Insane Reasons Behind PhD Supervisor Bullying

By | September 7, 2019

Outrageous PhD supervisor who bullies you for each and every thing has some insane reasons that you are not aware of during bullying.

  • Bullies because you are not showing obedience to PhD supervisor.
  • You are bullied by PhD supervisor for no Publishing any Papers.
  • PhD supervisor bullies if are not assisting your supervisor properly.
  • Bullying supervisor has headstrong nature.
  • Bullies because you are not cooperating well.
  • You speak ill of your supervisor and so he bullies.
  • You tease your supervisor which stands as a reason for bullying.
  • You are not regular to the university.
  • You are too much lazy to research.
  • You never update what is happening with your research.

PhD supervisor Bullying Because of Not Being obedient 

A Good Ph.D. Supervisor always guides you. But if you are not obedient, it is the first reason why your supervisor bullying. There is no other reason. Obedience in next to any kind of sacrifice is an age-old quotation. So follow this rule. You can win the impression from your supervisor. Whatever your supervisor tells, you must do. This is the first rule for you in Ph.D. Otherwise, you cannot help yourself. This is what exactly happening with PhD. Follow the rule of obedience.

There are many PhD students who are very poor in studies. They could easily complete PhD in a very easy manner. I wonder when I see at them, they are very obedient in nature. So this example proves that your PhD course will need high efforts of obedience. So learn this step of obedience and even though if you are poor in studies, you can simply do away your PhD successfully. Obey and live.

There may be some time when your supervisor will be not so much happy about you. But let it happen. Because of that do not stop your obedience. Do all the works that your supervisor will tell you. This is the only way you can build up your success even without studying your PhD too much. So go ahead with this quality before embarking on to your PhD course. Do it with the quality of this skill.

For not Publishing Papers in a Journal

You Ph.D. supervisor hate you just because of one more reason. The research paper must be published at least once in your full course. If you do not publish a paper of any sort, your supervisor will get a bad name in the college. Even in the official meetings, he has to answer about your progress. So publish some 2 papers at least in a reputed and unpaid Scopus indexed journals.

Your supervisor is very particular about our day to day progress. This progress cannot be hampered. If you are unable to publish papers, at least do it by crook otherwise your PhD supervisor may bully. Pay someone and have it done. After all, you are spending so much money on your PhD tuition fee. This is nothing here. So pay and hire someone in a critical situation. They will do the work for you and help you to publish a paper.

If you are unable to do the 2 things which I have been mentioning, just go to your supervisor and ask him to help you out. He will understand you. But most of the time your supervisor hates you just because you do not inform him about your progress. He will have to ask you. This is not good on your part being a Ph.D. student. So tell all your weakness to your supervisor and he will help with your research paper to some extent.

For not helping Supervisor’s Personal Needs

When your supervisor tells you to bring for her some books or soaps to the extent of rudeness, you have to do it. It is always worth doing. Every action you take upon your supervisor will show the effect on you. It is you who can do this. Do not get hurt if your supervisor tells you to do cheaper things to do. What If roadside beggars? They are also human beings. You are more precious than them.

Sometimes your supervisor may tell you to bring chairs. You have to become a servant and do that job. I have seen so many supervisors telling Ph.D. students to carry chairs for the meeting. They had carried them. This seems to be a humiliation to some students who have lots of teaching experience. But which supervisor cares? They cannot understand your background. They just treat you like a normal Ph.D. student.

Yet another example is that I have seen supervisors telling PhD students and especially female scholars to sleep with them. Yes but I strongly oppose this. Never make a mistake with your supervisor in this one aspect. Never get attracted to your supervisor and do wrong things. They may force PhD candidates to sleep with them for getting thesis approved. But never do.

PhD Supervisor Bullying for Being Arrogant

You are bullied because you are too arrogant. Have you ever given back to back answers to your teachers in school?  Your school teachers might have borne your attitude. But this type of egoistic attitude is not accepted during your PhD course. You have to be more humble and generous to receive corrections from your supervisor. Your supervisor has all the authority to give you corrections. So take them positively again and again.

