How to Write a Research Paper

Here are great tips to write a research paper

  1. Download Research Papers
  2. Watch Youtube videos
  3. Read Library Books
  4. Print important material
  5. Discuss with Supervisor
  6. Write short note
  7. Collect Relevant Pictures
  8. Expand heading and sub headings
  9. Write abstract
  10. Write Introduction
  11. Write Conclusion

How to download research papers

The best way to download research paper in your related topic is to go to Google Scholar. Here one can find many research papers. Just type in the search engine your topic. There would be many paper showing up. Just dowload them into your computer and read them at least 5 to 10 papers. This way you will get ideas to write research paper.

Watch Youtube Videos

These days watching youtube videos will be of great help to write a research paper. Many are turning out to youtube for uploading education content instead of writing on websites. It is becoming highly popular search engine now a days. There will be plenty of teachings that are related to your topic. Just watch them to get general idea about your topic.

Reading Library Books

Library is the oldest technique of getting knowledge. Even today one cannot deny it amidst many technical things out there. Going to libray means, you have peace of mind to read. This is one of the important benefits than any other learning mode. There is a room for serenity of mind. This way you will learn better and good and best.

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Print and spiral bind research papers

Many save online digital content on to their computers. This will not motivate us to read. So always take a pring out and get it spiral binding. This way it will be a big reminder to read. They are infront of your eyes and you will feel somehow to read in the free time.

Discuss your topic with Supervisor

Now after completing the steps that I have been mentioning above, slowly move and set up a meet with your supervisor. Discuss your topic with your supervisor. Make a voice recording of the suggestion given by your supervisor. This is how you will not miss a single word of genius from your supervisor. The points that are given by your supervisor will be very helpful to include in your research paper writing.

Cultivate the habit of short notes

During the process of writing research paper, one must strictly cultivate the habit of taking short notes of imporatant ideas and points from all the primary sources and secondary sources. When you gather information, later when you seriously start writing research paper, ideas will be very easy to gather.

Collect relevant Pictures

You may include some symbols and pictures in your research papers. Make sure you go to google images and get quality resolutions. Be aware of copy rights here. That is enough.

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Time to write chapters of research papers

After all this pre-preparation, you must be ready now to start writing research papers. Now to try to prepare skeleton for your research papers. Firstly choose the number of chapters. ( For long research papers, you need chapters but they are not required for short papers.) Secondly write the headings for chapters. Thirdly, write sub headings if any.

Expand Headings and Sub Headings

Now that you are ready with the names of headings, decide the number of words for each heading . I suggest you to write 500 words for each heading. Keep at least 10 headings through out the research paper. This way your reserch paper will be about 5000 words. This is enough for publication in a reputed journals.

At last write abstract, introdcution and conclusion

Based on your body and heading, prepare abstract with keywords. Abstract is noting but the outline and main points of your research paper in 250 words. Write introduction now. Introduction means you will introduct the main events happeing in research paper with little explanation. Finally the conclusion is about what you attained, the final result of your research paper and out come.

If one follows my above simple steps, one can write a good research paper fast.