PhD without masters

Can you get a doctorate without a masters

No you cannot get a doctorate without a masters qualification. Under normal conditions, you are not allowed to do PhD without Masters. To get PhD admission, you need masters qualification in many countries. But there are integrated PhD programs where you study both masters and Ph.D. through the course.  This is a basic doubt that many Ph.D. aspirants ask whether do they need a Masters to get a Ph.D. doctorate. Here are our detailed research-oriented study and possibilities around the world, whether you really need masters to get into Ph.D. studies.

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In Portugal and North America Masters is not required to get a doctorate

In some states, it is necessary to have a master’s for one to qualify for a doctorate although this is not the case in some. In some cases, one may be required to hold an equivalent especially for courses like humanities and arts.

It should, however, be noted that it is still possible for an undergraduate to move directly to masters should they choose.

For a candidate that opts to go directly to a Ph.D. from an undergraduate are require to complete their Ph.D. in four years. Those that have a masters may take as less as three years.

You need Masters to get a doctorate in India 

In most countries like India, it is a requirement that one must possess a master’s for one to be eligible for a doctorate.

Although this may not always be the case in India, there are isolated cases where one can still be able to apply for a doctorate with an undergraduate degree.

However, this situation is accompanied by the condition that the undergraduate degree must be good for it to be recognized by Indian universities. Scholars are required to prove that they have acquired considerable expertise and experience if they are to apply for a PhD.

Many scholars may be tempted to think that studying for a PhD in India has linguistic challenges but interestingly, these courses are taught in English and therefore this makes it facilitate international students.

You need masters to speed up your PhD doctoral admission.

When applying for a doctorate, scholars may be forced to encounter a string of rejections if they fail to meet the requirements of the university that they wish to enroll.

It is worth noting that chances of getting admitted for a doctorate increase when one has acquired a master’s. Although one might be tempted to apply for a doctorate straight from an undergraduate course, there is a high chance of being rejected.

It is therefore advised that one first does a master’s before applying for a doctorate. A doctorate aims at demonstrating that one has specialized in a given field. This is best done if a scholar has completed a master’s in the same area.

Integrated Ph.D. along with masters (Drexel University),(IIT Roorkee)

For some scholars, doing just one course may not seem suitable for them and therefore they look for an alternative means of doing more than only a master’s.

The best way of doing this is by taking an integrated master’s degree. It enables scholars to study more than one degree at the same time although they are required to make a longer time. Such degrees are commonly known as undergraduate master’s degree.

The reason for this is that most of them are done at the undergraduate level. One of the primary advantages of taking such a course is that the scholar gets unique qualifications that make their applications to a PhD more acceptable in most international universities.

There is another master’s degree that is integrated with PhD programs and the best thing about this combination is that it enables the scholar to be more prepared for advanced research.

You need masters to get credibility for PhD.

It has been pointed out that doing a PhD is possible even after a scholar has managed to complete their undergraduate degree.

However, it is advised that one achieves a master’s in the same field before proceeding to the doctorate. This is so because there are several advantages attached to the process. A master broadens the scholar’s knowledge of the area that they have chosen.

This is necessary because it adequately prepares the scholar for their career. By so doing, the scholar becomes more aware of what they wish to study for in the future.

Furthermore, scholars have a better chance of applying for the Ph.D. unlike an undergraduate degree holder. Besides, it may not always be necessary for one to be required to pay for the master’s since they can be able to access scholarship programs which are offered in many countries like Australia.

Masters is not needed for exceptional students

It is traditional for scholars to complete a master’s in their field of choice before pursuing a doctorate but this may not always be the case.

It depends on the student’s ability and performance in the undergraduate course. For those that have managed to score highly especially a distinction, there is the option of progressing directly to the doctorate.

Such students are required to prove that they have the necessary skills and expertise to handle advanced research which what a dissertation thesis is all about.

Therefore, students that are fit and considered as exceptional, can surpass a master’s and pursue a doctorate.

Reduce study load in PhD.

Although an undergraduate may still pursue a doctorate, there is the issue of having to go through a lot of coursework. A master’s degree cannot be regarded obsolete since it is equally important.

It ensures that the scholar broadens their knowledge and therefore deal with research appropriately and address the topic of study on an in-depth basis.

For students who have not done a master’s, they have to compensate for this may doing a lot of coursework. Furthermore, a doctorate usually takes 4-6 years if one does not have a master’s.

