11 Simple Tips to Publish Your Research Paper

By | September 7, 2019

Writing an article is just not enough but you must find ways to publish your research paper. Here is a simple guide on how to send your article easily to any journal and get is published in no time.

  • Firstly, know which journal can publish your article.
  • Go to the Journal’s website and see call for article papers.
  • See the last date of sending the research paper article.
  • Further more, contact the editor of the journal.
  • Check out the guidelines& format of the article submission.
  • If still unclear, check the archives of the journal.
  • Read some research article within the archive.
  • Submit the paper and wait for sometime.
  • Your article may get rejected for the first 2 times usually.
  • Resubmit the article by making certain corrections.
  • Get your paper published in 3 to 6 months.

Browse for a journal on internet

Every year there is a change in the list of international journals.. New journals come up every year. So if you want to publish a your article in an international journal free, you must do vast research. Most of the journals are paid ones internationally.

It is not easy to find which journal is free. There are many journals out there who will not tell about publishing fees. But later they reveal when you finish all the formalities.

Many websites give wrong information about publishing your paper free internationally. They may be affiliating this too. So just browse my site for a list of international free journals. 

Here I will mention on my site the list of free publishing journals. Once you see them then what you have to do?

I am explaining the whole process from scratch how to exactly publish your paper in an international journal free of cost.Do not rely on only information that you get online about a list of international journals. Check for 3 or 4 websites around finding online sources. All websites will not mention a list of total journals. So take enough steps to be patient and find the right information and right website to move further in your attempt to publish a paper in a reputed international journal for free.

Is the journal interested to publish your article’s topic?

Finding an international journal does not mean you can publish a paper. All international journals may not accept your article and area of research. Very few journals will deal with your area. So you must search for a journal who accepts your paper’s topic. To know this you must open the journal website and check the topics of acceptance area. You can also check the archives areas to know what topics that other researchers are publishing there.

Also, you must check whether they are ready to accept your paper at this time or not. Sometimes your area of interest may not demand this publication. So what you can do is that you do not depend on only one or two journals to search for an area of interest. But search for some other options.  In the meantime try publishing techniques. Read this full article for step by step process.

There are also some journals which show interest in your area of research but does not show interest in the narrow topic that you are good at. So this is also very important to know whether that journal is interested in your specific topic or not. Otherwise, you must do some more research to find out a good journal out there to accept your paper and publish your paper freely.

Check the guidelines and format for publishing article

Now after finding the right journal to publish your research paper, you have to search the rules for publishing. Each website has its own bunch of rules on how to design your paper and how to publish your paper. The format of an article is specific for one each journal. Each journal has its own set of rules for your paper to be eligible for a publication. So go down and see the checklist for your topic.

Here while checking the rules for your paper; do not follow the checklist on your paper all of a sudden. There is no guarantee that you will submit a paper to that journal. So wait and check for other journals too. They have a different checklist. First, follow all the steps and then finally decide. Once you decide to go with a particular journal very strongly, then start following the rules of the journal.

I have seen some Ph.D. students not following the format what has been asked by the journal. This is not at all acceptable from the part of editors. They will reject your paper even if it is of good value and unique. The first round of rejection is whether you have followed the checklist or not. If the journal finds that you have skipped a particular format, then the will email you about the rejection o the paper. This is again a headache to resubmit. It is also a time waste.

Go through the archives of the journals for better understanding

Now try reading all the articles in that journal for a few numbers of times. Every day get up early in the morning and open the archive of the journal and read what has been written? The reason why I tell this is that once you read all the papers you will get one idea on how to format your research paper according to the guidelines of the journal. In the archive, you will find relevant journals.

Take one that suits you.  And get some ideas and points on how they are able to write. As you know those journals are all accepted and published ones. So you can trust and follow the way they have done it. It is a great way of writing a journal that is effective and acceptable and editor friendly. So try all the related paper in the archive. An archive is the best source of every journal.

