Age Limit for PhD in China

Age limit for PhD in China

Age limit for PhD in China is 41 years. This is the maximum age limit by which you can get admission. Once you cross this age limit you may not get admission into PhD in China. Though China has lots of competition in terms of education, PhD is always in demand. So age limit can condition the number of candidates aspiring for PhD.

Not only this but doing PhD in China requires guts and courage, as is quite a tough task to do PhD in China. There are many rules and regulations around Chinese universities in terms of studying PhD. You must fulfil such conditions and must be able to cope up with the difficulties involved in doing PhD.

If you are under 18 years of age, you are not allowed to do PhD. Any how after 18 you are allowed to take admission into PhD. But without masters. The one thing is that you must have masters usually to do PhD in china but even if you have degree also, you can easily do combined PhD which lasts few years. In other words it is an integrated PhD.

If you are in 20 to 29 years and you want to pursue PhD, it is the right age for research. This is the right age to join PhD in my opinion just because you are mature enough to do research effectively. So if you ask me about which age is best to do PhD is: “I recommend to do in your 20’s. ” This way you can have ample time after your PhD to settle down with a good career and a handsome salary.

What happens if you take admission in your 30’s. I mean from 30 years to 39 years of age. This age limit to do PhD in China is good. You can do a qualitative research. You will have enough experience to conduct research properly and with a good quality. But the problem is your career after 39 years or 35 years is really daunting and disappointing. As you have wasted some years in your life, it will be difficult to have a good careeer. Having said this PhD in China takes around 6 years. So doing in 30’s will not fetch you a good career. Think about this once.

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What if you are falling in the age limits of 40 to 49 to do PhD in China? Doing at this age is not practically possible in chinese universities. The age limit to do PhD in China is 41 years. I have already said this in my first paragraph. But remember there is always an exception with any university in China. So I don’t it is absolutely not possible to do PhD in China during 40’s age limits. You must talk to the Supervisor of the university of China that you are interested in doing PhD. If you are passionate enough to showcase your interest with a strong research proposal, then you are up to the mark to make a catch. So try to approach professors by finding their emails and send you research interest. They may accept your research proposal even at this age.

Doing PhD in 50’s. This is the age from 50 to 59 that I am speaking with. By this age, your PhD is just for the sake of research and there is nothing that can happen besides this. You can do for the sake of time pass or even with passion. This way you can be a good researcher. There is no way you can bring things smooth. It is all about some contribution to th society before you originally retire.

If your age is between 60 and 90 also you can try researching thing by taking PhD admission in China. Just do part time and go ahead. Age is not a restriction to get doctoral degree anywhere in China. There are always exceptions for happenings.

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These are the universities you can think at this point of age:

PhD university in ChinaAge LimitBranch
DALIAN POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY45PhD in Light Industrial Technology
NANJING UNIVERSITY OF POSTS AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS43PhD in information and communication engineeering
CHINA UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM53PhD in Geology or Oil and Gas etc.
Peking University40PhD in all subjects
University of Science and Technology China42 PhD in all subjects

If your age is too high, then take care that you must choose PhD supervisor who is elder to you. In this way, you both are in good terms in adjusting with ideas. Never opt young supervisors. This may not be good.

Get here all PhD programs available in China that fit your age.

These are some good universities in China to do PhD in China as per your age restrictions:

  1. PhD from Tsinghua University
  2. PhD from Peking University
  3. PhD from Zhejiang University (ZJU)
  4. PhD from Jiao Tong University
  5. PhD from Fudan University
  6. PhD from Nanjing University
  7. PhD from Sun Yat-sen University
  8. PhD from Wuhan University (WHU)
  9. PhD from HIT
  10. PhD from Hust
  11. Tongji University
  12. Xi’an Jiaotong University
  13. Shandong University
  14. Xiamen University
  15. Beijing Normal University
  16. Nankai University

PhD age limit in china depends on many factors like how good is your proposal and how passionate are you in researching thing. If these things are there on the way then things would go well even if you are age barred for PhD in China.

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