Academic English for PhD students

Academic English Learning tips for PhD Students

There is always a situation when you are a technical student and feel difficult in Academic English. Here are few easiest tips to learn Academic English for all PhD students. This type of typical language can be useful to write your PhD thesis and some research papers or an essay.

  1. Watch English documentaries that improve Academic English.
  2. Watch healthy English movies for academic phrases.
  3. Listen to English News for drastic improvement in English.
  4. A PhD student must read English News Papers to learn academic writing.
  5. Read online articles of various genres that can improve vocabulary.
  6. Develop a habit of reading novels to learn a good English language flow.
  7. Learn how to research a topic and improve academic skills.
  8. Write English more often than your native language.
  9. Learn academic English with native speakers.

Best Way for a PhD student to Learn academic English

The best way to learn academic English language faster is through “LISTENING.”

The above method will help PhD students learn basic academic English rather than attending classes and learning grammar and theory which will not be very useful for serving the purpose of learning English well.

  • Do more listening to get academic English. This is the best way to learn English pretty faster than usual. Those PhD students who do listening tasks will learn any language faster. This will also help you to get easy admission into popular courses like PhD effortlessly . So make it a routine style to listen lots of audio tracks of English language. Also listen to documentaries and watch some English movies and listen to English news. The maximum duration to do all these is 2 years. It takes to 2 years to become an advanced speaker of English if you practice this.

Methods of listening to academic English

This is the first and foremost thing that you must implement in the process of learning academic English. Do not try any other method to learn English.

If at all you want to learn academic English , listening takes its first priority. Here I would like to give you o e real example A baby who is born in a particular place and live in the same place for 3 to 5 years, the baby could speak the language of the place. Baby also understands when others speak.

In the same way if you want to speak English you must take the example of a baby. Baby never goes to school or learn all of a sudden. They spend 5 years at home.

They learn to speak a language with out going to school or any spoken language institutes. All must apply this example.

If at all you want to speak any language be it English or any other language, You must do it initially through listening. While listening do mot bother whether are you understanding such Language or not.

Go on doing this by watching English news and movies. I am sure hat after one year you will get through the words an the accent automatically.

How to learn academic English easily at home

Speak English as much as you can in real and fake atmosphere For this I suggest to have an English PhD friend..This means you choose PhD student with whom you are highly comfortable.

Try to speak English whenever you meet him or her. You can also make a telephone call. Create opportunities to speak English.

Do not feel shy to do this. The more you try to speak, the better you can speak spontaneously. In this way you do not need to translate your native language into English.

Do this on regular basis. Do listening all the time.So listening and speaking are very important to Learn English rather than sitting and studying grammar books

How to learn academic English with a friend

The one thing that you have to do is to ask your friend to speak English with you. This is quite a good idea to learn English faster. I feel to give one real time example about how I met some time back two best friends who were speaking English. I met them in a mess or canteen during supper.

As I sat there to order meals, these two students were already eating and chatting in English. I wondered how about they were not speaking in native local language. I observed them a lot.

They continued up to 25 minutes till they had completed the supper. Speaking English in that way was unusual that time. After the supper I felt to meet them and ask them the reason why they were speaking English Language instead of local native language. Then I asked them the same after the supper.

They replied me saying that they had decided to do so since they realized the importance of English Language.  They further told that in their university, no body bothers about speaking a language.

It was a government university in India. So they felt odd they the university is not up to the mark to teach them English. They thought a little bit and had taken a choice that could change their life. “They said.”

Based on the real story, It is true that If you want to learn English perfectly, you have to maintain an English friend who can support you.

He will help you a lot. If both of you decide to speak the language then you can learn English much faster. I can say in six months, you can pick up from basic to intermediate or to advanced levels. So take your own choice now.

Do you need grammar book to learn English faster?

No. You do not need to study any book to learn academic English. All you must do is to listen to the language and speak and speak wrong English. By doing this process, you will automatically learn English without grammar books. There are many languages in the world where you do not require any script.  There is practically no script for many languages. How can a language be spoken without a script? It is just because language is a communicative tool and not a written tool some where to understand it.

So if you have any ideas to buy some books of English grammar,stop now and start listening to English audio more. Spend most of the time listening audio rather than reading books. Our ears are directly connected to our consciousness. What ever you listen with your ear will directly go into your sub conscious mind. This will bring spontaneous speaking.

