25 Benefits of doing PhD. in Australia

Top 29 Benefits and Advantages of doing PhD in Australia

These are the top most benefits and advantages of doing Ph.D. in Australia.

  • Do not require to publish papers.
  • Good support to finish your Ph.D. thesis.
  • Australian Universities are widely recognized for Ph.D.’s.
  • Australian Ph.D. can easily fetch you a good job.
  • Climate is conducive for anyone to pursue Ph.D.
  • Permanent Residency option under skilled Ph.D. laborers.
  • More exposure to international curriculum.
  • Good library facilities compared to other countries.
  • Safe and multi cultural PhD environment.

No need of publishing papers during research work

The major benefit of doing PhD in Australia is that you do not need to publish a paper during your PhD course. You can get your PhD in less number of years in Australia. There is a lot of demand for Australian PhD’s around the world. You will increase job opportunities once you finish your PhD in Australia. You can work in any European country and earn good salary with Australian PhD’s. The other benefit of studying PhD in Australia is you will get Permanent Resident Visa easily.

It is a requirement for a doctorate student to complete their thesis on time for timely submission to the faculty. Although it is recommended for them to publish their work in many countries, Australia does not make it a requirement.

Completing a PhD program has many challenges such as balancing studies and normal life.

Many researchers fail to finish their thesis as scheduled simply because time is limited and publishing papers reduce the time even more.

Therefore, when students are not forced to publish research papers, they have more time to focus on their thesis thus they can deliver papers rich in content within the standard duration of the program. Furthermore, it enables the student to cut back costs since low-level income is one of the challenges that Ph.D. students face.

Get permanent residency

The Australian government recognizes the significance of education, and while many countries like itself open their doors for international scholars, they are required to return to their mother countries upon completing their studies.

On the contrary, this is not the case in Australia which gives students who complete their PhD. programs the opportunity to obtain permanent residency.

Although it does not translate to citizenship, permanent residence enables the scholar to stay in the country for an indefinite period.

When a student chooses to complete their doctorate program in Australia and completes their studies successfully, they can apply for permanent residency which means that they will not just be visitors in the country.

Less Tuition Fee Compared to USA (1200 US Dollars per year)

The major hurdle that makes it almost impossible for undergraduates to further their education and undertake postgraduate programs is lack of finances. The condition is worsened by the fact that scholars still need to incur daily expenses in their livelihood.

In most cases, PhD. students have families that they are required to take care of, and therefore high fee charges discourage or eliminate most potential candidates.

In most countries like the United States, scholars are required to pay a tuition fee of not less than US$1200 annually. Depending on the University and the doctorate program, the amount can even go up as high as US$1500 annually.

In Australia, the tuition fee is much less some charged up to AUS$36,000 and therefore it is much more affordable to access quality education in the country compared to others.

Also, there are programs such as Endeavor Scholarships which finance Ph.D. programs by offering up to AUS$275,500 for a duration not exceeding four years.

More earn through part-time work in 4 years(40 hours per week)

In an attempt to balance studies and regular life, scholars consider part-time jobs which enable them to make a living and therefore meet their daily expenditures.

This is permitted in all countries but the number of hours available to the scholars differs from one state to another. One of the advantages of doing a PhD. in Australia is that part-time jobs are available that facilitate a schedule of 40 hours per week.

As a result, scholars can acquire a decent level of income thus a decent standard of living.

Opportunities increase because there is no requirement as to how many jobs one can apply. Scholars are at liberty to take as many as three jobs as long as they can manage work and studies. Most importantly, candidates not only make a living but they can also pay their tuition fee from earnings.

Worldwide research recognition

Apart from the friendly people that international students encounter in Australia, scholars have access to high-quality education in the country.

Majority of Ph.D. programs in Australia are based on pure research, and this translates to working directly with faculty members.

Therefore, when candidates are doing their thesis, they work closely with professionals who encourage critical thinking, innovation, and independence.

The Australian education system is designed in a fashion that prepares the scholars for the real world; thus they are capable of solving real-life problems. Out of 39 Australian universities, 4 of them are among the best 100 universities in the world according to a report by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

They are University of Melbourne, Australian National University, the University of Sydney and the University of Queensland ranked 28th, 37th, 62nd, and 65th respectively.

Visa Process made simple

In many countries, visa application can be a headache whereby in some countries it may take up to a month to apply for a visa. However, this is not the case for a student who wishes to do their Ph.D. in Australia.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) handles student visas. Student visas enable scholars to access benefits such as part-time work and also healthcare.

For a candidate to be eligible for a student visa in Australia, it is a requirement that they present proof showing that they have been offered a letter of admission. Proof of enrollment may be in the form of electronic means or by letter. Therefore, once a student has applied for a doctorate program in Australia and accepted, application of a student visa becomes easier.