If the scholar has one, they may be able to complete their doctorate in up to three years. Lacking a master’s may necessitate the scholar to undertake coursework that may last up to two to three years.

Experience in the research field.

It is conventional that a doctorate student must have a master’s in the same or a different field. However, in cases where an undergraduate student chooses to go directly to the doctorate, they are required to exhibit exceptional knowledge in the field of study.

In addition to that, it is a requirement that the scholar must have considerable experience in the area. They must be able to prove that they can conduct thorough research on the topic of choice.

Furthermore, scholars must be ready to provide evidence that they are capable of completing their dissertation thesis. In context, superb experience serves as compensation for the master’s which may sometime not be satisfactory to most international universities.

Therefore, a scholar that has a master’s has a better chance of admission then the latter.

The University of Texas at Austin is offering PhD without masters.

The campus is one of the best universities in the world ranking at number 20 in the United States. It has more than 3000 faculty members and students approximated to exceed 35, has cutting-edge learning and teaching methods as well as research techniques that prepare scholars for the real deal in the world.

The facility has many graduate programs ranging in the field of arts, sciences, and humanities. Important to note is that it has adopted an education system that allows undergraduate students to pursue a doctorate in their areas of choice even if they do not have a master’s.

This makes it one of the few campuses that have room for the program. It has produced many professionals, especially in engineering with alumni providing ground-breaking problems for complex problems.

USF College of Nursing (South Florida) is offering PhD without masters.

USF also allows for undergraduates to enroll for a Ph.D. even if they do not have a master’s although it is recommended that they should have one. The campus has a program called Baccalaureate Degree.

The facility requires that PhD aspirants must have this degree for them to be eligible for Master’s Degree Program. The university considers students that have experience in nursing and have excellent performance at the undergraduate level. Experience in working as a registered nurse is also essential.

However, it should be noted that registered nurses that do not have an undergraduate degree are not eligible for a doctorate in the institution.

For international student’s they are required to go through a course by course evaluation process conducted the university’s evaluation agency.

Purdue University is offering PhD without masters.

Students that have outstanding academic records are allowed to progress directly to a PhD program. This allows students to save time that they would otherwise spend while completing their master’s thesis.

Another advantage of the program is that enables scholars to select their course effectively and also plan for their research in good time. For a candidate to be eligible for the program, the university has four requirements that must be met.

They must pass be able to pass the PhD qualifying exam, they must petition that they wish to apply for the program which should be done to the graduate committee.

The petition must be accompanied by a recommendation letter from the student’s adviser. The graduate committee must issue a review and the student must possess a formal notification.

KLE University (Hubli, India) is offering PhD without masters.

Most PhD programmes in India require that one has a master’s for them to be eligible for a doctorate. However, KLE leaves room for scholars that feel that they are capable of completing their doctorate thesis without a master’s.

This depends on whether the student is capable of proving that they have the necessary experience and expertise to accomplish a doctorate.

Aside from possessing a good undergraduate like a distinction, the student as required to go through the faculty’s committee which will then determine if the scholar is qualified for the program.

It should be noted that these programs are accompanied by extra coursework that will prepare the scholar for the dissertation thesis.

Reduce Costs

Scholars are faced with the challenge of meeting the cost of doing a PhD because it is a process that requires a lot of effort regarding physical and financial dedication.

The duration that one takes to complete a PhD is seen as an opportunity cost for the time that one might have spent working and therefore to many academics, the process is costly.

The integrated MSc and PhD program reduces the resources required by combining PhD program with dissertation writing.

Time is also one of the resources that scholars find limited and therefore the integrated plan saves scholars considerable time so that they can work together with their supervisors so that they can have more time to work on the thesis.

Direct PhD with out masters. 

It is worth noting that the integrated program is not available to all students and can only be accessed by students that have a good academic record.

For candidates that have the potential of completing their dissertation without a master’s, it would be unfair to subject them to the MSc yet they can progress straight to the PhD.

The ability to jump straight to a PhD makes the student feel that their mental capacity is appreciated and therefore they earn more respect for their PhD.

Part of a big community of researchers

Students that take their PhD direct from an undergraduate degree can be in the researchers’ field for a long time since normally; such a program usually takes a longer time.

Scholars that have a masters can complete their doctorate in a short period as less as three years.

This is not the case for those with an integrated program since they must take up to six years. Integrated PhD scholars start working on PhD program while they are still undergraduates and therefore they are exposed to advanced research methods at an earlier stage.