You will realize that you are speaking English after six months of listening. This will surprise you. So be hopeful about your language learning method. Do not buy books or do anything but listening.

Is it a good idea to join in an academic English Learning Institute?

No. It is not at all a good idea to join in an English Learning centers. They take your money and do nothing there. They just go on teach grammar too. They may conduct some speaking sessions for an hour. But doing it for an hour will never allow you to speak English faster. English must become your life. This is how you can learn. So many students join in English coaching centers and do nothing or there is no outcome. They may learn some phrases of English but they cannot become spontaneous in any way.

Can you use dictionary while learning academic English

Never touch dictionary while learning English. It will confuse you. You will be learning unnecessary words which are strange and which we do not use in our communicative language. So I say you to use dictionary after becoming an advanced speaker of English language. Until you become an advanced speaker, never learn English through dictionary.

Should you learn Tenses?

Yes you must learn tenses if you want to develop academic English faster. I mean not just tenses but the uses of tenses are very important. If you just learn the structures of tenses, they will not help you. You must know where to use them and how to use them. How can you just learn structures and leave that way. Many students do this blunder mistake. They stop learning the uses of tenses. The usage of a tense structure is the crucial point and the strength to learn English.  So my suggestion is to learn how to use the tense rather learning just the tense structure.

Should you speak your local language while learning English?

My answer is “NO.” This is yet another mistake so many PhD students do while learning academic English. They simple speak local language along with English. This is not a good habit. Try to speak very less unless very urgent. Most of the times, try to avoid friends and wrong persons who prompt or influence you to speak local language. I say you to never speak local language as much as you can during the process of learning English language.

What is the best place to learn academic English?

I encourage you to go other states or countries where there will be no possibility to speak your local language. If you have some money, you can make an adventure going to far places where you have only one option to speak English somehow with the people over there. Yes this is the powerful way to learn English. We see around some people learn English automatically this way.

How much time does it take to learn academic English

It takes around 6 months to learn spoken English and 1 year to become an intermediate level speaker and writer and 2 years to become and advanced speaker of English. If you are little down with your intellect, it will take 3 to 4 years altogether. It depends on how many hours you spend listening English.

Should I stop studies to learn English

Yes, if you determine to learn English, stop your studies and go far for one complete year and spend time with native language people who speak English. This is the best practice. Your determination to learn is what plays a great role here. I say this because if you just learn English by being at home, there may not be real possibility to learn English. You are busy with your studies and your friends will never speak the language you want. There are many practical problems.

How do watching movies can improve academic English

When you watch a movie, try to listen to all the words spoken by the characters. Do not watch action movies where there are not words too many to listen. Choose a movie with lots of spoken words. After choosing a good movie to watch, you must follow a process of watching it. Firstly learn to pause the movie after a dialogue and try to repeat what hero has just said. So repeating the sentences spoken is one of the best ways to get language. I do not say to do it always but at least 10 minutes through out the movie. The rest of the movie you can watch as usual.

How to listen to podcast to improve academic English

There are lot many English Podcast available on internet. You can pick one and try to listen all the time. Do listen podcasts from Australia and USA and UK. They have the best English skills. Do not listen to local English. This is not at all a good practice. So when ever you listen to English, try watching only those countries movies where the native is English.

Will Reading improve academic English

No, Reading will never improve your spoken English. It may improve sentence construction. It may improve official written English. But it will not improve as such regular spoken language. If you read novels, then there is some room to improve your English. Otherwise, it is impossible just to develop by reading some text. I suggest you to read normal novels which had daily conversation in it.

Will loud reading improve my academic English

Yes If you read loudly daily some time, you may improve communication skill only in regards to pronunciation. There are no other skills that you can develop with loud reading. But you will highly develop your over all phonetics skills. You can do loud reading by going outside in to the fields and reading loudly. Open up your full voice and do it. Many people do not open up their voices correctly. I warn you to be aware of your vocal chords. Do not damage your vocal chords by reading longer hours. I suggest you to read everyday for 5 minutes. Note more than 5 minutes is good initially. After getting enough practice, you can go upto 10 minutes a day. This is the maximum even for the advanced loud reader.

Will writing improve academic English

Writing is something official. The language used in writing is  that of not spoken.  So writing do not really improve your English for speaking. It may improve your writing skills further. If you write everyday you can improve slowly your writing skills but not your spoken English skills usually. So  writing many not really work out.

