tips to prepare for just a minute competition

How to Prepare for just a minute competition?

One can prepare for just a minute competition by gathering various jam topics that are relevant to the upcoming competition. Here are 10 pro tips to prepare before hand for just a minute competition.

  • Gather some 100+ jam topics from internet.
  • Have a vague idea on each jam topic.
  • Prepare your speech for just a minute only.
  • Do not exceed time limit given.
  • Get some nice tailored vocabulary in hands.
  • Practise in simple sentences to speak just a minute.
  • Well dressed and body language skill is essential.
  • Do some rehearsals even before the just a minute competition.
  • Look confident until you finish just a minute competition.

Always make sure that you gather some relevant jam topics before hand instead of practising few on the competition day. Remember, practising just on the day of competition will not be helpful unless you do before hand. I suggest to prepare for just a minute competition 2 weeks before it will happen. This way you are fully prepared and done to speak and beat the just a minute competiton.

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Have a good and general idea on each topic is another way of preparation for just a minute competitions. Do not just leave any topic out there because you are not interested. Who knows? You will be asked the same jam topic which you had thought irrelevant. So have a general idea on jam topics to speak at least a few things about it.

Learn to prepare according to the time given to you. i.e. just a minute. The purpose of just a minute competition is to speak in a minute what you knew. So this is no doubt a judging criteria to get a prize or to win just a mintue competition.

Using good and fine vocabulary during your jam session will make you stand unique among others and you can easily outperform with good amount of vocabualary. Let this vocabulary be a mix of strange and uncommon and easy words. Do not speak totally with strange vocabulary. Remember in English language, context plays a great part. You will find in the dictionary some examples on how to use a particular word. This way you can fine tune. Some form of vocabulary which are general is nature can be spoken for every jam topic. For example: Brilliant, Outstanding, extraordinary etc. Learn such type of vocabulary to outperform other competitors in just a minute competition.

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Prepare on how to use simple sentences in the just a minute competition. Do not go for long and complex sentences that gives wrong impression and audience will feel lethargic to listen to your just a minute speech.

Well, rehearsal is the heart of every just a mintue competition. Feel that someone is there around you and do some mock preparation. Go to the terrace and find yourself or imagine you are among audience and practice in real time. This way you will be very confident in real competition..

Finally, confidence makes everything complete.

If you follow the above suggestions, you can easily win just a minute competition.

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