age limit for phd in iit

Age Limit for PhD in IIT

IIT’s in India are reputed for PhD degree courses. The given age limit for PhD in iit is 23 years. This is the age that one could finish masters in India and can enter into IIT as full time scholar. There is a restriction for Part time PhD with IIT’s. But usually no one does PhD as soon as they complete masters in India. It happens rarely. The PhD aspirants who choose to enter IIT’s for PhD hail from 27 to 35 years of age. They do get some industry experience and then try for PhD in Indian Institute of Technology.

But by the age of 23 any Indian could complete masters and he is eligible to take admission into PhD. This is the time when any Indian institute of technology can bring in some PhD admissions into full swing. In India many students aspire to get admission in iit for the way that these institutions are considered to be utmost reputed. Here one can really think of doing PhD during the age that prompts them. Usually the age is restricted in IIT’s based on category also.

In this way, when someone takes admission he or she will be in a position to understand certain age criteria and process of applying according to age.

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Age Restriction is not a barrier among IIT’s

If PhD supervisor has no problem with your performance during research proposal, he or she can recommend you to the doctoral panel and you can easily get admission at any age. There you need to have lots of adjustment and this way you really cannot help it out with mingling problems. There will arise a situation where you will be shown partiality when being around others. You need to possess lots of soft skills to cope up with the pressure and thus make sure to get into right things.

IIT’s are somehow non co-operative

If you get admission into IIT’s, you will not be treated properly when you are an elderly person. There reason is that the doctoral panel feels awkward to entrust some mean duties which they usually allot for young PhD scholars. What I mean by mean duty is that they may ask you to carry water bottles and arrange chairs for functions etc. In this way, lots of work will be given that could be easily given to the attenders in the college. Sometimes you will be used for personal works when someone thinks of using you. I tell about PhD co-coordinators around your department. They try to use you for unnecessary works irrespective of your age. So I recommend the elderly PhD aspirants to think of age limit for PhD for PhD in IIT

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List of IIT for PhD who keeps age limit

Age Limit IIT’s for PhDEstablished
IIT Tirupati 2015
IIT Palakkad 2015
IIT Patna 2008
IIT Gandhinagar 2008
IIT Hyderabad 2008
IIT Ropar 2008
IIT Mandi 2009
IIT Indore 2009
IIT Bhubaneswar 2008
IIT Jodhpur 2008
IIT Kanpur 1959
IIT (BHU) 2008
IIT Roorkee 2001
IIT Guwahati 1994
IIT Delhi 1963
IIT Bombay 1958
IIT Kharagpur 1951

You can join any of the IIT’s for PhD if your age is above 23. You are restricted to take admission if you fall under 23 years of age. For more information about IIT’s read wikipedia about IIT.

As a part of advice, I recommend you not to waste time any more thinking about your age. Just jump into the field and boldly face your PhD. After all you will be a winner at the end of your PhD.

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