One Step Ahead

A sweeper working in a cinema theater was very punctual, regular, and committed to his duties. He would not just perform these duties, but would also look after the security of the theater.

Very often, he would be asked by the manager and the assistant manager to take over their duties, and they would often take leave from work.

This sweeper conducted their duties equally well, and never once cribbed about the additional work he had to do.

Once, the owner of the theater came in for a surprise check and inquired about the upkeep of the theater when the manager and the assistant manager were not around. The sweeper replied…

Humorous Questions

What was the sweeper’s humorous reply?

What is the implication of this humorous story?

Humorous Answers

“I do, Sir”, the sweeper replied. Hearing his answer, the sweeper was instantly made the new manager of the theater.

The world needs go-getter- people who produce results. When you produce results you get accepted by society, irrespective of your caste, creed, color and even your qualifications.

The world is looking for a man of devotion and commitment. Be committed to what you are expected to do, and go one step forward to do some extra work to become more successful in your life.

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