The Lunch Box

Once there lived a schoolboy who wanted a lunch box with the chicken inside of it. But mom told not to have it in front of the school children that way.

But the boy was adamant to carry chicken fry and eat in the school during lunch.

Mommy then prepared chicken and placed it into the lunch box. Then the lunchtime has arrived and the schoolboy tries to open the lunch box and there the boy listens to a sound that is strange.

When the boy completely opened the carriage box, he saw a chicken flying like a kite. It jumped on the boy and started making the sound of a chicken.

All the other school children gathered around him and played with the doll. All appreciated how the chicken doll could make the original sound of a chick. They are all laughing humorous way.

Then the schoolboy never asked his mommy to keep chicken fry for the lunch box….. ha ha ha…..

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