Funny Fish in the Sea

There lived a funny fish in the sea. It is very clever. One day the other group of fish fixed a meeting to solve the problems of seafood.

They are gathered together and the funny fish speaking to the group has told that food is becoming a difficult task for all of us.

It is because due to the climatic condition outside.

Human beings are disturbing the climate and atmosphere and thus affecting seawater and consequently food.

The other group members asked or suggestions about this. The funny fish told humorously ” Better we do not worry all about, but try to be satisfied with what we have and try to improve the resources to a good level.

All laughed at funny fish for not giving the solution. Funny fish also told that if this meeting is not ended now I will eat every one of you right now.

I have a big fish friends. Shall I call them ” Funny fish said” All the group member fled everywhere?

On the second day, again all fish discussed to confront the finny fish for not co-operating with the sea issues.

Then the group members planned a plot They wanted to kick the fish out from the part of the sea and send to the other part.

Then they all made one group to drive the funny fish from the community. When the confronted funny fish, Funny fish brought lots of food and told everyone that she kept that food for them and wanted to share.

This way everyone could make up their hungry levels.

Now all ate that food and they regretted being made a plot to kick funny fish out of the community.

The funny moral is that we must adjust to what we have and understand the affection and humanity of others.

Sharing with what we have is important. The limitlessness must be fought.

Concusion: These collection of humorous stories can be a part of education in school or can be told to kids at home.

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