While reading a journal, you must read them slowly. Do not skim and scan. The reason is that you are reading an international journal. You can only understand if you want to know the mind of a researcher from a completely different country. So try to read slowly and carefully. This type of reading will allow you to remain tact to the philosophy and research of a journal in the archive.

Write on a latest research topic for fast acceptance

When you want to write to an internationally reputed journal for free, you must think of writing a paper from a topic that is trending and latest. The topic which is latest will surely impress the editor. The journal also wants some creativity and articles on new topics. If they find anyone doing on latest topics they will be happy to publish your paper in an international journal for a free and unpaid one.

The latest topic that is very relevant could also help you in many ways. It can help forego some strict proceedings on your paper. Peer reviewers take more freedom to accept your paper. They will give such freedom to your paper that they don’t feel to reject for simple mistakes in grammar or format. This is why you have to choose the latest topic when you want your paper to publish in a good journal.

The international journals are fond of latest areas of research. They get good name and fame in the field of research. If you take an old topic, your paper will be rejected for simple reasons. You will not really feel happy with the way they do the review. Many might have published in the same area. So they have no loss to reject your research paper. Moreover, they do not want to fill their website with the same beaten topics throughout.

Editor may help you out if you contact boldly

Always be in touch with the editor. Ask him without feeling any shyness about unpaid publication. If your paper is good, they will surely accept you. They give many benefits. After all, once it is published, it is their property. You are doing in fact well. They actually need to pay you for the best paper you are giving to them. I am very confident in my experience that if you contact the editor and talk to him, most of the paid problems will vanish away. Try to build a good relationship with an editor.

Usually, if an editor tells, things will go smoothly with other people of that journal. He has that word power to allow your research paper to get published without paying any single dollar. Take his phone number instead of email. The phone call is more powerful than any flush of emails. Go and talk to him once a week. In the beginning, it may not be so much effective. But believe he will do the thing.

The editor can even modify your article without rejecting it. But all it needs is to contact him regularly and focus on what he does actually with your research paper. Sometimes talk other matter about where he lives and how he feels to be an editor for that particular journal. This is how you will slowly grab the attention of the editor and he will surely help you publish a super free paper.

Make sure your research article is of international standard

Do you know the importance of quality? If so you have to write your paper with good quality and not just garbage. Aim for high-quality research article paper rather than writing something. When you write a research paper, always make a research about the topic you are writing. In this way, you can give the output efficiently and you can impress the editor and the journal review very easily.

The quality also depends on the grammar you use. You have to use the grammar perfectly without any mistake. This is the first step in writing a research paper. So quality comes from various ways. The first way to make a research and the second way is using good grammar. The final best practices to write sentences in such a way that you can read it and understand it in the simplest way possible.

When you write a quality paper it implies that it is you who did it and special during all your thoughts in a direction that others may think that it is your quality work. Do not take any help from others rather do yourself the work which has been entrusted to you. Quality comes from your mind and not from primary sources or secondary sources

Be updated with the journal every time

Now it is your duty to follow the website for the updates and for many other features available over there. I speak here about the call for papers. Usually, any journal website calls for a paper at a particular point of time. This time you must be very alert and show a little bit interest to contact the people concerned to get your paper published.

so stay updated with the announcements and call for papers. Keep ready the format given or suggested by the website and try to follow the rules and regulations of the journal website and give your best at the time of calling for papers. So when you know that the journal is calling for an article what you have to do is just take out the kept paper in your computer and do it very fast.

You must not delay in any way when or call from their site. Now once you send your paper to the journal wait for some time to get their response. Usually, you are rejected in a short period of time. If you are not getting a response that means they are considering your paper for further process. So it is good news to you if your paper is delayed for some time or the other

Patience is important to publish your article

Never trouble the journal’s editor for delaying in giving the response. I have seen some PhD research Scholars doing the same thing. They are unnecessarily disturbing the editor for lack of discipline and not bothering their papers. Is that good at all from your side? Think twice and thrice for what you are doing through email with the editor? So be alert and be good to the editor so that things will happen well as days go by.

