The Hilarious Dream

There was a brief period where he didn’t believe them and took it as fun and humor– childhood naivety melting into teenage self-deprecation – but it was short-lived.

Mostly, he knew that the stage was where he belonged. For years, he kept his nose to the grindstone.

Working as a waiter in Los Angeles, he chased every potential opportunity he could. None bore fruit.

Eventually, it became clear that California was not going to be the launching point of his career.

Like so many twenty-something-year-olds before him, feeling empty directionless settle over him like a bad taste sticking to the roof of his mouth, he set out to travel.

Maybe, he thought, a road trip would help him figure out what he was doing.

Of course, like so many twenty-something-year-olds before him, his road trip took him directly to Las Vegas.

The city of sin was practically custom-built for lost young men seeking answers at the bottom of a cup or pile of poker chips. 

It was also custom-built to drain them of their funds as quickly as possible.

Jason was no exception. Penniless within a week, he gratefully took the first job he could.

There was something kind of exciting about working as an Elvis impersonator – it was so classic to the Last Vegas culture.

He felt like part of the scenery. Plus, now that officiating (and singing at) weddings as part of his day job, he got to hear all sorts of interesting stories… Very few people, as it turned out, planned to marry in Vegas.

He wasn’t sure how many times he said: “You may now kiss the bride” to men who had only met the woman in question a couple of hours prior.

He was sure that he didn’t want to know. He liked entertaining the romantic ideal of love at first sight, whether or not it would have been more accurately described as “love at fifth whiskey”.

Sometimes he pretended that the couples were soulmates, bowled over by their connection and determined to make it official as quickly as possible.

Other times, he pictured them as childhood sweethearts and long-time lovers, running away to get married to avoid the pressures of daily life.

No matter what story he concocted for the newlyweds, he always put on an impressive show. 

The problem was that what was originally intended as a stepping stone – a job to keep him afloat while he sought fame and fortune under his own name – eventually became his entire career.

He was good at it! Though nobody had remarked on his appearance is similar to the real Elvis before, as soon as he put the costume on and impersonated the voice, the resemblance was uncanny.

He quickly moved from smaller chapels to larger ones, the money increasing in tangent. 

That’s when the comments started. At first, they appeared to be jokes:

“Are you sure you’re not the real Elvis?”

“Elvis Presley has left heaven!”

But they quickly grew more serious. A sneaky video taken during one of his performances and a blog post going viral was all it took for a genuine conspiracy theory to form: the real Elvis Presley was alive and well, impersonating himself.

Suddenly, people were turning up not to get married by a novelty impersonator, but to meet the real Elvis Presley.

Jason didn’t have the heart to turn them away. As more and more tourists arrived, taking photos with him and gushing through his performances, the line between himself and the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll seemed to fade away.

He memorized all the catch-phrases and dance moves, forgoing his own Hard Metal preferences in favor of the swinging style of decades past.

He learned to answer to the name “Elvis”, often forgetting to answer to “Jason” at all. Soon he was accidentally using the voice in phone calls with his parents, or in the line at the bank.

Eventually, he stopped apologizing for it. When not in costume, he found that his regular clothes were suddenly widening at the ankle and narrowing at the hips.

His real hair – lighter than Presley’s, but not by much – seemed to settle itself into a quiff.

Whether this was by his own subconscious action or his own hair follicles giving in to the idea that he and Elvis were one and the same, it was difficult to tell.

Either way, it wasn’t long before walking down the street became nearly impossible without getting countless weird looks and at least a few requests for pictures.

All the while, his professional popularity increased. So did the rumors. His twitter feed blew up, his mentions full of demands for answers as to how he had possibly returned from the dead. 

That was how he found himself here. In front of a crowd, wiggling his pelvis for all he was worth as he sweated beneath his wig.

His white jumpsuit stuck to him in all the wrong places, the lycra itching where he wasn’t able to scratch.

His knuckles were white around his microphone as he clenched it, looking out at the thousands of people in front of him.

They were largely middle-aged, often older, but screaming at the sight of him as if they were teenagers.

A bra hit him square in the face, tossed from the crowd. He decided not to wonder which audience member was responsible.

Instead, as “Jailhouse Rock” began to play, he wondered how he could have achieved a life so close to his dream, and yet so far.

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