Scopus indexed journals in fluid dynamics

Scopus Indexed Journals in Fluid Dynamics

International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow:

The International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow focuses on high-impact work that focuses mainly on the interrelationship between fluid dynamic processes . Papers are welcomed to discuss the uses of these disciplines in designing and developing engineering. ISSN number of this journal is 0142-727X. Visit submit your paper for submission of your papers. For further information, visit guidelines for authors and support center  if you have any further queries.

International Journal of Thermal Sciences:

This journal is committed to the publication of new research papers concerned with fundamental research on heat transfer process physics and their interaction with mass transfer and/or fluid flow. In particular, the journal requests papers aimed at deeper understanding of the coupling of the local processes and their interactions in larger systems. Whether experimental observations, mathematical models, or model discussions may be included in papers and a significant scientific contribution is needed. ISSN number of this journal is 1290-0729 and this journal was established in 1962. Visit submit your paper for submission of your papers. For further information, visit guidelines for authors.

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Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics, An International Journal:

In an ever-increasing range of industrial applications, CFD is now considered an essential research / design tool. Practical flow problems are often so complex as these require a high level of imagination. Thus, creative CFD technologies are also promoted, in addition to the development work in CFD. The ultimate goal of PCFD is to provide model / software developers and users with a common platform through balanced international / interdisciplinary contributions, disseminating information related to the development / refinement of mathematical and numerical models, software tools and their creative applications in CFD.  This journal has an impact factor of 0.534 and ISSN-online is 1741-5233 whereas ISSN-offline is 1468-4349. For submission, visit submit here.

ACS Sensors:

ACS Sensors is a peer-reviewed research journal dedicated to disseminating original and new knowledge about all areas of sensor science which specifically senses biological and chemical species or mechanisms. The submitted articles should cover all the important concepts of chemical engineering, bioengineering, fluid flow and transfer processes etc. American chemical society is the publisher of this journal and ISSN number of  ACS sensors is 23793694. This journal is established in 2016. Visit the homepage of this journal for further information. For information relating to publishing, visit how to publish in ACS Sensors. Contact ACS Sensors for further queries, if you have any.

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Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science:

Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science provides a research platform for showcasing scientific work that strengthens basic knowledge of heat transfer, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, and their applications. Established in 1988, this journal accepts technical and research work i.e. review papers, invited papers, discussions on previously published papers etc. related to fluid flow and transfer processes, and chemical engineering topics. ISSN number of this journal is 08941777 and publisher of this journal is Elsevier BV.

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