Which channels should I watch on TV to improve English

When you watch TV for improving your English, Do not just stick with one channel. You must check out with watching all types of channels especially business news, Documentary news, movie channels and stock market channels. If you diversify the way you watch then you will learn all types of English easily. You can learn different easy vocabulary according to the situation. You will know how to speak English

How to learn English while you are travelling

Many time we travel and waste time easily. If at all you use the time for some learning, It will change your life entirely. When you travel make sure you watch audio sessions from you tube or any other source.  You tube is the best source of learning while you travel in the train or in the bus.

Developing reading skills to master English

Every one wants to improve in English. So here you must try for developing reading skills. This is very important if you want success. There are many ways to do so. But here I am giving very few tips for developing your reading skills. These skills are very much helpful in competitive exams. These skill will improve you time management skills too. In order to develop reading skills, you must know the way and system of reading. Pay heed to the below popular ways on how to improve your reading ability in short duration. These ideas will help you.

 Skimming Technique

Skimming means you have to go through the passage here and there. Do not sit and read line by line and detail. Just go through and have a gaze on over all paragraph. What you have to remember are the main keywords. You must remember the numbers like years. You must look for the important names. In each paragraph there is  a main point. You have to understand what is that main point of idea. Once you learn catching those ideas it becomes easy for you. This may take little time to get accustomed with such type of habit.

  • Practice reading skills to master academic English
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Finally you have to practice with at least few paragraphs a day. Try to skim cleverly. At first you may feel uncomfortable doing so. But as the days go by you will learn everything without any problem. So here you need to do every day practice. This is what. If you can find keywords in a paragraph then you are 90% successful. Try to find out what is the keyword in the paragraph. This will enable you to become perfect as you go on . It is just  practice which can make you perfect.

English has been widely used language  now-a-days to communicate better and understand international customers.  It will provide us enough benefits to communicate with an international client or to make sure that our communication is well and clearly conveyed. So this is how we must understand the valuable language of today’s world where each country must concentrate on basic English skills. English has become a medium of communication in business and various online activities. It gives us an understanding among different clients around the world. It enhances certain values if we learn English well. We can feel comfortable if we learn basic English well.  You can easily learn English speaking  through various means.

What to learn: The most important concept is that we need to learn basic greetings of wish. Like how to say Good morning  and how to ask permissions and requesting someone for something. In this way we can benefit ourselves and make sure that we can handle many things in our life and be successful in our day today activities.

How to learn basics of English:  The best way to learn basics of English is to listen to the language most of the day in your activity. You must listen to audio most of the time in a day.  This will enhance your level day by day to learn some basic language skills to communicate more better way than others who do not listen well . In this way you must make sure to learn basic English to  learn basic English to make sure you are on the right way.  In this way you can become better and well versed in progressing language skills day by day.

When to learn basic English: Peak hours early in the morning listening to the English channel is one of the best ways to listen to the language. This way it benefits the fresh mind to get better understanding on English Concepts.

Now Learning English is more and more become widely known language. Everybody use it to communicate with people from around the world. By improving your English with these simple tips, you do not need to spend much money taking expensive course. But noted, this tips will be useful for a person who already know basic or elementary level in English, not a very beginner learner. You just need to be persistent and take these tips as often as possible. Check below how to get Simple Tricks for Learning English Easily

Write down new interesting word

Whether you are in commercial business or in office handling clients, do not hesitate to record down your new interesting word from your daily conversation. Or you are a PhD student in college which confuse with scientific passage from your journal. Just write it and find the exact meaning on dictionary. Explore more on your new word by finding the synonyms if you have more spare time. Doing such simple thing can boost your memory up. Despite on relying in electronic dictionary, doing these methods can increase your vocabulary ability and spending your time effectively.

Watching Movie without Subtitle

It sounds silly, but by watching your favorite movie, songs or video without subtitle you will able to learn in more relaxing way. Moreover if you do it for your favorite one, your brain will accelerate easier since it already memorized before. You will not feel obliged to remember long passage or paragraph with the help of your favorite rhythm. By using this method, you are not only learning about how to remember word; you will also improve your listening skill, by watching the exact pronunciation from the native.

Of course it depends on the movie which you watched. Or, if you listening to a song, you can rewrite the lyrics and after you finished, you can check the original lyric to compare the result. Pay attention to every spelling methods which is used by the actors/ singers, you can try to write down the dialogue if it is necessary. It is the same pattern of listening comprehension.

