The Open WIndow

Mr. Nuttel visits some strangers who would help him with his nerve cure. A Young lady said, that her aunt will be down here very soon, Meanwhile, I would.

The young lady asked him if he knew many people in the neighborhood.

When Mr. Nuttel gave his answer, the niece knew that he didn’t know her aunt. The niece started to tell Mr. Nuttle about her aunt’s tragedy.

In the room that they were waiting in, a French window stood open. The niece told Mr.

Nuttel that the window stood always wide open, even on October afternoon, because of her aunt’s tragedy.

3 years ago her husband and 2 brothers went off for the day’s shooting, but they never came back.

Their bodies were never found. Poor aunt always thinks that they will come back someday, they and the little brown spaniel, and walk-in at that window just as they used to.

Then the aunt came in and apologized for being late. She said: I hope you don’t mind the open window, my husband and brothers will be home directly from shooting, and they always come in this way.

When after a talk the husband and brothers came in, Frampton Nuttle grabbed his stick and hat and ran away.

The men that just arrived asked Mrs. Sappelton, the aunt, who the man was that ran away just when they arrived home. She said that it was a Mr. Nuttle and that it looked like he had seen a ghost.

I think It was the dog, he told me he was afraid of dogs, said the niece. Because he once was chased by dogs on a cemetery.

The plot twist is the moment that Mr. Nuttle ran away and the young girl tells another fake story.

Frampton Nuttel might have known that the story the niece told him was probably untrue. Write down two questions the niece asked to test his knowledge of her family.

‘Do you know many of the people around here?’

‘Then you know practically nothing about my aunt?’

‘’Nuttel’’ is a telling name, that is, it tells you something about the bearer of that name.

What does it suggest?

Nuttel has nuts in it and nuts means crazy. So Mr. Nuttel is crazy / not well in his mind.

  ‘’Vera’’ is also a telling name. Here, however, it is used ironically. Please explain.

Vera is from VERITAS and that is Latin for the truth, this is used ironically because Vera is lying.

What sentence or passage tells you it is not unusual for Vera to tell a tall story without preparation?

When she tells about the dogs. ‘Romance at short notice was her specialty

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