What happens when your papers get a delay?  It is very easy to say that you are most probably accepted when your paper gets delayed. Being delayed does not mean you have to email them wrongly by scolding them. Never behave rudely in emails. Never drop a mail again and again twice or thrice in a day asking them to give feedback or to do something with your paper.

If you behave in such a way dropping them emails, again and again, it means you are diminishing yourself in the future that your papers may not be accepted. So make sure that you don’t really do this email and spoil the reputation of your paper and yourself which makes useless in the future. So will you ever drop email from now on? Think yourself and act

Accept all the corrections and resubmit the article

Most of the time your papers get rejected and you need to do so many corrections and rectification in your paper. During this point in time, be patient and be ready to do all the corrections and resubmit your paper. Do not discourage as you are unable to correct yourself or rectify your paper. Just you have to be ready to do this because many get rejected.

Once your paper gets rejected what you have to do is, give to any English experts and request him Correct the paper and give back to you. This is the way how to correct your paper with the help of an expert otherwise you will be in a difficult position to correct yourself because it is not the way you have to do it because once you have submitted with your own knowledge.

When your paper gets rejected, see what all the corrections they have given to you are. It is not that you have to correct by yourself but follows the directions for what your paper got rejected what are the reasons for it.  go to someone who can help you in a friendly nature and give you some directions on how to submit your paper again and again

When you submit your paper to an international journal, be careful not to submit the same to other International Journal. This comes under plagiarism. When you want to publish in an international journal just be careful that you submit your paper to only one journal which you have been looking for. Don’t take any risk by submitting your paper for two journals at the same time

The best way to submit your journal is to stick on to one international journal and go ahead doing things. Make some rectifications and modification which the journal is requesting you.

It may take around 6 months to 1 year to get your paper accepted.  The more months they take to accept your paper, the better the quality.

So you need to just stick on to a journal.  I knew some Ph.D. scholars who are waiting for almost three years to get the paper published.  When you wait for some point of time naturally your paper gets published. It is all your patience that is needed. Usually, it takes longer time for reputed journals to have your paper published. If it is a small journal, you can publish very easily without waiting for so long time

If an international journal rejects you for not having submitted your paper in the correct format you do not give up. Go ahead and resubmit again and again. I see many Ph.D. Scholars giving up every time they are rejected. They go to another journal by leaving that. It is not good to change journals because if you are not accepted in one journal which means you are not accepted anywhere

Problems are common when you submit your paper to an international reputed job. You have to face some problems in the process of submitting your paper. Problems include like you have to correct your paper with some grammar, you have to follow the right format, you have to make some changes in the number of pages you have submitted or just check the figures what you have submitted.

Do not waste and submit your paper for the second time. Take enough and enough time to analyze your research paper carefully and submit. As you know, that you are submitting to an international journal, which means it takes you to some credibility and quality research paper. So you have to stick to your international journal and not giving up and changing the journal point

Proofread paper seriously with experts

So many times I see that Ph.D. scholars are not able to proofread their research papers and then submit to an International Journal. Usually, they do the Proofreading only after getting rejected. This is not at all good idea to do. First, you have to go through your paper at the beginning itself and then submit carefully for the first time. If you do for the first time all the check, you will never face problem to get your paper rejected.

If you are not good at English speaking and writing, there are some online services to do. Approach them with some low fees and ask them to correct paper and do proofreading. They charge around $10 to do proofreading and this way you can be in a safe position for all the hard work that you have put. Spending little money is not at all problem for you

Try to spend some money regarding your research paper. I don’t think you have no money. You save it from now onward. When you save your money for some personal purposes you can use the same money to have some proofreading on your research paper before submitting for the first time. This is always a good practice to follow.

Use proper references and quotations before submitting article

Use of references and Bibliography correctly in your research paper is very important. Because internationally reputed journals would really want this from your side. They want you to be very sincere while writing your paper with a good bibliography and various references in it. so make sure to add as many differences as you can and give a quality Bibliography in your paper.

