Age limit for PhD in Norway is 38 Years.

What must be the Age limit for PhD in Norway

The average age limit for PhD in Norway is 38 years. This is the exact age that anyone can do PhD in Norway. In Norway, PhD aspirants waste initial years and join PhD at a very later stage. This becomes an age problem to do doctoral studies in Norway. So if you cross thirty eight years in Norway, you are not eligible to do doctoral research qualitatively.

Want to do PhD in Norway when you are at old age? My special suggestion is to do by the age of 39 years. This is the time when you really settle down in your life. Once you cross this age limit it will be very difficult to pursue PhD. So my special advice is this that never delay in doing PhD in Norway at a regular age.

What happens when you do your PhD at a later stage of life? When you do your PhD at a later stage of life, you will be in a very difficult situation to complete it. So what do you do now? Go to University and apply for your PhD course so that you are not wasting your PhD life and your time. Usually it so happens, that we are not really bothered about doing PhD in time. This makes the goal very tough to go ahead because what I have observed personally is that when you waste your younger age not doing PhD, you are restricted to do other things in your life. You have so many family problems or you have many other business problems at a later stage of life. To avoid all those things you have to make sure that you pursue your PhD at right age. By the time finishing your PhD in Norway, you will be at 45 years of age. 

It has been said that if you want to do your PhD, you have to look at the conditions in Norway. In many of the universities in Norway, there is a requirement to do as teaching assistant while doing your PhD full time. In such a way, it is not so easy to do such kind of hard work with the age that you have right now. So think of the problems existing while doing your PhD at an old age. There is no guarantee that you will be finishing your PhD in time during your old age. You may have some health problems and some of your personal problems will hinder your research. In Norway the climate is too cold if you are from any African country or if you are from any Asian country. However, with full determination if you can put some effort, you can very well be successful enjoying your PhD without any problems even at your old age in Norway.

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When you select your PhD supervisor at an older age in Norway, you must be very careful while doing this. The reason is that, in Norway, PhD supervisors are quiet strict in dealing with PhD students around them. This is something odd even with those persons who are elder to them. So you must take it as a challenge to sustain yourself in the university with those supervisors who really put you down all the time. While selecting for PhD supervisor you have to ask those students who were experienced under him or her and take advice from them in order to select a good PhD supervisor in Norway from a particular University. Check your PhD supervisors’ background and history, how they dealt with students who are elder to them or those candidates who want to do PhD at an older age. If everybody gives positive opinion about the PhD supervisor, you can go ahead by choosing them.

Problem involved while doing your PhD at any university in Norway is that the PhD students around you are quiet younger to you. So make sure to adjust with those immature ones so that adjustment takes a prominent role in your 3 year PhD course in Norway. Do not limit yourself just by telling yourself that you can do PhD in Norway at an elder age rather try to take it as a challenge even before getting your admission in Norway University. By doing this you are psychologically prepared to face the upcoming tasks and challenges created by colleagues and other workers around you.

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The other problem if you do PhD at an old age is those professors and teachers around you who will use you up while doing PhD at an older age. Because you are too much experienced in the past, they may try to use you for many works of the administrative department or to do some extra teaching or conduct some extra workshops where in you will miss whole bunch of time in doing those things rather than concentrating on your PhD research in Norway. If you can overcome this problem with your timely thought then you can easily get rid of those and try to concentrate only on your research work.

Doing PhD in Norway that is not acceptable is completely a daunting task to anyone of us.

Try to read as many books as possible when you join your PhD at an old age that requires lots of effort to remember things in your research.

Memory is a big problem again in your old age. Try to do as many puzzles as you can within the university limits so that your age is not causing you to bring a low quality research.

Take into consideration my advise to you strongly as it is simple doing your PhD when you are young enough rather when you are old. Try to join PhD in Norway when you just finish your graduation or your post graduation. You must clearly think and take decision whether to do PhD or to go for a job. You must decide either of these but in case if you decide one and at a later stage you want to make a shift, you are bringing problems upon yourself and one of those problems is to make a shift from your original decision to doing your PhD in Norway when you are too old to do.

There is no age restriction any where in Norway to do PhD. The all problem starts with our personal thinking and behavior.

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