PhD fees in Indian University

How much is PhD fees in India

PhD fees in India is INR 25000 per semester. This fee in India for PhD varies depending upon the type of university you opt for. In a state university, the semester fees are far less than that you compare with the private universities. There is also a concession for some PhD students who get a scholarship based on the percentage of marks in academics

How much is an average PhD fees in India?

The average PhD fees in India are 10000 to 50000 INR per annum. This is the fee that you can pay to most of the universities in India.  There are 3 types of universities in India to do PhD and the fee vary from each university. For example:

  1. Private Universities
  2. Government Universities
  3. IIT’s and NIT’s

PhD fees in Private Universities

The fees in Indian private university are 50000 per annum. These fees must be paid in the account of the university’s bank.  This way you can avoid any penalty towards your late payment. As it is a truth that private universities in India collect extra money for late payment of your PhD fees.

PhD fees in India with government universities

Government University charges very less when compared to other ones out there. Government universities in India charge 8970 rupees per annum for PhD course. So it is quite cheap to pursue your PhD.

PhD fees in India in IIT’s and NIT’s

PhD fees in India Institute of technology are approximately 20000 to 25000 per semester. This also costs much.  The fees are costly to some extent because these universities are considered to be of the highest quality and reputed degrees in India. So the fees are different.  There are also hidden fees involved which you will know only when you enter the universities


PhD fees in India with concession

You will get concession in PhD fees in India when you are the direct employee of that particular university or institution. You will pay half of the total PhD fees in India as a concession if you are working in that particular organization for a long time. Sometimes it may also happen that you are allowed not to pay fees at all. But you will get some works like taking tuitions in the evening to some graduates out there in the university. Doing some contribution, you can skip from paying your PhD tuition fees.

PhD fess waive off in India

There is no way that you can waive off your PhD fee. You have to pay regularly to run things smoothly. The cost of PhD is very less. So better you do not panic for the sake of fee. If the institution is yours, then you can waive off completely PhD tuition fee. When you are doing PhD in another institution, it is practical that you must pay some fee to them. There is no point that you think of not paying your PhD fee completely. This must be unethical in every way.

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PhD fees in India can be paid once in 6 months

You don’t need to pay the total fee at once. Most of the Indian universities require you to pay once in a semester. So there is a freedom in payment of PhD fees. It is called a semester fee. There are chances that you may forget to pay PhD tuition fee by the end of the semester due to some busy schedule or for any reason. But do not worry. You college administration will remind you of paying your PhD tuition fee.  There is no room of forgetting. In my experience, I noticed that some PhD research scholars feel to cheat the university by not paying them since nobody has asked for it. But it is an illusion. At a later stage when you are jumping to yet another semester, you will be asked and you will be in a state where you must pay the PhD tuition of two continuous semesters.

What happens if you do not pay PhD fees in India?

If you do not pay PhD fees in India, you will be not allowed to submit your thesis at the end or sometimes there is a stringent action of terminating your PhD registration totally. Not paying fee means you are giving an indication to the college that you are not interested to proceed further in your PhD and you are giving a chance to terminate your PhD admission for not paying fees.

What happens if you pay only half of the PhD Fees?

This does not happen usually. If you have paid only half of the fees, you need to request your administration to consider your payment or ask for a debt from the university itself from the finance department.  No university rejects you for asking some money as a debt to pay the fee. There are also many bank loan options available within the college or from outside itself. So grab them and do the necessary things to make things work properly in regards to your PhD tuition fee payment.

Can you pay fees after PhD?

No, you cannot pay after PhD as there is no way to submit your PhD dissertation without paying fees. Paying fees after PhD in Indian Universities are not acceptable. Even throughout the world, it is quite impractical to think that way. So I suggest not having such desires to grab fees and save some money for you. After all, PhD is more valuable than fees.  Try to save money even before you take admission into PhD course. Always have a future prospect in your mind. This way you can become successful in paying the whole fees in time without any delay.

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How to pay PhD fees in India easily by working

In India, you will be working as a teaching assistant and earning a good amount.  A small amount of saving every month would easily drop a balance to pay for the upcoming semester fee for PhD.  A teaching assistant in India gets around 15000 inr to 25000 inr and it depends upon the subject that he is teaching. This amount is called PhD stipend which can be easily saved to pay PhD fees in the future. So there is always the right path if you want to proceed.

Is PhD fees different according to the subjects taken?

For any subject PhD fees in India are the same. There is no way that you will pay more for some subjects. It is the same for all. Unless you have some concession, there is no change whatsoever. There is always room for better opportunities.

Which university in India has the lowest PhD Fees?

State universities have the lowest PhD fees. These universities are from the government directly. So you can finish PhD with almost very less fee.

Which university in India has the highest PhD Fees?

All Private Universities have the highest PhD fees. So if you have financial problems, skip these private deemed or autonomous universities.  These are some universities that charge higher.

  1. Amity University
  2. Lovely Professional University
  3. Garden City Univeristy

PhD fees in India with Private Universities. (Amity University)

1. Registration Charges  10,000/- Inr

2. Initial Deposit for Security       10,000/- Inr

 Fees for academics                      

Noida PhD fees:

INR  50,000/- Full time per semester

INR. 33,500/- Part time per semester

Jaipur, Gurgoan,Lucknow PhD fees:

INR 40,000/- Full time per semester

INR 25,000 part time per semester

Mumbai and others

INR 30,000/- per Full time per semester

INR 20,000/- Part time per semester

Why to pay PhD fee when you are a researcher?

Yes, this is true. But as a researcher, you will receive a stipend of some amount. Besides this, PhD is a course like other ones. So you will take some amount out of this and pay as PhD fee which is very less when compared to the amount of stipend that you receive.


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