Good scholarship opportunities

As discussed earlier, tuition fees can be a challenge to candidates who wish to further their undergraduate degrees. The Australian community realizes this and therefore strive to make education cheaper by providing scholarships. These scholarships are extended by Australian universities as well as the Australian government.

International students wanting to pursue doctorate programs in the country find these scholarship programs useful especially since there is quite a number of them. Some of the programs include:

  • Flinders International Postgraduate Scholarships
  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)
  • University of Sydney International Research Scholarships
  • Melbourne Research Scholarships
  • Endeavor Postgraduate Scholarship Awards
  • Adelaide Scholarships International
  • Australia Awards Scholarships
  • Macquarie University International Scholarships

From these scholarship programs, PhD students can access high-quality education at affordable rates since they are required to pay less. Furthermore, some of the programs sponsor students for up to 4 years while many Australian doctorate programs take three years to complete.

Get more points in skill assessment (20 points for PhD.)

In Australia, like in many countries, there is a list of eligible skilled occupations that one is required to go through and identify the occupation that requires their expertise.

This is necessary for the application of the Points Tested Skilled Migration Visa. It is also a requirement that applicants provide evidence to support their claim that they possess the skill(s). Possessing this type of visa is important because it makes securing part-time employment easier.

The skilled assessment has points attached to it that indicate the level of expertise that one has in a particular profession.

The higher the points, the higher the chances of securing high paying jobs. Apart from the points that one may score before a Ph.D. title, scholars who have completed their postgraduate programs access an additional 20 points. This means that studying for a PhD. in Australia increases job opportunities in the country.

Beat the competition

Traditionally, it was common that holder of a PhD automatically secured an academic-related occupation regardless in which country one completed their doctorate program. However, the increase in the number of postgraduates has led to stiff competition for jobs thus make it difficult for postgraduate degree holders to secure academic jobs. Studying in Australia gives leverage to scholars primarily because of the design of the Australian education system which prepares graduates for the real world.

In Australia, there are strict policies that require that unless one is an Australian citizen or have a PR, they cannot be hired by companies. This makes it easier for Ph.D. holders to get jobs in the country than in others. For instance, the American economy is free, and therefore people from other countries can easily secure employment thus making the job market very competitive.  Furthermore, permanent residency secures one the right to live in the country.

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Avoid misconception about Ph.D. (overqualified)

Earning a PhD. is not an easy task because it requires a lot of effort since it requires effort financially, mentally and also physically. It is mandatory that qualified candidates ensure that they choose doctorate programs wisely and also the country where they wish to pursue their studies.

Choosing wisely ensures that scholars choose professions that they can secure employment without unnecessary hassle.

Australian universities have a wide range of doctorate programs that students can choose from, and it takes approximately 4-6 years to complete studies.

The Australian government and education institutions have many job opportunities for international students thus it is easier to secure a job in the relevant profession in the country than in other countries.

Best career opportunities in Australia

The Australian education system is designed in a way that it prepares students for teaching and researching.

The universities offer a high-quality education that equips scholars with the necessary skills to solve real-life problems. Graduates have point assessment skills that increase their chances of getting employed.

Besides, the government and universities have job opportunities for graduates which opens career opportunities for them.

In Australia, there are many high-paying job opportunities such as managerial positions, work, health and safety occupations, transport, construction, mining, and ICT professions among others. As of 2018, the most job in demand in Australia is the Lead Teacher portfolio which has been on the rise in the last three years due to shortages.

Technology professions are also in demand especially since technological inventions are occurring on a daily basis across the globe.

Less pressure in a job area with Australia’s PhD

Earning a PhD. in Australia proves that the candidate has the necessary skills since the quality of education is high. This means that those who earn their degree in the country have a competitive ability in the global job market thus they can easily secure employment in any country.

The job opportunities in Australia make it easy for graduates to secure employment in their fields of specialization thus there is minimal pressure.

Besides, there are many programs that scholars can choose from that are widely suited for the different job markets available.

Earn a Respectable life in society

It is normal for any given society to have a social structure whereby there are those who are regarded highly while there are the others on the other end. One of the main factors that makes one earn a reputation I the society is the level of education that they have managed to achieve.

Usually, a Ph.D. holder is respected for their achievement since not many people make it to that status. Another factor that boosts one respectability is the level of income that they earn.

The salary attached to a PhD. holder is generally high compared to other occupations which means that they are in a position to access good standards of living.

Earn more money professionally after PhD

Once the doctorate program has been completed, the holder has many opportunities that they are at discretion to pursue should they choose. A postgraduate can choose to work in the public sector or even the private sector.

The job opportunities in question allow for the postgraduate to either work on a full-time basis or a part-time basis. As a result, the professionals can multitask and work in different areas at the same time thus maximizing their working hours.

