Number of phds per country

When coming to PhD, it is not that every country could produce easily. Here is the percentage levels of each country’s PhD doctorates. Usually this census and survey is conducted by PhDstudytips in the month of october 2019. Here are the results of the number of phds per country.

CountryNumber of PhDs
United States92459
South Africa5032

The number of PhD holders are growing day by day due to competition in the education field. In the past PhD was a special degree but now it is no more an advanced degree. The reasons are too many. One strongest reason that PhD is mandatory in some countries to get jobs. With out PhD you cannot be a professor in some of the big universities. So what If some one has a desire to become a professor or lecturer? He suppose to get a PhD. So the number of Phds are growing day by with a huge percentage. There is a lot of variation in the number of PhDs when compared to the 2014 survey conducted by Forbes.

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PhD is no more a qualification of great scientists but it is a normal course that anybody can get into when they are young enough. Though many regret why they had not done PhD, the truth is otherwise. Many students are not stopping their studies just with masters but continuing with great zeal till they do away with PhD.

Women are getting more phds according to the survey conducted by statista here are the results.

Number of PHDS

When we check the above data, women are too much enticed in doing PhD than men. As university job is secure and relaxing for women than any other jobs out there.

Here, I am giving the exact details why some countries are lacking in delivering right PhD candidates.

  1. Research in some countries are not as per good standards.
  2. Poor ways of innovation.
  3. Plagiarism of research.
  4. Lack of encouragement for a good research.

These reasons do make some countries fall short back to produce number of phds worldwide. If someone could take care of this pitfalls then things would be far more better than before. Only united states and germany scholars produce quality research. Whilst other countries have phds great in number but the quality of innovation is poor compared to most European countries. One of such low quality research comes from countries like India and Turkey.

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If you want to pursue PhD where the number is high and quality as well, these are the top ranked universities in the world.

Name of UniversityRank
University of Oxford1
California Institute of Technology2
University of Cambridge3

Doing PhD in the above university means, you have got a great admiration in the future. You PhD will gain enormous value forever.

The scope of getting into these universities depends upon your intelligence and percentage levels through out your academic outputs. If you are good at these things, you can just get into those great innovators of life experiments.

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