Abstract Writing Guide for a PhD Dissertation and thesis

By | September 7, 2019

I am pushing some tips on writing a good abstract for a dissertation and thesis during your PhD submission.

  • Start writing an abstract after finishing your thesis.
  • Writing in 200 words is considered a good abstract.
  • Check for other thesis how an abstract has been written previously.
  • Writing an abstract requires to pick keywords and mention at the end of the abstract.
  • Avoid “I” and “WE” while writing an abstract for a thesis.
  • Ph.D. abstract is not outline but “outcome.”
  • Use very simple and shorter sentence when you write abstract.

My best Abstract Writing tips are to mention experiments and results in your paper. They are the backbone of your abstract. So write an abstract after analyzing all the results of the experiments and what you exactly tried to do throughout your research paper. Write abstract in a simple way so that anyone who reads it must understand the whole of your research paper ahead.

Finish Research Paper before Writing PhD thesis Abstract

To make an effective and useful abstract, start writing abstract after you finish writing the research paper. You should pick the main objectives and conclusions from the research paper you’ve finished.

The abstract is the first thing that readers usually meet first so it is mandatory to make your abstract concise and informative.

The idea of making your PhD thesis abstract you get from your research paper which you need to be finished before start writing the abstract.

If you finish the research paper before start writing the abstract, it will help you out in making your thesis abstract concise as well as enlightening. You must relate your abstract to your research paper to get the exact results

Some students don’t finish writing the research paper and start writing the thesis abstract resulting which some deficiencies occur in their whole research.

Writing the abstract after the completion of your research paper will help you out to cover the maximum amount of information, keywords with accurate denotations and minimal use of minor words in your thesis abstract.

You also get a great idea of structuring sentences for your thesis abstract when you complete your research paperwork first.

Read Other PhD thesis Abstracts before Writing Your Own One.

The abstract of the thesis should be written impressive if you want to make the content unique among your colleagues.

The student must be well-versed towards its writing and you should note that your first substantive denotations will be read by external examiner so you need to be focused on the production quality content.

It will help you to add the great remarks by the examiner as well as the teacher eventually.

Reading the abstract of your colleagues will help you to reach out your goal. Contents, written by your friend will drastically assist you in classifying the pros and cons of adding some additional matters.

You should always jot down the major points of the abstracts discussed by your friend if you’re missing these particularly.

Discussion of the summary of your thesis should present all elements in the condensed form will make your abstract impressive.

You should always remind that thesis is not the mention of a preface or preamble or great organizer but your thesis should be capable to be replaced where space for the full text exists.

Write Keywords in your PhD thesis abstract That Repeatedly Fall In Your Research Paper

Putting the necessary keywords in your abstract will make your abstract great and amazing as everyone wants an attractive thesis abstract.

If you don’t use the proper keywords, your thesis abstract will be unlikely to read by your teachers. Besides, it should also contain the key terms associated with your thesis. Always be succinct and non-repetitive towards your words usage.

Students should also write a short introduction and conclusion including the keywords. Keywords must repeatedly fall in the introduction and conclusion.

You should select the keywords for your abstract that can best describe your dissertation. Keywords can be selected from the title of the abstract easily.

Though keywords are vital for your research paper questions so it will show the discipline and the same will be recognized by others as well.

It has also been seen that keywords draw the attention of the readers if you’ve provided a summary of the entire paper in a quick and accurate manner. If you’re writing the abstract for science, you should always include the present information on the background, methods, aim, results, as well as conclusion. And if you’re writing for social science and humanities, you should not give the methods and results.

Check PhD thesis abstract’s Keywords For Credibility

After finding keywords for your abstract, you must check the credibility of those as well. Credible keywords help the researcher in writing the best article worth to read.

It has also been found that students that got more attention towards its writing of abstract, wrote after listing the important keywords.

Topper students always do research towards the inclusion of best keywords and get best to add in the abstract. Your thesis abstract is the first thing that the examiners will read.

So it should be arranged in a proper format. Keywords credibility can be found after the research on the particular topics analytically.

You should always note that your text must be evident and argued towards your thesis because abstract is a little form of your dissertation texts.

Always include the key terms for both general and specific to your to your subject area. It will help you in identifying the character and purpose of your dissertation as a whole.

Using the proper keywords for the objective, methodology, analysis, and conclusion will also increase the credibility of your keywords in the abstract of the thesis.

Write PhD thesis abstract Keywords into Simple Sentences

Keywords are the essential words that capture the whole structure of your paper. These make your paper more usable and increase the essence of your research paper.

Hence, it’s important to include the most relevant keywords in your thesis abstract that will help you in increasing the significance of your research.

Keywords are required for writing an abstract after an original research article. These are the most vital components in the successful completion of an article.