Besides, once the degree has been earned in Australia, the holder is ready to work in any job market regardless in which country since the country’s education system has a reputation for providing high-quality education.

Different countries pay different salaries in the same professions, and therefore when the degree has been earned, one is at liberty to search for job opportunities wherever they feel they are getting more money.

Exception from Viva Voce

Earning a PhD. is a long journey that has many challenges, and once one has completed and submitted their thesis, they are required to defend their thesis by undertaking an oral examination.

Viva Voce is Latin for live voice. Although it may have networking advantages, many people do not like having to go through the experience especially since they have already used a lot of effort and resources in completing the studies.

To prepare for the Viva Voce, the scholar is required to dedicate a lot of time and effort so that they can be able to defend their thesis.

Climatic Conditions

Australia is a big country, and therefore it has many different climate zones with the southern section having cooler climate during summer while the winter is rainy.

The northern parts experience a hotter climate, and the winter is dry while summer is hot and humid. However, the education facilities are located in regions that are mostly temperate and warm.

These climatic conditions facilitate learning as scholars are comfortable and can easily concentrate on their studies. During the summer, candidates may find it comfortable to wear lightweight clothing made of cotton and a raincoat would be suitable for the rainy season.

During winter, it is advisable to have a sweater to protect oneself from the cold.

Shorter duration of PhD

In most countries, a doctorate requires that the scholar take 4-6 years to complete the studies. However, this is not the case in Australia whereby depending on the program selected by the scholar, and the programs can take up to less than three years.

This is important because it means that scholars can complete their studies in a short duration. Quick degree completion ensures that scholars can accomplish personal ambitions.

Furthermore, it enables them to start working early, and therefore they have the opportunity to start investing in good time. In Australia, courses that take more than six years are not available to international students.

It is also important to note that the program length is dependent on financing arrangements and registration.

Easy interview for Ph.D. admission

For one to be admitted to a university for a Ph.D. program, it is necessary for the candidate to have an admission letter which proves that they have qualified for the course of choice.

The next step after all arrangements are made for international students, and it is a requirement that they go through an interview.

Generally, the interview process in Australia is easy since candidates are asked questions that relate to their behavior and how they conduct themselves.

The process is quite easy because it does not test one’s brain capability instead it is keen on the candidate’s ability to blend in with the community and interact with others.

Although there are admissions that are declined, candidates that are serious with their studies often secure a position in the institutions of their choice.

Get Visa in a month’s time

As mentioned in another section on this website, getting a visa can be hustle, but this is not the case for international scholars who wish to pursue their studies in Australia.

The government makes it easy to get a visa in duration as short as one month. This is facilitated by the student visa applications to candidates that have proven that they have been admitted by either presenting a letter or an electronic attachment.

Getting a visa to Australia is easy and can be done via the internet. The first step is to apply for the visa by completing the ETA Visa followed by entering the passport details and travel information.

Once the candidate has completed the form and made the necessary payment, the application is processed within a short time and then linked to the passport number.

Once it is approved, the application status is conveyed to the applicant via mail.

Remain four more years after Ph.D. (TGV 485 VISA)

Visa 458 is a temporary visa that allows students who have completed their studies to stay in Australia for not more than four years.

It has been specially designed by the government to grant international students an opportunity to seek employment in the country. The visa has two streams namely post-study and graduate work stream.

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For one to be eligible for the visa, there are qualifications that one must meet. One must have an eligible visa, and they must not be more than 50 years, qualify in a CRICOS-registered course as well as other requirements that the state may deem fit.

Besides, there are instances where the candidate may be required to prove that they have completed an English test.

Well-developed laboratories

In Australia, students can access superb laboratories where they can conduct their studies in a conducive environment. The labs are specifically designed to facilitate research, diagnostic pathology, and forensics among other fields of study.

The laboratories are equipped with the latest apparatus that make learning easy since candidates can access all the equipment they require for their studies.

This is essential because it ensures that scholars are capable of fitting in their careers without difficulty.

The facilities enable scholars to develop advanced research skills which provide that they acquire critical analytical and systematic skills that prepare them for real-life situations thus they are capable of solving problems as they arise.

Develop your planning and critical thinking

Critical thinking is essential to scholars since it enables them to identify issues facing the community setting they find themselves. Proper planning is necessary because it ensures that he concerned are capable of adjusting into their environment.

Undertaking a doctorate in Australia provides that candidates can plan and think critically which enable them to conduct themselves ethically and execute their responsibilities as required by their fields of specialization.

The manner that faculty members engage candidates to ensure that they are capable of coming up with their ideas and therefore enhance their innovation and creativity.

Top 5 Ph.D. friendly universities in Australia

I am giving here a list of 5 universities where you can complete your Ph.D. easily. No matter if you are an average student.

Wollongong University

The University of Wollongong is dedicated to providing scholars with intensive research by providing a good learning environment by offering a wide range of disciplines.