As a result, they are part of the researchers’ community for a longer duration compared to those that have to undertake a master’s program.

More guidance and help at hand

Due to the nature of the program, students that opt for an integrated course have the advantage of being in contact with supervisors more compared to other students.

Facilities that offer this exception realize that the program is intensive since there are things that are learned at the master’s level that have been skipped.

To compensate for such programs, faculties ensure that supervisors work closely with scholars so that they can be able to complete their dissertation thesis on time with good results.

For a regular PhD, candidates are required to facilitate at least six meetings with the supervisor annually but those taking an integrated degree can contact their supervisor in case of difficulties at almost any time if the need arises.

Chances of getting a job in the respective university

The fact that an integrated degree can only be taken by students that have proven that they are capable by presenting good academic records, places them at a better chance of being employed by the university where they are studying.

The job market is currently flooded by students with doctorate degrees thereby making it challenging to secure employment.

Students with an integrated degree indicate that they are exceptional and therefore many universities would rather hire them. Such facilities prefer to maintain abilities acquired by such students instead of letting the talent go to other institutions or companies.

Therefore when other graduates are struggling to land a job in the global market, students with an integrated degree can easily be hired upon completion of studies.

Good Salary benefits with masters and PhD

Quicker access to employment by students with an integrated degree is not the only advantage at their disposal. Many scholars have complained that even after getting jobs either in the public or private sector, they feel that the level of income is not at par with their expectations.

This is not the for an integrated degree holder. Such candidates are capable of dealing with complex problems that organizations might encounter.

Therefore, the management has an incentive of retaining such employees. One of the best ways that organizations retain employees is offering good salary benefits. It means that students with an integrated degree stand a better chance of earning more in their professions compared to others.

You can be a good supervisor with masters and PhD.

The supervisory job requires that one must be a graduate in the concerned field so that they can be able to execute their duties diligently and perfectly.

As mentioned earlier, students doing an integrated degree work closely with their supervisors which enables them to pick a lot of experience as far as the supervisory job is concerned.

Due to the many hours spent with supervisors, candidates can identify many problems that are faced by researchers and therefore stand a better chance of dealing with many issues related to writing a dissertation thesis.

The advantage that such students are easily employed by universities where they are studying makes them eligible for a supervisor job in the future since it proves that they can disseminate such responsibilities effectively.

Ability to publish more papers

Many scholars find publishing papers before submitting their thesis quite challenging since supervisors only give them ideas but help them write papers.

Publishing papers can be costly and take a lot of time and therefore most scholars opt to complete their thesis rather than concentrate on publishing papers.

An integrated degree student has a lot of time with their supervisors and consequently, it becomes much easier to understand what is required of a research paper so that it can be published by reputable journals.

An integrated degree is designed in such a manner that a master’s or undergraduate student can take PhD. program in their field of choice before doing a doctorate.

Candidates are introduced to essential advanced research techniques that enable them to write good papers that meet professional requirements.

The long duration that it takes to complete these program allows scholars to interact with the research community for longer and therefore they gain significant experience.

Such skills once acquired will enable the scholar to write good papers in a short time and consequently, they are in a position to publish more research papers within the duration that they are taking their course.

Go with your intuition

There are many cases where scholars have selected certain fields as their career paths but end up dropping halfway. There are many reasons why candidates drop out such as financial constraints, lack of commitment especially since PhD program require a lot of patience and some do not have enough time to complete their thesis on time.

However, some students drop out because after they have begun their course, there comes a time when they feel that they may be in the wrong field. At times, this feeling is triggered due to the extensive research that requires students to go through many interdisciplinary fields for relevant content.

Dropping out of a course is a loss since a lot of resources concerning human labor as well as others like finances and institutional resources.

Therefore, before a candidate chooses to pursue an integrated degree program, it is highly recommended that they take time to select courses wisely. From the undergraduate experience picked during the time a student is doing their course, candidates are advised to use their intuition to make a choice.

Of course, advice from other people such as family members, friends, colleagues and also faculty members are welcome but they should be just advice.

Overall, it is the student’s responsibility to decide and since intuition is a big part of the candidate, it should not be ignored rather it should be considered one of the greatest strengths possessed by an individual.

Be ready to do more hard work

It is tempting for scholars to think that an integrated degree course is a quick way of combining a master’s with a PhD and therefore run for the option without careful consideration.

