The Ceiling Fan

There once lived a hostel warden with 15 students inside residing for a year.

On one fine day, students requested the hostel warden to show a movie for entertainment.

But the hostel warden replied funnily, saying what could fetch out of watching silly movies.

Students requested for the same twice but in vain. At the last, hostel warden agreed to show television in some other way.

All are allowed only to watch English news only and not any movie. Students are frustrated with the situation and kept quite.

But the hostel warden goes into TV hall secretly every day and watch movies hours and hours. Students know it very well that the warden is just a man of words and not of action.

So the students on one fine day went into the Tv hall and loosened the bolts of the ceiling fan under which the hotel warden sits.

One fine Tuesday, warden enters into TV hall to watch movies. He sits alone under the ceiling fan after switching it on.

Then it so happens that the hanging fan falls on warden’s head straightly. The fan sits of warden’s head directly hitting him hard. He is rushed to a hospital.

Later, the warden realizes that this is the punishment he got for not allowing students to watch TV and sometimes movies.

So he now allows all students to watch movies once on Sundays… The student laughed and all are filled with humor.. ha ha ha…

The humor in this story is that the warden’s fan falls to the place where he sits.

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