After you already practicing this method, it is the time to practice your speaking skill with the others. If you are shy , first practicing in front of the mirror, Try to remember the dialogue and the meaning. Simple daily conversation can be use to improve your confidence. After that, you can move to more specific conversation.

No need to rush in grammar

There are many books that can help us learning English by ourselves. Of course it depends on you whether you want to take an English course with real class or you just want to learn from books. If you chose to be a self learning, learn according to the book’s instruction. Learn first the simple grammar like Present Simple. After you mastering it, you can move to the other level, the more complicated grammar.

As English Language becomes globally used, many of us are in need to improve our fluency in English. But as time goes by, most of us are still shy to speak up our ideas and still awkwardly avoided spoken English whether it is with our colleague or with natives. These several useful tips can be used for spoken English as daily guidance for you if you want to improve your speaking skills.

Practice frequently your academic English skills

English language has no differences with any other skill which need requirement to be used as frequent as possible. So, if you want to improve your speaking skill, there is no other way except make it as daily habit. Practicing English din daily activity will be interesting if you put a little creativity on it. Despite in formal conversation, in fact not all of our partner will be listening to our grammar carefully. You just need to make sure that the idea of your sentences is delivered, thus your partner can reciprocate it well. You can practice your English with your friend whether it is on campus office or even your family at home. Chose several hours a week and make agreement with them you will never respond a single conversation with them unless all of you using English as common language.

Don’t forget to make it as fun as possible. When making mistake laugh out loud and ridicule yourself. But, after that you must remember your mistakes and do not make the same mistakes. If you are learning it with your friend, take a review on it together, write down new or difficult vocabulary and make sure you use it severely. By practicing this method regularly your brain will be accustomed to this new habit. And you will find that it is easy to practicing English.

Record everything

Beside you write down your dialogue on exercising with friend, you can record the audio record for each other. When it play backed, focus on your pronunciation, sentence and vocabulary that you used for the conversation. If it is necessary ask your friend or colleague which has better English conversation to supervise yours. He or she can give useful advice to improve your skill.

Secondly, you can join community or online sites which provide you a place for practicing English with other member. Combine your conversation in this community with the one that you have already done with your friend. Compare the result and keep practicing. Within a month you will be amazed with your progress, if you keep exercise regularly.

How to use online resources to learn English

Online English learning has become the fantastic way to improve your English language skills now a days. Through these skills, one can easily speak English in a few days.  So it is very important now a days to use the technology well. This way we can speed up learning the language in an efficient way. So today we can learn how to manage onlne English learning with some few steps.

Finding  right course online:  Now a days most of the online courses are fake as they collect fee and does not give valuable service. So here I am giving some tips how to choose a website of online course.  Firstly, you must search websites in google search engine by typing  Learn English online and google gives you on first page some 10 results. Also don’t pick up ads on first page as you will be seeing some ad on the top the page from google. Ads may not be genuine websites sometimes. s important not to spend too much money on online learning . There are costly online learning courses and as well as cheaper ones.  Try to choose cheaper online learning course initially and then go with other  courses of your choice later.

Choose right timing to learn English:  It is very important to choose the timing of learning online English.  You cannot choose the time when you will feel uncomfortable. Rather be comfortable in choosing right time for online English learning . In this way you can benefit most the study with English Speaking Course 

Keep  pen and book near:  Try always having book and pen near  by to clarify any doubts and further write some important points.  This will allow you to have sufficient information when you are offline.

Offline learning: After finishing on online class, try to have idea on all the points when you are offline. There you can build up your style of learning. Offline learning about what you have studied online is very powerful English Speaking Course

Complete the course what soever:  Many a time, students don’t  complete the course given in time. They are always   disturbed by one or other thing. In this way, one can benefit the full course

Once you complete the course, it is time to revise each and every day for some period of time to ensure that everything goes into your long term memory. This is how you need to work upon and benefit online English learning.  Search for online English course and have glimpse over all such provisions and become successful

What are the benefits if you learn academic English

Today is the time to ponder upon the importance of English language in our lives.  We all know English has become a language of global recognition. Many people around the world speak English as an official language. So It is very important and is also becoming mandatory to learn English as a  part of our survival. So let us concentrate on this point and learn some of the factors that determine us to speak English. Today, we are going to learn how English is influencing all over the world.