Many Ph.D. scholars and researchers do not do this. Write a very good research paper and forget to give good bibliography and good references. If you are doing this way, then I tell you very strongly not to do like this. Bibliography and references for the foundation of your research paper because they believe what you have written is taken from genuine sources.

There are certain steps to follow while preparing your bibliography and references. The first one is trying to gather all the information into your computer whenever you read any book or a journal. So that when you prepare a write a research paper you can take all that information from your computer without any search. There is no confusion to do bibliography and references because you have all the stuff on your computer saved safely before.

Use good and inspiring figures

When you write for an international a reputed journal, you have to draw diagrams properly point then you have to do some figures most appropriately. The figure with you give in the journal must show that it is potentially relevant to the topic that you have selected. Otherwise, the figure has no meaning and it doesn’t convey in any way. it does not make any sense to what you write and the figure what it is.

That is why take the utmost interest in giving good figures and diagrams. Mention all the numbers in the diagrams clearly. The diagram you have to represent must be in compliance with the area of interest. Do not fill all the research paper with too many diagrams and figures. This usually happens when you do not want to write any stuff in your research paper.  Try to give figures with good and rational thinking.

Do not copy or take a figure from any source. You have to take your own step of drawing your figure. My suggestion is to draw on a paper and take a picture with your mobile and upload it on your computer. This is the only way you can make your figure very unique and special.  Do not copy from any other sources that diagrams and figures because it comes under a kind of plagiarism. Draw it legibly and from your own sense and understanding.

Check about the website impact factor and index status

When you want to publish your paper in an international journal make sure the journal is a good one. I say this because many journals claim to be very good and reputable in the eyes of the society but in the true sense when we look into the impact factor and the other areas they are not really credible journal papers. So when you choose any International Journal to do some research on how the journal is?

I recommend you to post your paper on a Scopus indexed journal any Scopus indexed journal is known by its impact factor. Usually the journal website claim that it has the status of Scopus indexed journal but it is not true. They are trying to cheat you by just telling it being reputed journals and Scopus indexed journal. Always go and check outside of the website whether is it is a Scopus indexed journal or not

There are some International journals that wait for the Scopus to accept them. So they are in a queue of acceptance from Scopus indexing. There are some journals that do not follow the rules of the Scopus. They are suspended from Scopus website. But they are still trying to claim that they are Scopus indexed. Impact factor also plays a great role when you want to publish a paper.

Make yourself ready to answer certain questions about your research paper

There are some questions to be asked regarding your journal paper. The first question is how you are able to write such a research paper and what are the reasons behind your purpose. These questions are asked by some International journals as a personal rectification. So be ready with all the possible Answers regarding your paper. If you do not know what you have written clearly, then how can you explain to the editor of the International Journal about your topic and the way you have dealt with it.

So you must know what you have written clearly in your paper. If you have written some pages of information, you must remember how many pages of information you have written there. If you have drawn some diagrams, then you must understand how many diagrams have you drawn in your research paper. If you have mentioned some figures which are very relevant to the topic and if you have taken some sources from outside, you have to remember all of them then you have to also take care of grammar and some other stuff that you have used in your research paper

Use foreign sentence formation in your research paper that is going to be published.

When you use English in your research paper, you have to use depending on the country in which you are going to publish your paper. You are searching for a new journal somewhere from outside your country. Which means that you need to search and write in your research paper that grammar or the mindset of that particular country in which you are going to apply to publish a research paper if you do so then they can understand your language very easily and then they can accept your paper confidently?

Do not use some slang words when you write your research paper. In some areas, they do not understand your slang word. They have their own language. You may not understand all such words when you write your research paper. So handle your paper confidently. Think with your mind and present it carefully so that you can approach the people of the country or what I mean is the editor of the journal in that particular country to accept your paper in a familiar way

Use more transition words in your research paper.