Many a time PhD student becomes arrogant when his supervisor corrects him even when he is not involved in any mistake. Yes, this may also happen sometimes. But whether have you done a mistake or not, you must first tell “sorry” to your supervisor. This is the first very important soft skill that you must inculcate. Tell sorry whether you have done that mistake or not.

If you scold or talk rudely with your supervisor, you will be in a problem. Control your emotions. Learn to talk softly. Your intonation also plays a very great influence while talking with your supervisor. Change your voice modulation and speak to your supervisor. Change your intonation and the usage of the word. Use every word after thinking twice. Then your supervisor may not hate you.

If you are a person who wonders at the beauty of a girl or unable to control yourself to the beauty of a girl, then better you quit your PhD or do not join. Once you join in your course, you have to be more gentle and diligent towards to female colleagues. Respect them and treat them well. This does not mean you have to love them. You have to be clear in your expressions and body language.

If you are unable to control by seeing a girl around your college while doing your PhD, then the best thing is “NOT SEE.” Go calmly and do not look at any girl. I personally request you not even talking with a female PhD colleague. This will ruin your personal life and career being a PhD student.  What is a loss for you, if you do not look at a girl for 3 years? No harm takes place rather your benefit.

Teasing your PhD supervisor without knowing her/him

PhD students undergo bullying by PhD supervisor because they make comments on their supervisors. Never do this. If your supervisor comes to know about all these comments, it will harm you. Sometimes your supervisor may not tell you what happened exactly.  She will take revenge silently. Of course, you are in her hands now. So never do any type of comments.

I suggest you not to talk good about your supervisor. That may be wrongly interpreted too. So the best thing is to keep quiet without giving any information about him to your colleagues. When you speak well, they may tell all those things in a different way to others. So keep quiet in all respects talking about your supervisor. Better be silent. We have a quote that being silent means gold.

Do not make too many friendships. When you make too many friendships, it may happen so that your friends will somehow complain about you. This all happens in envy. So naturally, you try to avoid being friendly with others. This is the best solution to live a happy life. Your supervisor likes you. The first year is very important because this is the year that you will gain or lose the impression.

You feel too much knowledgeable and talkative

Never think yourself too great if you do not want to get bullied by your PhD supervisor. If you think yourself too great, then you may not take the suggestion given by your supervisor. You tend to behave that you know everything well. So why do you think so knowledgeable? Knowledge has no end. Your supervisor might have spoken something wrong due to some problem in the class. This does not mean that she is not knowledgeable. So never think like that.

Pride rules your heart when you think you are too much knowledgeable. This is too awkward. I know some students very proud and their behavior is something disturbing psychologically. They are never good in terms of speaking. We cannot speak with them freely. They think they know all and very knowledgeable. This pride will ruin you surely. Not only a supervisor but also a common person never like this attitude.

If you know something, do not tell to your supervisor that you know this already. Let her explain. This way you can get some impression. If any question has been asked then you can reply to that question. So never reply to any question asked by your supervisor. You have to answer question spontaneously and humbly if at all you require.

And now what you have to do is very simple. You have to read and study in detail and understand the concept. You can study well with good research papers. Don’t show your knowledge to the people around you.

Reaching your college late every day

If you do not reach college in time, your supervisor will bully you. She may not recognize your work. Your supervisor may get angry when you come late to college. So make sure that you come regularly in time to the college and study well and do research when and whatever the case may be.  I want you to know note down some important points of how you can come early without any delay. Come to college regularly before half an hour. Have your breakfast before 7 o’clock in the morning.

I strongly advise you to get up early by 4:30 a.m. and continue doing your works. This is the right method whenever you have college. If it is Sunday, you don’t need to get up early. You can slowly get up that day and take enough rest for that one Sunday. In the beginning, it may be very difficult for you to get up from bed early in the morning. But if you try hard as the days go by you can simply accustom easily to the sleeping method.

When you get up early, you can reach college on time. If you are in the college before half an hour, you can do many works concerning your Ph.D. course. Is that sound good to you? If so what you can do from now onwards he is not to reach your college late.

You can reach in time and do work and be active and be an efficient PhD scholar.