If you want to get a job, then now a  days every company conducts communication round in the form of  Personal interview and also in the form of group discussions.  Unless we crack these task, we are not eligible to move further interview process.  Though you have enough percentage or you are technically sound, you are not in a position to get a good job of your choice. So let us ponder upon this very specially. All students and job seekers must realise this and work towards cracking group discussions and personal rounds by developing communication skills. The importance of English language is vital in the above respect irrespective of technical and other knowledge.

After getting  a job or be in a high position, you are expected to speak good English.  You could be in a position where you must guide your team members and talk to lot of customers. Here you must work out your skill of Communication. You will have to manage all the future plans by developing healthy respect and relationship. This respect part comes only through  good communication skill. So it is highly important to know the importance of English language as a professional.

In your family, Communication plays a great role as your children depend on you entirely. It is your responsibility to lead family and your children to progress in their communication skills. So make sure to support them with your English skill.  We must understand how important English language is as a matter of communicative support. So understand that your family is depending only on you. Any lack of knowledge on your part will affect adversely on the entire family.

Always we want to meet new people and know new culture. So English helps you to achieve this as English is a globally spoken language, So when you want to go to any trip or you want to meet new culture or people from different countries, Then you will be amazed how English could help you . You can enjoy and learn many things and adjust with many people and you can make many friends around the world just by learning English language. So make sure to enjoy learning of English language which will boost your relationships entirely and helps you to stand out among many.

Learning English and knowing the importance of it will bring you lot of awareness and the same thing can be shared with many people. So do the things positively and learn well the language especially by understanding the importance of English language as a global language.

Follow this program to improve academic English

Divide yourselves into teams. Once each team consisting of 5 to 7 students. Name each team. Check the example below and follow accordingly.  Every session will be progressed with one or other activity. I have give 7 most useful activities to improve your communication skills.

  • Rainbow Team (Oral Speech)
  • Achievers (Story Telling)
  •  Challengers (Extempore)
  •  Crazy Devils Vs  Super Kings ( Debate)
  •  English Skit (Nilgiris Team)
  • Calligraphy ( For all )
  • General Quiz ( Lot System)


  • All PhD students must participate in the activity in one or other way.
  • If any holiday occurs, the activity will be taking place in the Upcoming session
  • Each member is requested to co-operate with the team captain.
  • All team captains must take the suggestions given by the Organizer
  • Organizer’s opinion is final in all respects.

If you follow the above program in a team for yourselves or with the help of a guide, you will learn English fast. Apart from this team activity, you must also make sure that you listen, read, write, speak activities. These 4 skills must be learn alternatively as a matter of personal practice. You can take the help of a Television and Radio or you can also create a kind or atmosphere around here. This atmosphere is nothing but English Atmosphere.

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You can also use the everyday news papers for more benefit. Read news papers as much as you can in your free time and make it as a hobby. This hobby of reading news paper will enable you to form good constructive sentences.

Also I suggest to read any English Text everyday. Read aloud newspaper everyday. This will help to clear your vocal chords from negative perspective. Your voice becomes fine every time you read aloud. So kindly read aloud for ten minutes, This is an amazing opportunity to build you pronunciation clarity.

Make sure you fill your memory card of personal mobile with some MP3 songs. In songs you can learn many contractions in English Language. You can also learn the style of English Language. Songs will help you to shorten some of the long English sounds which I have spoken in the above line as a subject of contractions

How can Reading News Papers help academic English

Reading is one of the great techniques of learning. Online news paper reading will help you to understand the formation of sentence with different back grounds. So reading just novels is not enough rather you must read online news papers as many as you can. Spend hours reading them every day and surely you will improve your English Language skills in no time.

Reading news papers in English will help you to get rid of local language or native language influence. Do try to make time to sit some where and open online sites which will give you English news papers.

Because you have to get different vocabulary from different sources. Your approach to variety of English words and sentences. Your understanding of how to use things and parts of speech. Learning singular and plural words and how do they use practically in news papers. So this way you can really make sure that every inch of word will give you English talent.

Conclusion: All the above given strategies will surely improve your skills of language learning. Use them and become a successful speaker.

How to speak business English for academic English

Learning English for business English purpose somehow can be tricky, especially if you are deeply in rush to master it without being persistent or patient. In facts, learning Business English is not difficult at all. You can find it from various sources in the media, online newspaper You Tube and many more! Here is some useful tricks on it.

