Jam Topics With Answers in Simple English

By | March 30, 2021

Here is a short collection of jam topics with answers in simple English that every one could understand and speak. I have given these answers for jam topics to make it easy for you during just a minute sessions. You do not need to prepare much if you have a ready made answers for at least some trending topics that you will be asked in your upcoming jam session rounds.

The thing that I always remember in my life is:

There are certian moments that every one should have undergone that remained a memorey for the rest of one’s life. I have also got to share a memorable moment with you all. One day when I got up early in the morning, I happened to see the day was very gloomy and I had thought it was not a day of luck. I went and sat in the chair to look upon the then live news. It was to my surprise my photo was displayed on the television. I was very happy. That was not because a moment of achievement but some one week back a tv broadcasting channel came to our campus and conducted some games. During that period, the video was taken. And luckily among many hundreds of students, my video was played on television. I got lot of appreciation from my principal and colleagues. So it was an unforgettable moment in my life.

Social media is an advantage of disadvantage:

In my view, Social media is an advantage. It brings in all the people under one umbrella where each one can share his or her views. There is always a sense of consciousness in human beings. we are are somebody who do things with out thinking. Some people do bad works with social media. It does not mean the social networks are bad. Even with no existence of social network, the sam people commit such type of henious acts. One cannot stop somebody who want to create problem to the society. Anyhow they do with or with out social media. So now a days with social media, communication has become damn easy. There is no delays unlike olden days where one need to wait 5 to 7 days to send a message to someone who was at distant places. Now, with the arrival of social media and networks, thing have changed drastically that all can be done with a single click of a button on the mobile or computer.

What if I am chosen to be a CEO of Google

If I become a CEO of Google, I bring a revolution in the way search engine works. I compete with microsoft and baidu. I bring down those and dominate them in terms of windows. Google never thought of beating windows operating system. Microsoft is still on the upperhand. So if I become CEO of Google, I will discover one operating system to beat windows. I make sure that whatever is on the internet must be started from Google. Even in China I bring down baidu search engine and develop Google and make it number one. I also develop artificial intelligence so that Google can maintain all of its assets intelligently.

My super favourite destination is:

My super favourite destination is to visit Falkland Islands. These Islands are beutifully landscaped in South America. There are penguins out there and the place is quite silent and windy. One can find serene atmosphere and can live life happily. There are many old people living there entirely after retirement. Falkland Islands has got many churches which are attractive to see. There are few places where shoes are thrown and hanged as a sign of one to come and visit the place again and again.

Conclusion: Get more jam topics and practise them every say on your own to be successful in interviews. This way you will get a good placement in any of the prestigious companies out there.