PhD how many years in India

By | November 5, 2019

Once you decide doing your phd, the first thing that comes up in your mind is ” phd how many years in India” This is the only thought that may run again and again. It takes 3 years to finish phd in India. It may extend some more time depending upon many other factors such as – delaying your research or writing thesis late or for any negative report from the part of your PhD guide. These hurdles may delay the process of finishing your PhD in India. But over all it also depends upon whether have you opted for full-time PhD or part-time phd.

I always wonder why phd students in India do late phd. Many time it may not be completed in the scheduled time period. The reason is that in India there is so much politics going on with universities and phd guides. These guides are behave sadistically and leads the phd student to quit phd before even completing 1 year. Many Indian phd students suffer bullying from phd guides. In such cases phd’s may delay a lot.

If you want to complete doing phd fast, you must think of influencing your phd guide in India. You must be very submissive and hold your impression. Otherwise things will go very wrong with Indian phd students. It does not matter how intellectual are you in studies, it may not be very important in India. PhD means being submissive with your phd guide. This way you are ready to reduce the years of phd length.

There are also so many problems in Indian universities. It all must happen with impression. A phd student is asked to work like a slave in India under many professors in the university. My suggestion is not to do full time phd with Indian universities. Also do not choose old phd guides. Choose young phd guides for better finishing of your phd in India and in a very lesser time.

When you take part time phd, be sure to do research work in your full time job. This is very much neglected by many phd scholars in India. So part time also delays this way. It all starts with you. The way you do phd must be in such a way you are very much in tune with the time usage. You must never waste time in any way. Try to use your time to research on your topic. So that you can win phd in very lesser years.

Conclusion: Before thinking how many years phd in India, think about how fast can you complete. How good you must be in choosing right phd guide and how clever you should be when choosing university. How much good you must be in using time. Besides part time or full time phd, you must be very much careful in choosing things around. This way you can finish phd in 3 years.

You can also finish in 2 and half years if you exceptionally good as per ugc norms. But not lesser that this. Usually the minimum requirement to submit thesis in India as per Ugc norms is 3 years.