markets to supermarkets because…
  105. I like travelling to new places because….
  106. The things I do for maintaining physical fitness are….
  107. I can’t understand why people throw rubbish in public places…
  108. I feel senior citizens should be provided with special facilities for ….
  109. The turning phase in my life came when I met/read/saw/learned …..
  110. Diwali/Sankranti/Holi/Christmas/Ramzan is my favourite festival because….
  111. The one place I would love to go as a tourist to is ….
  112. I think reading/gardening/listening to music is a good hobby because….
  113. I like to groom myself and dress smartly/fashionably because…..
  114. A party I went to and enjoyed immensely was……
  115. I like watching the night sky because……
  116. My favourite movie star is…../I am a huge fan of ……because
  117. I love to play /watch cricket because…..
  118. I usually spend my weekends……..
  119. Bike or Car or Train or Flight…Which journey is safest……
  120. Should soft drinks be banned or kept………
  121. The best teacher from whom I acquired a lot of knowledge is…
  122. Whatsapp and Tiktok should be allowed only for elders…
  123. Are using mobile apps good or bad….
  124. If you are given 1 million; how do you spend….
  125. Buying lotteries should be restricted and banned….
  126. Get a free lunch or get a free travel… Why…
  127. Should you put alone in an Island.. how would you live…
  128. If God comes to you and ask for a wish, What would you wish…
  129. What did experience teach you over all in your life….
  130. If you are an author of a book. What would be a book name….
  131. Usage of plastic and alluminium shoule be banned….
  132. Cutting trees and damaging environment is a future menace….
  133. Three things that I never want to do in my life…..
  134. 5 things that I wanted to do in my life…..
  135. Should poor remain poorer and rich remain richer ?
  136. Same family members entering into politics – good or bad…
  137. Same family members getting movie chances – Right or wrong…
  138. My desired sport and game is …….
  139. Are ambulances coming in time to save victims….
  140. What annoys you mostly about the present politics and government…
  141. When did you get wet in rain the last time…..
  142. When did you feel to fight with someone the last time…
  143. Will technology do harm in the form of global warming…….
  144. Spoken English in necessary to get a job because…
  145. Vocabulary plays an important role to learn English because….
  146. Should every student speak English on campus
  147. Mother tongue influence cannot be removed because….
  148. Englsh is a global language because…..
  149. Future of android technology.
  150. Benefits of 5G services.
  151. Robots will replace computers.
  152. Coding is king and not content.
  153. Are engineers undergoing stress.
  154. Btech or MBBS which one is better.

These jam topics covers all sections of students and can be used for class 7, for class 9, for class 10, for class 11, for college students, for engineering students, for English lab, for school students, and best jam topics for mba students, jam topics for interview, for google and for deloitte and btech students; cse, ece, civil, etc. Pick up confidently some of these just a minute topics and practise them in each section from each given list of jam topics on different subjects and current affairs. Here there are best topics for jam that suits different backgrounds of college students like just a minute topics for engineering students or even it can be also introduced as just a minute topics for school children. All jam topics have been picked up carefully to serve a just a minute session. Just a minute topics are ideal for students and interview. In my view while writing this article, I felt that these jam session topics are interesting and best jam topics that are general, simple and easy.