Most researchers think that when they take the MSc+PhD program option, they will complete their studies in a short time and start working after all everyone is anxious to earn a degree and start making big salaries.

As it is, it takes longer to complete an integrated degree course which means that candidates have more responsibilities. The desired final destination after completing the course is holding a doctorate in the desired field.

Therefore, the combination of Master’s and PhD program may prove challenging and may not be easy as many perceive. A lot of hard work and commitment is required for successful completion of the course.

Therefore, it is recommended for students who are thinking about this option to be prepared to work extra hard compared to other students because the degree is very intensive.

Be positive towards your MS+PhD Course

As advised earlier, a scholar must be careful when deciding whether to apply for an integrated course. The candidate must weigh their options and determine whether they are cut out to take such a course.

A lot of effort is required regarding human hours in that scholars are expected to dedicate long hours in their research given that they are dealing with PhD-required research skill and techniques which they may not possess from their undergraduate course.

Although they may have the mental capacity to handle the program, attitude is one of the influencing factors that determine whether a student will be successful or not.

Mental attitude is known to influence how the brain works and also alter decision-making processes. A negative attitude may make the student perceive that the course is difficult or may even divert the candidate’s attention to other things.

It may make them direct available resources to other fields or personal matters. Therefore, students are advised to develop a positive attitude towards their course and pursue it passionately.t

Do not give up in the middle

Candidates that think an integrated curriculum is a short route have entirely the wrong idea of what they will be dealing. The course requires a lot of input and many scholars have dropped out halfway due to personal reasons.

However, the most evident reason why candidates give up in the middle is how labor-intensive the course can be especially since students are required to conduct a lot of research.

The course also takes a long time to complete and it may be tricky to balance academics and personal life. It is recommended that students must remain focused and see the end of the course.

Adjust for five years

Doing an integrated course like many other courses requires one to adapt to a specific routine which cannot be an easy thing to do especially if it is going to last for five years.

The process of acquiring a degree is quite monotonous since it primarily involves doing the same thing on a daily basis. Although international as well as institutional standards ensure that the duration for completing the course is sufficient, it is common for scholars to find the time inadequate.

The reason why scholars are advised to adjust to the same routine atmosphere is to make it easier for them to conduct intensive advanced-research without compromising content quality.

For most people, doing the same thing day-in-day-out can be boring and tiresome but that is the attitude that is discouraged. Working on a routine enables the candidate to concentrate on their work and therefore it becomes easier to complete the course in good time with good grades.

Extra information about Masters and PhD

When you are crossing your age and becoming old, there is this idea whether Ph.D. can be pursued without masters or not. I say that if you have experience in the industry, you can get an honorary degree. But your contribution must matter to the university who award you a Ph.D. degree.

They will analyze your industry experience. Your experience will be an added advantage to award you a Ph.D. degree. But most probably if you want this industry experience, you need to be an extraordinary person-right- So this is not possible to get the Ph.D. degree without masters if you are an ordinary person.

I suggest you at least do Masters Degree online as a distance course. It is just one year in UK and 2 years in USA and India.

You must do your masters compulsorily and you are eligible to all the universities. Or join in an integrated Ph.D. along with masters as we have just discussed in my above points.

If you join in an integrated Ph.D., You will be bored up with routine life of 7 years or 5 years at one place. There is no variety. It is indeed difficult to study that way at one place for a long 5 or 7 years. So I suggest you take masters as a distance course and do regular and full-time Ph.D. in any small and recognized University.

In my view, you do not need to think whether can Ph.D. be done without masters or not. Just give up such thoughts. There is probably no good university who can offer such a way.

It will become a lot difficult tomorrow when you apply for any job and your recruiter is asking you about your masters. They may not like your reply that you got your Ph.D. awarded without masters.

So do not think that way. Go and move ahead and take admission into masters and later join in Ph.D.

Always think that masters will give a whole way how to become nurtured in Ph.D. You will gain some knowledge and experience to do your Ph.D. good.  Also, you can utilize your Masters’ course duration as a time to publish some papers in a reputed journal. This will add up some more strength to do your Ph.D. without much stress and anxiety.

When you think all the points above and still you wish to skip masters, then contact the University and ask them. My suggestion is to join the integrated course of Ph.D. Here masters course is inbuilt within your Ph.D. This is the only best idea that I can give to all who want to do Ph.D. without Masters.