But sometimes researchers make the sentences using the unfavorable words that don’t make sense to the examiner and it leaves a bad impression. You should make the simple and easily readable sentences implementing the proper keywords in your abstract.

Keywords should be put after considering the point of view of the readers that matters drastically. It is better if you keep phrases of 2-4 words and single word keyword which are acceptable greatly.

Choose the keywords which closely relate to your topic and make the easy sentence using them.

Do Not Write Abstract More Than 200 Words

Your thesis abstract should not more than 200 words which are an ideal of words expected by your examiner.

While writing the thesis you should not forget to write the introduction, literature review, methodology, results, and conclusion so that you can write a great abstract.

You should also summarize the thesis choosing sentences cleverly that can cover the greatest amount of thesis information in a shorter form.

Follow The Right Format APA or MLA for writing abstract.

In APA style, you need to use the double-spaced method that gives a great look to your thesis abstract.

In this format sentences that end with the other punctuation mark and may be followed by a single space. APA format also recommends using the active voice and past tense in your abstract writing.

It also follows the acronym form while writing your Ph.D. thesis abstract.

MLA format is essential for essays and research paper writing and making it outstanding.

The MLA Format requires one-inch page margins and double-spaced paragraphs. In this format, it requires a header with the last name of the author, as well as the page number one-half inch from the top on each page.

An abstract is the most important component for your thesis and it the initiation of the successful completion of your research paper and thus your overall research as well. It drastically impacts the image of a researcher.

Using the APA or MLA format style, your content style will completely be changed and will stand you out alone with your outstanding abstract!

What Are You Going To Achieve by writing PhD thesis abstract.

The abstract is a second major section of the document that begins on the second page of your research paper. It is written just after the title page and introduces the table of contents and the main body of the research paper as well.

This is a succinct form of your research paper and it includes the main points, process, findings, & conclusion.

The abstract is started writing after the completion of your research paper.

Though, the abstract is succinct and is confined in a few paragraphs so you need to know about those things that will positively affect your whole research result.

Your abstract should be coherent and logically structured because you should know that going to put the skeleton into a few words. It has also been seen, the most common error of the thesis abstract is the failure to meet the accurate result.

The primary function that you should know is that you’ve to know about your readers they expect from you. Your abstract should be completely based on your research.

It makes sure your result drastically. Nearly, half of the content in the abstract should be based on summarizing and evaluating the results. Some other points like the method of your research are also needed mainly that will back your results mentioned in the abstract.

Do Not write your PhD abstract Plagiarized

You should note that you’re a PhD student so taking it into account, your abstract should be unique and as per your thesis. Though, you must look at the abstract of your colleagues but never copy them.

Some doctoral students still submit plagiarized work that causes serious consequences. It also shows your concern towards the thesis abstract preparation and writing as well.

The doctoral dissertation should be based on your own research and abstract should be written in your own words. You can take abstract of others as your samples so that you can make it effective, compelling and believable but it should be plagiarized at all.

Nowadays, most colleges use the plagiarism detection software for checking the documents of the students submitted.

So it matters a lot if you’re submitting a plagiarized abstract to your teacher and it will play a vital role in making an impressive thesis abstract.

The plagiarism checking software used by them will detect the percentage of the similar content if you’ve directly done a copy-paste from somewhere.

Mention All the Fundamental Points while writing your Abstract

Writing the basic points should be your fundamental aim while writing an impressive abstract. If need any assistance regarding the placement of these points, you can also work closely with your supervisor.

It will tune fine you thesis abstract and allow the reader to reach on a great result. You should always discuss the problem, argument, aim, research questions and hypothesis.

Always remind that your abstract should be prepared in that can allow the readers’ whether it is readable or not. Don’t forget to include the purpose, methods, results, conclusion as well as conclusions ever. Good abstract should be written in a well-mannered way.

Effective abstract needs to be developed in a well-developed paragraph and it should be unified, coherent and concise.

Always note that your whole abstract should be summarized but it should also cover all the information in that report. Being intelligible, your abstract should also convey a wide number of audiences.

Ensure that you’re providing the logical connections between the materials included. Lastly, the purpose of an abstract is to summarize the contents of your dissertation in a systematic way so you need to write the abstract as a short-hand for the entire thesis. Know the purpose of your abstract!

Never Use The First Person “I” And “We” while writing Your Abstract

You should always care about the subtle things while writing the useful abstract for your Ph.D. thesis. So researchers can’t complain when the examiner highlight these mistakes so we’ll recommend that you should not take any risk of putting words like “I” and “We” in your abstract.

Always try to show an original contribution to knowledge through a well-structured method by which you’ll get great attention from your examiner as well as the teacher.

Instead of using, “I” and “We,” use passive voice for your sentences. For example: “It is given” or “It is intended.” Ensure to use phrases for your study terms, like “in the recent study,” and this study is “toward” etc.