Be bold and try it NOW

First rule if you want to improve your business English, you are not expected to be shy. Since it was a global language everybody will understand if you are in your way to learn it. If you keep silence, no one can help you.

To increase your topic conversation, try to open your mind by reading newspaper or magazine in English. Both of these can help you find interesting topic to and widening your vocabulary collection. The news can improve your motivation and give you additional knowledge about what is going on that happen on the world. Since English is widely used major international newspaper provide their news in English.

You are in a middle of lazy weekend and suddenly want to improve your Business English. Why do not you start watching relevant TV shows or movie? Some serials like Mad Man, Wall of Wall Street, NCIS or CSI exposed daily office for the rest of the scene. Focus on the actor dialogue and try to repeat it out aloud, whether you are alone or with your partner. It can help you understand more what people usually speak when they are in office.

Determine your Target and STICK on it

Before you practicing Business English, in an early date set a target to achieve on the end of the day. Or if you do not like very detailed agenda, you can set the target for three or four day. Make a simple target and review it regularly, what kind of Business English you achieve today? How about tomorrow agenda? Is today’s learning is still relevant for tomorrow? What kind of improvement you should do. By starting on small target, you can manage your own plan and slow but steady it to the next and more advance level.

Besides, if you are in difficulties to provide time to review your target in the end of the day, use your relaxed bed time to lightly review it all. Try to skimming it faster, not to be too detailed. The most important is you know what your progress today. If your skill is getting improve, you can widening your target not only in business but to all aspects that you like most, whether it is politics, history, art or just culinary or video games. By widening your topics, it will make you flexible, when your colleague or boss making a conversation with you in a middle of break or something. You surely do not want to end up the conversation awkwardly because lacking of vocabulary in this conversation, do you? By practicing these useful tips regularly, you will find that your Business English are improving rapidly. Good Luck.

How to learn academic English by being far

See, most PhD students who want to learn academic English, do not realize the wealth of information that is already freely available on the Internet.

For example…here are just a few of the many resources that are freely available online. You can use them to practice and develop your English skills:
*ESL Web Sites

Many of these resources have already been bundled together for you in really neat ways. Let’s look at a news web site like the ‘Voice of America’ at

If you have visited their web site before, you have most likely seen their ‘Special English’ section. It was created specifically for people just like you who want to improve their English skills.

You will find daily news reports broadcast over the radio with a complete transcript of each report. You can use these transcripts to follow along with the anchorperson and better understand what is being said. This exercise alone will greatly enhance your reading and listening skills.

You will also find weekly video broadcasts that you can watch as well. Each one comes complete with subtitles which really helps new English students understand what is being said.

The really great thing about this section of the web site is that these reporters use only the 1500 most commonly used words in the English language. On top of that, the reporters speak at a slower rate than a native speaker normally would.

And if that isn’t enough…you can even download a free dictionary from their web site with the 1500 most commonly used words for you to study as well.

So, why are you waiting? Stop sitting around hoping you will someday speak English well! Get to work, and make things happen now. Start by visiting these web sites. Then do more research and find other good web sites you can learn from as well.How to use Phonetics to learn English

Today, I must tell you about how do you speak English with phonetics usage. English can be spoken beautifully if you really concentrate on phonetics. Even though you do not know how to speak English effectively,

I do recommend to learn phonetics. The reason is that people around you judge you by your pronunciation rather than your grammar knowledge. The reason is that they themselves do not know grammar.

Grammar is not an important criteria to speak English fluently.

For example, even though we do not sing well, but we know who is the good singer if we listen to others singing. Do you know what could be the reason? It is same with English language too.

People know how good you are at English just by listening irrespective of their ignorance in the language.

Vowel sounds: So what is phonetics and which elements are there in phonetics.

Firstly I want to speak clearly about phonetics. Phonetics is nothing but a matter of using vowels rightly and contracting them nicely. There are different types of vowels in phonetics. Firstly short vowels.

There type of vowels are those which we pronounce shortly with out much dragging them or prolonging them. So use this sounds normally. There is not much effort that you must put regarding this short Vowel sounds. So thee is not much practice involved in learning this short vowels.

Short vowels are important when you speak within the word. So try to know which are the short vowels. I am trying to give chart about this in the image. You can check in the image, which are the short vowels and see the examples from the dictionary.