Use more transition words when you write your research paper. What do you mean by transition words? Transition words are those words which help the sentence to follow through. for example, you can write the word “however” ” finally.” These are all transition words. In your research paper, transition words are very important because they play a great role in the continuation of what you have intended to write or speak. Transition words will help the reader to go through your paper hoping that something will happen at the end of your paper.

This transition words will start at the beginning of the paragraph. These words will help you to understand what is going to happen ahead. If you are not using transition words which mean you are going to oil all your research paper with unnecessary stuff. There is no clear understanding of what you’re writing when you do not use transition words point I can say that transition words could be also a type of conclusive words in a research topic at the end of each paragraph.

Each paragraph must contain not more than 350 words

Have you ever Written a paragraph more than 350 words? This is not at all good for a good research paper. Nobody wants to read a big bunch of paragraph at a single time.  So whenever you write a research paper you have to divide it into many paragraphs and one each paragraph must not exceed 350 words. Unless you write your paper in this way, you can not impress the reader to go through your research paper. The editor of the international journal first fee to read your paper very fast and then only he is impressed.

You cannot write paragraph more than a number what is prescribed here. The reasons are many. First of all, you cannot make an impression. You cannot make the reader go through your research paper interestingly. You cannot make your research paper attractive. You bring a headache to the reader by these many lines in your research paper

Go for less popular international journals (not Cambridge journal)

When you apply for an international journal to publish a research paper, you do not go for Cambridge related international journal. You cannot publish in very reputed journals. so go for a very small international journal if you are a beginner.  Your research paper will be published very soon if you go with a small journal but otherwise, if you go for an Oxford related journal your paper will be inviting trouble and simply the reject your favor because they need of very high quality.

You may be impressed by an international journal which is very reputable. But that is all not good for your paper point you have to go for a better journal in small areas. Your age is just to publish in an international journal for free. So in order to do and achieve this, you have to think about going with a regular journal and not having over thinking about being published in a very high and reputable journal

Write paper straight to the topic of research

The topic is something and what you write is a different thing. This is a very dangerous way of presenting your research paper in front of an international journal. You cannot keep deviating from the topic that you are intended to have in your research paper. So always whenever you write throughout the paper, you have to make sure that what you write is completely connected and related to the topic what you have chosen. Think of heading that you have kept for your paper.

Select at least 3 international journals

When you want to publish in an international journal, make sure that do select 3 journals and then start publishing or start sending to the editor all that you have written. Do not just select Only One journal and wait till the end until they ask you to do something?  Never wait for them to call for a paper. Choose for at least three journals and wait for them to call for a paper. If any of the journals call for a paper you have to do it all of a sudden and go with that journal without any hesitation. Don’t wait for a single journal to call for a paper throughout the year. You will waste your time

Do not communicate paper in haste (take 3 months at least to review yourself)

Do not write your paper instantly all of a sudden and just publish it or send it to the editor for acceptance. If you do this you will almost lose your paper or they will reject your research paper within 2 or 3 days. so what I suggest you whenever you want to publish or send your research paper to an editor do some kind of a review and analysis for at least three months. These three months must be the foundation for your research paper not to get rejected

Take time to communicate your paper. I have seen many of my scholars who submitted in haste and the journal rejected simply because of lack of some basic grammar in their paper. So this is one of the strongest areas any Ph.D. scholar must take care of. Better take up to 3 months of time.

Do not offer money for international publication as it is free.

It is so much is fraud happening in the area of research Publication. Do not offer any money to an international journal for the sake of publishing your article or a research paper. If you do so you will be almost cheated by them. There is no one who can support you if you get cheated. In many countries, many journals are cheating the researchers by taking a lot of money and at the end of the day, they never reply to you back. So take care not to just submit your paper and pay some money and wait for them to publish. This will never happen

If you want to publish a paper in an international journal for free, which means you are not able to pay money. But the truth is when you approach some people working there, you will be automatically brainwashed by them in such a way you have to pay money. And it is very easy for you to get deceived. They know many tactics on how to make you fall into their nets.