Not communicating with your supervisor

To communicate with your supervisor is crucial in your PhD course. Why I say this, is very simple. In communication, you can become closer and closer to your supervisor mentality. In this way, you can become really a favorite student to your supervisor. So communication plays a great role in your Ph.D. studies. So do not hesitate to communicate with your supervisor efficiently almost every week, every month, and whenever you feel, every time just go and visit your supervisor and get some thoughts about your Ph.D. research. If you do this regularly, automatically you can become a favorite scholar to her.

In my experience, I find many PhD Scholars are not in a position to speak with their supervisor. This will also result in bullying. This is a very bad idea and the circumstances arising out of this is very great. Let us take the example of ourselves. Whenever someone comes and speaks with us, what happens is that we usually like them. This is very common for any human being.

Your supervisor may not kill your point so you have to communicate with her or Him regularly so that your supervisor may not hate you. I also suggest taking her number and contacting her over the phone when she is out of the station to some City or area. It is always a good idea to have one phone call to her or to your supervisor just to say how are you. So from now on, I advise or Ph.D. Scholars and especially who are reading this article must be able to contact and communicate with your supervisor on a regular basis.

Caught with some plagiarism act

Having been caught in Plagiarism is one of the serious acts in the course of PhD. You should never be caught in Plagiarism. I say this because once you are caught in Plagiarism act, automatically you are terminated from your PhD course. And many students are facing this problem. They want to copy from some other websites, all the information available and somehow manipulate that information, and show it as their own work or a research paper.

You can read the information available on the website, but you must never copy the information as it is directly into your thesis or a research paper. You can think your own ideas after gathering some information from the internet. This information may be useful to get some new ideas and thoughts regarding your PhD course. And it is not meant to copy down directly and show to others as your own work.

Plagiarism does not mean that you copied information directly. But it also means that you must not even take the information and change it with the help of any software. You must not rewrite the information in a different way by manipulating the points and shifting the points here and there.  In your PhD course, it is strictly prohibited not to copy any type of information and show it to your supervisor. If I told you are doing this, stop it now and do your work genuinely and make your work very unique and creative from now on.

For Speaking well about other supervisors

This happens very rarely. When you appreciate other supervisors in front of your own supervisor, then it hurts a lot. Your supervisor must be great for you and not for others so when you try to appreciate other supervisors which means you differentiate your own superior indirectly. Never start appreciating another supervisor in front of your own supervisor.

If you say that the other person is very good, it does also mean you are not good.  So this is what I want to convey here. It is a bit philosophical to you. But still, you must be able to understand the psychological condition when you appreciate other supervisors.  it is something philosophical and very logical to know this secret. Lastly, I say not to appreciate other supervisors in front of your supervisor. In this way, your supervisor is not hurt for her efficiency.

Never tell anyone about your Supervisor efficiency. You must always appreciate your own supervisor in front of her or his point when you meet her personally then you can appreciate then and there about how efficient your supervisor is in her subject. This makes your supervisor very happy and she can promote you and she can love you more and more and she understands your progress.

PhD Supervisor hates for Criticizing the administration

This happens very commonly. I have seen PhD Scholars doing this action. What I mean is criticizing the administration. Sometime you are not aware of this and your supervisor starts bullying. Never criticize your authority. You have to respect them. You have to appreciate them. You have to give enough honor to them. Your administration is everything to complete your PhD course. So never and ever criticize them under any situation. Even if they scold you for any reason, do not do any harm to them. Do not tell ill of them in front of others.

If anyone is celebrating their birthday, you just go and wish them a very happy birthday. You appreciate them on that day. You give some flower bouquet. Write on your diary all what birthdays which are going to come in the next month. So according to the birthday, you just visit them and show your wish and celebration and ask for a party. Who is not so happy when you ask for a party on their birthday?

Especially do not forget your supervisor’s birthday. Whenever you come across any type of celebration not only birthday but also if there is any Christmas or Easter, you go and wish your supervisor a very happy Christmas and a very happy Easter. This is the only way to make your super supervisor love you a lot and lot.