Long vowels: Here these are also a type of typical long vowel sounds in phonetics. This will benefit you to the extent of being pronouncing long vowels in a long duration.

For example take the word see. Here see is pronounced at the end longer than usual. So these type of vowels are called long vowels in phonetics language.

Long vowels are in one or other way are very useful. I would give you one more example like food. In the word food we have also long vowel sound in the middle of the word food. This way we learn long vowels along with short vowels sounds.

When you see long sounds which means that the sound is longer pronounced. You can recognize this by seeing the sound with two dots.

These dots represent that you need to pronounce longer than usual. Learning these sounds will surely benefit you of understanding simple words in which we really make mistake sometimes.

We ourselves do not know really what type of typical mistakes we often do in terms of long vowels. So try to learn this sounds clearly and make sure you learn them by practicing loudly at terrace or outside.

Always loud practice is good that silent one.

Diphthongs  These sounds are also a category of vowel sounds which will be a combination of two or three short vowels. For example take the word hour.

See the phonetic script in the dictionary and you will find sounds of 3 vowels which mean to be diphthong. So this way the sounds are spoken combined.

Last but not least these are also very much of interest when you learn.

Some I want to mention like care fare stare where hair. Just check the dictionary how wrongly do you really pronounce and how much do you thing that you are pronouncing correctly.

As I have mentioned, All short vowels and long vowels and diphthongs and diphthongs do belong to vowel category. Once you master these sample sounds then you can go with other difficult sounds like consonants. But make sure you listen through credible source and learn from credible institutes.

Do not learn wrongly ans stick to the wrong sound thinking to be correct. Once you learn wrongly it is very difficult to make it right.

Because you have adjusted completely to such sounds and learnt wrongly. That is why you have learn rightly first itself. That is how.

Consonants: p, b, t,z like this we have 24 consonant sounds. Altogether we have 44 sounds in Phonetics and 20 vowels sounds and 24 consonant sounds in Phonetics.

You have to learn all of them to get through phonetics successfully Consonants are very difficult to pronounce. Nasal sounds and friction type sound come into light here.

So you have to learn it perfectly to master sounds. Once you are through with all the sounds you can then thing of checking dictionary for the phonetics script for each word.

You have to make it as a hobby to check the dictionary for the phonetics script. In this way you can tell clearly which word takes exactly which script.

You must also practice writing phonetics script every now and then. you must be in a position to write script without seeing to it.

So practice and do it for 6 months to 2 years. It will take two years to learn phonetics perfectly. For example write for each sound 100 words and prepare one book.

This way you can master all the phonetics sounds and can be able to really give good output for your pronunciation level. your pronunciation will become finer.

Conclusion: Phonetics is all about practicing sounds on everyday basis. These sounds are typically hard to master but it is your determination to change your style of pronunciation.

Also concentrate of Accent Intonation Syllables and overall. listen to audio clips too in English language.

Best method to speak American English

When it comes to American English, you must really know what it means to speak fluently. There are some rules to be perfect in speaking American English. This type of English is possible only with right accent. If you have right accent, then you can speak american English nicely. I am giving here some 10 to 15 important tips on how to speak it with out problem.

The one way is to completely spend your time watching English movies daily for a period of six months. Without this practice of listening I doubt you will speak American English perfectly. So try to watch one English movie every day where we have lot of conversational English rather that business English. This will really help you build up strongly your areas of interest. Do not just taken up by books. Reading may not really help you to learn it.

Smoothness is the secret of such English. Try to speak as smooth as ice cream. Do not harden your words while you speak. It must be like a flowing water. There must not be any stammering or such ugly accent. American English is highly smoother. So practice this every day by doing loud reading.

Staircase intonation also will help you. This means that when you speak you must come down gradually. Americans do this way when they speak any sentence. This is called coming down from staircase. This type of intonation will help you to really learn american accent.

Stress also plays an important area when you speak English. Try to know how to use stress on syllables easily. Stress makes you perfect. This is quite difficult unless you know exactly where must be the stress in a word.

Try to also make sure you are confident enough to change you accent. Avoid local influences of your own language with that of American English. This way you will be successful in speaking good English as the days go by.

Hello, My name is Syam, Asst. Professor of English and Mentor for Ph.D. students worldwide. I have worked years to give you these amazing tips to complete your Ph.D. successfully. Having put a lot of efforts means to make your Ph.D. journey easier. Thank you for visiting my Ph.D. blog.