It is ranked among the best universities in Australia and has a comprehensive network of universities in different parts of the country. The institution recognizes itself as a juvenile learning facility that is vibrant and ambitious in expanding capacity in research.

The campus aims at providing solutions to different interdisciplinary problems by promoting quality education thus enabling scholars to be successful in the global workplace.

Melbourne University

The institution was established in 1853 and is a public facility that provides a platform for development in engagement, research and learning, and teaching.

The facility has managed to be ranked among the top universities globally. It has been ranked as the best university in the country and number 32 in the whole world.

The reason why it has managed to rate highly is that it provides high-quality education that enables scholars to fit well in the job market as well as making a significant contribution to society.

The campus location can be accessed on google maps, or interested candidates can contact the institution by calling their number or through the postal address.

Tasmania University

Tasmania is considered to be an island laboratory that has a history of research and environmental awareness that serves the purpose of enriching scholars and academic enthusiasts with the knowledge of geological history and ecological communities.

To better learn these outstanding facts about the island, Tasmania University takes the advantage of being close to the Island by enabling scholars to tackle the current issues that the island is facing as well as the country at large.

The university is keen on developing new methods of producing food in sandy soils. In these parts, food production is marred by hot climates which are also experienced in other parts of the globe.

Scholars in this institution are equipped with the skills and knowledge to deal with such problems.

Monash University

The learning facility is one of the best institutions of higher learning in the country and has different branches across the globe. The campus is located in other countries such as Italy, Malaysia, South Africa, India, and China.

It is recognized as one of the top 1% of universities in the world as has been referred to as a source of well-learned graduates that make significant contributions in the companies that they secure employment.

The university is named after Sir John Monash who made a considerable contribution to the development of the country. One of its objectives is teaching a culture of respect and integrity.

Queensland University

QUT, as it is commonly known, was established in 1849 as Brisbane school of arts. Since then, the university has undergone significant development, and as a result, it has changed and grown to the higher institution of learning that it is today.

It is one of the best institutions in the country and strives to promote progress and innovation as far as tertiary education is concerned. QUT works closely with different stakeholders which enables its system to be relevant to societal problems.

Scholars at the university are taught applied research that allows them to be competent professionals in various fields.

My Final 10 Tips to do PhD in Australia

Learn good English before moving to Australia

Decide beforehand the part-time job in Australia

Get a total idea of your Ph.D. course in Australia

Get trained in your country the part-time job before leaving to Australia

Try to relocate to Australia where your friends stay.

Carry all material regarding PhD course in your memory card

Carry all your PhD related receipts and other proofs.

Try to get accommodation in the University itself.

Do not make bad friends in Australia

Do your PhD Seriously

However, you will have to understand that doing Ph.D. involves a lot of commitment and duty mindedness. Improve your skills day by day, so that by the end of your Ph.D. study you can become successful.

You will have to become highly knowledgeable in your area of research. As most of the Australian universities do offer jobs to the PhD holders. Once you are dedicated to your time, you could easily finish your PhD in just 3 years of time. This is very less time.

So make sure that you will get to one understanding about doing Ph.D. in Australia and its sound benefits. Australian qualification is internationally job fetching ones. So you do not need to take much effort to get a  job after you complete your PhD in Australia.

While you are in Australia, you must support yourself by doing a part-time job. Like all others, do not end up going to Australia without getting trained in your country.

Always think beforehand in your country about which job are you going to take over there. For example, you want to do a waiter job. The first train in your owns country.

Maybe you can join a diploma for 6 months in your country and get trained as a waiter. This certificate and experience are what very important to showcase your performance in Australia. So think about this and not to take casually.

Take good care about your passport and visa document and your university’s offer letter. This is very serious, if you cannot show the proof of document to the embassy at the time of your arrival or during the stay of your 3 year Ph.D. course in Australia.

Many times students lose this document and are not serious about them. This will take you towards lots of stress. You need to start from the scratch to reapply the everything that you want to have. This may suck your time back with unnecessary pressure.

Learning English and getting done with Ielts is as important as to prove your communication skills in Australia before entering into PhD course Australia.

So Always try to improve your communication skills especially in terms of Australian English Accent. Learn how to communicate with them.

Learn how to speak some slang of Australia. This will really put you in the best position. Who does not want to become successful after doing Ph.D. in Australia? In fact, after your degree, you cannot really do small jobs.

Your qualification demands bigger jobs. The good old professional jobs require you to speak good English and have a big amount of soft skills. All are these benefits of doing Ph.D. in Australia.

Hello, My name is Syam, Asst. Professor of English and Mentor for Ph.D. students worldwide. I have worked years to give you these amazing tips to complete your Ph.D. successfully. Having put a lot of efforts means to make your Ph.D. journey easier. Thank you for visiting my Ph.D. blog.