Using the internet for wrong means (other than Ph.D. work)

In my experience, I have seen some PhD Scholars using the computer of their own supervisor for some reasons. During that point in time, they are browsing at a different website which was not related to the field of study. If the supervisor checks the history on a computer tomorrow, then it becomes very problematic to you. Never go browsing another website whenever you use your supervisor’s computer or any computer that is standing nearby supervisor.

Always buy your own laptop for doing research work. Do not do any work related to your research on other computers. Many misuse this computer because it is very public. So whenever you do any research I advise you to buy one laptop for the three years period of your PhD course. This is always a good and better choice in your life even though you waste some money.

Do not lend your laptop to your PhD colleagues. They may also misuse your laptop and damage your laptop. So always have your laptop for only personal use. And be very humorous if someone is asking you for your laptop. Just say to them that you are busy at that point in time. I can give one example. Somebody asked my laptop and I have said I am going to use that laptop to somewhere out in the classroom after 5 minutes.  He went away.

PhD Supervisor ignores for Showing poor results

Pre Coursework is one of the areas that you must do to continue your PhD course. This Coursework is very important to understand how your research methodology will go on. So what you have to do is to be very successful in understanding this Coursework. You must pass in all the exams conducted by University within a short span of joining PhD course.

During Course Work, you need to learn some important subjects. One of those is the research methodology. You must be very thorough with this subject. And the other subject is technical writing. You must be also very thorough on how to write your research paper. So technical writing will be of great help. The other important subject is to understand your own area of research.

But unfortunately, this Course Work is very mandatory in some countries to pursue your PhD course. If you fail in the exam Course Work, you are not eligible to pursue your PhD course. In some universities, like in the USA, you have to do a long term of Coursework up to 2 years.  Whereas if you check other countries you may complete your Pre Course Work in a very short span of time

PhD Supervisor ignores for not maintaining a proper dress code

Do you think that your supervisor will like you if you don’t wear proper dress code? Yes, it is true you have to maintain a proper dress code. You have to wear a formal dress and appear to be a very good person in front of your supervisor. Only then she starts liking you. If you wear your dress as of an outsider, your supervisor may hate you for a lack of discipline.

Dress code in the sense you have to be very good in your hair grooming. If you do not groom your hair properly or do not wear your dress properly, if you do not really take enough care, it is very very bad on your part to impress your supervisor. So always be neat and tide in front of your supervisor so that she may not hate you for lack of proper dress code and proper hair grooming and proper neatness.

I advise you not to meet your supervisor when you are too sweaty. When you are very much tired and when you stink a lot. My recommendation is to meet your supervisor in the morning times. Morning is always a fresh time to meet your supervisor. So that you look very fresh and your supervisor will feel very comfortable in guiding your subject

PhD supervisor turns bad If you are caught in theft

Do you have the problem of kleptomania? This means that you want to take some other objects and keep them with you for no reason. So if you have this problem or this bad quality the first thing is just going to any psychiatric and get some treatment. This is a very dangerous quality in your Ph.D. course. You may also land in jail while studying Ph.D. and your life gets ruined.

I don’t say that you will change if you have this quality. But you have to change for yourself unless you get some experience you will never change. So do not wait for that experience rather listen to my words that affected you have the problem of stealing objects then just avoid it now itself. You can finish your Ph.D. course very easily if you have some good qualities in your life.

Never take others objects even any pen or pencil also. This will help you, even more, to get rid of your psychological problem kleptomania. This kind of attitude is very serious. This comes under crime. Naturally, your supervisor will give up being your supervisor rather than just hating you. So go on ahead doing some mind activities to get rid of these qualities.

PhD supervisor turns bad if you look overconfident

Never look overconfident during your PhD course. If you look overconfident, that means you are in a situation not to listen to your supervisor. You will do your research wrongly. So be natural in your approach. Confidence is required but humility is the greatest quality for you.

So always have this quality always and become highly successful. In the Bible, it is written to be meek, so that you can inherit the earth.  This means you can complete your PhD course quickly and gain a lot of impression from your supervisor. The reason that why your supervisor hates you may be because of your overconfidence. Never have this quality.

