Why is PhD not Dph| What does PhD stand for| Funny

PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy. This term is very much important in doctoral studies as it is the highest qualification that any one can achieve in ones life time. The term is derived from Latin. If  you still want to know what does PhD stand for in Latin, then this is my answer. In Latin it is completely different spelling and pronunciation. Below are my reasons.  For instance it stands for Doctor of Philosophy but there are other versions of PhD and what does it stand for. Here is my analysts.

This word is used by Plato and Aristotle from ancient generations. Even Plato was very much fascinated by this term PhD. During those time, this term was used very less as there were very few philosophers.

It is like one in thousand people. These people did not know exactly the meaning of the word PhD and what could be its abbreviation.

Usually it was pronounced in full. There was no abbreviation mode during Aristotle’s time. When some one was very highly educated, kings would call them Doctors. As they are the only people who can bring a real wisdom to the people around. 

They are called doctors because they can heal the mind of people with their knowledge and wisdom. So doctor means the healer of mind. Taking someone from ignorance to wisdom. 

This happens when a person studies well and at the end gains liberation through education and knowledge. As epistemology also tells about this that knowledge is the key for all wisdom.

PhD is the means to achieve this key. Knowledge flows through a person who has pursued PhD in certain subject. He becomes expert in that area.

He becomes the one person who can really give his knowledge to others and share his thoughts. The one and only thing that anyone can get through this study. 

PhD Stands for Joke

Now a days PhD has many other abbreviations that are made for fun or PhD jokes, we can call. These are the below funny standings of PhD.

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Doctor of Powerful Husband.

Doctor of Painful Hitler.

Doctor of Paid Husband.

Doctor of Painful Hammer.

Park Hat Dog.

Pack Hot Dogs.

Panic Hat trick Dig.

Part time Haughty Doctor.

Hand Patch Doctor.

Pause Hard Doctor.

They are only for fun. Other wise originally it is different. So if you want to make fun about PhD then you can just abbreviate this way.

Previously it was very difficult to do PhD. But now it is so simple with the technology that we have through internet. We can search on that what we really need to get. So you can get through this to make certain conditions to do this work. 

What ever may be the situation, you must make sure that any type of information could be highly useful if only you can provide them. You must know the history of the term PhD before you try to know what exactly it goes for. This is the only idea that can help you get known about the term PhD. 

There must be certain differences here and there about this. But what ever may be the difference you must make sure to get certain things to understand what it could look like when it comes to understanding of principles of PhD. 

The one thing that I tell about this word is that it is not appropriate to use it in English. As this is a Latin word, I personally feel it to be changed differently.

What I mean is to change it as DPH. This abbreviation is much more suitable and it synchronizes our English Pronunciation. So Oxford Dictionary and Cambridge Dictionary must see to this very carefully and change it according to the facts that I have been mentioning about the word PhD. 

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Why PhD is not DPH

The strong reason Why PhD does not stand as Dph is that they both are different languages. One is Latin ( PhD) and the other is English(DPh).  The word “PhD” we write in Latin and but Pronounce in English.

  • PhD is taken from Latin. 
  • PhD in Latin spelled like Philosophiae Doctor. 
  • Write the word “PhD” in Latin.
  • Pronounce PhD” in English as Doctor of Philosophy.
  • 2 sets of languages used in PhD
  • In Latin there is no rule of order. 
  • Dph is not widely used though it is correct.
  • PhD is officially recognized by Oxford Dictionary
  • PhD is a very age old word

What does PhD stand for in Latin

The term PhD stand for Philosophiae Doctor in Latin for the last few thousand years.

Look here what wikipedia says about PhD

We can pronounce in any way whether in Latin or English. Usually the word PhD is a very age old word that we have been using for generations with out any change. For this reason, we sometimes do not any development. Because some words are exclusively used by scholars through out generations. That is why they do not change. If some others who are not educated use this word, then there are chances that they may pronounce the word PhD wrongly and in the longer run, it takes another shape.

What does PhD stand for joke

It stands for Pee on hubby to become doctor. This is just for fun. Do not use this terms where ever you wish. It is not good to make extreme fun. If you can handle the term to a limit, that is good. Like for say, use it among best friends who cannot take it seriously when used or mocked in front of them. This is a best option if you want to get it done easily.

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