Use of “I” and “we” shows that you’re telling her that this has been written under the guidance of so and so

Use of passive voice will be more appropriate and it sounds better as well. Thus passive voice will also effect on the efforts for the writer as well as the reader in the interpretation of results.

Researchers can also take the help of previous similar works and opinion referred for the students to increase the readability and validity of their statements.

Use Easy Vocabulary while writing PhD abstract.

For writing an effective thesis abstract for your Ph.D. program, you should write an easy manuscript using the easy vocabulary. Your teachers would not like to read the abstract having tough sentences.

You need to recheck your content after writing once so that you can analyze your effort. Using the easy vocabulary, you should also note, it should not be any grammatical & syntax mistake and scientific errors (which is often overlooked) as well.

Use of visual word cloud in your abstract will help you while accessing the key themes and points for the readers. Students should note about the use of active and precise verbs in the abstract.

You should also list the standard synonyms and also your colleagues which they have written in their thesis. You should always abstain from using the verb like ‘be’ in your thesis abstract.

So choose the perfect and easy vocabulary for text if you want to make an impressive format for your Ph.D. program. Lastly, you should note that you’re writing the thesis abstract for a PhD program so your university will check your knowledge on the basis of your thesis abstract writing and always expects from the student’s research so it must discover something hitherto unknown and unique from other students.

Do Not Write Too Long Sentences when you write PhD abstract.

You should always note while writing your PhD thesis abstract, don’t use too long sentences. Also, make sure that your sentences must not complex and also use the scientific terms always in your thesis abstract.

Doctoral students sometimes seem unaware regarding the proper arrangement of the sentences but these are often noticed by the examiners.

You should note that if you’re using the long sentences, it may be returned by the teacher for the revision. So you should take it seriously and take it as a precaution.

In spite of short sentences, you should also keep in mind that sentences must have clarity so that examiner can read and understand the abstract easily because the ultimate goal of your PhD research is left the impression in your examiner’s mind.

Thus, your visual coherence needs to limit the doctoral dissertation to one double-spaced page using the short and clearly understandable words as well as sentences.

Write PhD thesis abstract “Easy” And “User-Friendly”

As we’ve already been discussed that your abstract must be written in a well-mannered way to get special attention from your examiner. You should give an accurate representation in your thesis abstract.

Before, presenting your abstract to your examiner, you should also check it from your family members or friends because you’ll get an idea here that it is understandable and worth reading easily or not.

Sometimes, researchers see the thesis on the book and try to put their abstracts exactly and they don’t care its writings that it can be easily read and conceivable.

So, you should always note contents should be written in a well-structured manner that can provide a great sense of your research to your teacher. Use only those words that they can understand easily.

Your texts should provide the essential elements that can enable one to make the judgment of your research. Being a user-friendly, your abstract should be neat, crisp and comprehensive.

If you have done all these things for your PhD thesis abstract then hopefully your abstract is going engaging for your teachers.

Show and Submit Your Abstract To Your Teacher –

No one is perfect; everyone needs another person to judge it! So if you’re a PhD scholar, you should show your abstract to your teacher before the final submission.

Your teacher will highlight your mistakes done in the abstract writing. Before showing the abstract to your teacher, you should also match the format, Intro, Conclusion, and other information from your friends so that you can also correct them as much as possible.

You can also show the few sections or entire manuscript of your to those who are willing to review it. Don’t hesitate that my contents will be copied!

They can’t copy your content as they will be undergone from the plagiarism checker software. Read your article at least 3-4 times that will help you drastically in finding the errors by yourself. Your colleagues can reveal your errors done while writing the manuscript.

So always consider your friends as a support group! Major mistakes will be explained by your teacher! You also have to keep one thing in your mind, usually abstract is written in a severe time constraints so it is not possible to produce the whole abstract without the minor-errors and typos errors are of courses possible!

So these tips will definitely be helpful before submitting your thesis abstract to your teacher.

Be Ready To Modify while writing PhD Your Abstract

As we’ve previously been discussed that your manuscript can’t be perfect at first writing. So while submitting it to your teacher you should keep in your mind that your thesis abstract can be reassigned it to you for modification and you should not stubborn towards it.

It will help you in preparing the best material for your thesis abstract.

It has also been seen that most examiners often return the thesis abstract recommending for re-examination and major corrections. So researchers should not have any type of dismay or stubborn for writing and failure of their abstracts.

Your examiner will give you the proper guidelines and if you follow them, you’ll definitely get the great consequences for your manuscript.

Stick To The Particular Topic Of The Research Paper during writing your PhD abstract.

It is very necessary for the Ph. D. students to stick on the particular subject for which they’re writing. It will show your real concern towards the topic and awareness too. Usually, students take about 30 minutes in the completion of a good thesis abstract but so they usually fix less time to cover the whole dissertation summarizing it.