PhD supervisor turns bad for Bunking college and going to movies with friends

It happens in your Ph.D. that there is a lot of chance to bunk college and classes so easily. Who will ask a PhD scholar for not coming to college? Nobody will ask for this. So it is you who must be responsible to come to college on an everyday basis. So change from the entertainment. Read books and this will become a form of entertainment to you. Your supervisor will observe always this.

Dropping her/him on your bike

This seems to be very strange. There are some instances why your supervisor hates you internally in his heart. If you do not give life on a bike or by a car at any one time, he will hate you. Your supervisor may not ask you to drop in some place. But you have to take the opportunity to get favor from your supervisor.

Breaking her laptop by mistake

I want to start this with a real example of why my supervisor hated me for breaking her laptop. I just dropped my hand and hit her laptop. She felt bad and asked me to leave the cabin. So don’t touch the objects or belongings of y our supervisor. This may lead to some minor problems as I have just said to you.

Using your supervisor’s belongings without permission

Have you ever taken granted to use your supervisor’s laptop? Have you ever inserted pen drive and her system got affected by a virus? Then stop now. Many times PhD scholars are nailed for this. Instead of using their laptop, or if they have forgotten the laptop, they go ask the supervisor’s laptop. This will subject to problems. Never ask the laptop or mobile of your supervisor. He may hate you for this.

Never have any kind of intention to steal your supervisor’s belongings. If any money lost on the table by your supervisor give back that money to your concerned head. When you give money which has been lost by your supervisor on the table, it is a sign of your sincerity and maturity. So have this type of typical qualities not to possess others belongings.

This way your supervisor may be impressed and she may not hate you. If you are taking the belongings of your supervisor and not giving back this will show the effect on your Ph.D. course

PhD supervisor bullying for for not wearing college ID card even after telling

In any university, a College identity card is mandatory to wear. But no one follows this principle. You have to obey it at all supervisors comes across and tells you this. After telling if you do not wear, you will If you are feeling difficult to carry your identity card, try to keep it in your pocket and show whenever it is necessary.

Sometimes if you lose the identity card of your college, don’t keep silent instead go to the office area and meet the receptionist or the person in charge for your identity card and take from them the new identity card. So always make sure that there is an identity card in your pocket or in your bag. So that if any security is asking you or else if your supervisor wants you to attend any class with the identity card on you, it is very useful to you be in big trouble.

Pointing out her/his weaknesses

Have you taken the chance to tell your supervisor that she is somehow weak in some areas? If that is the case never mention her weaknesses at any point in time. Nobody likes to point out some mistakes. So do not Show her mistakes and tell to change that. This may not happen but there are cases where Ph.D. students got excited and just happened to tell the weaknesses of the supervisor.

All of us do mistakes in some or other waypoint.  your superior is not so different here. She is also a human being. So you have to understand the weaknesses of your supervisor and try to accept them as they are. Your supervisor may hate you if she comes to know that you are trying to connect her in some instances and in behavior

If your supervisor is too much angry with you try to keep that in your heart. Don’t tell her that she is very angry always. This is not at all good while studying for the Ph.D. course. Try to come across all these problems and try to adjust with them.

PhD supervisor ignores if you have poor soft skills

Soft skills are important for any Ph.D. students to continue the course successfully. If you do not have these skills you will be also in a problem to face the public efficiently. You meet your supervisor you must know how to talk how to behave how to get and how to do things in a better way possible. If you don’t know all these qualities that you are in a big soup. So try to learn some of the soft skills take any course outside and become a good soft skills trainer and a good presenter and a good writer and a good talkative person.

The real soft skill is to be what you are. It means you have to behave according to your original nature. You must not force yourself to act like someone. You must be true to yourself. So many times we listen to many people saying that you have to behave in such a way. But it is not true. The best way to behave is just to be like you are. Otherwise, you are living in a false life and not original.

This type of life which has been forced on you by yourself may not give you good results because it is a kind of fake personality. So never force yourself to be somebody, instead be original and be good to what you are intended to be.  Give expressions and face value according to how you are to be.

Do not try to be like others. Do not try to imitate like what others are doing around you. I say this because when you want to behave like others or when you want to see someone and imitate then it is not at all going to work out in your Ph.D. course. It will fail.