Funny Plot of Husband

A man hates his wife and he wants to “play” her dead, just to play the scrabble words ‘dead’ or ‘kill’.

But he hasn’t got the right letters to play one of these words. So he wants to tease her by playing some other words. Like ‘quake’, ‘zaps’ and ‘cheating’. But that doesn’t matter to her.

So when she has the correct words she kills him.

Twist: The man wants to kill his wife with the words of scrabble but after all his wife kills him with the word of scrabble.I think that the two people are husband and wife because he calls her wife.

I think they dislike each other because he says he hates her.

I think the story takes place in the summer and that they are at home because it is a blistering hot Sunday afternoon and all he can think of to do with his life is to play Scrabble.

I think they are playing the game because they are bored. The reason why I think so is that he says all he can think of to do with his life is to play Scrabble.

Read the following statements and decide whether they are true (T) or false (F).
It is a hot day and the husband is falling behind in the game. (True)

He is in a bad mood because his wife prefers playing scrabble to going out. (True)

The husband has the habit of chewing on the tiles while playing. (True)

Why does the husband feel pleased when he plays the word ZAPS?
His wife gets a static shock off the air conditioning unit.

What is the eight-letter word the husband plays that enables him to come from behind and lead in the game? What does the word tell us about his action?

The eight-letter word that his husband plays that enables him to come from behind and lead in the game is ‘cheating’. He stole a blank tile from the letter bag, he is cheating.

Name the three words which make things happen and which lead the husband to think the game is controlled by some evil power

a. Explodes b. Cheating c. Zaps

What happens to the husband when his wife plays the word DEATH?

The room starts to shake, the husband grasps with surprise and vindication, and the B that he was chewing on gets lodged in his throat.

According to the story, the husband:

Really wants to murder his wife Is hot, tired and bored
Is frightened his wife will beat him at Scrabble again

The words in the tiles that the husband plays:

Convince him to kill his wife

Prove that the heat is driving him mad

Show his internal struggle with his own feelings

The quake at the end of the story:
Is real and causes him to swallow the tile and die
Is the sound of the air conditioning until falling again
Is not a quake but the fact that his wife has won

The theme of the story is, in our opinion, anger. We think this because the husband is very angry about everything his wife does.

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