Hence they must care for the topic they are writing that drags the attention of teachers as well as examiners.

Also, if you’ve not summarized the thesis or paper yet as per the topic, you need to be done it now. You should always keep in mind one thing that writing of abstract should start writing after finishing the whole paper write-up that gives you the whole idea of summarizing.

Choose the major objective and conclusions from your Intro and Conclusion parts.

Here, you get a great assistance uses of phrases as well as sentences. Though, you should understand that the abstract is a brief and clear summary of the information in your presentation so it must conclude by sticking to the particular topic.

A well-written abstract will show an intention of the researcher while writing the abstract for the thesis. Lastly, your abstract should be written as it can explain the entirety of the whole presentation which must be an ultimate of-of a Ph.D. student.

Be Calm For 3 Days After Writing Your Abstract

How long you should wait after submitting your thesis abstract to your teacher? As we’ve already been discussed that after putting your full effort, you’re abstract can’t be perfect. It’ll definitely be revealed many errors whether from typos or some minor errors or regarding the format of the abstract so must ready to accept these mistakes after submitting it to your teacher or examiner.

So you must wait patiently for 3 days so that your teacher can let you know about your errors performed.

In some cases, your teacher or examiner may get a large amount of manuscript of journals so usually; they’ll take a time to check each abstract. Each PhD student follows a process of re-drafting and assembling of whole work into a final dissertation. It is a common process for any Art and Humanities researcher.

While for Science and Technology students, you need to write-up your finding and conclusions to produce the final dissertation and it’ll help you out in producing the thesis abstract as well.

After Writing Check the Spelling & Grammar Mistakes And Correct Them

The abstract is usually prepared in a less estimated time that contains around 350 words if you’re preparing the thesis for a PhD program.

A lot more information is to be covered here as per your thesis and it should also be accurate which will show your seriousness regarding the contents. Size and structure are the fundamental requirements those will be checked first by your examiner.

Though abstract is designed in a shorter time-frame so there may some Spelling and Grammar Errors occur by a researcher? But some examiners can also accept the abstract with these errors some may ask you for the correction. So why wait for the examiners question if I’m aware of the fact already?

Sometimes you may also get some typos errors and it happens with most of the researchers. If superficial errors exist, it creates a doubt in an examiner’s mind towards your interpretation, methods, and structure of the research.

Grammar Mistakes may also occur in your thesis abstract. It also horrifies the students and students render supervisors to eliminate this error completely and get the oxygen to your abstract as well. It can negatively affect your hard work.

Always recheck your abstract after writing to abstain from spell and grammar errors. Plenty of examiners like in constructing a table and listing all the typographical and spelling errors in a script. Occasionally you should do it and then you know the need to get out more.

Talk and Discuss With Your Friends While Writing

It is very vital to talk to your friends while preparing your PhD thesis abstract. Friends will also help you in preparing a decent write-up for your abstract. You can also match your manuscript with them that will assist you to choose the best spells, the arrangement of sentences and stuff as well. You will also find out the useful models and templates out there!

Clarity of expression must contain in your all sentences and whole content as well. It will hugely impact your profile and will convey a positive message towards your examiner.

You also read published dissertations which will be helpful like your genuine friend in writing a good abstract.

Usually, abstract requires a concise writing style keeping your word count low but have to know out that summarizing a large volume of material; your abstract should be informative and reader-friendly. Lack of clarity or danger of obscurity may produce a dreadful result.

So you should keep one thing in your mind that presenting of the abstract is a daunting endeavor and it’s also a culmination of years of your research work so you need to take it seriously from here!

Always Note That You Should Keep Your Language “Formal and Polished”

As abstract written in a well-mannered way with the use of easy vocabulary, without grammar & spelling mistakes, correct sentences, short sentences covering all the information of thesis in these 350 words, fundamental points, easy vocabulary, and contents of the particular research.

Several other subtle things also matter for your abstract writing. Structure of your abstract should mirror the structure of the whole thesis and all common elements should be mentioned in the abstract.

Your thesis abstract should be well polished and formal so that can become interesting for the reading of your examiner.

You should also abstain from the use of verbosity that may a cause to your bad impression in teacher’s mind. So retaining the focus on the particular topic and words count, you should always use the Formal and Polished language. Also, manuscripts which are about to publish are usually checked by a copywriter for spelling, polished as well as formal language. Always, avoid using the unnecessarily florid & superfluous language and keep it simple, specified & clear! Good luck with your dissertation!

When you start writing your abstract, my suggestion is not to think too much pondering over your problem. Just see what you have written basically throughout your research and see certain conclusions. Check out all the subheadings and come to one opinion. The abstract is the outcome of several headings in your thesis. And not more than that.