PhD English Eligibility

What is the Eligibility for PhD in English

The eligibility for PhD in English is Post Graduation in English Literature with a minimum of 55% marks. This eligibility is same globally any where in the world. There are some universities where in the eligibility differs with percentage levels. Some reputed universities ask for highest marks in your masters degree. Only then you are able to apply for PhD in English. If the university is normally reputed, then there are no demands in regards to eligibility. Your marks in your post graduation decides your eligibility for PhD English Literature or ELT.

Eligibility for PhD in English in depth review

  • Want to upgrade your talent in English language?
  • Want to gain leadership role in the academic area?

Then find course Doctor of philosophy(PhD) in English.

About course:

# PhD in English is a doctoral degree awarded for research     

in English.

# The course is designed to make students for publishing  

as well as teaching in their career.


# The course covers cultural studies as well as digital

digital humanities.

# The course mainly focus on critical theory and history.


# Practicals include computer learning and computer

orientation workshops.

# The course makes the students to gain leadership

   role in the academic area.


# A Masters degree/MPhil in English with not less than

   55% marks approved by association of Indian

   Universities or foreign universities.

# No less than 6.0 in IELTS.

# A detailed research proposal.

# An undergraduate honors degree at 2:1 level or above.

Fee structure:

# Registration fee-one time

# Course work fee-one time

# Research fee-per annum(two time)

# Thesis evaluation fee-one time


# Full-time-4 years(3 years study + 1 year Thesis)

# Part-time-8 years (6 years study + 2 years Thesis)


 The average starting salary was £21,333 with the

 highest being £22,000.


# Find a supervisor

      You may find it helpful to get in touch with a member

of academic staff about your research proposal before

     submitting an application in your area.


   Pleas note,for acceptance onto a PhD (Doctor of

   Philosophy)you must also have a confirmed supervisor

from within the school of English.

There are always many other factors that come across while deciding your eligibility. For example, if you are not able to crack entrance exam and interview, then also you are not eligible for PhD in English.

And more over after getting admission, you must also fulfill the course work suggested. Without the course work, you cannot start your research So when you think of eligibility, just do not think of only one area about getting good marks in your masters degree but more over you must think about your further challenges in getting real and true eligibility to do PhD in English.

There are so many hurdles that you may come across when you want to think of which qualification exactly do you need in order to do PhD in English Literature or PhD in ELT. So when you want to do PhD in English, you must make sure to get things done according to the rules of the university.

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There are so many changes taking place within the universities regarding the criteria levels. These criteria always changes according to the demands of the current researchers levels. If there is more competition, there is always a problem with the eligibility. It changes every now and then.

Right now this year is a thing of development and competition. We are living in a whole competition world. There are many aspirants who are waiting to do their PhD in English.

This way you cannot really make sure whether the rule that has been kept for this year will be permanent or not. There is always a change in the eligibility for PhD in English. My best suggestion is to make a contact with the university authorities to know truly the perfect eligibility conditions existing over there.

Once you finish this survey with different universities, you can understand what should be the ideal eligibility for PhD in English or PhD in English Literature. There are some unusual criteria with some universities in USA. For example, when you take Harvard university, the eligibility for PhD in English is to have 90% of marks in your post graduation or masters degree.

If you take some NIT’s from India, you must have 60% percentage of marks in order to become eligible for PhD in English. So depending upon the reputation of a particular university, there comes a change. Let us think about the eligibility conditions that are existing with some private universities in the world.

Some of those universities require you to get first class in not only the masters degree but also at bachelors degree level.

This is quite competitive criteria for PhD in English. The one important thing that you must remember is not to go about thinking with the eligibility.

The reason is that PhD degree is mostly related with the PhD guide, adviser or supervisor. If your PhD supervisor accepts for lack of eligibility for PhD in English, you can very well get through easily even with less marks in your masters degree.

So it all depends again with your skills in convincing your PhD supervisor while sending your proposal. PhD ultimate requires passion for research in English literature rather that your eligibility. So if you are able to show up your strong dedication to do PhD in English, there are no one who can stop you irrespective of your low percentage marks. Also think about your marks in the PhD entrance test.

The marks which you will be getting in the entrance also decides your eligibility for PhD in English. So practice well and prepare well in advance. Finally your PhD interview also puts you on hold if you do not do well. Make sure you do things rightly.

This way you will be able to understand the conditions that are existing in various universities and countries about the eligibility and qualifications that you require to get in to your research in literature. So one you get to fulfill all these things that are require for doing research in PhD in English, you are on the right path to go into the deepest of research.

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So make sure to contact the admission department of the particular university that you are going to attend the exams of PhD. Take some syllabus materials from them and practice there what should be the things that you must be able to do in order to do to crack PhD in English Literature.

In case if you lack any of the eligibility criteria, do not get disappointed about that. Retry your marks percentage by appearing again with the university and get more marks. Some time try to find bad ways to talk with the administration to give you more marks.

You have to try hook or crook to make yourself eligible for PhD in English. Otherwise you will delay this way forever. You will always be wondering why you are not able to join in your PhD course. If you are now studying masters, take my suggestions here seriously to make up your percentage. This is the right time to improve your marks.

Once you cross this stage, you will regret for losing many of the opportunities and challenges that you can perform. The reason is that you cannot study again your masters for the sake of PhD. Do things at the right time to gain the eligibility for PhD in English.

Otherwise you will lose forever the greatest research in the history. That is to do PhD in English Literature. I have some videos on my Youtube channel. Kindly subscribe to the channel to more of the conditions on your journey with PhD.

Also real my other blog posts and especially about my article on research topic in English and some indexed journals in English. The other things are intact with your normal way of life. There are many other factors that one can make sure when trying for PhD in English.

The first thing is to choose a right university. This way you can simply become successful in fulfilling the eligibility. This first attempt in knowing the eligibility unofficially is to contact supervisor personally. Rules can be changed easily.

There is no way that you are not suited for doing PhD. So think of doing it unofficially. This way you can get there safely with out any tension.

There is always a room for exceptions within the university. You may be not knowing. Just do not go about what others tell about the eligibility for doing PhD in English.

Go with your own intuition and do things rightly. Then you can easily win things happening around you. My other suggestion is not to wait for long years to join in your PhD.

Just get into any university first. Do not think adamantly about your life. Just take it as a challenge and do a quality PhD. This is your personal thing. So go with it.

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