Comedy Skit and Story

Comedy skits and humor are quiet needed when we want really to smile and laugh. So laughing and smiling are very good if you want to improve your health so it is my advice for everyone to have a certain kind of good nature of smiling and knowing some important things about the comedy-related area. Here below I am giving one comedy skit with 5 to 6 characters and these drama characters are very crucial to make you laugh and finally and initially this seems to be a comedy skit.

Comedy Skit 1 with 7 Characters

7 Characters:

Canteen man

Ramya: I want to live a free life. Because this life of education and study is very disgusting

Jyothi: Oh! Why is it so disgusting?

Ramya: I am very sad that egg puff in the canteen us not up to the mark. I amwant to leave this institute now.

Jyothi: Are you just leaving this institute just because you do not like egg puff in the canteen?

Radhika: Oh Jyothi. Do not speak like this. Why cannot you understand the emotion of the friend Ramya! It is not puff that she is mostly worried but she is in love with the canteen puff owner.

Lucy: This is awesome. Why is Ramya so fond of canteen man who sells egg puff? He is so poor and status is different.

Ramya: Oh all of you just stop talking now. I do love the canteen man just to get one free puff every day.

Libby: My goodness. Do you love for this reason that for getting free puff you are fond of canteen man?

Aman is the canteen man. He listens to all the conversation and is deeply hurt the way he is understood.

Aman: Ramya Now it us the time to love me because you created this rumor which will affect my reputation or else I will file a police case

Ramya: oh. I will love your dog. Do you shut now. Ha ha ha. Ramya smiles.

Libby: Speaking to canteen man ” Hello can You give me one free puff too. I can love you too.

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Radhika Lucy Libby smile and laugh a lot.

Canteen man: Will you all be my lovers for the sake of puff? this must be a joke, this must be a comedy.But ha ha ha. Tomorrow onwards I will give you all of you egg puff double the price of normal. Ha ha ha. It is just 100 dollars.

Girls: what! 100 dollars?

The End.

Scripts on Comedy

In story it is very clear that in every bit we find some comedy angle and this is a very typical story and day comedy skit which you will not find anywhere in the world it is completely new and it is completely creative comedy skit you can use this skit in a school in the college and anywhere that you wish to create some comedy. Sometimes  SKETCH COMEDIES  are good also from Wikipedia sources.

In this comedy skit the story is quite clear and relax-able. So this way these type of drama comedy is useful on stage performance. Whenever you want to watch or prepare for comedy movie script, you must make sure that characters are ready. What I mean is to have some people around for doing such funny movie scripts which are very comedy and funny.  I know that you will find comedy scripts online. Whenever you do or make some script you must make sure it is filled with humorous comedy otherwise audience may not like it and your ideas about comedy will not reach up to the mark.  So for this you must make best comedy scripts, sometimes they must be popular short comedy scripts.

Here are the Best Sources  of comedy skits available. Sketch comedy comprise of a series of short comedy scenes with vignettes called “sketches”, Sketch comedians routinely separate their product from a skit.  A mini comic performance, especially one writes or improvised on a specific theme or subject is called a comedy sketch. Always prefer a new and fresh comedy skits.

The below are some types of famous comedy skits available

When you are preparing  some comedy drama script in English for school students you must always think of doing with short comedy skits in English with moral.  Usually we do these comedy skits in English for school students. which are of short comedy drama script in English for school students.

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When we see around children like comedy movie scripts and funny movie scripts. Videos/ Films.  Sitcoms and stage plays are also good to think of . These sitcom scripts stage play script TV. Pilot Scripts are also quite natural. Free scripts for not more 2 to 6 actors is preferable. Always think about ideas on comedy and these ideas on comedy must be short and popular. So doing these will truly benefit you in many ways possible. Moral stories  are not comedy skits.

One more short comedy script below


Sindhu, Biju, Powell, Denver, Amy

Sindhu: Why do banana peel is a matter of care?

Powell: It is because peel can allow us to fall down and get wounded.

Denver: If it is so, then why do not you fall in your life time, I fall replied Denver with anguish.

Sindhu: I have also fallen down many time on my way. So I am afraid of banana peel. It is really a menace among fruits.

Amy: Let us make a protest to ban this kind stupid bananas in our life.

Biju: Do you say PROTEST for the sake of banana peel. Do you think in true sense.

Sindhu: Small things can harm us easily.  So things those give us trouble will be really a trouble for the society. Ban Ban banana peel will be our slogan. So this way we can really get through our struggle since our childhood.

Powell: This is quite enthralling for us now to have this type of  protest and what do society think about us in the long run.  Can’t we be little careful, a better Idea rather than protest.

Sindhu: oh you all fools this is just my dream in the night. I made it a reality ha ha ha.

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